My desire update Wednesday 19 July 2023

My desire 19 July 2023: Pihu informs Preesha about Sharda’s financial struggles and requests her to help Sharda financially. Preesha says Sharda wouldn’t accept her money. Pihu says she can give money to servant Shyamu directly for grocery without Sharda’s knowledge. Preesha agrees and offers grocery money to Shyamu requesting him not to inform Sharda about it. Pihu asks Sharda to prepare halwa for her. Sharda goes out to inform Shyamu to bring sooj when she notices Preesha offering money to Shyamu. Preesha nervously walks away. Sharda questions Shyamu who nervously says Preesha also wanted some grocery and hence gave him money.

Rudra gets angry noticing his and Pihu’s pic on the wall spoilt and shouts who did it. Saransh says he did it as he doesn’t want him to marry Pihu. Rudra asks if he can’t see Preesha married Armaan. Saransh says Preesha has a reason behind it, but Rudra doesn’t have any reason to marry Pihu and hence this is is his way to oppose their marriage. Rudra stands shocked. Back to room, Roohi asks Saransh if he really did that. He says yes, he wants their parents to reunite at any cost and would do anything for that. Roohi rejoices hearing that.

Pihu gets a flower bouquet from an unknown admirer. Servant says someone left it outside for Pihu. Pihu admires bouquet and thinks who is her secret admirer. A scorpion bites her and she collapses. Rudra and Sharda get worried for her. Rudra makes her lie on a couch and asks Sharda to call Preesha as she is a doctor. Sharda says Preesha has gone now. Rudra asks her to call some other doctor also and thinks he will not let anything happen to Pihu and her baby. Preesha returns home and asks what happened to Pihu. Rudra says a scorpion bit Pihu. Preesha asks him not to worry as she will treat Pihu. She asks servant who picked that bouquet. Another servant tells Shyamu that he saw Shyamu holding that bouquet. Shyamu denies.

Roohi asks Saransh if he planted scorpion in bouquet like he spolt photos. Rudra hears that and questions Saransh if he did that. Saransh denies. Rudra drags Saransh to family and tells Sharda that Saransh brought that bouquet for Pihu and scolds him. Preesha asks why would Saransh do that when he doesn’t have any problem with Pihu. Saransh says he has problem with Pihu and doesn’t her to replace Preesha in Rudra’s life, but he didn’t bring bouquet. Preesha says she knows her son well and he can’t do this. Sharda says Preesha would obviously support her son as he is supporting her. Preesha says she is supporting truth and asks her to find who sent this bouquet. Rudra shouts who must be doing all this.

Servant inform that he saw Shyamu brining bouquet home and when questioned, he didn’t give proper reply. Rudra searches for Shyamu and finds him absconding. Sharda recalls Preesha giving money to Shyamu and accuses Preesha. She says she saw Preesha giving money to Shyamu as she doesn’t want Rudra and Pihu’s wedding to happen. Preesha says she didn’t ask Shyamu to bring that bouquet. Rudra asks why did she give money to Shyamu then. Preesha thinks how to inform him that she gave money to Shyamu to help Sharda. Armaan throws a pillow on Rudra and says he will not let him shout at Preesha. Rudra holds his collar. Preesha says she will speak and tells Armaan that Rudra uncle is not dirty and he wasn’t shouting at her. She takes him away from there holding his hand.

Rudra shouts he will question Preesha why did she give money to Shyamu. Pihu wakes up and says she asked Preesha to give money to Shyamu as Sharda didn’t have money to buy grocery. Rudra thinks who must have tried to kill Pihu then.Rudra recalls Preesha behaving well with Armaan and thinks what what must be the reason behind it. Saransh calls Rudra and Preesha. They both rush to him and ask what happened. Saranh says Roohi went inside store room and got locked from inside. Rudra breaks the door open and searches for Roohi. Saransh locks Rudra and Preesha in. Roohi joins him, and they both tell Rudra and Preesha that they will not open the door until they both reconcile their differences. Rudra and Preesha plead them to open the door, but they walk away. Rudra blames Preesha for being too lenient to children. Preesha says kids are upset on them and wants them to reconcile. Rudra says she married Armaan and upset Roohi.

Preesha says Saransh doesn’t like him to marry Pihu. Rudra asks only Saransh or even she doesn’t want him to marry Pihu.Armaan searches Preesha aunty. Pihu says she must have gone to her room. Armaan asks who will recite a story for him. Pihu says they will find for Preesha and takes him along. Rudra asks Preesha if she is not jealous if he loves Pihu. She says no. He intimately touches her describing how will he get intimate with Pihu like he used to get intimate with Preesha before. Preesha gets flown in emotions, but then gets into her senses and pushing him away asks what is he doing. He says he is describing how he used to touch her when she was his wife. Preesha tries to slap him. He holds her hand.

Armaan and Pihu don’t find Preesha and Rudra in room and think where they must have gone. Digvijay comes to meet Preesha and learns about Rudra and Preesha missing. He thinks Preesha would stop taking care of Armaan if Rudra lures Preesha and takes her away. They all search for Rudra and Preesha and question Saransh. Saransh says he doesn’t know where they are and thinks nobody can find mamma and papa until they reconcile. Rudra tells Preesha that even he is a human and it matters to him if he sees her with Armaan and he knows that even it bothers to her seeing him with Pihu. She stands silently and gets hiccups. He offers her water. She drinks water and her hiccups stop. He gets hiccups next and finds water finished. Preesha thinks how to stop his hiccups and notics a hanging pot. She tries to pick it thinking it has water.

She fails to pick a pot and tries to climb a chair. Rudra says he will not hepllp her if she falls. She says she doesn’t need his help and trying to pick pot drops water on herself. Rudra lifts her, their eyes lock. Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahoonga.. song plays in the background. Sharda also gets tensed learning about Rudra and Preesha missing. Digvijay says he will call police. Saransh gets tensed and rushes to inform Rudra and Preesha. Pihu follows him. Saransh tries to hear if Rudra and Preesha are still fighting or reconciled their differences. He prays god to set things right between his parents before police comes. Once he leaves, Pihu thinks Saransh locked them in store room. She rushes and stops Digvijay from calling police and says she knows where they are.

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