Unfortunate love update Thursday 29 December 2022

Unfortunate love 29 December 2022: The Episode starts with Neelam talking to someone from the orphanage and says this orphanage can’t be closed. She says you will get help, rest assured. Malishka finds the tiffin in the kitchen and replaces it with empty tiffin and leaves from there. Rishi comes there, takes the empty tiffin and leaves. Malishka thinks now Lakshmi has to go and give tiffin to Rishi. She thinks Lakshmi will go in maroon car to give tiffin. She recalls and a fb is shown. Sonal hugs her and says she don’t want anything wrong to happen with her, and wants Rishi and her to unite. She says she will do anything for it. Malishka thanks and hugs her. fb ends.

Malishka calls Sonal and tells that Lakshmi went in the maroon car to give tiffin to Rishi, and I am following her. Sonal says this will be the last ride of Lakshmi, I will inform Ashish. Lakshmi is at home and comes to the kitchen. She finds the tiffin and thinks it is of Rishi. She thinks he took the empty tiffin, don’t know where he is lost. She thinks to go and give tiffin to him, and will not tell anyone. Ashish follows the maroon car. Neelam is driving it. Lakshmi takes auto and asks driver to ride slow. Malishka thinks Ashish will hit your car and then you will be handicapped, and then Rishi will come to me. Sonal’s car gets stopped on the way. She thinks Ashish will do the work, and she will miss the scene.

She sees Lakshmi in auto and thinks if she is in auto, then who is in car. She calls Ashish and thinks pick up the phone. Ashish thinks why she is calling him. Sonal calls again. Malishka thinks, yes Ashish, end Lakshmi’s game. Ashish is about to hit the car. Sonal calls Ashish again. He thinks can’t you wait for sometime. He picks the call and says he is about to hit the car. Sonal says that is not the target. Ashish stops the car. Neelam sees the car stopping suddenly and thinks anyone get the driving licence. Sonal thinks if Malishka doesn’t see. She calls her and asks her to meet her right now. Malishka asks her to behave.

Rishi opens the tiffin and thinks he brought wrong tiffin, but Lakshmi didn’t know till now, else she would have come here. He thinks to call her. Malishka meets Sonal and Ashish. Sonal asks how can you do such a mistake. She says Lakshmi was not in the car, but she is coming in auto. Malishka says why she was not in car. Sonal says you said that Lakshmi is coming. Malishka says Neelam aunty was at home, and I am sure that she might have taken the car. Sonal says if Neelam oberoi had accident then it would be breaking news, says they would have been caught. Malishka asks if this is your full proof plan.

She says this lafanga guy would have opened his mouth when beaten up by the Police. She asks why did you make this body. Sonal says he is my boyfriend and asks Malishka to mind her language. Ashish says if you insult me then will be beaten up. Malishka asks what did you say, you are threatening me and will raise hand on me, and asks her to beat him. Kiran calls Malishka. Malishka picks the call mistakenly while talking to Ashish, and says don’t threaten me and asks her not to cross his limits. Ashish says I am working for you and you are saying this. Sonal asks them to focus and says Lakshmi is still in our grip, she is going to Rishi’s office. Kiran gets shocked and says don’t do anything to Lakshmi. She thinks she shall go there.

Sonal says we will do your work by hook or by crook. She says she is standing at the florist shop and that’s why taking so much time. She says lets’ just go with the plan.Lakshmi is in the auto. The auto driver stops the auto and speaks to his family. He tells Lakshmi that his wife is admitted in the hospital for delivery. He says he will go there after dropping her. Lakshmi says she will get down and asks him to go to hospital. She gives him money and asks him to distribute sweets when good news come. She starts walking. Rishi calls her. Lakshmi sees the road blocked and goes from side. She picks the call and asks if he has any work. He asks if I can’t call you without work. She says you can call me at any time.

Rishi asks if I don’t have any work. Lakshmi says you got upset. Rishi asks her to do happy talks and asks if she is outside. She says yes. He says I did a great thing today, and says I brought empty tiffin from kitchen. Lakshmi asks didn’t you find out that it is empty. Rishi says no. He asks when is she coming to office. Lakshmi says she is outside and can’t come. He says he will get something to eat. She ends the call and thinks Rishi is so good.Sonal and Ashish are in the car. Sonal spots Lakshmi and tells Ashish. He asks if she is sure? Sonal says my eyes are fine, I am not Malishka. She messages Malishka.

Malishka gets happy. Sonal says if we had agreed to Malishka’s words that the work wouldn’t have happened. She says Lakshmi is walking on the road and not on footpath. Sonal says he shall not kill her, but make her lifeless body. Ashish is about to hit Lakshmi, but just then Lakshmi gets on the footpath seeing a girl crying. She thinks if she had not get on the footpath then she would have died. She pacifies the girl who is crying and buys balloons for her. She then gives money to her mother and asks her to have something and take care of her daughter, says daughters are blessings.

