Unspoken Bond update Sunday 24 July 2022

Unspoken Bond 24 July 2022: Episode starts with Gunjan saying Shobit, I did this for you, I don’t like everyone thinking you are second class. He gets angry. She says listen, the family will make you the owner of the business now. He says you know the value of our business, this matter reached the investors, how dare you, get lost. Nandini comes and hears them. Parul comes to call Nandini. She says Rajvi is calling everyone, come.Rajvi orders the flowers. Darsh asks Rajvi not to roam around, he isn’t able to take pic. Nandini asks what party is it about. Rajvi says celebrations party to show how capable Darsh and Nandini are. Vipul says Darsh deserves this, Shobit no need to sacrifice your dreams, you can start with your startup. Shobit thinks Gunjan understood what I want, but not my family.

Rajvi says I m so happy that Darsh and Nandini came closer while working. Nandini says its not a reason to celebrate, we shall celebrate Rajvi and Vipul’s marriage anniversary.Rajvi laughs and says we can keep the party if Darsh and Nandini plan it. She asks them to start. Shobit goes. Gunjan worries. Nandini stops Shobit. She asks him to choose one hand. He chooses right hand. She says it means your and Gunjan’s fight will end, bad time will also change into good. Darsh gets breakfast for Nandini and feeds her. Ritesh comes and says I came to check if you had any plan later. Darsh says I m fine. Shobit asks Ritesh to sit.Nandini asks Ritesh not to pull her leg. Shobit goes away and gets angry. He thinks of Charmy. Ritesh says this is the best way to make her convinced for something, you should tickle her. Nandini says fine, I m eating, stay back. She sits to eat food. Shobit gets angered and recalls Charmy’s death. He says I lost Charmy because of you. Darsh feeds the food to Nandini. Shobit says like I lost my love, you will also have to lose your love, Darsh and Nandini will get separated forever.

Darsh asks Nandini to stay in the room, he will go to the guest room. She says you can stay here. She takes her bag and goes. Darsh comes to Chetan and Parul. Parul says Nandini is in the storeroom. Darsh says I m not finding anyone, is she really there. Parul laughs and says yes, go. He goes. Gunjan apologizes. Her hand gets a cut by the fruit knife. He asks her to be careful. He says don’t worry, I won’t tell the truth to mom. He thinks my name will get spoilt. He asks her to value life. Nandini falls. Darsh holds her. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage….plays…. He asks her to take help, her height won’t get less. He lifts her to get the box. They get a handcuff. He says its our childhood toy, Shobit and I used to play chor police. Nandini says you are under arrest. She laughs and ties the handcuffs to their hands. He asks her to look for keys. She doesn’t get it. He says we have to stay stuck now. She asks what will we do now. He tries to open the handcuffs.

Rajvi saying Nandini is finding decorations in the old things. Nandini and Darsh come handcuffed. Rajvi asks everyone to see them. Darsh says I didn’t do anything, she did it. Nandini says we didn’t get the key. Gunjan thinks Nandini did a drama to go away and now stick to her husband. Vipul says I will call the blacksmith to break this. Rajvi says I already spoke to him, he can’t come before night time. Darsh says see we got stuck because of you. Vipul smiles. Vanlata comes with Naveen and Bansuri. Gunjan and everyone greet. Darsh says don’t worry, its a toy handcuff. Vipul asks how did Darsh call Vanlata here.

Shobit goes to Vanlata. She folds hands and says I m.. Shobit says whatever happened in the past, we are one family now, forget the old things. Vanlata blesses him and says Gunjan is lucky to get you. Rajvi asks them to come inside. Nandini hugs Bansuri. Rajvi teases her. Darsh and Nandini manage the decorations. They have a moment. He says sorry. He jokes on her height. She warns him. He says its not boss’ work to convince the secretary. He asks her to help him get rid of the mosquito. She says its not a secretary’s work. He says sorry, just help.

She says fine. He acts hurt and says I will call mum. She says no, don’t call her. He says I will help in the speech. She says fine. They go to the kitchen to get water. She says don’t take cold water, you will have a bad throat. She gives him a water bottle. Parul calls her. She moves. Water falls over him. Nandini asks Darsh to select his clothes. He says I will wear blue, I will look handsome. He says I will change, its difficult. She says I will help. He says I don’t show my body to my secretary. He says I m not interested to see you.

She helps him change the tshirt. Aapki nazron ne….plays…. He thinks I promise we will not get separated this time. Shobit gets the blacksmith and says you have to separate them. Darsh says he came early. Nandini says we have to get the handcuff broken. The blacksmith assists Shobit. Shobit breaks the handcuff. Shobit says don’t worry, you both are free now. He thinks I won’t sit quiet until I separate you both. Darsh says we managed to do many things together, that proves we make a good team.Gunjan cries and says Baa, my life is ruined, Shobit runs away from me, Darsh is always with Nandini. Vanlata asks her not to worry and hugs her. She says such things happen in life, I will teach you how to control Shobit. Gunjan smiles. Vipul says I thought to give you a good memorable gift, I called the artist to make your portrait. Shobit gets Darsh and Nandini. He says I had called the blacksmith. Vanlata asks Rajvi did you forgive me. Rajvi doesn’t answer. Gunjan says Vipul should tell the artist about you, the pic will be made well.

She asks Shobit to make her portrait on their 10th anniversary. He nods. She asks Nandini not to feel bad, if Darsh could see, then he would have described her well.Darsh says I don’t need eyesight to see Nandini, I see her every day with the eyes of my heart. He asks Kishore can he make the portrait if he describes Nandini. Kishore says lets try. Darsh describes Nandini. Kishore makes Nandini’s portrait perfectly. Rajvi says its just like Nandini, Darsh. Vipul and everyone smile. Nandini thinks you are making it tough for me to stay annoyed with you.Gunjan says its good, but Nandini’s hair are tied right now, he can’t see, but everything is perfect. Nandini smiles. Rajvi says its just like you. Darsh goes.

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