Unfortunate love update Friday 30 December 2022

Unfortunate love 30 December 2022: The Episode starts with Malishka crying sitting at Kiran’s bedside asking her to open her eyes for her. Rishi comes there and sees her crying. He goes and sits on the chair outside. Nurse asks him to bring medicines. He goes. Malishka gets up and goes. Ashish tells Sonal that he will leave. Sonal hugs him. He is about to go, when Malishka comes and hits rod on his head. She hits him again. Ashish holds her hand and asks how dare you to hit me. Malishka says you will bear the same feeling as my Mom. Ashish says if you was not Sonal’s friend then I would have shown you. Malishka blames Ashish and then Sonal. She is about to hit Sonal with her hand when Ashish holds her hand and asks her not to do this.

Sonal tries to make her understand that everything happened in a hurry, Balloon came and then aunty. Rishi brings the medicine and looks inside. He doesn’t see Malishka there. Sonal asks Ashish to bring water and asks Malishka if they will do this with Aunty. Malishka refuses to drink water. Sonal says we are your wellwisher and you are blaming us. Rishi comes inside and asks Nurse about Malishka. Nurse says she doesn’t know. Rishi thinks where did she go leaving Aunty. Sonal tells Malishka that Ashish would have taken her life for raising her hand on her, but he didn’t as they are her well wisher. She says Aunty’s accident happened because of Lakshmi and not because of us. She says Aunty had come to save her.

Malishka says she came to know about our plan. Ashish says that means that she is at Lakshmi’s side. Malishka says you fool, she had gone there to save me, thinking I will get jailed. Sonal says Aunty knows that we did it, it is confirmed. She asks if she told anyone. Malishka says she will not tell. Ashish says if she tells. Sonal says Aunty will not say, if she takes our name then we will take Malishka’s name, so relax.

Ayush tells Lakshmi that there is something wrong with this, and tells that the car was on full speed, why it was near the footpath. He says the car driver doesn’t know that Kiran aunty will come suddenly infront of the car. He says the car might want to hit you and not Kiran aunty. Rishi looks at Kiran and thinks where did Malishka go? Neelam calls Rishi and asks about Kiran. Rishi says she didn’t come in her senses till now. Neelam asks him to take care of Malishka and asks how is she? Rishi says she is not here. Neelam says I will come there and asks him to be there. Lakshmi says me? She says for my accident, and says I don’t think that anyone will want to do my accident, says you are thinking wrong.

Ayush says ok, if you are saying so. She tells that Malishka was crying badly, she is her mother and says she knows the pain of losing parents. She cries thinking about her parents’ death. She says I bear this pain and don’t want Malishka to bear this pain. Ayush says you are the only Lakshmi and that Malishka and Kiran have hatred for you and thinks bad about you, blamed you for kidnapping and taunts you so much, but you are worrying for Kiran Aunty and malishka. He says you are just one, nothing will happen to Kiran aunty. Rishi still wonders where is Malishka. Malishka returns after politely threatened by Sonal. She asks Rishi what they shall do if their loved ones commit a sin, then if they shall leave them or get them punished. Rishi says sin is sin, and the guilty shall be punished.

Ashish tells Sonal that nothing shall happen to them. He goes. Sonal thinks she shall do something which she don’t want to. Rishi asks if you knows who did the accident. Malishka says I know. Rishi says I will call Police so that you can inform them.Malishka recalls and a fb is shown, Ashish tells Sonal that Malishka would benefit with the plan. Malishka says I was involved, but it was for Lakshmi and you tried to kill my Mom. Sonal says it was an accident and asks what I will get by harming aunty.

Ashish asks her to go and tell Police, but we had planned to kill Lakshmi, it was Malishka’s plan. Malishka gets angry. Sonal says we can separate Rishi from Lakshmi, and asks her to tell Police that Lakshmi pushed Aunty deliberately infront of the car. She says you shall say that you are eye witness. Malishka asks how we will prove? Sonal asks her to decide if she wants to win. Malishka asks what will I tell if Police asks what was her motive. Sonal says revenge, as Lakshmi hates her and is jealous. She asks her to tell that Lakshmi wanted to seek her revenge from Kiran. fb ends.

