Unfortunate love update Wednesday 12 July 2023

Unfortunate love 12 July 2023: The Episode starts with Manager thinking nobody is picking the call, neither Virender sir nor Ayush sir. Doctor comes out and tells that he has head injury, he needs to gain consciousness. Inspector asks Shalu to come tomorrow. Shalu insists to meet her. The Inspector tells that his duty is over and tells that another Inspector is on duty on. The lady Inspector sits on her chair. Shalu tells her that Lakshmi is innocent and they have arrested her. She asks her to let her meet her sister. The lady inspector asks her to go and come during visiting hours. Shalu says I will just give her courage and says she is very delicate. She asks her to think about her sister. The lady Inspector asks her to go. Malishka rejoices and smiles thinking about Lakshmi’s arrest and Neelam’s stern and selfish decision.

She says finally Lakshmi’s chapter is over, I didn’t expect this illiterate girl will give me a tough competition and thinks to celebrate. Kiran comes there and closes the door. She shows the champagne and says our enemy went to jail, we shall celebrate. Malishka is happy. She opens the bottle and puts the drink in the glass. They say cheers and drink. Malishka says it is too good. Kiran says this illiterate girl was very clever. Malishka says even I was thinking the same and says where is she, she is in jail and I am here in Oberoi Mansion. Kiran says I am afraid that Rishi might try to free her. Malishka says Neelam will not let him do this. Kiran says they shall celebrate double.

Shalu refuses to go home and throws the stuff from the table. The constable says she will lock her in the lock up. Shalu asks her to put her in the same locker as Lakshmi. The lady Inspector asks you love her a lot and asks Constable to take her to meet Lakshmi.Ahana thinks to call Lawyer for help. Sonia comes there and snatches phone from her hand. She asks did you see Mom’s anger, she has stopped Dad also. Ahana says this is time for me to help her. Sonia asks her not to do any drama. Karishma comes there and asks what is happening here? Sonia says Ahana was calling Lawyer Patel to save Lakshmi. Karishma says she has stopped Ayush and says don’t know what magic Lakshmi did on her kids. Ahana says she didn’t do any magic on us. Karishma says you are fighting with us, due to her. Ahana says Sonia and my thoughts don’t match, and you are blaming Lakshmi.

Karishma says Neelam bhabhi will punish everyone and says no means no. She says Virender and Dadi are doing anything, going against Neelam. She says let her get punished. Ahana says she has helped me a lot. Karishma says she stayed here and had the food. She says what’s the big deal if she helped you. She goes. Sonia asks Ahana not to dare to call Lawyer.Shalu comes to Lakshmi. Lakshmi says Rishi is not well and asks her to call him and enquire how is he? Shalu says you are in jail and thinking about jiju. Lakshmi says just call him and asks if he is fine. She says if he is fine, then I will be fine. She asks her to call him. Shalu thinks Neelam stopped everyone, and now only Rishi can save her. A fb is shown, she calls Rishi, but he is not picking the call. Fb ends. Lakshmi asks if Rishi is fine. Shalu thinks he must be fine, as everyone was fine. She says he is fine, I had gone to your house. Lakshmi says thank god, Rishi is fine, now I will be fine. Shalu asks her to think about herself and asks her not to be her enemy.

Lakshmi says I told that I didn’t do anything, but nobody listened to me. She says many people were hospitalized. Shalu asks who will fight for you. Lakshmi says Rishi will save me. Shalu says don’t trust him. Lakshmi asks why? Rishi is unconscious and recalls Lakshmi’s words. She opens his eyes and calls Lakshmi. Nurse asks him not to get up and asks him to rest. She says thank god you got consciousness and goes to inform the doctor. Rishi tries to talk to Nurse. He thinks if Lakshmi is fine.Lakshmi says I trust Rishi more than myself. Shalu thinks he can’t go against Neelam aunty for you as she said clearly that nobody shall help you. Lakshmi asks her to tell truth. She asks if someone told you something, or Mummy ji said something.

Shalu says it is my mistake and says jiju will come and save you, I trust him. She says I will talk to Inspector once. Lakshmi says now nobody can do anything, says she is fine and asks her to go, and asks why did you come alone. She asks her to call Ayush and go home. Shalu says I will go alone. Lakshmi says Chachi must have scolded you both and says sorry. Shalu asks her not to worry and asks her to drink water. Lakshmi says I will be fine. Lady constable asks Shalu to come. Lakshmi asks Shalu to tell Chachi that Rishi will come. Shalu hopes Lakshmi’s trust is right and she is wrong. Lakshmi thinks where is Rishi? Rishi says Lakshmi is waiting for me, I need to go. He asks Manager to book the ticket and message him. She takes Manager coat, and runs out of the ward. Manager tries to stop him. Rishi says his wife needs him.

