Lost in Love update Tuesday 23 August 2022

Lost in Love 23 August 2022: Sai asks Virat if he feels her boring, why did he bring him here, she will call DIG and ask where are other officers residing. Virat gets nervous. Hotel staff gives him a fake note from his office which reads that there is a power outage in their hotel and lizards and cockroaches have barged into the hotel, hence they want him to finish his dinner in his hotel room. Sai panics hearing about lizards and cockroaches and says she wasted her time on getting ready and says let us go to room and order dinner. Virat says there must be a lizard in their room also, so they will go out to restaurant. She agrees. He thanks hotel staff for his acting and returns note. They get into a cab. Sai notices same Sardarji driver and remembers Virat hiring him for their entire trip. Sardarji says he will be at their service till they are in Mahabaleshwar. Virat asks him to take them a good restaurant.

Sardarji says he will take to an amazing place where his wife will get very romantic and dance with him and where every couple goes. Sai fumes.Sai continues blabbering and arguing with Virat. Sardarji continues driving and plays Roop Tera Mastana.. song. Virat says he loves old songs and asks him to increase the volume. Sai continues her nok jhok with him. He thinks he should be calm till he gives her anniversary surprise. Sardarji stops car seeing traffic jam, goes out to check and informs that there is a landslide and they need to wait for 4-5 hours at least. Sai fumes agai n that they should have been at hotel itself, now they should wait for 5 hours. Virat asks her to get out of car and takes her to a mesmerizing spot where he arranged dinner under a lighted shelter. She gets mesmerized seeing the place and asks if he planned this. He says he already told to make her trip memorable and making her sit under the shelter prepares noodles and offers her tea describing it in a 5 star menu style and says they have a 3 course menu with tea, noodles, and chocs. She gets emotional and wipes her tears. He asks what happened. She says she and Aaba used to carry tea and noodles for a trip and he reminded her of Aaba. He says he knows how to cheer her up and requests her for a dance. She hesitantly agrees and dances with her playing Lagja Gale Ke Phir Ye Haseen Raat Ho Na Ho… song.

He then says I love you. She asks what in shock. He says he loves her and wanted to express his feelings for her since long. She calls him and he gets conscious realizing it was his imagination. She says he missed to make a wish watching a breaking star. He sits next to her. She says she is feeling hungry. He serves her noodles. Sai thanks him to making this evening her life’s most beautiful and memorable evening of her life.Ashwini eagerly waits for 12 night to wish Virat and Sai happy wedding anniversary and thinking of involving Shivani and Mohit. Sai falls asleep on chair. Ashwini calls Shivani and Mohit and asks to video call Virat and Sai and wish them. Mohit stops her and says they must be sleeping now. Ashwini says they are not old to sleep so early. He says dada told he needs to go on training at 6 a.m.

and they may disturb dada. Ashwini says she will call Sai then. Mohit says its both Virat and Sai’s anniversary and if she wishes only 1, the other will get angry. Ashwini asks her to stop confusing him and tries to call Sai. Mohit signals Shivani, and she acts as having cold and severe headache. Ashwini goes to get kadha/herbal tea for her. Virat seeing Sai asleep drapes his jaket over her and clicking their selfie says I love you Sai and kissing her cheek wishes her happy anniversary. Sai wakes up and he acts as sleeping, she thinks someone touched her cheek.

Pakhi passes by and stops hearing Shivani asking Mohit why is she stopping Ashwini from calling Sai. Mohit says Virat has planned a surprise for Sai and it will spoil if Ashwini calls Sai, he took Sai on a personal trip to celebrate anniversary and not on an official trip. Pakhi fumes thinking Virat lied again and took Sai to celebrate wedding anniversary. Next morning, Sai gets Usha and her friend’s message wishing her happy anniversary. Virat hears her murmuring while shopping. She likes a shawl for Ashwini ands says she wants to buy gifts for whole family and asks where are his other officers. He says they have gone on jungle trekking. She asks why haven’t they gone then. Virat says he had an accident recently and his health will be affected if he goes on trekking and even her health will. She says its weird that she didn’t meet his colleagues yet. He says she will tonight. She buys a sari for Ashwini. He asks if she didn’t buy anything for him. She laughs and says they both are taking gift for family. He says they are spending a day well and she deserves a gift. She agrees and likes 2 suits. He buys both. She thanks him. He says she should buy gifts for her college friends, especially Ajinkya as he is her good friend and she shouldn’t break friendship with him.

