Rajjo starlife update Thursday 6 July 2023

Rajjo 6 July 2023: The Episode starts with Niharika saying now Rajjo is in my team. Chirag jokes. He says you won my working credit card. Madhu asks won’t you give any special tip, what will you say about your daughter. Pushkar says Niharika, its your coach’s call. He takes her along. Rajjo thinks I really wanted to go out with Arjun, but he didn’t insist. Arjun thinks you don’t want to go anywhere. Niharika asks why did you call me here. He asks why did you give her entry in the academy when she got disqualified. He says you have no idea about her, she made Madhu cry tears of blood. She says I thought she is a nice girl, she is better than me in sports, she would have won today, I have seen a natural talent in her, running is in her genes, I want to be with the best, learn and compete.

He says you don’t know the system here, stay away from Rajjo. She asks is there any connection with Rajjo, so you are making excuses, tell me. Mannu says Rajjo has gone to Pushkar’s house, I know its suffocating to stay there, I know Arjun is there to take care of her, but that mishap isn’t going out of my mind. She prays.He asks why are you interfering in Arjun and Rajjo’s life. She says you aren’t telling me what Rajjo wants for herself, that’s also imp for me, she is a good athlete, please stop it, I don’t like it. She goes. He says she will never change, she can never become like my Kalindi.

Rajjo sees the trophies and medals. Arjun says one day, you will have your own trophies, medals and certificates. She smiles. Madhu says I thought Rajjo will not run away, but Niharika got adamant. Pushkar asks what shall I do, she won’t listen to me. She says try to understand, do something, its imp to save Arjun. He goes. She says I will bring Arjun and Rajjo together. Rajjo apologizes to Arjun. She says I don’t want to burden you. He says ask Mannu, what to do if someone wants to share the burden, should you shoo the person away. She asks when did I do that. He says you always do that, you always hurt my heart. Chirag says I had much food. Kalindi comes to him. She reminds their old days. They laugh. He talks romantically.

He thinks to ask her to come for a long drive. He thinks she can agree also, shall I ask her. She gets a call. She goes.Rajjo says sorry, don’t know why, I feel I said something that you got upset, I should have shut up. Arjun says I m sorry.He says we should support each other, Sia showed her doll, its really beautiful. He goes. Rajjo smiles. Sia is with Chirag. He says you are scaring me. She asks him to come with her. She takes him to Kalindi. Kalindi asks is everything fine. Chirag says yes, there is winter sale, Sia was telling me, will you come with me. She gets Rocky’s call. She says no, Niharika is back, so I have to take her to her friend’s place, sorry. He says its okay. He goes to Sia. Rajjo looks on. She thinks the distance between them should clear.

Everyone comes back home. Madhu says Rajjo, listen to me now, you can practice as much as you want. Chirag says yes, it’s a beautiful farmhouse, you and Arjun should go there. Madhu says yes, don’t forget you are married now, give some time to your relation. Jhilmil says yes, Madhu spent two hours to plan this for your trip, I can’t stop practice. Madhu says yes, the responsibility isn’t on you, Pushkar will handle the academy, you go on honeymoon with your husband. Rajjo asks what’s that. Everyone laughs. Madhu says it’s a good thing. Jhilmil says she wants to know what happens. Madhu says you can go out with your husband and have a good time, visit good places and have chaat. Sagar and Pankhudi joke. Madhu asks would you go on a trip with Arjun. Rajjo says yes, I will go and have chaat, it will be much fun. Jhilmil says just remember the word, honeymoon, everything will happen on its own. Kalindi disconnects Rocky’s call. Arjun comes.

