Guddan Zee world update Thursday 29 December 2022


Guddan 29 December 2022: AJ says I have all the proofs. I have all your history. You killed your brother right? Antra says you don’t know how you pay for when you mess with me. Get out. AJ says going. He comes out.Durga says saru open your eyes Take parsad. Saru says it is like poison. Saru says where am I? Durga says Guddan can’t find you here. So she doesn’t give you mercy. Laxmi says your antra signed the papers. She makes her eat parsad. Saru says let me go. SAru says it is happening because of Antra. She signed the papers.
AJ says Guddan says ANtra is a smart woman. She didn’t say anything. She is dangerous. Gudddan says you don’t act well.

He says at least I accept my mistakes. Unlike you who doesn’t accept the love for me. Guddan says antra is angry, we will take advantage of anger. And to accept love there should be some. Aj holds her. Guddan says leave me. Aj falls on her. He says you can’t keep me awya from you. Guddan says antra… AJ gets up. SHe leaves. AJ says you love me Guddan.
Guddan comes to antra and says are you okay? You are unhappy like me. How are things these way? You look angry. Gudddan says in heart you will do the mistake we have been waiting for. Guddan says stay with your anger. Antra is angry. she says I did all this for the money. I will take everything back from him and I will take my revenge. Antra calls Honda and says everyone is out.

Can we meet? Honda says I have done my deal. I don’t want to meet. Antra says I have an offer for you. AJ says are you luring me? She says I am inviting you to have the best nigt of your life. AJ says an idiot would say no only.Guddan calls AJ and says I am really worried. She is dangerous. AJ says so you care? Guddan says humanity. Antra is dangerous. Be careful. He says all wives are dangerous. Guddan says lame joke. He says does anyone care? She says everyone cares. I mean your family. Keep your recording open. You have to make her confess.

Scene 2
AJ comes to the house. Guddan is on call. She is worried.Antra plays a song and dances around Honda. Guddan says God protect AJ. HOnda says don’t come so close that I forget you are AJ’s wife. Antra says forget it. You say you and AJ are same. so who cares. Antra comes close to her. Guddan says I shouldn’t have left him alone. She runs home. Guddan comes home. Antra says did you like it? He says I loved it. Antra says on right price you can have more. He says you remind me of wild cats. But I can’t have a cat on milk protection. I won’t burn my money over you. I know the anger in you. My hearts wanted to accept the offer but mind rejected it. Antra says I had to convince you once. But now if you don’t understand. Yes I killed my brother. Like I will kill you now. Antra staps AJ.


Antra stabs AJ. Guddan comes there. She is shocked. Antra says you pay with your life for fooling me. Why did you mess with me. Guddan cries. Antra says this is how you pay if you take my money from me. Antra leaves. Guddan comes there. She AJ please open your eyes. He smiles. Guddan says what is this. He says I told you, your love protects me. This is the knife I replaced it with Antra’s knife. The blood is fake too. Guddan says she could harm you. I was so worried. He says your love protects me.Guddan says we can talk about that later. He says Antra would try to remove the body from here. I will have to get out of here. Antra comes there. She pulls AJ’s body. She brings him to kitchen.

Antra puts him in cold storage and locks it. Antra says I will take you from here later. She locks it. Guddan is scared. SHe says how wuold I get AJ out of it.Antra mops the floor. Guddan is worried. Antra leaves the house. Guddan tries all the keys. Nothing works. She breaks the lock. Guddan says AJ open your eyes. aJ has fainted.Antra comes to parking. Guddan screams. She says please open your eyes. Guddan gives him mouth to mouth ressurection. He says I wanted you to do it. Guddan says you were fooling me? He says my breats are tied with yours, Nothing can part us that easily. she says let’s go. Antra comes back in.

AJ hides. She hears noise. antra says how is light off? Did someone come here. AJ and Guddan are hidden. Antra says the bulb fused. She is leaving.Guddan says antra what are you doing in store? Where is honda? He came to meet you. Antra says I don’t know. Guddan says I want my ice cream. Who locked the freezer. antra says this is my house. Don’t even touch anything. Anttra says stay away from this house. Guddan says I am looking for my Honda.Guddan tells everyone. Dadi says how dare she try to stab AJ. Guddan says I told AJ she is dangerous but he never understands. Dadi says why don’t you listen to her. AJ says nothing can go wrong if we are together.

Guddan says he always acts over smart. Antrra is a criminal. AJ says we will be careful now.

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