Unfortunate love update Wednesday 28 December 2022


Unfortunate love 28 December 2022: The Episode starts with Rohan asking Lakshmi, how many times Rishi told I love you to you. Ayush thinks you are going right and asks him to ask Rishi to say I love you to Lakshmi. Priyanka asks him to open his mouth to have food. All the guests have paan after dinner and thank Dadi. Dadi says it was not my idea. Mrs. Ajmera says it is Lakshmi’s idea and appreciates her. She tells Neelam that she is lucky to have such a wonderful bahu. Karishma tells Neelam that they don’t know Lakshmi is inauspicious. Neelam tells them that they are lucky to have priyanka as bahu and tells Rohan that she is sure that Priyanka is auspicious for him. Neelam and Virender dance as Ayush plays music. Mrs. Ajmera’s sister and her husband also dance.

Priyanka checks Lakshmi’s tarot card and gets shocked. Lakshmi says if it is not good. Priyanka says she got only one answer. Lakshmi asks what? Sonal tells Malishka that she wants to see her dancing with Rishi. Malishka asks how. Sonal asks her to bring him to dance floor. Karishma tells Virender that they both are fabulous. Malishka and Sonal start dancing with each other. Sonal holds Rishi’s hand and takes him to dance with Malishka. Lakshmi is shocked. Malishka dances with Rishi. Neelam smiles happily. Priyanka tells Lakshmi that her cards are telling that some big trouble is going to come on her. Rishi and Malishka continue to dance.

Karishma says their jodi is good, they are made for each other and their marriage shall be done at the earliest. She sees Dadi standing and says I thought Neelam Bhabhi is standing. Dadi says jodis are made because of destiny and God has made their jodi, nobody can take Lakshmi’s place, their jodi is perfect. Rishi lifts Malishka while dancing. Dadi goes to Lakshmi and asks her to dance with Rishi and says you have the only right on him. Lakshmi comes there and falls. Rishi holds her. Ayush says my brother. He signs Mukesh to play the song. Rishi and Lakshmi dance. Sonal asks Malishka to relax and says let Lakshmi be happy for sometime, then she has just tears in her destiny, thing thing is surely written in your cards.

Rishi asks Lakshmi what happened to her. Lakshmi says she is feeling tired. Rishi says you would have said that, we will sit. Lakshmi says you want to dance, we will dance. He asks your tiredness. Lakshmi says it went seeing your smile. He says ok, I will smile free of cost. He smiles. Dadi smiles. Malishka is upset. Dadi sends Priyanka and Rohan to dance too. They dance too.Rishi asks Lakshmi to tell what is the matter and asks her to tell. Lakshmi thinks don’t know what is the trouble. Sonal says Lakshmi has just few days or few hours. ayush claps. Dadi compliments their dance. Virender says you both are made for each other. Dadi blesses their jodi.

Mrs. Ajmera tells that today is the beautiful day and she will never forget this day. She thanks Virender, everyone and specially Lakshmi. She tells that she is touched by her gesture and says you made me meet my family, I never spent this much time with them and asks her to ask whatever she wants. Lakshmi says she wants her blessings. Mrs. Ajmera blesses her, their jodi and her family. Kiran tells Sonal and Malishka that she will talk to them. L:akshmi tells Mrs. Ajmera and asks her to stay there next time. Mrs. Ajmera says she got the family here. She asks her employee if their work is done.

Kiran asks Sonal and Malishka what they were doing. She says because of them, Lakshmi and Rishi were dancing. She asks if I shall hope something from you. Sonal asks her to give her sometime and assures her. Priyanka asks Lakshmi if she shall talk to the family. Lakshmi says everyone will worry. Sonal smiles.Virender tells Neelam that Lakshmi makes even stranger as her own family. He says Mrs. Ajmera was right. Neelam says you don’t trust me, but trust that girl. She says you feel proud and that’s why she tries to be great. She says Lakshmi might be happy that everyone is giving her certificate to be great.

