Unfortunate love update Tuesday 9 January 2024

Unfortunate love 9 January 2024: The Episode starts with Malishka telling that she will not let Rishi get any sadness or pain, and tells that she has dreamt to having wedding night with him. She says Rishi has come…Sonal looks at her. Malishka says my Rishi has come. Rishi comes to Lakshmi holding milk glasses for them. He says he is doing things like suhaagraat types, typical. He asks her to drink milk and says good things are added to it like almonds etc. Malishka says I took the glass, then Rishi came closer to me, he touched my hand and asked romantic talks with me.

She says my Rishi is very romantic, then he hugged me. Rishi says I am doing typical suhaag raat things, but its feel is different. He asks her to see him, and says how you will see me, as you have ghunghat on your head. He asks can I? lift your veil.

He lifts her veil slowly. Malishka says he is lifting my veil slowly and removed it. Rishi lifts Lakshmi’s veil and looks at her. Lakshmi gets shy. Rishi looks at Lakshmi and says you are very beautiful, Lakshmi. He says I can’t believe that we have become of each other, I was waiting for this moment since long back, and I say you…He kisses on her hand and says I love you Lakshmi. Lakshmi looks at him shyly. Tere bin na lage jiya plays……

Malishka says but the bride who is on my bed is not me, but Lakshmi, whom Rishi was bringing closer to him. She says Lakshmi is everywhere on my bed. She tells that Rishi made her wear mangalsutra and not me. Lakshmi and Rishi have a hug….Malishka is angry and pulls the blanket from the bed. She says Rishi applied sindoor and then made her wear mangalsutra. She says Lakshmi was there and not me. She cries and says everywhere was Lakshmi. Sonal asks her to handle herself.

Rishi tells Lakshmi that finally they are married now. He says he deserves punishment for divorcing her and separating her from him. Lakshmi says it was not in our hands, we are good and always tried to do good, but sometimes destiny don’t support us. She says today we are married and you got separated from your Mom, I am feeling bad. He says I know that Mom is upset with me, but very soon she will accept us both and we will be in Oberoi Mansion and will live our dreamy life. He asks her to be happy and says Dadi said that if you are not happy then she will slap me and get me scolded by Dad. He asks if you want to say something, like what will be made tomorrow in food, if water will come tomorrow. He says Ayush took Shalu and Bani from here, and asks why? Lakshmi realizes. Rishi asks what happened, you have understand that today is our wedding night. He asks her to be happy and says we will live our life. He says we will sleep now. Lakshmi thanks him. Rishi asks for what? Lakshmi says for everything, but for now to understand me. She says you might be expecting so much from me. Rishi says I have only one expectation, that you shall be with me always and says we are from heart and soul, and to unite physically doesn’t matter to me. He says for now, we will rest and will live our life later.

Virender tells Neelam that Rishi and Lakshmi were like our reflection. Neelam says she can’t be our reflection. Virender says when you will stop hating her. Neelam says when you see her truth and tells that she will never give place to her.

Malishka tells that she will come between Rishi and Lakshmi. She says it will be easy revenge, she tells that she will not let Rishi become of anyone else. Virender says it will be our loss, not just you, me or this house. He says it is good that she is not your reflection, as she don’t hate anyone, and will forgive everyone. Sonal asks Malishka what does she mean? Malishka says she mean exactly what she means. Virender asks Neelam to forgive Lakshmi, though she didn’t do anything. He says Lakshmi had refused for marriage, but they got married in some circumstances. Neelam says she don’t want to hear him and don’t want to hear about her. Sonal asks Malishka to calm down. Malishka says I was drinking water to calm down, but not to calm down her anger, but to do something what she wants and don’t feel bad. Sonal says that means you want to ….Malishka says she will be calm and will kill Rishi so that he can’t become of anyone else. She says I will kill him with Lakshmi, and says if they can’t live together then they can die together atleast. Rishi and Lakshmi look at each other. Rishi thinks what she is thinking? If she is feeling good being married to him. Lakshmi thinks any girl feeling good becoming his wife. He thinks how she is feeling?

