Laxmi update Thursday 5 January 2023


Laxmi 5 January 2023: – Arjun is sitting in his room, sulking silently as daadi enters his room. He doesn’t notice her and she tries to gain his attention by stringing his guitar but is surprised to find no reaction, as opposed to his usual touchy reaction to someone touching his guitar. She teases him saying that someone has strung his heart’s strings to which he dejectedly says that there is no love, nothing between him and Lakshmi.Daadi says that his generation is impatient and comes to conclusions in the flicker of an eye and makes hasty decisions. Arjun tells her that when lakshmi gave him the gift, he thought she had started developing feelings for him, but he was proven wrong when she suggested that he marry Poorva when she saw them together and that she would have felt a atleast a tad bit jealous if she had feelings for him.

Daadi refuses to agree and suggests him to stay away from her(no calls, msgs and visits) for a couple of days and that she would come running back to him and daadi would be proved right. They place a bet as Arjun also wants to know what lakshmi really feels about him.Lakshmi is about to go pay the down payment for the car and tells Bua that she would be late as she is planning to visit the temple first.Saraswati asks her to reconsider her decision since they were already spending a lot for her wedding and that car wasn’t needed, but lakshmi refuses to budge saying she wouldn’t leave any stone unturned and that she was determined to gift her a car. just then, their father calls out to them in a panicked voice. they all go in to find him looking pale, trying to find the money that they had saved for the wedding. he informs them that the money has been stolen. they try and look everywhere but can’t find the money.

Lakshmi’s father is worried about the impending expenses and says that that was his lifetime worth of savings and that it wasn’t possible to arrange for so much money at such a short notice now. He is feeling guilty and says that first he couldn’t get his sister married and now he can’t seem to fulfill his responsibility of marrying off his daughter well. Bua and the two sisters are trying to reassure him, reminding him of his deteriorating health. He is aghast thinking that despite his meagre salary, he had never asked anyone for any monetary favours all his life, only to see this day.Meanwhile, the guests line up outside, looking at the mess. Lakshmi decides to do something as she wonders where the money could go.Arjun is waiting for Lakshmi’s call and checks his phone but on not finding any calls from her, he feels disappointed thinking Lakshmi really doesn’t feel anything for Ajay. Lakshmi, on the other hand calls up the police station to report the theft but before she could do it, her father stops her and despite her repeated pleas, he refuses to allow police to get into the matter saying it was an auspicious occasion and that he wouldn’t let police come to their house for the fear of the society.He tries to assure her that he would make sure that the wedding happened the way it was planned even if he had to borrow money for that. he tries to put up a calm facade saying he would do everything but his pain and worry was clearly visible. the close relatives are there and try to reassure bua.

Mausi gives bua her gold kadas, saying that if everybody pitched in they would be able to tide over the tough time. despite repeated refusal by bua, she tells her to keep it as a gift for saraswati. Evil Chachi however gives a mock apology saying that due to the unsafe and long journey from Delhi, she had only brought her fake jewellery and that she couldn’t help them in any way though she wanted to.(Yeah Sure!Angry) Lakshmi steps in and returns Mausi her bangles, saying that she and her sister were like their father’s sons and that they would manage something on their own, and that they needn’t worry!Arjun’s father and Arjun are in a meeting in which his father tells everyone that their focus now would be S.M.T.Steelworks and orders them to tell their investors to invest in S.M.T. Steel now. Arjun interjects saying that V.N. Steel was a growing company and a rival of S.M.T. and that it might not be a very good option. His father responds by saying that V.N was rising because they had suggested their investors to invest in it and that now when they asked them to put their money in S.M.T. “this update was written by blasters series, search and follow us on facebook for fastest updates” instead it would grow and since the investment would be five times as was previously in V.N., they would gain a lot for a small loss. On the other hand, Lakshmi tells her Bua and Saraswati that she had been observing the trend in the market and that V.N. steel’s shares were rising continuously.She decides to invest her savings of 50,000 in V.N. steel to make gains for her sisiter;s weddings. Her bua warns her that its almost a gamble and that she could end up losing all her money.Lakshmi assures her saying that she had consulted and experienced trader and that this was the only way in which she could save her father’s name and ensure that her sister’s wedding went on without a hitch.In the Agnihotri office, Arjun pleads to his father telling him that though their investors would gain by their strategy, but the general masses, who had invested their life savings in V.N. would end up losing all their money, caught unawares in their ploy. His father brushes off his concern saying that they were not bothered about the general masses and that they were concerned only about their own profits.


Arjun reminded him that there was something called Principals and that they could end up destroying people’s lives to which his father tells him to act rationally and not emotionally as it was business and profit making was their sole motive. Lakshmi’s bua and sister caution her again, telling her that they had very less money left and putting all of it in the stock market could be disastrous. lakshmi is adamant and says that its a matter of her sister’s wedding for which she had been planning since years and that she couldn’t let anything spoil it. She says that since her intentions were good, God would help her in ensuring success.Arjun tries to talk to her dad again, but his dad orders the employees to ensures that within a day, V.N.’s stocks fall from 50 to 5 and S.M.T.’s stocks rise. Saraswati is worried and tells Lakshmi that though she doesn’t know much about stock market but she had heard that it was like a sea full of sharks who had the potential of changing its course. Lakshmi assures her saying she needs to do it. She tells her that their father had gone since morning to arrange money but she knew that whoever he visited, he would just inquire about their well-being and return as he was not the kind of person who could take favours from anyone.

She leaves for the cyber cafe to make her investment. Arjun is sitting with his friend Ajay in a restaurant, checking his phone, lost in Lakshms’s thoughts. His friend tells him to call her up and not wait for her. he tells him to confess the truth of his identity to her and that no girl could deny him. Arjun says that he wants someone to love him for the person he is and not the name he carries.His friens asks him to close his eyes and wish for her and that she would come to him. He asks him to do it for Lakshmi and Arjun agrees. lakshmi is sitting in the cafe next to the restaurant and puts in her 50, 000 buying the shares expecting them to gain 4 times the value by the next day.

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