Ashish telling Sonal that he will take U turn and will do the work. Sonal says lets meet Malishka first. Kiran comes in her car and thinks to save Lakshmi, then only Malishka will be saved. Balwinder thinks why Sonal called me here, Malishka is not picking my call. He calls her and thinks Malishka is a number 1 selfish girl and thinks he will go infront of her. Malishka meets Ashish and Sonal and says if you can’t do this work, then leave it. Ashish says I am doing this work on Sonal’s sayings. Malishka says I know Lakshmi’s luck and it is with her always. She says even today she got saved, and it is a sign that we shall not do this. Ashish asks Sonal if she knows why Malishka is not successful, as victory and defeat can’t go together.

Sonal says Lakshmi’s good luck is over, now no mistake will happen, she will not be saved. An old lady is standing infront of Kiran’s car and crossing the road. Kiran thinks it will be too late until this lady crosses the road. She gets down and starts walking on the road. Malishka is in her car and driving. She tells Sonal who is in another car that Lakshmi shall not die, else I will be jailed. Sonal says I will moved risk from your way, Rishi and your marriage is mine, I will get it grandly. Kiran thinks to inform Lakshmi and thinks phone is in the car so she herself shall go. Ayush comes to Rishi and asks him to check the file. He gets Shalu’s call and asks Rishi to see the file until he attends the call. Rishi asks who is calling? Ayush Sha…Rishi asks Shahrukh khan. Ayush says no.

Rishi asks him to go and attend Shalu’s call. Kiran is walking behind Ashish and Sonal’s car and calls Lakshmi aloud. Sonal hides in the car. Kiran runs to her. Malishka sees Kiran and says what Mom is doing here? Ashish says Lakshmi’s destiny is not good, she is gone today. Shalu asks Ayush why he didn’t call, she was restless. Ayush says restless and all, if you was missing me. She says I have called you. Ayush says I am feeling as if we are talking after many eras. She asks him to work and says we will talk later. Ayush says talking to you is working only. Shalu teases him calling him kaam chor and ends the call. Ayush smiles. Shalu also smiles. He thinks we had talked, Shalu is a nice girl.

Lakshmi holds the girl walking on the road, for whom she had bought the balloons. The balloons come infront of the car. Sonal asks Ashish to be careful. Kiran is coming to Lakshmi, slips and holds her hand. Ashish just then hits Kiran with the car and she gets injured. The people standing on the road stops the car. Lakshmi cries asking Kiran to open her eyes. Rishi comes to the window and hears Lakshmi shouting for help. Malishka stands shocked. Rishi thinks whose accident has happened? Lakshmi cries and says someone call the ambulance. Malishka calls the ambulance. Lakshmi asks someone to help her. Malishka comes running there and says open your eyes Mom.

Rishi comes there and sees people knocking on the car. Sonal says I don’t want to go to jail and asks Ashish to drive, before Rishi comes there. She sees Rishi coming there. Malishka thinks she will not leave them both and sees Lakshmi tying cloth on Kiran’s head to stop bleeding. Ayush comes to the road and is about to get hit by Ashish’s car, but gets saved. He looks at the number plate.Rishi, Lakshmi, Malishka and Ayush take Kiran to the hospital. Doctor asks Nurse to take her to the Operation theatre. Lakshmi asks if she will be fine? Doctor says we can’t tell now. Malishka hugs Rishi and cries.

Rishi says she will be fine. Sonal asks Ashish to stop the car. She gets down from the car. Ashish says it is not our mistake. Sonal says it is not aunty’s mistake either, I hope she is fine. Ashish says she came infront of car suddenly, if she had not come then Malishka’s life would have sorted. Sonal worries.Karishma, Virender and Neelam come to the hospital. They ask Rishi what happened? Rishi says before I went there, Malishka and Lakshmi was there. Malishka cries. Lakshmi tells them everything. Sonal says what face I will show Malishka? Ashish says I feel that Aunty went to meet Lakshmi.

Sonal says she had gone there to save Lakshmi.Doctor comes out and says surgery is fine, else she can go in coma. Malishka asks Doctor to make her fine anyhow. Neelam asks her to handle herself. Malishka asks shall I go inside, if I see her, then she will be fine. Doctor says only one person can go. Malishka runs inside. Neelam says it is Malishka’s pain for her mother. Malishka asks Kiran to open her eyes and asks what I will do without you. The Nurse comes there and asks her to let patient rest. Malishka says I know that you can’t see my tears, so please get up for me. Neelam asks did you file complaint against the person doing the accident. Rishi says yes.

Inspector says yes. Lakshmi tells that she had taken food for Rishi and tells everything. Inspector asks about the color and design. Lakshmi says it was silver color car. Ayush says I know and tells everything. He says he will try harder to recollect the number. Inspector says we have to take the patient’s statement too. Neelam asks Rishi to be with Malishka. Rishi says yes Mom, I will be with her. Sonal says how to ask Malishka, how is Aunty. She says she hopes Aunty is fine. Ashish asks if she is Sonal? Sonal says what? She says malishka is her best friend.

She calls Malishka. Malishka doesn’t pick the call. Ashish says we were doing her work, what to do, if her mother came infront of the car. Malishka gets angry.

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