Unfortunate love update Sunday 8 January 2023


Unfortunate love 8 January 2023: The Episode starts with Malishka getting Sonia’s call and picks it. Sonia tells Malishka that Lakshmi is meeting Rishi often and today also she is going to meet him. Malishka asks where and gets the address from her. Sonia says bring him closer to you, else Lakshmi will grab him and then you will just dream. Malishka asks her to relax and says I will do something. She tells Sonal that Lakshmi walks 4 steps ahead of them. Sonal gets evil plan again and says if we sahll do something. Malishka says which we did that night. She says we both have same thoughts. Sonal says we will move 4 steps ahead of her. Malishka thinks that night, Lakshmi just saw, but now she will see and hear too. Neelam takes out money from the locker.

She thinks she will get Rishi marry Malishka so that Lakshmi’s inauspicious affect go away from her son. Rishi comes to the restaurant. He sees Malishka on the floor pretending to have fallen down while someone tries to help her. She tells Rishi that they shall sit for sometime as she got her foot sprained. She asks why did you come here? Rishi hesitates. Malishka thinks he is afraid as she threatened him yesterday and smiles a bit. She asks him what will he tell his family about them. Lakshmi comes there and looks for Virender. She sees Malishka and thinks Rishi is with her. She sees his back and then hears Rishi telling I love you Malishka, but you knows why I got married to Lakshmi, then I felt sympathetic for her, and how can I leave her helpless, she is an orphan and her Chachi is bad.

He says I thought who will marry her, if I leave her, and told her that I can’t live without her. He says that night, I flowed in emotions with you as I love you very much, but I don’t want to leave lakshmi. He says I couldn’t fulfill marriage or love. Malishka pretends to cry hearing him. Lakshmi hears him from far and gets shocked.Shalu and Ayush are drinking tea at a stall. Shalu asks if everything will be fine. Ayush hopes everything will be fine. Shalu also hopes the same. Ayush says may be everything will be fine today itself. Lakshmi feels bad, hearing that he is sympathetic for her, burdened by her favors etc. She thinks if our togetherness was for this thing. Neelam comes somewhere in her car and asks driver to give envelope to someone.

The driver gets down the car. Neelam calls the person and says my man is bringing money to you, now hear what you shall do. Lakshmi walks towards Rishi and then thinks she shall not go, and what to talk, with which right. She goes out. Malishka smiles.Virender thinks Lakshmi is made for Rishi and for our house, don’t know how Neelam will understand. Lakshmi calls Virender. Virender says house is lonely without you. lakshmi asks where you are going? He says he is going to office after finishing a meeting. He asks if I shall come to your house. Lakshmi says no, I just called. Virender asks if everything is fine. Lakshmi says yes.

Virender says Bappa will make everything fine and asks her to have strength, and asks her to tell him if she needs anything. Lakshmi asks him to take medicines on time. Virender asks her to be happy always. Lakshmi thinks Ayush lied to me, so that I come here and talk to Rishi, but nothing can be fine after whatever I heard.Malishka tells Rishi that now they call go home. Rishi thinks to message Lakshmi to wait for him. Malishka asks him to meet the person for whom he has come. She gets up and pretends as she can’t walk. Rishi lifts her and takes her out. Malishka sees Lakshmi standing and smiles evilly thinking the arrow has hit her heart, and her heart must be broken in thousand of pieces and every piece must be saying he is betrayal.

She says he wanted to betray me, and fulfill relation with you, but now he will fulfill love with me. She kisses on his cheeks and pretends as if he is kissing her. Lakshmi is shocked. She asks where you are taking me? Rishi says you want to go home. Malishka thinks very soon your home will become mine.Bani asks Lakshmi, how was the meeting with Virender Uncle? Lakshmi says Ayush had lied, and had called me to meet Rishi. Bani says I know. Lakshmi asks if you all are involved. Bani says we wanted that your divorce gets cancelled. Rishi takes Malishka to her room and keeps her on the bed. He messages Lakshmi that he is coming to meet her.

Lakshmi messages I am not coming. Malishka asks Rishi what happened? Rishi says nothing. Malishka thinks whatever happened is good, neither Lakshmi nor Rishi understood. She thinks plan was set. A fb is shown, Sonal sees Lakshmi coming and messages Malishka. Malishka checks the message and looks at Rishi. She signs the waiter. The waiter brings the drink. Malishka takes it and spills on his clothes. She asks him to go and clean it. Rishi goes. She signs the mimicry artiste to come. He sits wearing jacket similar to Rishi, pretending to be him. Malishka asks will you marry me Rishi, seeing Lakshmi. He started telling all the dialogues upsetting Lakshmi. Lakshmi turns to go. Malishka says great job to the mimicry artiste and asks him to go to his place. Rishi comes there and collides with the artiste.