Rajjo says get ready, we are going to have chaat. Arjun asks where. Rajjo asks where were we doing. Chirag says honeymoon. Arjun spits the tea and says stupid, come on guys. Everyone laughs. Madhu says Rajjo really wants to go there. Rajjo says yes, it will be much fun.Chirag and everyone tease Arjun. Arjun asks why are you laughing, do you know what happens. Rajjo says it will be fun. Arjun says stop saying this. Rajjo says Madhu asked us to us, come with me, we will practice together there. Jhilmil says play the final match and win. Rajjo says we all will go. Madhu asks everyone. Rajjo says Chirag and Kalindi will come with us. Madhu says no, just you two will go. Chirag and Kalindi say we will go later. Rajjo says no, come with us, else I won’t go. Jhilmil says I told you, let me explain her. Madhu says be quiet. Madhu asks Rajjo not to be adamant. Rajjo says all of us will go together, else I won’t go alone.

Rajjo saying we all will go on honeymoon together. Kalindi disconnects Rocky’s call. Chirag asks Arjun to take Rajjo and explain her. Arjun takes Rajjo aside and explains her about honeymoon. He says just two people go on honeymoon. She asks why, is it a govt. rule. He says yes. She says its fun if everyone goes together. She makes plans. He says newly weds go on honeymoon, you don’t have to take crowd there, understood. She says yes. He smiles and says thank God, you understood. She says I have to go with you, say yes, we will go next time if we enjoy. He says I m not able to explain. She asks him to say yes. He says fine, I will take you wherever you want. She hugs him and says you are really good. Tujhse juda…plays… He says you know it, what happens on honeymoon, you go and ask your mom. He goes. She says fine, I will ask. He smiles and says I will go with her, don’t know how long we stay together, her face will be worth seeing when Mannu tells her what happens on honeymoon. Rajjo asks what are you saying.

Mannu smiles and says yes, married couples unite forever. Rajjo says you should have told me, I m such a donkey, I told Arjun that I want to go there, what would he think about me. Mannu says its okay, you don’t have to feel shy. Rajjo says you and Madhu are same, Arjun doesn’t think this about our relation. Mannu says ask your heart what it wants, you love Arjun, right.Rajjo says he doesn’t want to keep this marriage, he wants to make me an athlete so he is helping you. Mannu asks did he say this to you clearly, no, he can’t say this, else he would have not said yes for honeymoon, he is trying to take this relation ahead, you go ahead, its love, so he saved you, love is a feeling, it can’t be expressed in words, but in silence, true love is one, when two people are scared of losing each other.

Mannu explains her to not be foolish, go on honeymoon with Arjun, he will say everything which Rajjo isn’t able to say. She says you got your husband’s love and support, I never got it, you keep this so that you have this forever. She hugs Rajjo. Its morning, Rajjo gets ready for the trip. Kalindi says you didn’t understand where you are going. She teases Rajjo.Rajjo is tensed. Kalindi says we have seen many ups and downs in our relations, we are going to a better place, I m asking you as a sister, tell me the truth, don’t you want to spend time with Arjun, yes, right. Rajjo nods. Kalindi says if you want Chirag and I to stay back then you can tell me, its okay, these moments are imp for a married couple. Rajjo says yes, I want you and Chirag to come along and make a new start, forget everything that happened, think Rocky’s story is over. Kalindi sees Rocky there.

He signs her to come. Kalindi asks what are you doing here. He says I came to see your shamelessness. She sees Chirag there and hides. Chirag asks Arjun to go with Rajjo, unite on the honeymoon. Chirag asks where is Kalindi. Rajjo says she was here, where did she go. Chirag says she will come, don’t worry. Kalindi asks Rocky to go, its over. He argues. She asks him to leave her. Chirag gets a call. Arjun asks did you keep the shoes for running practice. Rajjo says yes. He asks clothes. She says no, I kept everything, I kept warm clothes for cold weather. He says good. Rocky says I want you back in my life. Kalindi asks him to get lost, this won’t happen again. Kalindi goes to Chirag. He asks from where are you coming. She says I went to talk to Sia’s dance teacher. He says you did right, come.

Chirag asks Arjun to drive his car. Arjun and Rajjo sit in their car. Arjun thinks what happened to her, what will happen at the farmhouse. Rajjo sits quiet. He thinks she isn’t saying anything. He plays the radio. Love songs play. Rajjo and Arjun feel awkward. Hawayein…plays… They smile and hold hands. They hear a car horn and turn.

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