Unfortunate love update Saturday 7 January 2023

Unfortunate love 7 January 2023: Malishka says she is asking a question, would he marry her, she stands in front of him demanding the answer. Rishi replies it is clear that his relation with Lakshmi will not break. Malishka questions when what about what they both had, he really loved her at that time, she explains Lakshmi is his past which is now over, she suggests he should go and tell everyone that he wants to marry her but if what he did to her that night was just his physical need or as they call it rape, he should even then inform everyone about it, so she does not have to reveal anything. Malishka leaves warning that he does not have any extra time.

Malishka angrily throws the phone, Sonali comes requesting her to calm down but Malishka replies she has changed everything about herself, completing forgetting her identity but even then nothing is going according to their plan, Sonali suggests Neelam Aunti would surely help them, Malishka mentions Neelam aunti just desires it but she has not been able to do anything till now and it is not going to change in the future, Sonali mentions she has promised to get her married with Rishi so will do it, she explains Malishka has given him a deadline or even threatened him so he is going to surely do something, Malishka mentions she wants everything to be according to her plan, Sonali assures it will be just as she desires, Malishka explains if it does not go then she is surely going to take her own life and die, Sonali exclaims she is trying to bring happens in her life but she is adamant to end it, this will ruin everything.

Rishi sitting on the bed wonders what is going on in his life, he exclaims ever since Lakshmi left nothing feels right, he smiles exclaiming what she did when he was once tensed. Rishi recalls that when he came back after having a bad day, she sat beside him asking what happened and he revealed that the business deal was not able to complete when she placed her saree on his head, explaining he is looking really good, she even took his photo but he did not feel nice about it, he tried to put them down when she while stopping him fell on the bed, Lakshmi explains she just asked him to smile but he fell down, Rishi replies she caused him to fall and it is her fault.

Lakshmi explains se looks good while smiling, rishi replied everyone is a fan of his smile so she forces him to finally smile. Rishi explains he is not able to understand what is going on, he cannot even comprehend the pain so requests Lakshmi to come back in his life.Neelam comes asking what has happened to him because he came back without saying anything, she mentions the person who ruined his life has finally gone away and the one who is happy for him is ready to come back to his life, she mentions she is talking of Malishka. Rishi asks if she thinks it is all so easy as he got married to Lakshmi, Neelam replies they have even been divorced.

Neelam explains he used to love or rather still loves Malishka, noticing that Rishi is quiet she asks for an answer, Rishi is still quiet. Neelam exclaims her brilliant son is not able to decide anything for himself, rishi takes the name of Lakshmi. Neelam replies she does not want to hear her name when Rishi asks what problem she has with Lakshmi, Neelam angrily explains that she is not going to let Lakshmi return to this house and he must marry Malishka. Rishi explains he still loves Malishka but does not feel like marrying her. Neelam angrily leaves explaining he has to only marry Malishka. Rishi angrily sits down wondering why everyone is forcing their decisions on hm as first Lakshmi left him and now his mom wants him to marry Malishka, Rishi thinks of something, he is convinced that if he does it then there would not be any problem relating to his marriage.

Lakshmi is quietly sitting in the house, Shalu hesitantly comes to Lakshmi suggesting she should rest, Lakshmi replies that she is just sitting here and is not at all tired, Shalu explains she wants to talk about something, Lakshmi says she does not want to talk about the divorce, Shalu reveals Aayush called her, Lakshmi says he would be worried about her, Shalu replies he also said about something which happened in their house, Lakshmi immediately asks if Rishi is fine or anything wrong has happened, Shalu reveals Neelam and Karishma aunti have fixed the marriage of Malishka and Rishi. Lakshmi does not give any response which worries Shalu who asks why she is not saying anything, Lakshmi replies that Rishi loves Malishka so what is the problem, Shalu asks how her relation has ended when it is of lifetimes, Lakshmi requests her to not call anyone but Shalu insists on talking with Rishi.

Lakshmi stopping her asks what the matter is because Shalu has never disobeyed her before, Shalu replies therefore she is requesting that Lakshmi di should talk with Rishi.Rishi is packing his suitcase; he also places some money in the bag. Rishi thinks he would leave in the night and write a note for his family saying they should not try to look for him.Lakshmi goes into the kitchen recalling when Shalu revealed that Neelam and Karishma aunti have fixed the marriage of Malishka with Rishi. Lakshmi starts thinking of the beautiful moments she spent with rishi as husband and wife, she is just crying thinking how Rishi explained he likes it when Lakshmi fights other people as his wife, he feels as she ahs a right over him, Lakshmi is not able to control his tears.

Balvinder in the room takes out the Mangal Sutur thinking that just as he places it around the neck of Lakshmi, they both would be married, his friend comes explaining he brought the Mangal sutur but is he really going to get married this time, Balvinder reveals he brought it which is worth forty thousand. His friend explains he fees that Lakshmi loves Rishi a lot and would not marry anyone else even if she gets divorced, Balvinder gets furious questioning why is he talking nonsense, he reveals this time Lakshmi would herself come to him demanding that he should get married with her.