He says sorry and goes. fb ends. Malishka feels victorious.Shalu telling Ayush that they might have talked by now, and says why none of them called till now. Ayush says it means they are busy together and didn’t get time to talk to us. He is also hopeful. Shalu says if this happens then I am very happy, but if this doesn’t happen. Ayush asks her to think positive and says good will happen. Karishma comes to Neelam’s room. She thinks Bhabhi is not here. Neelam comes there and says Malishka and Rishi’s marriage is my responsibility and I am doing so much to get them married. Karishma says Rishi is not happy though. Neelam says she will make him understand somehow and that inauspicious Lakshmi will go away from Rishi’s life for forever. Balwinder comes to Rano’s house. Rano sees him.

Balwinder says he wants to marry Lakshmi. Rano says if you take Lakshmi’s name then I will make you donkey. Balwinder reminds her that she had tried to get Lakshmi married to him. He tries to fear her about the society. Rano says they don’t feed me food. Balwinder asks her to think about Neha. Rano asks who are you to talk about all this. She asks him to leave. He asks why you have changed since I didn’t give you money. Rano says you would have got it from Malishka. Balwinder says she didn’t give me money, I didn’t meet her since many weeks. Rano asks him to leave and threatens him taking Rishi’s name. balwinder says you hurt me, I used to regard you as my mother. Rano asks him to leave.

Malishka gets up and comes to Rishi. She acts as if she couldn’t walk properly and falls on him deliberately. Rishi asks why did you get up from the bed. Malishka asks what happened to you. She says she came to say sorry, but he is venting out his anger on her. He says he wanted to meet Lakshmi, but she didn’t meet me. Malishka asks who told you that Lakshmi wants to meet you. Rishi says Shalu. Malishka says Lakshmi has broken relation with you and asks why is he worried for Lakshmi. She asks him if he will marry her or not. Rishi asks why you asks me again and again. Malishka asks him to answer. Rishi asks her to answer why she wants to marry him, though she knows that he is a married guy. Malishka says you was married, but now you are divorced.

Rishi says no, I am not separated from Lakshmi and I regard her as my wife even now. Malishka says you are legally divorced and she don’t regard you as her husband, and you are regarding her as your wife. She says Lakshmi doesn’t love you, but I love you. She says I will do whatever you ask me to do. She says even if you ask me to die, then I will die as my love is having same intensity. She says you used to love me and asks him to answer. Rishi says I used to love you. Malishka asks what do you mean, do you love Lakshmi now. Rishi says I don’t know, Lakshmi…says she is my good friend. Malishka says that means you love me, we shall marry. Rishi asks didn’t you have any topic. Malishka asks why did you do that with me and made that relation with me, and says you used me for your physical need.

She says you raped me. Rishi says I didn’t do such thing. Malishka asks if it was love and asks him to say. She says we shall get married. Rishi refuses and pushes her. He says sorry. Malishka says don’t touch me and get lost from here. She says you used me, and then threw me. She says when you don’t want to marry me then what will I do by living. She says you have snatched my love and respect, and takes out poison from the drawer.Rano comes inside and asks why the door was open. Lakshmi says Kirana guy had come to keep the ration. Rano says if Balwinder had entered the house. She says Pandit ji is coming and bringing an alliance.


Lakshmi thinks if she is thinking about my marriage. Malishka drinks some liquid and says good bye Rishi. Rishi says I will call doctor. Malishka says let me die, I don’t want to live. Sonal comes there and asks what happened to her. Rishi says she has drank poison. Sonal calls doctor. Malishka says I want to die and asks him to make her lucky, so that she can die keeping his head on his lap. Sonal asks doctor to come fast for emergency. Kiran comes there and asks why did you drink poison? Rishi says due to me. Malishka asks Kiran not to ask him. Kiran says if anything happens to my daughter then I will not forgive you. Malishka closes her eyes.

Lakshmi thinks if Chachi is thinking about alliance for me. Rano comes there and tells that alliance came from a big house. Lakshmi says I don’t want to marry. Rano asks if you want to sit on my head. She says alliance came for Neha. Lakshmi says it is good. She congrats Rano. Rano says the guy is same as Neha wants. She says Pandit ji will bring the photo. Lakshmi says we will make everything fine. Shalu comes home. She sees Lakshmi happy and hugs her, thanking her. Malishka opens her eyes and smiles looking at Sonal, and closes her eyes. Kiran says call the doctor.Sonal says doctor is coming. Rishi panics. Kiran tells that she will not forgive Rishi this time. Lakshmi tells Shalu that she didn’t go and asks if they wanted to fool her.

Shalu says we wanted to make everything fine. Lakshmi says I don’t want to make anything fine, and says she don’t want to live in relation burdened by a favor. She says Rishi and I can never unite. Sonal checks Malishka’s heart beat and says it is running. Doctor comes there and checks Malishka. He gives her antidote. Sonal thinks it is an ordinary poison which make the foam came out of the mouth and makes the person unconscious for some time. She says everyone got scared, this is what they wanted. Doctor says poison affect will go and she will gain consciousness in sometime. Kiran says she was takingb poison and you didn’t stop her.