Sonal asks how can you kill Rishi, you love him. Malishka says that’s why I will kill Rishi and Lakshmi, and I will do this with my auspicious hands. She says he had hold my hands. Sonal asks if you are mad to kill Rishi and asks her to kill Lakshmi, then Rishi will return to him and then you shall marry him. Malishka says no, not now. She says Rishi has humiliated me on the marriage day, I would have forgotten that if he had returned to me, but he got married to Lakshmi, now he has to die. Sonal says no.

Rishi thinks he wants to go out and shout that he got Lakshmi. Lakshmi smiles and thinks then all neighborhood will gather. Rishi thinks our new life will start tomorrow. He holds her hand and tries to sleep.

Sonal asks Malishka what does it matter if he got married as it happened before, Malishka replies tat it is very different as the situation and circumstances are different, and everything happened with her consent and approval but now that hope has ended so it is time for him to also end, Malishka says if she did not get the satisfaction to marry him then would surely get it after killing him, Sonal says that she is not able to recognize Malishka who has changed completely in a single day, Malishka replies she did not change but that Rishi changed, she requests Sonal to calm down and not be worried saying her blood has calmed down and she is going to become a cold blooded killer, she leaves advising Sonal to also calm down.

Lakshmi is holding the bowl of sweets thinking ow it is a ritual that the bride serves the sweets to her in laws but she cannot do it, she asks Rishi to come for the breakfast. Aayush says he would also have the breakfast, he takes the blessings of both Rishi and Lakshmi when Rishi questions what is he doing, he replies he did it because of the feeling. Lakshmi mentions she has even made sweets for the first day, Aayush immediately eats the sweets and enjoys them a lot, Lakshmi suggests she should also pack some sweets for home, Rishi asks Aayush to tell her explaining that only Dadi and Virender uncle would eat it while everyone else would scold her, Aayush says that he is going to eat from everyone side by himself, Aayush asks if they would like to see a magic and he takes out an envelope, Rishi asks what si in it, Aayush asks what do the newly wed couples do saying this is the gift from Virender uncle and Dadi.

Lakshmi asks what is the need for it, Aayush says they must not be worried since it is a new beginning, he informs he has even come to pick Lakshmi Bhabhi when Rishi asks where is he taking her, Aayush replies he is going to take her for the ritual after the wedding to the house of Chachi and this is the order from his uncle and Dadi. Aayush says he is only going to eat the sweets, and even tells Rishi to come and pick lakshmi Bhabhi on time in the evening after completing the shopping so they can leave for their honeymoon Lakshmi immediately replies she does not need anything as she has new clothes and even some are in the house of Chachi, Aayush asks if Lakshmi Bhabhi is saying all this due to the financial situation, he advises her to not be worried as this is a wedding gift and they can ask anything from either uncle or Dadi.

Shalu and Bani are in the kitchen when Bani says that till yesterday they both were worried about how to get Rishi and Lakshmi di married but are now preparing for the ritual, Chachi comes asking why are they making so many dishes because only lakshmi is going to come today, Shalu says that Aayush mentioned Lakshmi di and Rishi jiju would leave for the honeymoon after the ritual. Chachi gets excited asking where are they going, either America or Switzerland when Bani says they do not know anything because Aayush just said they are leaving today, Chachi explains they both should make sure that nothing is left and Rishi must feel that they have done their best, because she is sure that Rishi would go back to Oberoi Mansion one day and will remember Chachi who has welcomed him with open arms, she leaves saying they should even make the almond pudding for her, Bani says that Chachi is very selfish, she asks what does Shalu think that Neelam aunti would accept Rishi jiju and Lakshmi di, Shalu replies she also desires it because they really miss family, which also happened when they lost their parents. Shalu says they should not talk like this while cooking, Bani explains that now even Chachi has instructed them to cook whatever they desire.

