Destined by fate update wednesday 19 July 2023

Destined by fate 19 July 2023: Rashmi tells Indu and Bhanu that she informed Priya that they are not shifting their house. Sayuri hears Indu telling Bhanu that that they will rent Sayuri’s room once she shifts from here. Rashmi says they all 3 wll shift in a single room till Priya returns.Indu asks what did Kanha say. bhanu says he said he will learn lo live without Sayuri and will compromise. Sayuri thinks she will not change her decision and will shift from there. Indu and Bhanu discuss that Sayuri’s heart has turned into stone and she will not change her decision.

Anjali offers monetary help to Kanha and says her father has always helped Chaudry and sons company and will continue to help. Kanha refuses her help and says he is thankful to Amitabh uncle for his constant support, but this time he cannot take any help. Dhanraj and Tej support Kanha’s decision. Saroj says they should accept Amitabh’s support and tries her best to convince Dhanraj. Nakul asks how can she trust Anjali and give a wrong suggestion to Kanha. Kusum tells Saroj that she knows the consequences of taking this help. Saroj says they would bein trouble if they don’t.

Sayuri packs her stuff and feels frustrated. Anjali walks behind Kanha and requests him to accept her help. Kanha refuses and tries to close his room door. She says at least he will show his right on her if he touches her and pushes her out. Kanha tries her and closes the door and asks how she feels now when she herself is tricked. Anjali tries there best to convince him. Kanha says he never loved her the way she loved him and he now loves Sayuri now and cannot think of anyone else than her. Anjali reminds that he used to hate Sayuri. Kanha says that is the past and says he cannot accept her in this life, so she shouldn’t force him to take an extreme step.

Saroj tries to emotionally blackmail Dhanraj and convince him to accept Anjali’s offer. Dhanraj sternly refuses and says because of her sins and listening to her wrong decision, he lost his brother like friend and as a curse lost his young son. Saroj asks how can he blame a mother for her son’s death and tries to blame Sayuri. Dhanraj says she is a wicked mother who is trying to snatch her son’s happiness. He then meets Kanha and encourages him to listen to his heart and not bother about the consequences. Kanha thanks him for understanding him.

Rashmi, Bhanu, and Indu taunt Sayuri and discuss that they will fix Sayuri masala nameboard in front of their house once Sayuri leaves their house. Sayuri tries to walk away and slips. Kanha walks in and holds her. He says since his wife left his house, he came to stay in his wife’s house. Indu and Bhanu say he can stay in Sayuri’s room with her. Kanha asks if Sayuri will stay with him. Bhanu says why not as Sayuri must have changed her decision by now. They all walk out leaving Sayuri frowning.

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