Neelam calls Lawyer and says she wants to know if she can file case on the person because of whom their hotel’s customers are in danger. She says good, my hotel name shall not be ruined. She says her name is Lakshmi and she shall not come out of jail. Virender takes the mobile, says there is nothing, I will call you later. He ends the call and says you stopped everyone from helping Lakshmi and this. He says Lakshmi didn’t do this intentionally and you want to file case against her. Neelam says she is my enemy and has ruined my home, peace and family. She says she has done wrong with my family and I can’t bear. She says I will do bad with her. Virender asks what will you do, this case? Neelam says yes, I will file case against her. Neelam says her name is getting black spot on herself, she says she will file case on Lakshmi surely.

Virender telling Neelam that one thing will happen for sure, if she continues to do all this, then Rishi will go away from you. He says you know how much Rishi and Lakshmi love each other. He says if Lakshmi can give life for Rishi, then Rishi also can give life for Lakshmi. He says if you come between them, then you will force Rishi to choose between you and Lakshmi. Ayush thinks he has to save Lakshmi. He is standing outside the PS. He says I let Lakshmi arrested, thinks Shalu came home and told so much. He thinks to call Rishi, and thinks he will call him even if Mami punishes him.

He takes out his mobile and sees Rishi’s missed calls. He thinks so much happened, where was his mind. Rishi thinks he changed his clothes and got the bandaged removed, but still feeling pain. He says nobody can stop him from going to Lakshmi. Ayush calls him. Rishi asks him to throw the phone and says I called you in emergency and you didn’t pick my call. Ayush says I didn’t see and says sorry. Rishi asks where is Lakshmi, and asks him to give call to her. Ayush says please come here soon. Rishi asks if Lakshmi is fine. Ayush says no and says there is a small problem and then says it is a big problem. He says it was not Lakshmi’s problem and says she is in jail. Rishi says jail, how she can go and says it is not her mistake. He asks if Dad talked to Commissioner. He asks how did this happen? Ayush says Lakshmi had made delicious food and the food critics had liked it. He tells everything. Rishi asks did you talk to lawyer. Ayush doesn’t tell him about Neelam’s order and tells that they are trying.

Rishi says I am going to airport and tells that he had sensed and felt that she is in danger, he also saw her. Ayush says this is happening as you both love each other. He asks him to come soon and thinks if he comes to know about Neelam, then there will be much drama. Lakshmi thinks he felt as if lakshmi is calling him. He feels sorry for her.Shalu comes out of the PS. Ayush asks Shalu to come with him. He says he will drop her. Shalu asks if auto had a strike. He says you are saying much. She asks him to go and says if your family see you here, then will scold you. He says I will drop you. She asks with what relation? He says whatever relation we have. She says it is broken, and sits in the auto. Ayush asks driver not to go. He asks Shalu to come down. Shalu says break up.

Ayush asks Driver what will you do, if I don’t let you. Driver asks Shalu to get down and talk to him. Ayush says your anger is justified, but situation will not be good like this. She asks him to go inside the PS and bring Lakshmi out. He tells that everyone is blaming him at home for supporting Lakshmi and here, he is shattered as Lakshmi bhabhi is inside. He says what she means to him and says I have called Rishi. Shalu says if he obeys his mother and refuses to help Lakshmi di. Ayush says he will come and help bhabhi. Shalu says Di is saying only one thing, Rishi. She says if he don’t come, then she will break fully. Ayush asks her to look at him and says Rishi bhai will come, if he don’t come for whatsoever reason, but I will be with you and get Lakshmi freed. He apologizes to her for her insult at his house and holds his ears. The auto driver asks Shalu if he shall go, or if she will come in his auto.

Lakshmi imagines Rishi at her side. Rishi says I came to meet you. She says in jail. He says I have promised to be with you always. Lakshmi says this place is not for you. Rishi asks if this place is for you, and says wherever you stay, I will be with you. He says lets go and holds her hand. Song plays….The lady prisoner stop Lakshmi and asks where is she going? Lakshmi looks for Rishi. The lady prisoner asks her to sleep and says whoever will come, will come in dream. Lakshmi thinks Rishi will come. Rishi looks at her pic and thinks he will get her freed, just as he comes. The auto driver tells Shalu that such guy is found with good destiny. Shalu says I will go with him and asks driver to go. Shalu asks Ayush where is he going and says sorry to him, from her heart. Ayush says accepted. He says I have a condition, we will trust each other fully always.

