Unfortunate love update Wednesday 19 July 2023

Unfortunate love 19 July 2023: The Episode starts with Balwinder holding Lakshmi’s hand. Shalu comes there and hits Balwinder with a rod, asking how dare he to hold her sister’s hand. Balwinder says I had come here to help Lakshmi and asks Shalu to make her understand. Lakshmi asks why did you come here shalu, you should have been with Bani. Shalu says Ayush and Chachi are with her. She says I will come with you to jiju. Balwinder says Rishi needs help, how he will help you. Lakshmi and Shalu push Balwinder and run away. Balwinder says you both shall die. Dadi and Devika come to the court. Dadi says let me go inside as my family is there. She asks ACP, when everyone will come out. ACP says very soon and asks her to leave, as terrorists may shoot the gun. The reporter asks Dadi how is she feeling, as her family is inside.

Dadi asks how you will feel in such a situation. Devika asks him to ask right decision. Rano tells Bani that they are trapped due to Lakshmi. Ayush asks Inspector to understand that his Mom, Brother, and others are inside, and asks him to let him go inside. He tries to take his gun. Inspector says if you take it, then the terrorists will not give you a chance, and will shoot you. Ayush and Bani pushes the Inspector and run. Rano goes behind them.
Abhay asks Malishka if she is scared of Balwinder’s threat. Malishka says if Balwinder tells Rishi, Virender or Neelam, then? Abhay says he will not take risk to go there, as they are captive by the terrorists.

Malishka thinks to do something to become heroine in Neelam’s sight. She says Lakshmi tried to become great by saving Neelam, and she will also do such thing. Abhay says you want to go to terrorists. Malishka says if Balwinder tells the truth. She says I want to become great in Neelam aunty’s sight, and will do anything for my 3 in 1 purpose. Sonia, Karishma and Kiran get up from their hideout and see Malishka going. Malishka thinks she will become great in Neelam’s sight once she do something. They see Malishka going, and then Shalu and Lakshmi also going. Sonia says Lakshmi and Shalu might be running away. Shalu asks Lakshmi if we are doing the right thing. Sonia tells Karishma that they shall run behind them.

Kiran says there might be a reason that they are running. They see Ayush, Rano and Bani running from there. Kiran says we shall go behind, we will the same destiny as them. Bani asks Rano to come with them, as there is a chance of survival. Rano goes behind them. Karishma, Sonia and kiran are running behind them.

Mohnish asks Balram if he made everyone understand what to do? Balram says everyone is ready outside and inside. Mohnish says our target was judge before, but now Rishi and his family came here. He says we shall take some advantage and make changes in our plan. Balram asks what? Mohnish shares his plan with his terrorists. Malishka comes inside and opens the rope to free Neelam’s hand. Rishi asks why did you come here? Malishka says I was worried, and that’s why I came here. Neelam says I knew that you will come here, and that’s why you are my choice as you care for us a lot. Virender asks if this is the time to say all this, and says they shall run. They try to leave silently.

Dadi tells Devika that Neha might be alone at home, and must be worried. Neha is in auto and thinks if terrorists kill her mother, then what she will do. She thinks Bani and Shalu are also there. Devika says Neha must know by now. Dadi says I will talk to her. Devika calls her. Neha thinks my band will be played. Her phone rings. She checks Devika’s call and asks if everyone is fine. Dadi is on call and tells that she is Rishi’s Dadi. Dadi asks her not to worry and says your Mummy….Neha says my Mom and starts crying. Dadi says your Mummy is fine and will be fine, asks her to trust God and be hopeful. Neha says thank god. Dadi ends the call and tells Devika that she is not intelligent like Shalu and Bani. Rishi and his family are about to leave, when Mohnish throws knife at the door. Everyone stops.

