Unfortunate love update Saturday 30 December 2023

Unfortunate love 30 December 2023; The Episode starts with Rishi telling Lakshmi that she said whatever she wanted to and says this is my last decision that I am leaving my house with you. Dadi says Neelam…you have done disaster. Virender asks her to stop Rishi. Dadi asks her to accept Lakshmi and says she deserves to be our bahu. Virender says we can’t let a mother separate from her son. Neelam goes from there. Malishka says Rishi…please. Neelam goes to side. Rishi asks Dadi if he has done right. She signs yes. Rishi cries and hugs dadi. He then hugs Virender. He tries to touch Karishma’s feet, but she stops him angrily. Rishi says Bua, you have always supported Maa and asks her to continue to support her.

He genuinely apologizes to Abhay and Kiran and says I can’t lower your pain, but please forgive me. He asks Sonia to take care of Mom. Sonia asks him not to go. He asks Ayush to take care of everyone and become next Rishi after him, and says I am leaving for forever. Ayush hugs him and cries, says I will come with you. Rishi says you have to take care of everyone, if you do any drama then you will beaten up really. Ayush and Rishi cry. Rishi comes to Neelam and holds her hands, but she moves her hand. He says I am going far from you, but can’t separate from you, please forgive me for this. He holds Lakshmi’s hand and takes her outside. Malishka cries and says Rishi. Neelam turns and looks at the door. She recalls Rishi choosing Lakshmi, his love. She cries and sits down on the floor. Karishma and Ayush try to pacify her. Shalu and Bani come out of house. They tell that they didn’t want Jiju to leave the house.

Lakshmi asks Rishi, what you have done? Rishi says whatever had happened with you till now, has happened with me today. He says you had to leave alone many times, you always thought about my happiness, it is my turn to save you, your love. Lakshmi says I had given you swear not to tell anyone about your love. Rishi says I was helpless, I was forced to tell the truth, I thought what is more important for you, your swear or our lives.

He says I know why did you give me swear and why you refused? He says may be you think that my feeling is wrong and I didn’t feel anything, but I really love you very much. He says this true love feeling, I haven’t felt before, which I feel with you, I don’t feel with anyone else. He says my life is with you, you are my oxygen and is keeping me alive.

Ayush comes out and says Neelam Mami, she is broken and crying a lot. Rishi says she loves me a lot. Lakshmi asks Rishi to go inside. Rishi says I will not go inside and will not hurt Mom more. He says I have taken my decision. Lakshmi pleads with him to go inside and says she can’t feel suffocated. Rishi says if I go inside, then I will make mom sad, as I will return again. Ayush says situation is changed and asks him to come and talk to Mami. Rishi says you know Mom and I know her more than you. He asks do you want me to use my Mom’s emotions and says I don’t think that Mom will accept Lakshmi ever, and asks him to go inside. Ayush asks what I will do without you and says God Shri Ram didn’t refuse his Lakshman to come with him. Rishi says you have to bear the responsibility now and asks him to go inside. Ayush says I can’t live without you, I have no identity without you and asks him to take him. Lakshmi hugs him and says you have to handle the responsibility. She says she will try to convince Rishi to return. Ayush says you are punishing me. Rishi says I am giving you responsibility and asks him to go. Ayush asks Lakshmi to call him and he will be there. He hugs her. Lakshmi says you will always be with us. Ayush asks Rishi to take care of his bhai and bhabhi. Rishi asks him to go to Mom and handle her and others. Ayush goes inside. Rishi asks Lakshmi to come.

Neelam tells Karishma that Rishi left her. Malishka tells that it is not Rishi’s mistake and tells that cheap Lakshmi is doing all this. Dadi says I know you are upset, but you don’t have the right to badmouth about her. Ayush comes inside and says Bhai said that he will not return. Abhay says Lakshmi must not have let him come. Ayush says Bhabhi was folding her hands and asking Bhai to return, but he refused. He says Bhabhi said that she will send him back. Malishka says Lakshmi is making Rishi dance on her tune. Karishma says she don’t want to see her face. Dadi says if we let Rishi and Lakshmi marriage done, then this wouldn’t have happen. Kiran says you are thinking about Lakshmi and says Malishka is also your daughter since years. Dadi says if Rishi loved Malishka then he wouldn’t have gone with Lakshmi. Malishka says he just loves me since years, and says she has trapped him. Virender asks her to ask her heart and says he would never be happy with you. Malishka says he was happy with me and I would have kept him happy. Dadi says Lakshmi is his life. Abhay tells Virender that Malishka had harmed herself then he would punish Rishi and everyone. Virender says we have years long relation, and I care for Malishka and can’t see her sad. He says even after Rishi and Malishka’s marriage, if he goes to Lakshmi then what would have happened.