Rishi tells Malishka that Police is coming and says you shall tell them now. Neelam comes there and asks where did you go. She gives her strength and asks why you was silent. She says I will punish the guilty punished. Rishi says I will send that person to jail for all life. Neelam says just tell her name. Malishka asks really, if you will support me. Neelam says yes and says I will not forgive. Malishka says I don’t know how to say. Neelam says I will see how to get the guilty punished. Rishi asks her to tell the name. Lakshmi thinks if Ayush was right, if this is what Priyanka said. Shalu comes there and asks why you are worried. Lakshmi tells about Kiran’s accident. Shalu says everything will be fine, we will pray to Baba ji for Kiran aunty. She asks about Rishi.

Lakshmi says he is with Malishka, circumstances is such, he shall be with her. She goes to bring juice for her. Shalu thinks she doesn’t trust Malishka. The Inspector asks Rishi. Rishi says she is Malishka, Kiran Aunty’s daughter. Malishka says sorry Rishi, now I have to tell Police. She says as Neelam aunty and you are with me, I shall tell the Police. They ask why you are sorry. The Inspector asks her to tell. Malishka says I was away and by the time, I reach there that person….She hugs Neelam and cries. Neelam asks whom you have seen. Malishka says that person was Lakshmi. Rishi is shocked.

Ayush coming to Shalu and keeps his hand on her eyes, and makes sound. She asks when did you come out of birds sanctuary. Ayush asks do you think that I am from birds sanctuary. He asks how is our relation? Shalu says close relation and says nobody is close to me, and says I wish that if 2-3 guys would have been there, then I would have guess. Ayush gets upset and says he will not close her eyes. Shalu tells that she is feeling strange, and says whenever some incident happens, Lakshmi di is blamed. Ayush says I am thankful to God, that nothing has happened to Bhabhi. Shalu says if anything happens.

Rishi defends Lakshmi and tells Malishka that she can’t do this. Sonal comes there and asks Malishka if she is fine. She tells Inspector that Malishka told her that Lakshmi has pushed Aunty infront of the car. Rishi says Malishka has a misunderstanding and defends Lakshmi, saying why she will do this? Sonal says Malishka told me everything that Lakshmi targeted Aunty as she takes Malishka’s side. Rishi says Lakshmi can’t do this. Neelam tells Inspector that he has the eye witness then why he is here. Rishi says he is an eye witness too and tells that Lakshmi was pleading with the people to take help and torn her saree pallu to tie on her head. He says Kiran aunty is saved due to her.

Inspector says he has to arrest Lakshmi. Rishi argues with Inspector and asks him to wait until Kiran gives the statement. Sonal asks Rishi why don’t he understand how much Malishka loves him, and knows him how good his heart is, and you care for Lakshmi so much and that’s why she didn’t want to hurt you. She says Aunty is fighting with death and has to do justice with her Mom. Malishka says sorry to Rishi and Neelam. She says when I was kidnapped, I fought with Mom and Dad to prove Lakshmi’s innocent. She says this time, I am taking her name as she is guilty and got my Mom’s accident done. She asks whom you will wait, Lakshmi or me? Rishi says let wait for Kiran aunty to gain consciousness.

Malishka says ok, I will take back Lakshmi’s name. Sonal says Lakshmi shall be punished and asks Neelam if she is wrong. Neelam says she will get her punished.Neelam comes home. Virender and Dadi ask what happened? Lakshmi comes and offers her water. Neelam asks her to give her poison instead. She tells them that Lakshmi did Kiran’s accident. Virender asks what you are saying? Dadi says she can’t do such a mistake. Neelam says she doesn’t do mistake, but she has done a sin. Dadi asks her if she is doing a sin by accusing her. Lakshmi says Kiran aunty had fallen, I tried to hold her, but I couldn’t hold her. Neelam asks did I ask you and asks her to leave. She says she can do anything to us. Rishi comes there and says Lakshmi will not go from here.