The terrorists bring them back. Mohnish warns Rishi and others, and asks who is she? He asks how many girls you have in your life, one gharwali and one baharwali. Neelam says my son’s values are not like that. Mohnish holds Malishka by her hair. He asks if she wants to suicide. Malishka shouts Rishi. Rishi asks Mohnish to leave her. The terrorist tells that they shall cut his hand. Rishi fights with them. Mohnish says he shall show the death sight to everyone, first to Rishi. He shoots at Rishi. Lakshmi comes there and pushes Rishi, takes bullet on her hand. She writhes in pain. Rishi looks at her and gets shocked. He kicks Mohnish and tells Lakshmi that her hand is bleeding. Lakshmi asks if you are fine.

Mohnish says you was right Rishi Oberoi, I thought she don’t love you, but she was about to give her life for you. He says you are very lucky to get such a wife, don’t look at any outsider woman. Malishka wishes if she gets the gun then will kill Lakshmi. Rishi tears his tee and ties the cloth on Lakshmi’s injury. Lakshmi says I am fine.

Rishi says if the bullet had hit somewhere else. Lakshmi says if it had hit you. Rishi says you always think about me, you shall think about yourself too. He says if something had happened to you, then what would have happened to me. Lakshmi says if something had happened to you then what would have happen to me. Rishi says this is your problem, you never accept your mistake. Lakshmi says what did I do, I came infront as the bullet might hit you. Rishi asks her to think about herself too. Mohnish says you are more than her own life, and asks how many proofs she shall give? He asks them not to say anything and says you are talking infront of terrorists who are having guns. He says if you say a word then I will kill Lakshmi. Rishi grabs his collar and says I will kill you. Ayush, Shalu and Bani come there. Ayush says hit him. Everyone start beating the terrorists. Shalu slaps the terrorist.

Ayush seems to be impressed with. Shalu hits the terrorists and hits Ayush mistakenly. Ayush says she is strong. They fight with the terrorists. Rishi asks Lakshmi if she is fine. Lakshmi says yes. She hits the terrorist who attack Rishi. Rishi says this is attack, you shall defend. Lakshmi hits the terrorist again and says I attacked to defend you. Rishi says I will attack and you will defend. He asks Ayush to take everyone out, through the broken wall behind the court. Ayush says ok. Rishi asks Judge and others to come out. Ayush wears the terrorists mask and takes his rifle. He asks everyone to come behind him. The real terrorist comes infront of them. Virender asks Ayush to be careful. The terrorist asks where you are taking them. Ayush says I am going to lock them in another room, as it is order of Rishi bhai. He then says risky Mohnish bhai. The Terrorist asks him to take them. Rishi comes back and sees Sonia, Karishma there. Mohnish and Balram get up, and aim gun at Rishi.

Mohnish hitting Rishi and the latter falls down. He finds a tear gas bomb and uses it. He asks Karishma, Sonia and Kiran to escape. He runs out. Balram closes the door and tells Mohnish that nobody can be saved from Mohnish’s clutches and slaps Kiran hard. Virender asks Lakshmi if she is fine? Lakshmi says she is fine. He asks if you are feeling pain. She says no. He says you will not tell anyone, even if you are feeling pain. Rano thinks to leave from there fast. Ayush who is posing as the terrorist, threatens to shoot. Neelam brings Ahana to the front. Ayush says I will shoot you. Shalu says shoot me. Ayush says I was joking and says sorry. Shalu says even I was joking. Neelam asks them to see the place and situation. Virender says he is trying to make the moment light.

