Meet in Love Zeeworld update Wednesday 27 December 2023

Meet in Love 27 December 2023: Meet and Shagun are on the street. Meet advises Shagun to focus on her own life and return to America, handing her the ticket. Shagun receives a call from her son, who asks her to come home soon. She tells him to finish his online class. Meet urges Shagun to let go of her revenge plans and find happiness with her family. She playfully teases Shagun before putting on her sunglasses and leaving. Shagun shouts, feeling insulted in the middle of the market, and threatens to seek revenge.

Meet in Love 26 December 2023

Meet is driving a scooter with Sumeet when a man suddenly falls in front of her. Meet asks if he is alright. The man mocks her for being a woman and becoming the Sarkar.Other men gather around and block her path, making jokes about her status as the Sarkar. Sumeet shouts, questioning why they are bothering his mother. Meet gets off her scooter and removes her helmet. The men continue to mock her, but Meet confidently picks up a rod and approaches them.

Sumeet proudly smiles while the men become nervous and step back, accidentally getting entangled in sarees that were drying nearby. Meet asserts that becoming the Sarkar has nothing to do with being male or female. Sumeet jokes about their appearance in sarees, and all the ladies present clap in appreciation of Meet.Meanwhile, Gunwanti intentionally sets her own saree on fire and starts screaming for help. Jasodha rushes to save her, but Gunwanti holds her hands and refuses her assistance. Jasodha is taken aback by this behavior. Gunwanti runs outside and gathers the villagers, falsely accusing Jasodha of attacking her and attempting to burn her. Mahendra also arrives and joins in the drama, supporting Gunwanti.

Meet and Manmeet arrive as well, and Gunwanti falls unconscious by that time. She is rushed to the hospital.An inspector questions the villagers about what they witnessed, and they recount Gunwanti’s burning and her claims that Jasodha was responsible. Manmeet tells them to stop talking. He informs the inspector that Jasodha is incapable of such actions and Meet suggests that Jasodha’s hands must have been burnt while saving Gunwanti.

However, the inspector proceeds to arrest Jasodha, leaving Meet and Manmeet feeling helpless. Manmeet is shocked to see Sarkar’s condition deteriorating. Meet tells him that he should take care of Sarkar while she goes to talk to Mahendra. Meet approaches Mahendra, explaining that she needs to speak with Gunwanti, as Jasodha has been wrongly accused and arrested by the police.Meet pleads with Mahendra to set aside their differences and help Jasodha, emphasizing that she is his mother.

However, Mahendra refuses. Meet pushes him aside and enters the ward. She feels emotional upon seeing Gunwanti’s burnt face. Gunwanti asks if Meet wanted her to die. Meet assures her that Jasodha is incapable of such actions and there must be a misunderstanding. Shagun arrives and joins in the act, telling Meet that it’s time for her to pack her bags and leave. Shagun threatens not to leave Meet.

Meet pleads with the inspector, asserting Jasodha’s innocence. However, the inspector informs her that Gunwanti herself has accused Jasodha. He orders a constable to take Jasodha into custody. Meet promises Jasodha that she will expose the truth and free her soon. Manmeet confronts Shagun for instigating Mahendra and Gunwanti. He urges her to go to the police station and reveal Jasodha ‘s innocence. Shagun laughs at him, stating that Jasodha is merely a pawn, but her true revenge target is Meet Hooda. Manmeet insists that Shagun accompany him to the police station, but she continues to speak ill of Meet and Jasodha.

Manmeet becomes angry and grabs Shagun by the neck. She calls the constables and instructs them to arrest Manmeet as well. Shagun reveals that she anticipated Manmeet’s actions and had already called the police. She smirks happily as Manmeet is taken away. The inspector informs Meet that the only way to save Jasodha is if Gunwanti changes her statement. Manmeet is brought to the police station, where he declares that he will kill Shagun given the opportunity. Meet handles the situation calmly and requests the inspector to release Manmeet. Later, Meet helps Manmeet understand that anger is not the solution to their problems.

Meet advises Manmeet to become her support instead of reacting with anger, as it only exacerbates the situation. Manmeet agrees to go and politely request Gunwanti to reconsider her decision, while Meet decides to talk to Mahendra. Upon reaching the village, Meet finds Mahendra and the villagers gathered, waiting for her. Mahendra asks her to deliver justice to his wife, who was burned. Meet explains that it was a misunderstanding and promises to uncover the truth. However, the villagers accuse her of taking Gunwanti’s side, believing that as the Sarkar, she should remain impartial and punish the wrongdoer. They shout and demand justice, leaving Meet feeling helpless.

Manmeet pleads with Gunwanti to change her statement, even offering to name Sarkar Mahal after her and leave with Meet. However, Gunwanti continues to blame Jasodha and refuses to alter her statement. Cheeku and Sumeet urge Sarkar to take his medicine and assure him that Meet will bring Jasodha back. They pray to Lord Krishna and promise to offer their chocolates to him if he sends Jasodha back home. Meet overhears their conversation and feels hurt. Sumeet questions Meet about Jasodha, and she assures him that she will return soon.

Meet confronts Mahendra and asks what he wants. He demands 50 crores in exchange for securing Jasodha ‘s release from jail. Gunwanti video calls Shagun and commends her plan. She scrapes off the fake burnt skin, revealing that she hadn’t been burned at all and had only been acting. They both laugh at Meet’s helpless state. Mahendra asks Meet to sell her medicine factory. Meet suggests making him a partner, but he refuses to trust her. Manmeet realizes he left his keys in Gunwanti’s ward and goes back. Mahendra states that Jasodha is charged with a domestic violence case, leaving Meet to decide what she wants.

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