Neelam says you are saying this, even after knowing that what she did. Neelam reminds Rishi that Kiran used to love him a lot and tells all that whatever she did for him. Rishi says even I regard her as my mother, but Lakshmi is not guilty. Neelam says Malishka has seen Lakshmi pushing Kiran infront of the car. She asks what you will make me understand. Rishi says you are my Mom, and that doesn’t mean that I shall not speak infront of you. He says even Police agreed to wait for Kiran aunty’s statement. Neelam says ok, but I have a condition.

Sonal thanks Malishka for saving Ashish, her and herself, by putting blame on Lakshmi. She says Lakshmi will go far from Rishi and you will marry him. Malishka says I am genuinely scared, if Rishi supports Lakshmi and comes to know everything then he will hate me. Sonal says everything will be fine. She gets a call and goes. Malishka goes to see Kiran. Neelam tells Rishi that with Kiran’s statement, guilty will be found. She says if Kiran tells that Lakshmi is the reason then you shall throw her out of my house. Rishi says Mom. Neelam says I am not throwing her out and accepting your words, so you shall accept my words. She says you can forget kiran’s love and care, but I will not forget, then also I am not throwing her out of the house and letting her stay here.

She says you are challenging your Mom, even I am your Mom and can challenge you. She says if kiran says that Lakshmi is guilty then you shall throw Lakshmi out.
Kiran gains consciousness and thinks if Lakshmi is fine, nothing shall happen to her else Malishka will be trapped. Kiran asks Nurse about Lakshmi. Nurse says she has brought you to hospital, and Rishi Oberoi and your daughter was with her. Malishka comes and hugs her. Kiran asks her not to call her Mom and pushes her. Malishka asks Nurse if she lost her memory. Nurse says she remembers Lakshmi Oberoi and insisting to meet her. Malishka asks why you want to meet Lakshmi.

Kiran says Lakshmi has saved my life, else you would have killed me, you became criminal in Sonal’s influence. Nurse hears them. Malishka asks Nurse to go out and says her brain is affected due to accident. Nurse goes to inform Doctor and Police. Malishka asks Kiran why you are calling me criminal. Kiran says I know Sonal did my accident with her boyfriend. She says she heard her. Malishka says phone was cut. Kiran says I did many mistakes, but repent it. She asks Malishka to mend her ways and says Sonal is a big criminal, she tried to kill Lakshmi. She says she will tell truth to Lakshmi. Malishka says you will not tell her. Sonal hears them. Kiran says we shall tell her, else you will be trapped.

Neelam asks Rishi to swear. Virender says Lakshmi is innocent and tells Neelam that she shall not ask for compensation for being his mother. Neelam says excuse me. Virender says no excuses for putting him in dilemma.Virender asking Neelam not to make his son stand on two sides, and says if you want to challenge him then challenge him to support his wife. Neelam says my love is such and if I wanted compensation then I would have thrown this girl out of the house long back. She says he is my son and that’s why I don’t want him to stay with any inauspicious and criminal girl. She keeps Rishi’s hand on her head and says give me swear else I will think what to do. Rishi is in the fix. Malishka asks Kiran not to spoil her game.

Kiran asks do you want to kill Lakshmi again and says I will tell her the truth. Malishka makes her sit and asks her to relax and lie down on the bed. She goes to call doctor. Sonal thinks I came for her betterment and she is blaming me. She says she is not understanding her daughter. Malishka comes out and says Mom got consciousness. Sonal asks really? Malishka says she is angry and wants to tell truth to lakshmi. Sonal says Aunty will take Lakshmi’s side even after her own daughter die or live. Malishka says my mom is good and that’s why thinks good about me. She says you don’t have any idea what she did and bear for me.

She asks her to say before saying anything against her Mom. Sonal says we shall think what to do. Lakshmi tries to make Rishi take off his hand from Neelam’s hand. Neelam asks her not to dare do this. Lakshmi says I don’t want Mother and Son to get distanced and says she gives her swear that if Kiran aunty gives statement against her then she will leave this house. Neelam asks if you will give you swear and asks if you are suitable to give me promise. She asks Rishi to promise her. Rishi promises Neelam that if Kiran takes Lakshmi’s name, then I will throw Lakshmi out of the house and from everyone.