Rishi says before he could stop her, she took it. Kiran asks why she took the poison.Kiran telling Rishi that Malishka’s wish is going to be fulfilled then what you have done, that compelled her to take this decision. Sonal asks Rishi to tell, if he refused to marry Malishka. Kiran asks him to answer. Sonal says that Lakshmi left you and Malishka has always dreamt of marrying you, and you refused. She asks him to say. Kiran asks him to answer her, thinking her as his own mom. Rishi says yes, aunty, I have refused for marriage. Sonal says that’s why Malishka took this step. She asks if something else have happened between you both. Rishi asks her to ask Malishka, when she gains consciousness.

Kiran asks why you refused to marry her, your problem Lakshmi went from your life, then what happened, you love Malishka, what was it, if it was fake. She asks if you had loved her or not. Sonal thinks Rishi is trapped fully, but not telling anything. Kiran asks do you love her or not. Rishi says I don’t know, and asks her not to ask him. Sonal thinks she had planned to make Rishi confess and a fb is shown. She asks Malishka to keep the poison with herself and tells that it is a mild poison, and I will call the doctor on time. Malishka says if I die. Sonal says everyone will get scared and Rishi will be very guilty and scared. She says he will spit everything whatever happened that night. Malishka says perfect, I will do this.

Sonal says once Rishi tells everything, then even Rishi can’t stop the marriage. fb ends. Sonal thinks Rishi is not telling, may be feeling guilty.She thinks Malishka didn’t win till now and says she has to do a master stroke, and have to catch someone who will help Malishka win. Rishi is sitting sadly. Sonal goes. Shalu messages Ayush that Di didn’t go to meet jiju. Lakshmi asks Shalu to go to other lane as Rano is calling her there. Shalu tries to talk to Lakshmi. Lakshmi says she don’t want to talk about this and asks her to go. Shalu goes, while Sonal comes there. She makes faces seeing the house and knocks on the door. She says hi Lakshmi, I came without informing, as I need your help.

Lakshmi asks what I can do for you. Sonal makes a sad face and tells her about Malishka’s suicide attempt. Lakshmi gets worried and asks how is she? Sonal says she got treatment on time and is fine now. Lakshmi asks why did she do this? Sonal says Rishi said that he loves Malishka, but is burdened by your favors. She says he refused to marry Malishka and that’s why she tried to suicide. She says Rishi says Lakshmi all the time, and Malishka says Rishi. She asks did you commit suicide as your marriage broke. She says Malishka couldn’t see anything other than Rishi and says Rishi has accepted that he loves Lakshmi. She says I have seen their love since college days and says I don’t know why Malishka wants to kill herself. Lakshmi says I am very sad about Malishka’s condition, but what I shall do, I have left Rishi.

Sonal says Rishi didn’t leave you, and asks her to talk to Rishi and convince him to marry Malishka. Lakshmi asks who am I, to come between them. Sonal says you have to move away from between them, until you tell him, he will not understand. She says Malishka got saved today, but if she attempts suicide again, and if anything happens then will you live with the guilt that you could save her and you couldn’t save her. She says if Rishi will forgive himself, he will break down and will live with the guilt that Malishka is no more due to him. She says you know what a respect means to a girl, when she surrenders her respect to a guy, she hopes that he will respect her back, but he refused to marry. She says if Malishka wanted then she would have accused him of rape, but she didn’t do as she loves him and he also loves her, but he couldn’t leave you.

She says I fold my hands before you, save my friend, either she will marry or will give her life. She asks her to save her life, acts to cry and smirks and leaves.Ayush comes to Rishi’s bedroom and thinks he is with Lakshmi. He thinks to message Shalu and then checks her message, thinks they didn’t meet, so no patch up. He says it means our plan failed.Bani wonders why Sonal had come here. Rano comes there with Shalu. Shalu informs Bani about Neha’s alliance. Bani then tells them that Sonal had come, and then lakshmi went behind her. Shalu gets worried. Neelam comes to Malishka and tells that Sonal called her. Kiran cries and says she is not in her senses yet.

She says where did Sonal go? Neelam says Sonal will come and asks her to take care. Kiran says how to make her understand and cries. Neelam asks Rishi to be with Malishka and takes Kiran from there. Malishka is unconscious, or pretending to be unconscious. Rishi holds Malishka’s hand and says you don’t need to take this step, whatever happened that night, I will accept it and will get punishment as penance. Lakshmi comes there with Sonal. Sonal smiles and thinks where is Kiran aunty went? She thinks Neelam aunty must have come and she would have gone with Kiran. She thinks Lakshmi and Rishi will talk and will blast, but it shall happen infront of both aunties. She calls her from Malishka’s phone and keeps the phone near the bed. She thinks she will hear their conversation well now, and goes out.

Rishi sees Lakshmi and gets up. He gets emotional and says I needed you the most, and couldn’t handle. He asks her to see Malishka and says she attempted suicide, I couldn’t stop her though I was standing infront of her. He asks her to talk to him once. Sonal hears and thinks why Lakshmi is not saying anything, and thinks she will say what we want. Rishi says dont know why she took this step. lakshmi says as you refused to marry her, Malishka loves you and you loves her too.

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