Strings of love Starlife update Sunday 14 January 2024

Strings of love 14 January 2024: Sahiba sponge bathes Angad. Angad requests her to forgive him. Sahiba ignores his request and says doctor called for checkup 30 minutes after sponge bath, she asks if he feels burning pain. Sam says he feels pain without her forgiveness. Sahiba walks away. Angad gets up from bed and wobbles. Sahiba holds him. Angad says she is taking care of him on one side and doesn’t want to forgive him. Sahiba silently makes him lie on the bed.

After some time, Seerat and Veer walks in Veer asks how is Angad now. Sahiba says he himself can ask Angad when he comes out of washroom. Angad returns. Seerat asks how is he now. He says he is fine all because of Sahiba. Veer serves him food and also asks Sahiba to have some food.

Sahiba says she will have it later. Veer says she took oath not to have anything until Anad opens his eyes, so she should have something now. Angad asks Sahiba next. Sahiba says he should have first as he needs to have medicines. She goes out to check medicine dosages with nurse.

Seerat walks to Sahiba and asks why she is behaving so rudely with Angad when Angad saved her life. Sahiba says Angad is the one who wanted to buy their shop and fire accident is because of him.

Seerat says Sahiba should be happy instead that Angad wants to help her. Sahiba says she doesn’t want to talk about it and returns to Angad. Angad asks Veer to stay with him tonight and let Sahiba go home and rest. Sahiba refuses and says she will stay with him. Veer and Seerat walk away. Angad asks why did she send Veer away when she doesn’t even want to talk to him. Sahiba says she has taken oath to take care of him until he returns home. After some time, Angad offers her food and says she is so much worried for ATM, he subconsciously saw her worry for him and thought he would die; why is she maintaining silence when she was the one who used to speak a lot among them; he requests her not to vent out his anger on food and offers her a bite. She sits silently. He says when she can feed him water, can’t he feed her food. She takes a bite looking aside.

Seerat feels jealous recalling Angad’s concern for for Sahiba and thinks Angad and Sahiba’s wedding happened under unwanted circumstances, even then Angad cares for Sahiba, but even after a love marriage, Garry doesn’t even look at her properly. Jasleen walks in and asks why is she sitting in dark and where is Garry. Seerat says when she returned home from hospital, she didn’t find Garry in room. Jasleen asks if he informed her when he will come and where he has gone. Seerat says he doesn’t inform her anything. Jasleen says she should have informed her about Garry’s behavior and says both Sahiba and Seerat are from Shimlapuri, but Seerat is not arrogant and immature like Sahiba, is very sensitive, and keeps bedroom issues inside the bedroom like a true Brar DIL. She says she has to get Garry’s right in Brar family’s business or else she will have to lead a helpless life like others. Seerat says she understood her.

Veer calls Sahiba and asks if she needs anything. Sahiba says he need not worry as Seerat gave her necessary things. Angad asks whose call was it. Sahiba says Veer who was asking if anything is needed. Angad says Veer is a sensible boy of their house. Sahiba says he is. Angad asks what about him. Sahiba says he is an ATM who is selfish and destroyed her shop for his benefit. Angad accepts and apologizes her. Sahiba says he lost her trust after repeated mistakes, he does whatever he likes, she is thankful to him for saving her life, but she will never forgive for this mistake.

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