Faltu Starlife update Tuesday 16 January 2024

Faltu 16 January 2024: The Episode starts with Ayaan thinking what to wear. He calls Faltu and thinks I will ask her to select my clothes. She doesn’t take the call. Ayaan says I never thought I will feel this for someone. Suhana and Ayesha look on, and smile. Kinshuk and Dadi come. Dadi says Ayaan is so happy. Ayaan sees them at the door. Kinshuk jokes. Savita says Ayaan won’t go in the press conference.

He asks why. Tanu says Savita would have told Ayaan that he won’t come along. Kanika says Faltu and her family will get insulted.

Tanu says they don’t know what will happen there, Ayaan won’t be there, he won’t doubt us, because his dad will do this with him. Kanika says it’s the power of money. Tanu says sorry Ayaan, you didn’t leave any option for me. Savita says I want to go to ashram and take Guru ji’s blessing, I m thinking everything will be fine.Dadi says ashram is too far, you will get late. Ayaan says don’t get sad, I will take you, I wanted to see Faltu before the event.

Savita says its imp, come with me please. He says okay, we will go, get ready. She says come soon. He goes. He asks Janardhan what is he doing. He says just take him to the ashram and don’t come until I call you. She says fine.

Faltu and family come to the press conference. She asks Angoori not to do anything. Guards stop Faltu. Faltu says Ayaan has invited us here. The lady asks do you have the invite. Faltu says no. The lady says sorry, I can’t allow you, you can leave. Angoori says she is the owner of this house. The lady says you came at the wrong address. Charan says no use to argue, call Ayaan. Faltu says yes. Savita gets dizzy. Ayaan asks what’s happening.

He gives water to her. She says I feel unwell, we will sit for some time. He says we will go to doctor. She says no, we will get late for press conference. He says okay, we will go to hospital for checkup if you don’t feel well. Ayaan gets Faltu’s call. He says I had called you, you didn’t take the call. She says the guards aren’t letting us inside. He says how is this possible, I will call Kinshuk and send him, I came to the ashram with mum, I will come soon. She says okay. Savita thinks don’t know I m doing right or not. She prays. Faltu says Ayaan is sending his brother to take us inside. The lady asks Tanu about Faltu, she has no written invite, she spoke to Ayaan, do you know her. Tanu says get them inside and make them stand at some corner. Kanika asks Janardhan not to get nervous, the plan shouldn’t fail. Tanu says we are cheating Ayaan for his betterment and family reputation, we will cancel the conference and divorce Ayaan. He says no, you won’t get divorced.

Tanu says we have to do this, I will get Faltu and her family. Kinshuk says I will go and get them. She says let it be, I will go. He nods. The lady asks Faltu and her family to wait. Angoori says no one has come to welcome us, I m feeling hungry, the food is served there, we will go and eat some food. Faltu worries.

Tanu stops Angoori and taunts her. She asks Faltu to look at her Chachi, she went to have food. Charan says sorry, she likes to have food. Tanu says its okay, you don’t need to go anywhere. She asks the waiter to take care of them, the food is for free.

She speaks to the press reporters. She says Ayaan and I are happy together, we are planning a romantic trip soon. Charan asks what’s happening here, what do they want to do. Jamuna says Ayaan didn’t come and he didn’t send his brother also. Faltu says I will call Ayaan again. Ayaan’s phone gets off. He says we will go home now and call the doctor there, the press conference would be starting, Faltu and her family are waiting outside the house, my phone got off. She gets up and acts unwell. She says we will sit here. He says we are going to doctor now. She thinks how to stop him from going home. Janardhan stops Kinshuk, Ayesha and Suhana. He says Ayaan has time to come, don’t go out, we will call you if we need.

Tanu says let them go, Ayaan said he needs time to come, Faltu’s family has come, we will start the conference, Ayaan will come, we will welcome everyone. Dadi says fine. Tanu says the stage is set, Faltu’s family has come, I didn’t let them sit, come. Kanika says yes, tell everyone what Tanu means to the family, insult Faltu and her family. Janardhan nods. They smile. Sid looks on and thinks oh my God, so this planning was going on, they have sent Ayaan away, I have to inform Ayaan, no, I can’t call from my number, I will call from unknown number. He gets number switched off. He says did Savita do this, I will call her. He calls Savita and says number is off, what a planning, I will drop a message, this is the only chance. He messages Ayaan and says come fast, Faltu and her family is going to get humiliated. Sid worries. She says mom isn’t here to give me some idea. Faltu says call isn’t connecting. Faltu says I know the reason for Tanu’s act.

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