Virender telling Abhay and Kiran that what is the use of loveless marriage and says if Rishi had gone to Lakshmi after marriage with Malishka, then what would have happen. Kiran says what Malishka said, that she wouldn’t have let Rishi go after marriage. Dadi asks why she couldn’t do it now, she has accused Lakshmi of pulling Rishi with her, why Malishka didn’t do that. Kiran says you will take Lakshmi and Rishi’s side always.

Neelam asks them not to argue and says my son left the house, and everyone is talking about Lakshmi, someone is defending Lakshmi, someone is accusing her. She says how Rishi will stay without me, how I will live? Dadi says we are all with you and Rishi will come back. Virender says yes. Neelam says Rishi is my everything, my life, pride etc and says he has taken my breath with him. She says what is the use if he returns my breath. She goes to room and recalls her moments with him. She looks at his baby’s clothes, toys and album.

Rishi and Lakshmi are in the park. They see two boys arguing as their mud house has broken. Rishi says we will make it altogether and it will not break. Lakshmi recalls his love confession and is emotional. He makes the house. The kids get happy. The boys’ mothers see the house and are happy. The boy’s mother asks them to thank bhaiyya. Rishi says whoever keeps trying and don’t accept defeat is a winner. The mother thanks him. Rishi says they reminded me of my childhood. He tells Lakshmi that Mom used to make house for him.

Karishma comes to Neelam’s room and Neelam tells that she has kept all Rishi’s favorite things. Rishi tells Lakshmi that Mom couldn’t see his happiness and gave him a choice. He says you both are my wife, one is heart and another one is heart beat. Neelam tells Karishma about Rishi’s childhood. She says they were not rich then and Virender used to say that she is making him stubborn, but she never agreed. She says Virender is right and tells that he has become so stubborn. Rishi says she couldn’t understand my feelings. Lakshmi says she is your Mom and she will be very hurt. She says we shall go back. Rishi says Mom will never accept you and can’t let me stay with you. Lakshmi asks him to leave her and says your Mom can’t stay without you. Neelam tells that Rishi used to say that he will become shravan like son, and says now he is not my son also.

Rishi tells Lakshmi that even now you are thinking about Mom. He says why Mom didn’t think that my happiness is with you. Lakshmi says your Mom feels that your happiness is with malishka and says even I feel the same. Rishi says I love you and wants to marry you.

Dadi and Virender try to pacify Neelam. Neelam says how to agree for Rishi’s stubbornness, as he is walking towards destruction. Rishi talks about Neelam. Lakshmi says go back home. Rishi says I will not go back, and says that doesn’t mean that we will forget our family. He says we will walk on our paths, and says I want to marry you with Mom’s blessings. He says it seems this was written in my destiny.

Neelam reminds Dadi and Virender of a toy and says that Rishi has become toy and Lakshmi is making him dance. She says if you want him to come back, then he can come back, but I will not stay here. Virender says we don’t want this happen. Neelam says Lakshmi has broken my house and has snatched my son from me.

Malishka breaks the things in the room angrily. Sonal, Kiran and Abhay come there. Malishka is angry and pushes her. Abhay asks her to calm down. Malishka asks why I didn’t die. Kiran says you will not give your life. Malishka says I will not harm myself as Rishi doesn’t care if I live or die. She says I will kill Lakshmi to bring Rishi back. She says he has left Neelam aunty and also me, who loved me a lot. She says I have done so much for Rishi and has changed fully. She tells that she will take Lakshmi’s life.

Rishi and Lakshmi get up to leave from the park. Rishi asks where we will go? He says to Chachi’s house, and says no, we can’t go there. He says we can go to our relative, and then says no. Lakshmi asks what about your hotel. Rishi says he can’t go to hotel as he has left home. Lakshmi says broker can help us. Rishi says he knows Shandaar broker. Mihika says Lakshmi showed my value to me and tells that she will show Lakshmi’s value to herself. She says Rishi will return, but Lakshmi has to go far from here, and I will kill her and bring Rishi back. She says Lakshmi has to die and looks angrily at the mirror. She then breaks it shocking them, and shouts saying Lakshmi is over and finished, I will kill her.

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