Unfortunate love update Thursday 20 July 2023

Unfortunate love 20 July 2023: The Episode starts with Rishi coming to Balwinder and says because of you, everyone is getting tortured and I will not leave you for this. Balwinder asks him to come and says today I will torture you, my knife didn’t see the blood drop since many days. They begin fighting. Lakshmi is drowsy. Balwinder falls near Lakshmi. Lakshmi looks at him, but couldn’t identify him due to the mask on his face. Balwinder tries to pierce knife on Rishi’s chest, but Rishi fights back. Abhay tells the terrorists that he will give him so much money. The terrorist says if bhai catches me then he will not leave me. Neelam comes there and tells that she will give him much money. Abhay convinces him. The terrorist demand 2 lakhs Rs per family. Neelam says she will give 3 lakhs Rs.

Rishi tries to pull mask from Balwinder’s face. Balwinder thinks if Lakshmi identifies me then Rishi will kill me. Mohnish tells that the phone will ring. He says Lakshmi and Rishi went from here, but will not be saved. The phone rings. ACP is on call and asks Mohnish if he can hear him. Mohnish asks how dare you to take my name. ACP calls him Mohnish bhai and asks what he wants? Mohnish demands him to leave three prisoners, Baba Saheb, Kulbushan and Mandaar. Inspector says this is impossible, they got hang punishment, if we leave him then they will kill many. Mohnish says he will kill the richest Oberoi family, if he don’t comply to his demand. ACP is shocked. He tells Inspector that they shall kill all the terrorists and shall not keep them in prison. He feels helpless. Inspector says we shall get inside and shall kill him. ACP says the superiors refused.

Malishka comes to Virender, Ayush and others and tells about Abhay’s deal with the terrorist. Ayush says it is a trap, no terrorist will help us, and asks if she is fine. Malishka says you are making fun of Neelam aunty as she striked the deal. She asks them to come. Balwinder holds Lakshmi and presses on her bullet injury. Lakshmi cries in pain. Rishi asks him to leave Lakshmi. Balwinder pushes Lakshmi on Rishi and runs out. lakshmi and Rishi look at each other. She feels pain as she gets up from him. Rishi says whenever you go far from me, you feel pain. They argue. Rishi asks her to calm down and says you are hurt. Lakshmi says even you are hurt. She says he was a terrorist, it is good that he didn’t shoot. He says we are outside the court room. Lakshmi says you said that Karishma, Sonia and others are there. Rishi asks her not to worry, as Police will come. Lakshmi says we shall tell Police about inside problems. He says we shall communicate with the Police.

Lakshmi says I will come with you. Rishi says you are injured, I will hide you to the safe place. Lakshmi says we are safe with each other. He says your hand is bleeding and ties the cloth on her hand tightly. Lakshmi makes sound as if she is feeling pain and smiles. He pretends to tie cloth tightly. She says its fine, and asks if we all will go home together. Rishi says everyone will go home safely. SSP/Commissioner gets Minister’s call. ACP calls him and tells about Mohnish’s demand. He says Mohnish threatened to kill Mr. Virender oberoi’s family. Commissioner asks him to talk to Mohnish.

Lakshmi sees the terrorist walking towards a girl, staring at her with bad intention. The girl pleads with him to leave her, says kill me, but don’t disrespect me. Lakshmi hears her, pushes him and runs away with the girl. Devika tells Dadi about the terrorist’s condition. Dadi asks if our family will be safe. Devika says what is happening to you, and makes her sit in car. She asks her to have strength and says Bappa will make everything fine. Dadi says I will have strength. Lakshmi thinks Rishi went from here. The girl thanks Lakshmi for saving her. Lakshmi says we shall help in the time of need. They see terrorist going and hides with the girl. Balram comes there and catches her. He says you and your husband are smart but foolish too. He asks Lakshmi to come with him. He pushes the girl and takes Lakshmi with him. Another terrorist brings Judge there. The terrorist comes to the terrorist who have strike deal with Neelam and Abhay. The terrorist tells the other terrorist about their deal. Abhay says some more people are coming and offer 3 lakhs per person. Malishka comes there with Ayush, Shalu and others.

She says I will bring Lakshmi and Rishi. Ayush offers to go with her. Malishka goes alone, saying Rishi will not come without Lakshmi. Virender asks Neelam whose brilliant idea is this? Neelam signs at Abhay. Virender asks do you trust them? Neelam says we don’t have any option. Ayush tells Shalu that his gut feeling is saying that this is wrong.

Rishi searching for Lakshmi and wonders where did she go? The terrorist is taking Ayush, Virender, Neelam and others with them, on the pretext of taking them outside. Ayush says this is not that way to go out. The terrorist asks if you don’t believe me. Virender says they are taking us to Mohnish. They laugh. Abhay and Neelam remind them about their deal. The terrorist tells that they never betray their bhai. They all are taken back to the court room where Karishma, Sonia and Kiran are already hostaged. Karishma hugs Virender and asks him to do something. Virender says I will do something. Sonia tells him that Rishi opened the smoke bomb, but we couldn’t go. Karishma says Rishi felt that we went behind him, but we were stuck here. Neelam says Rishi should have waited outside. Kiran says he is worried for Lakshmi. Ayush says so what. Mohnish says there is lot of drama in your family, it is good that you brought them here. The terrorist says they were planning to buy us. Mohnish says such things might happen in your family, but not in our family, we live, die and do all the things together. He says we have brought you here, as we have to save our boss. He asks about Lakshmi and Rishi. The terrorist says the other girl went to search them. Mohnish appreciates him and says he will get reward from boss. The terrorists leave. Mohnish tells Oberois that very soon their family will be over.