Rishi slowly walks down the stairs and putting down the bag exclaims he is sorry for what he is going and is glad they all supported him. Devika gets scared seeing him and feels there is a thief but Rishi rushes to her and after stopping explains he does not want to marry Malishka so is leaving the house, Devika agrees when rishi reveals he has placed a note on his bed, requesting them all to not try and find him. Devika asks him to return with Lakshmi Bhabhi, Rishi is about to open the door when the lights turn on, Neelam coming asks where he is going. She exclaims his quietness is his answers, she suspects that Lakshmi would have asked him to do it, Rishi replies she has not said anything when Neelam mentions she is the reason that her son is leaving this house. Rishi replies he does not want to marry Malishka, he apologizes to her explaining he has never disobeyed her but I she forces him to marry Malishka then he would have to leave the house, Neelam is stunned.

Rishi refusing to marry Malishka. Neelam says Malishka is your happiness and asks him to understand this at the earliest. Rishi says if you force me then I will leave from this house. Neelam asks if you don’t respect me, she threatens to leave the house, emotionally blackmailing him to marry Malishka. She asks him to decide if she shall leave from the house or from the world. She says I have given you birth and you hate me so much. Rishi says I never hate you, you are the life of this house, this house is yours, I can’t ask you to leave. He says he is helpless to leave. Neelam says she will pack her bags.

Rishi asks her not to go and says don’t force me to marry Malishka. Neelam says ok, I will not force you. Rishi says I will not go and goes to his room. Neelam stops Devika and says nobody shall know whatever you heard or saw. Devika assures her and goes. Rishi thinks Mom shall forget about Malishka and his marriage, and then he will bring Lakshmi back. Neelam thinks she will do something so that he will tell that he wants to marry malishka. He says you will marry for your Mom. Kiran asks Malishka not to worry and says Neelam will make sure that the marriage happen. Malishka says my marriage will be forced now, Rishi will be forced to marry me.

She says she wants Rishi to say yes happily. Kiran asks her to wait for sometime and says he will love you again, he will realize this. She says I want your happiness and goes. She says I will come and goes. Sonal tells Malishka that same thing will happen as she wants. She says she wants to do a big dhamaka in Oberoi mansion tomorrow. Malishka is shocked and asks her. Sonal shows the poison bottle and says they will use it on their trump card which will force Rishi to marry her. She says Malishka, what else you will make me do and have a evil smile on her face.

Lakshmi wakes up seeing Malishka and Rishi as the married couple. Shalu asks her to sleep. Lakshmi thinks she shall not think anything and shall sleep, shall keep herself strong, thinks if you are really marrying Malishka.Rishi wakes up thinking about Lakshmi. Neelam thinks Virender is upset with him as she kicked her out from her son’s life. She says you will appreciate me after few days and will praise Malishka as she will bring happiness in Rishi’s happiness. She calls someone and says she has some work, and says she will pay 10 lakhs for it. She then says my son will not miss Lakshmi and will forget her.

Ayush comes to Lakshmi and hugs her crying. Lakshmi asks how is he? Ayush says he has gained 5 kgs and is looking fresh. He calls her Bhabhi and hugs her. He says everything seems to be empty and says if my condition is this, then how would be Rishi Bhai. He asks her to tell what has happened. Lakshmi asks if he wants to have juice and says she will make fresh juice. Ayush says we will not talk on this topic and asks her to sit. He says if you make food, then I will have it all. He asks her to get ready and go to a restaurant. Lakshmi says to meet Rishi. Ayush says no, to meet mama. Lakshmi says she will go and meet him. Ayush says my work is done and says bye.

Lakshmi asks him to take care. He says I never thought that I will think about such situation. Lakshmi says it is destiny. Ayush says I am sure Rishi and Lakshmi will be Rishmi forever.Rishi thinks to talk to Kiran and calls her. Kiran tells Malishka and Sonal that Rishi is calling. She picks the call. Rishi asks how are you? Kiran says she is much better. Rishi says he wants to talk to her. Malishka asks her to put the call on loudspeaker. Kiran asks him to come there. Rishi sees Shalu and says he will talk to her later and ends the call. Malishka asks Kiran not to listen to him, if he says that he will not marry her. Kiran goes from there. Sonal says what is this twist. Malishka says Lakshmi has trapped him.

Shalu hugs Rishi. Rishi asks how is Lakshmi and you? Shalu says she is missing you a lot. Rishi says even I am missing her and asks if she told this. Shalu says yes, and asks him to go to Paradise Sheraton and meet him. Sonia overhears them and thinks thank god, she heard them. She thinks to inform Malishka. Rishi happily leaves from there.

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