Virender says you never acknowledges her gestures. Neelam says she is a curse for the family and you will soon see it. Rishi comes to Lakshmi and dances with her. He asks her to tell why she is worried.Rishi asking Lakshmi to sit and asks her to tell what is the matter? Lakshmi says there is nothing. Rishi says I know you and feels that you are really worried. He asks her to tell why she is worried. He says if you don’t tell me then I will be worried all night and can’t sleep. Lakshmi thinks of Priyanka’s words. Sonal tells Malishka that they used to dance and enjoy before like today. Malishka reminisces dancing with Rishi and smiles. Sonal asks what happened? malishka says she loves Rishi so much and have same feelings.


She wishes to get married to him soon. Rishi asks Lakshmi to say. Lakshmi says Priyanka. Rishi asks what happened to her? He asks do you know her. Lakshmi says no. Rishi says Priyanka is learning tarot card reading. Lakshmi thinks if she said right or wrong, if I shall believe on it or not. Rishi asks why you was worried. Lakshmi says I didn’t talk to Shalu and Bani since morning and was worried for them. Rishi asks her to take the phone and call them. Shalu thinks to talk to Lakshmi.

Lakshmi calls Shalu just then. Shalu tells Bani. Bani says there is a connection of heart to heart. Shalu tells the same thing to Lakshmi and says just as I took the phone to call you, you called me. Lakshmi says some guests had come and that’s why she was busy. She asks if Bani is on phone. Bani says she is sleeping and lies down. Lakshmi asks them to sleep and ends the call. Bani tells Shalu that she will complain to Lakshmi about her, that Ayush will work for you. Shalu thinks Ayush was busy too and that’s why didn’t call. Lakshmi prays to God and says she doesn’t know if whatever Priyanka says was right and says no problem shall come on my family. She says I can bear any problem and asks God to keep her family away from all the troubles. The diya get sets off in the temple.

Ashishc omes to meet Sonal. Sonal hugs him. Ashish hugs her tightly. She says this is not bedroom. He says that’s why just hugged you. Malishka says I am Malishka. He asks if you left me since 3 days because of her. Sonal says this is Ashish. Malishka says your husband. Sonal says no, my boyfriend adn says he is going to do your work. Ashish hugs Sonal and says 100 percent. Sonal shows Lakshmi’s pic to Ashish. Ashish says she is a soft target. He asks Sonal to meet him. Sonal says we will meet soon. She hugs Malishka and ask her to ask Aunty to take out mahurat for your marriage. They see Kiran standing.

Dadi asks Lakshmi if she will come with her. Lakshmi asks her to order her. Dadi orders her lovingly. Lakshmi asks her to orders her strictly. Dadi orders her the way Lakshmi told her. Lakshmi says I understood and laughs, says you can’t say strictly. She says you are the best. Dadi says you are the best. Kiran asks what is going on? Sonal says there is nothing. Kiran asks them to have breakfast. Malishka says I thought if Mom heard everything. She says this is wrong, we shall not do this. Sonal asks if you want Rishi or not, and asks her to tell, what they shall do then. She says I have done this with my friend and married her husband for money. She says she gets money from her husband and love from Ashish. She asks her to decide if she wants Rishi or not, and thinks Malishka is foolish and doesn’t understand that they have to snatch the love.

Karishma offers Dadi to come with her and says she will drop her. Malishka thinks she shall stop Lakshmi as Ashish is waiting for her, and asks Lakshmi to ask Dadi to go with Karishma. Lakshmi asks Dadi to go with Karishma and tells that she needs to make food. Dadi tells Lakshmi that it is enough that she said. Lakshmi asks her to go as Bua wanted. Karishma gets irked with Lakshmi and tells that don’t know when they get rid of her. Malishka says very soon. Dadi asks if they are done badmouthing about Lakshmi then come.
Lakshmi comes to the room. Rishi tells her that when she fights with him or argue, then he feels good. He asks her to smile like this, and smiles. Lakshmi says my smile is good than you.

Rishi says I will get fake teeth like you. She laughs and asks him to take tiffin from kitchen. He says I thought you called me for a hug or kiss, but you said tiffin. He says he will leave. Lakshmi asks him to say that he will come. He comes near him and says you have become mischievous. He says he is born mischievous. Lakshmi asks him to go to office and waves her hand.

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