Ayush says yes Mama. Virender says you are terrorist. Lakshmi appreciates Ayush and Shalu for their courage. Neelam scolds her. Virender says we are stressed and you people are joking. She says how we will come out. Ayush asks them to come with him. They see the terrorists standing outside. They think how to go out. A lady asks if I will not meet my son. Lakshmi and Ayush ask her to be hopeful. A guy asks Ayush to shoot the terrorists. Ayush says if I shoot them once, they will shoot four times, and if the bullet hits anyone. Virender says Rishi haven’t come. Lakshmi says he will come with Karishma, Sonia and Kiran. She says he will come and save us. Rishi thinks to help everyone go out, then he will take out Karishma, Sonia and Kiran. He sees Lakshmi coming there and her hand is bleeding. They walk towards each other. Rishi asks why did she come back? Lakshmi says she came back for him. She tells him that the terrorists are standing at the back door also. Rishi says I thought everyone left. She then asks about Karishma and others. Rishi says they might have hide somewhere. She faints. Rishi holds her.

Abhay hopes Malishka is safe. Malishka says Mom is in Mohnish’s trap, but Rishi might have saved her by now. Abhay says I have an idea. Malishka asks if everyone can go out, says Mom, you, me and Rishi. Abhay says even I was thinking the same, and for that I have to deal with the terrorists. He goes. Malishka hopes terrorists agree. Balwinder comes there. Malishka says how dare you to misbehave with my dad. Balwinder says you should have stopped your dad, who called me dog. He says now Lakshmi will ruin you as I told her everything. Malishka says she can’t harm me. Balwinder says she will trust me now and will love me. Malishka asks him to forget it and says Lakshmi will never love you. She says love and trust, are not meant for you.

Malishka tells Balwinder that Lakshmi doesn’t love Rishi as she trusts him, but because she has old thoughts, she has taken 7 rounds with him, she believes that she has 7 births relation with him and wears mangalsutra of Rishi’s name, so named him on her name. Balwinder thinks to break her mangalsutra into pieces. He says I will see Lakshmi becomes of whom, of Rishi Oberoi or Balwinder sood. Neelam hopes Rishi is fine. Virender says Lakshmi went to bring him back. Neelam says I am worried and blames Lakshmi for everything happening with them. Virender says today she has saved you. Shalu asks why you always think me sister wrong, and tells that she has shielded you today, and stood infront of you to save you. She says if a terrorist apologize then she will forgive her too. Neelam asks her to be quiet and says you are same like her, mannerless, inauspicious etc. She says I have seen Lakshmi’s truth, didn’t you see. Virender asks Neelam to calm down. Ayush says we shall search Lakshmi. Ahana says Rishi Bhai also. Neelam worries for Malishka. Mohnish rages in anger as Lakshmi and Rishi escaped. He shoots his terrorists and threatens to shoot everyone if he don’t get them. Rishi takes Lakshmi to the bench and says you don’t think about yourself. Lakshmi says I don’t have any strength now, you are scolding me. Rishi recalls Lakshmi telling that she will lessen his tension. He keeps her head on his shoulder. Lakshmi asks what happened? Rishi says I am transferring your tension in me, and reminds her that once she had kept her head on his head and transferred his tension to herself. A fb of the same is shown.

Rishi keeps his forehead on Lakshmi’s forehead. Main phir bhi tumko chahunga plays….He tells that he will hug her so that the pain inside her, shall come to him. He asks her to hug him and see the magic of his magical hug. Lakshmi says jaadu ki jhappi. He is about to hold her for hug and she feels pain due to bullet injury. He holds his ear and says sorry. He then hugs her. Malishka is going when a terrorist come infront of him. He holds his hand. Abhay asks him to leave her hand. The terrorist leaves her hand. Malishka asks if he is the boss? Abhay says money is the boss. He asks him to take this girl, her mother and Rishi out. The terrorist says if bhai comes to know then. Abhay gives him greed that he will give him so much money.

Lakshmi faints again. Rishi keeps her head on his shoulder and asks what happened to you, Lakshmi. Balwinder comes there and gets upset. He goes back and comes wearing the mask. He thinks to kill Rishi, and thinks Lakshmi will identify me by my clothes. Rishi sees him and asks Lakshmi to handle herself, he will come back to her. Balwinder thinks Lakshmi will not identify him being unwell. Rishi comes near Balwinder.

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