Shalu says ok. He says no breakup, real friendship. They become friends forever.
Balwinder comes to Kiran’s room at night. Malishka asks why did you come. Balwinder says Malishka is not picking my call and that’s why I came. Malishka says nonsense guy and asks why are you calling me? Balwinder asks if the work is done. Malishka says Lakshmi is in jail. Balwinder gets happy and asks for his money. Malishka gives him money and picks the champagne bottle kept there. He likes it. Malishka asks if you are done with your nonsense, and asks him not to elope, as they might need him. Balwinder says even I need you, and says I want to earn money. He says when Lakshmi broke his dream, her dream will also break. Malishka says if Rishi betrays me, then I will not let him be happy and will not let him live with someone else. He says I will write this Ramayan, I am Ravan and you are Suparnakha. He asks her to pick his call next time, wears mask and goes. Kiran asks Malishka if they have to continue hiring him. Malishka says ofcourse.

Ayush hopes Rishi shall come soon and free Lakshmi, else she needs to be in jail all night. Balwinder sees Ayush coming in his car and escapes on his bike. Ayush thinks if he was Balwinder. Balwinder thinks he got saved.The lady prisoner asks Constable to give food. The constable says this is not your house, don’t shout. She gives food for the lady prisoner and also to Lakshmi. The lady prisoner finishes her food and looks at Lakshmi’s plate. Lakshmi asks her to eat. The lady prisoner asks what about you? Lakshmi says no problem, you have it please. The lady prisoner says you are good, came here mistakenly. She blesses her that her dream will be fulfilled soon. Constable comes and tells Lakshmi that someone came to meet her. Lakshmi thinks Rishi has come to meet me.

Lakshmi thinking Rishi’s came and tells the lady prisoner that her blessing came true and thanks her. She comes out of the lock up. The lady constable takes her to meeting room. Malishka comes and keeps hand on her eyes, and smiles. Lakshmi says Rishi. Malishka says no, not Rishi, but Mrs. Malishka Rishi Oberoi. Lakshmi sees her. Malishka asks her if she was dreaming that Rishi came and saving her and asks her to tell the truth. She says dream is just the dream and not practical. She says you can see him just in dreams and you will get rotten in jail. She says I will take your place, and says correction, I will snatch my place back from you. She says I will marry Rishi and will become Mrs. Malishka Rishi Oberoi. Rishi comes out of the airport and sits in the cab.

He asks the driver to take him to PS.Kiran sees Ayush’s phone ringing and comes to his room. She thinks it is Rishi’s call and picks the call. Rishi says Ayush, if I would have been here, then I wouldn’t have let Lakshmi go to jail, and says he is going there to free her. He thanks him for telling about Lakshmi’s arrest. Kiran thinks Ayush told everything to Rishi. Rishi asks why you are not saying anything. Kiran says she is on call. Rishi asks where is Ayush? She says he is in washroom, and asks him to come home. He asks if Lakshmi came home. She says yes and asks him to come home. Ayush comes out of washroom and asks if this is my room. Kiran says Rishi came to Mumbai. Ayush says it is good, now he will free Lakshmi. Kiran sees Neelam coming in the mirror and says you are insulting Neelam, by telling Rishi about Lakshmi.

Neelam comes inside and scolds Ayush for going against him. She insults him and asks him to come out and goes. Ayush asks Kiran, why she was laughing secretly and tells about Nani’s sayings. He says you said this, as you saw Neelam Mami standing. Kiran says if I had not told then also Neelam would have known. She says you are blaming Malishka and me every time. Ayush says now I understood why your daughter is like this, and asks her not to open his mouth. He says I am not like you and Malishka, there is a difference. Kiran says I am forgiving your misbehavior, and says this thing is making you lose, and says god bless you. She goes. Ayush asks God until when Malishka and her mother will trouble Lakshmi.

Malishka tells Lakshmi that she has troubled her a lot and asks her to think this as the answer. She says it was the war to me to get my love back and says I have won and I got my Rishi back. She says I gave you many chances to you, so that you can go with Balwinder and spend your life, with your class guy, but you wanted Rishi. She says now nobody will hold your hand and he is not in your destiny, but in my destiny. She says nobody holds criminal and murderer’s hand. She says two people are critical and can die anytime. Lakshmi says no. Malishka asks her to do puja path else she will die along with them, as she will be hanged. Lakshmi says I didn’t do anything. Malishka says ok you haven’t done anything, but how will you save yourself. She says nobody will come to save you, as Neelam aunty ordered that nobody shall save you. She says not even Rishi, he is in bangalore. Lakshmi is shocked and asks nobody told Rishi. Malishka says no, and says why anyone will help you, you are nothing, you have ruined Oberoi’s respect, says you will get rotten in jail and will be punished.