Rishi worries for his family members and lakshmi. Just then he hears announcement that Lakshmi is with Mohnish Bhai asking him to come there. Rishi thinks this might be a trap, Lakshmi can’t be there. He then thinks if I don’t go, if lakshmi is there, then? He says I will not let anything happen to Lakshmi. Malishka thinks why don’t the terrorist kill Lakshmi. She thinks to go back to them and asks them to take everyone out first. She thinks she will do what benefit her.

Mohnish talks to ACP. ACP says your demand is reached high level and the govt is doing enquiry. Mohnish asks him to leave his bosses. He says now he will show them the terror of his terrorists. Malishka thinks where everyone went. She thinks she will save Rishi anyhow. Rishi comes there and asks Malishka where is everyone? Malishka says maybe they are trapped again. He says he will go and save Lakshmi. Malishka asks what you will do, will you fight? Rishi says I can die or kill anyone for Lakshmi. Malishka thinks you are mine, you have to live for me. She takes the judge’s hammer and hits on his head. Rishi turns to see her, but she hides. Rishi looks at her shoulder and faints. Malishka drops the hammer there itself and drags unconscious Rishi.

Balram brings Lakshmi there and pushes her down. Ayush shouts Bhabhi. Mohnish asks where is your husband? He says I will get my demands fulfilled by throwing your dead body in front of the Police. He starts the countdown and calls Rishi. He says if you don’t come, before I count 1, then I will kill Lakshmi. Malishka says I am really sorry for this pain, I did this to save you, this was the right chance, and says I can give my life and take Lakshmi’s life for you. She says you will become mine today, Lakshmi will be out from our life, just bear the pain from us. Mohnish says 6, 5…Virender folds hands before Mohnish and asks him to kill him, but leave his daughter. Mohnish says even your turn will come, don’t be desperate. Lakshmi shouts Bau ji.

Dadi imagines seeing the dead body and cries, asking what did you do Bappa? The cloth is moved from the dead body. Dadi is actually in car and shouts saying she is killed. She runs out of car. Devika and Police try to stop her. Malishka says kill Lakshmi fast, and I will marry Rishi and will become Malishka Rishi Oberoi. She says she is behaving like psycho and is dreaming to marry him, while she is trapped with terrorists. She sees Rishi gaining consciousness and thinks to hit on his head again. She thinks she had thrown it there and searches for something, and finds a rod. Just then Rishi gets up. Malishka hides it and asks Rishi if he is fine? rishi says someone hit on my head and says you. Malishka asks what? Rishi asks didn’t you see who hit on my head. She says no, she didn’t see. He then says may be terrorist. He hears Mohnish’s last call and says he needs to go. Malishka says if you go then I will die. Rishi says if I don’t go, then they will kill Lakshmi. He pushes Malishka and she falls on the wall. Rishi says I am sorry, but I need to go. Malishka prays that nothing shall happen to Rishi.

Dadi says she is killed. devika says nothing has happened. Dadi says she saw Lakshmi’s dead body. Devika says we are not at home, we are outside, this is your illusion. The ACP assures that they will bring everyone out safely. Devika hugs Dadi to pacify her. Lakshmi prays to God not to send Rishi there, amidst whatever happened with her. Mohnish stops the countdown and asks Lakshmi to see, and says your hero haven’t come, I count straight and backward numbers. Balram says this means he doesn’t love you, and has eloped. Mohnish says he can’t elope. Lakshmi says God has given him intelligence not to come here, and says she don’t want him to come. Mohnish says he don’t understand. Lakshmi says you need heart to understand else you wouldn’t have become devil. Mohnish says I have a heart, and love too, but myself. He says time has come to kill you. He says I thought to start with Rishi, but he didn’t come, so I will start with you. Ahana says bhabhi..Karishma stops her. Ayush threatens to kill Mohnish.

Neelam thinks she wants Lakshmi to go, but don’t want her to die this way.Shalu begs in front of Mohnish to leave Lakshmi. Rishi comes there and asks Mohnish to leave lakshmi. Mohnish says your love is truthful, you both reached her to save each other. Rishi says yes, I have reached and asks Mohnish to stay away from Lakshmi and talk to him. Balram asks him to talk to Mohnish with respect and call him Mohnish Bhai. Rishi says Mohnish Bhai, don’t do anything to Lakshmi. Mohnish slaps him and says will you order me? He says he will kill everyone, but first he will kill him.Malishka thinks I will not let anything happen to Rishi. She collides with Balwinder and falls down. She scolds him. Balwinder laughs and asks if she didn’t see hm. He says he needs to talk to her and asks her to listen. He holds her hand.

Malishka slaps him and asks how dare you, to hold my hand. Balwinder says you can drink wine with me, can do all the bad works with me. Malishka says don’t. Balwinder says he has respect in his neighborhood and likes only the good things. He says he likes Lakshmi who is far better than her, and tells that Rishi has reached there to save Lakshmi, and will die today. He says he held her hand to stop her from going there. He asks her to do yoga. Malishka is shocked and says no.

Devika asks Dadi why did she run and got herself hurt. Dadi worries. Mohnish says I will not give you an easy death, and says I will give you a painful death for throwing smoke bomb, beating me and my men etc. He asks Balram to cool down the fire in him. Rishi looks at Lakshmi.

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