Sai says don’t know if Ajinkya will speak to her again or not. He says he will apologize Ajinkya when he comes to her college next time. She agrees.While traveling in cab again, Sai’s hair gets stuck in Virat’s shirt and she writhes in pain. He frees it, then sees sunset point and remembers Sunny suggesting him to take Sai there and express his feelings for her. He asks Sardarji driver to stop the car there. They both walk at Sunset point. He tells his story as his friend’s story that his friend loves a girl but couldn’t express his feelings for her, so he brought her to sunset point hoping he could express his feelings. She asks if the girl knows his friend’s feelings. He says don’t know. She says maybe that girl loves or may not love him, why did she come to sunset point then. He says maybe she was bound by a responsibility like them. She says that girl understands boy’s feelings, but is acting as girls can sense these issues easily. He thinks if she knows that he loves her and asks why didn’t the girl accept her friend’s feelings. She says maybe she didn’t want to hurt his friend’s feelings and is just acting. He gets sad and thinks Sunny’s plan failed.

Bhavani while having tea aft4er breakfast says Pakhi didn’t come down yet. Ninad says maybe she is unwell. Shivani says Pakhi can get unwell anytime. Mansi scolds her. Bhavani says they will go and check. Omkar, Mansi, and Ninad agree. Sonali stops them and says Pakhi will feel bad seeing them together and asks Karishma to go and check. Karishma walks down and sits lost in thoughts ignoring Bhavani’s questions. Bhavani shakes her and asks why she is lost. Mansi asks if she is fine. She says yes. Bhavani says they were worried for her as she was sleeping for long and is lost even now., shall she call a doctor. Pakhi says she is absolutely fine. Shivani says why Bhavani is insisting when Pakhi is saying if she is fine. Bhavani asks Pakhi if she didn’t sleep well last night. Pakhi says her life is full of silence and sorrows and it doesn’t let her live peacefully, her life is meaningless now, etc. Bhavani and Ninad console her followed by Omkar. Sonali says there is a question in her repeatedly that Samrat went just next day after marriage and didn’t return. Mansi insists Pakhi to accompany her to a doctor. Pakhi says she is fine and feels dizzy. Sonali helps her and says Mansi is right. Pakhi hopes she wouldn’t have woken up at all.

Virat asks Sai what she would have done if she was in his friend’s condition. Sai says she would have proposed by now. He says its not that easy. She says it is and kneeling down offers rose and says I love you. He accepts rose and says I love you too. She says his friend and his girlfriend would have done same. He says its a different story. She says he is acting weird since he came here and she will complain aayi/Ashwini against him. He asks her to clear his dilemma and says his friend loved the girl immensely, but the girl loved someone else; hence he was heartbroken and came to sunset point thinking of committing suicide; he couldn’t tolerate his lady love loving someone else, hence he jumped from here and committed suicide. Sai thinks he is talking about his and Pakhi’s story. Samrat standing near the same cliff nearby remembers Pakhi expressing her feelings for Virat. He says let us enjoy the sight seeing. Sai thinks she came between Virat and Pakhi, says let us go back now. Virat thinks his feelings will be in his heart forever. A few children walk to Samrat calling him Sam and ask him to buy them candyfloss. Virat turns and his eyes wide open seeing something/not sure if its Samrat.

Pakhi continues pouring her emotions out sadly. Bhavani, Mansi, and Sonali console her and say she shouldn’t lose hope as Samrat will return soon. Pakhi says she will get a moment of happiness with fake consoles and will give whole life’s sorrows, she doesn’t feeling any happiness or sorrows and has become a living dead body now. Mansi cries hearing that and requests not to say that.Yoga camp teacher identifies Virat. Virat remembers yoga camp where he met Pakhi for the first time and asks teacher what is she doing here. She says she has organized a yoga camp here and asks about Pakhi, excitedly describes their chemistry in yoga camp. Virat introduces Sai as his wife. Teacher congratulates them and asks Virat why didn’t she invite her for his wedding. Sai says their wedding was.. Virat stops her and says they married in a hurry. Teacher congratulates them and leaves. Sai gets sad and says she is going to resort. Virat says resort and cab are far away, Teacher spoke about his past and she need not bother. She says she is fine and walks towards cab. He thanks god that she is not angry and prays god to protect his anniversary surprise.

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