Lakshmi says Rishi will come, she trusts him and says he loves her. Malishka asks if she is dreaming again and asks did he tell even in his dreams that he loves you. Lakshmi says I have seen in his eyes. Malishka says you have the art of reading eyes. She asks her to read her eyes and says there is love for Rishi. Lakshmi says I can see your arrogance, stubbornness, revenge and anger, but I couldn’t see your love for Rishi. Malishka raises hand on slap her. Lakshmi stops her and asks why is she dreaming, and says you had loved him, then he would never went far from you. Malishka says I am not fooling myself, but you are fooling yourself with this stories, and says Rishi got the chance to break marriage with you. She says he will not wait for 2 months to take divorce and the law will do the divorce as soon as possible. Lakshmi says if divorce had to happen, then it would have happened long back. She says she trust Rishi and her relation, their marriage, rounds, love and trust on Rishi that he will come and will save me from here, infront of you, he will prove that he loves me. Malishka says big filmy dialogues, you have learnt here. She says I will see. who wins. She thinks Lakshmi is confident, and worries if Rishi will come. Lakshmi says Rishi will come.

Dadi asks Neelam why did she call them. Neelam says the reason is Ayush. Karishma asks Ayush what you have done? Neelam says your son is very courageous to show the courage behind my back and asks him to say what he has done. Ayush says I told everything to Rishi bhai on call. Karishma asks what the hell. Neelam asks Karishma to see, if her words values to him. She says you have gone against me. Ayush says I respect you a lot and swears on God, I didn’t intent to go against you, but for bhabhi and says she is alone there. Karishma says when bhabhi don’t regard her as her bahu, then how she is your bhabhi. Ahana says mom. Karishma says the problems in the house is because of her. Neelam says since that girl came with her inauspicious feet, our happiness and peace are eclipsed. Karishma says when finally that eclipsed was going away from us, he…She says she will slap him. Dadi asks if she will slap her young son. Ayush says you can slap me how many times you want, and says I will say then also, that wrong thing is happening with Lakshmi. He asks her to take out poison from her heart and see how good she is? Karishma says I am your Mom and you are arguing with me for that inauspicious girl. Ahana says she is not inauspicious but blessings for us, and says she is Rishi bhai’s wife.

Sonia asks Ayush and Ahana, where is their class. She says don’t take their side, it is insulting for us. Ahana asks what happened when Lakshmi was hearing for me, then you didn’t feel insulted when everyone insulted Lakshmi. Ayush asks her to tell a step, which Lakshmi took against the house and they feel insulted. She says we are ill mannered to let this thing happen with Lakshmi. Sonia says you guys are going to regret. Ahana says you will regret.

Neelam shouts enough and says you are our kids, you used to love each other a lot and today. She pats on Ayush, Ahana and Sonia’s faces and says bad thing is happening in the house. Malishka comes there and tells that media and people are telling that Oberois are murderers, and saying don’t know how many people they have killed in past. She says they told that Oberois don’t care for anyone’s life and says a big ruckus and issue is created. Karishma asks Ayush if he heard, and asks what you will tell to Lakshmi? Ayush asks from where she brought this breaking news, we didn’t see and asks if she is inventing this news. Malishka says overacting and says it is enough, you say me anything and I listen, now not anymore. She says don’t talk to me, I don’t give a damn. She says whatever he tells me, it hurts my self respect. She says she will not spare any misbehavior from him. Karishma says nobody will forgive him, if he takes that inauspicious girl’s side. Ayush says she is not inauspicious. Neelam shouts she is inauspicious, and has bad luck with whatever happened with our family.

Rishi comes home and calls Lakshmi. He asks where is she? Everyone is here, but she is not here. He says may be she is in her favorite spot, kitchen and says he will meet her. Ayush says no, I told you that she is in jail even now. Rishi says she had come. Ayush says she is still in jail. Rishi says this is not funny, if she has planned surprised and asked you all not to tell me, then it’s ok. I will see in room and terrace, and meet her. Devika says Ayush is right, Lakshmi is in jail and she has not right. Virender says yes. Ahana asks why he felt as if she came back. Dadi asks who told you. Rishi looks at Kiran.

Balwinder looks at the money and hugs it, says other Lakshmi is fine. Rano calls Balwinder. Balwinder says he is horse of long race. Rano says you are an owl and asks him to come to PS with her, to free lakshmi. Balwinder thinks what is happening? Rano says you have to come with me and free her. Balwinder asks if she is my wife, and refuses to come. Rano says I will take your father also. Balwinder says I didn’t see him since his death. Rano says I will save Lakshmi, but you will go to jail.

Rishi asks Kiran why did she lie to him, that Lakshmi is at home. He says you would have told me truth. Malishka asks Rishi to talk to her with manners. Rishi says I don’t need to learn from you. He asks Kiran why did she lie? Kiran says due to helplessness, Neelam had said that nobody shall save Lakshmi, and if you had gone there, then Neelam would have got upset, I lied to save you. Rishi asks Neelam. Neelam says yes, I had said.

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