Chachi performs the Arti of Lakshmi when they come and sit down, Chachi calls Shalu and Bani, as RK saying they should go and check if everything has finished, Aayush asks what does it mean, Chachi then tries to cover it but Bani says she called them as RK and should explain its meaning, Shalu says that they have cooked everything. Chachi asks lakshmi when is Rishi going to come as they are even leaving for their honeymoon today, Rishi enters the house saying Chachi remembered him with so much love so he came, Chachi then performs the Arti when Rishi comes to sit down so Chachi says she is glad that Rishi is a son in law of their house and from such a wealthy family, Rishi remembers he is no longer a part of that family but Chachi says that the blood relations never end. Lakshmi gets a call from Bau jee so answers it, Dadi immediately takes the phone from lakshmi and even gives her blessing while advising her to not be worried, lakshmi replies she is not worried about anything, Dadi asks then why was she worried about the family yesterday so explains that these situations tend to come in life, Dadi gives the phone to Virender who explains he has made all the preparations so she should leave on time and must be relieved as everything would be fine. Dadi tells Virender that Lakshmi and Rishi should prepare to stay away from the family, as they can not change the behavior of Neelam.

Malishka gives the money to the driver who gets shocked seeing so much money, she asks him to teach her how to drive as she would be the one to drive, she sits in the driving seat when the driver asks her to hire him as he will complete the job but Malishka gets furious with him saying that he should only teach her how to drive.

Rishi along with lakshmi are having the food when Chachi tries to serve more food but Rishi says he has eaten a lot of things but cannot eat anymore, Lakshmi also says that she has eaten a lot, Shalu asks Rishi how did he like the food when Aayush immediately explains it is just below average hearing which Shalu gets worried saying that she checked everything, Rishi praises Shalu for the food mentioning that Aayush is just teasing her, Aayush gets shocked saying hat Rishi changed in a single day, Lakshmi however defends Aayush who praises her for always taking his side, Lakshmi then asks Aayush how did he like the food, he replies it is actually very good but not like Lakshmi as she is the best, Shalu takes the Thali when Aayush mentions she has even praised her food but lied a bit hearing which Shalu is shocked and everyone starts smiling.

Malishka is driving the truck remembering the moments spent with Rishi and how much they both were in love, she sees the car of Rishi and lakshmi.

Lakshmi is smiling when Rishi says he is glad everything happened according to their desire when lakshmi says that the trunk of the car is very big but even then the luggage was a lot, so Rishi replies that these are the gifts and one should never refuse to take them. Malishka while driving the truck thinks this car is going to be the last car in which they sit.

Sonal in the room is very worried about what Malishka is about to do saying she has always loved Rishi since her childhood, she thinks that she thought Malishka was just taking out her anger but what can she do to stop her, Sonal thinks about talking to Kiran as she would surely listen to her mother but stops thinking what if Malishka does not even listen to her own mother as she went to tell Rishi the entire truth and might even tell lakshmi, so if Rishi finds out that Malishka is trying to kill Lakshmi then would get really mad, Sonal is very worried wondering what can she do.

Rishi exclaims that both Dad and Dadi gave a very good surprise as he never thought they will get such a nice gift, Rishi sees that a biker is coming while riding in a reckless manner so Lakshmi advises him to be careful, Rishi suddenly stops the car while the rider is smiling, Rishi angrily gets out so the rides leaves while Rishi is furious. Lakshmi is shocked to see that the Mangal Sutur broke and gets worried, Rishi comes back in the car asking lakshmi if she is fine, she replies the Mangal Sutur broke and she feels that his life is in danger, Rishi asks what is she talking about informing he does not believe in these superstitions, Lakshmi says she is not only saying it due to the Mangal Sutur but she actually believes that his life is in danger, Malishka finally sits up in the driving seat once again.

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