Neelam says it is a relation to me, and if swear breaks then relation will break. She goes. Virender and Dadi ask Rishi why did he give the promise? Rishi says just like Mom is sure, I am also sure that Lakshmi can’t do this. He says he is with lakshmi and will not let anything happen.Kiran thinks once Lakshmi comes here, I shall tell her everything. She sees someone coming and thinks Lakshmi’s came. She tells her that the plan was to kill her, but instead she got hit by the car. She says Malishka is innocent and that Sonal has done all this. Light comes back. She says I am alerting you. Kiran sees Sonal. Sonal says if Lakshmi would have been here, then you would have told her everything. She says I did all this Malishka and you are putting all blame on me.

Malishka comes there and locks the door. Kiran says Malishka, you are with her even now. Rishi, Neelam and others come there and find the door locked.Kiran asks why the door is locked. Sonal runs to Kiran and closes her mouth. She threatens her saying if she gets trapped then she will trap Malishka also. Rishi knocks on the door. Sonal says even I worry for Malishka, but I am not great to trap myself for her. She threatens to show the proofs to Rishi against Malishka, to expose all her wrong doings infront of Oberois, asks her to decide what she wants to do. Rishi opens the door and comes inside. Lakshmi asks Doctor to check Kiran aunty. Doctor checks her and says she is fine, but having some effect on mind due to accident.

He says she can have pain in her head and says they can take her home. Neelam tells Kiran that she will take her to her house. Kiran thanks Neelam and says she will be more comfortable in her house. Rishi and Lakshmi ask why the door was closed. Sonal says aunty was insisting to go home, and that’s why Malishka closed the door. The Inspector asks Kiran how did this accident happened? She says I will tell the truth. Sonal says she will get me killed and then I will not leave her daughter also. Malishka thinks I know Sonal, she will suffocate my neck, if I hold her neck. Sonal threatens Malishka. Malishka thinks Virender and Neelam will think me worst than Lakshmi and Rishi will kick me out of his life.

Kiran tells that the car was coming in speed, I thought Lakshmi came to save me, but she was angry, she held my hand and pushed me towards the car. She says the car hit me and ran. Inspector says you want to say that Lakshmi is guilty and not car driver. Kiran says yes. Shalu tells Ayush that she hopes that their fear proves wrong. Ayush says nothing will happen wrong with your Di. Dadi asks Kiran what you are saying? Kiran says Lakshmi did this, to take revenge from me, which she wanted to take from Malishka. Sonal says Aunty saved you, now Lakshmi will go to jail and will get rotten there. Lakshmi says this is not truth, I didn’t do anything. Neelam asks you mean to say Kiran is lying.

Lakshmi says yes, and then asks Kiran to remember that she tried to hold her hands, but couldn’t hold it. Malishka says how dare you, My mom is in this condition because of you and you are accusing her of lying. Lakshmi says no, but I am saying truth. She asks Malishka if she had to kill Aunty then why she would have cared for her. Sonal says you have pretend so that nobody doubts you. Neelam asks Rishi if he heard what Kiran said. Rishi says Aunty has a misunderstanding and says I have seen how Lakshmi was helping you and pleading with the cars for help so that she can bring you here and can save you. Malishka says you are blaming my mom. Rishi says I am damn sure that you are having a misunderstanding. He says infact Malishka had told that you had misunderstanding.

Sonal says whatever happened was with Aunty. Kiran says I know well who has done this with me. Virender says sometimes what we see is not truth. Sonal tries to say. Virender asks her to shut up. Rishi asks why you are blaming Lakshmi. Kiran says if you want then I will take back the complaint against her. She says Inspector. Inspector says you can’t take back the complaint back and asks her to sign on her statement. Karishma says she got caught red handed this time. Inspector says you are under arrest. Rishi says we are discussing. Virender says Lakshmi can’t do this. Inspector asks them to prove in court as the victim has given the statement.

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