Unfortunate love update Friday 6 January 2023

Unfortunate love 6 January 2023: The Episode starts with Lakshmi asking Balwinder not to get near her. balwinder says you are still wild, and says you are single now. He says you can come to me, don’t have to fear from anyone. Lakshmi asks him to leave from there, else she will call Rishi. Balwinder says Rishi is with Malishka outside and asks her to roam with him. He says we will go to Juhu-Chowpati. Lakshmi brings broom and hits him with it asking him to leave. Balwinder goes. Lakshmi cries sitting on the floor. Malishka and Rishi are sitting in the restaurant. Malishka orders his favorite dishes and tells that she remembers his favorite dishes, though he came after so many months.

Rishi asks her, when the clients will come. Malishka says now you don’t want to sit with me, after doing everything with me and says I didn’t blame you. She says why can’t you spend sometime with me. She says you don’t value me, atleast value your work. She says she remembers everything and says I remember everything. She says if you had done that with some other girl then she would have filed rape case against you. She says I didn’t do that, as I think that it was not rape. Rishi says he couldn’t wait anymore. Malishka says clients are about to come. Rishi says he can’t stay anymore and asks her to do the meeting. Malishka says I will leave with you and says you are important for me and not this work.

She thinks nobody is going to come, there was no meeting, I wanted to spend sometime with you and remind you of the night incident, so that I make you guilty and make myself as victim.Lakshmi thinks she shall not get affected and cries. Rano knocks on the door. Lakshmi opens the door. Rano asks if you will kick me out from my house. Lakshmi tells her that Balwinder had come and she asked him to leave. Rano says she has done right and murmurs that he did wrong.Karishma comes to Neelam and tells that she saw Rishi and Malishka spending quality time together. Neelam gets happy and asks really? She says I was telling Mummy ji that everything will be fine.

she says my son is returning to me after that inauspicious girl left. Karishma says she knows black magic. Neelam says her heart was black. She tells that they shall think about Rishi. Neelam says she will not let Lakshmi win.Lakshmi comes out to get vegetables. The neighbors gossip and asks why did she leave her husband. They ask if she have any affair. Lakshmi asks them not to say. The neighbor asks if your husband have an affair. Balwinder is there and thinks he will get her insulted for the slap which she planted on his cheeks.

Malishka thinks she has brainwashed Rishi and forced him to think about her. She thinks she will not let Lakshmi’s thought come in his mind. She sees Lakshmi and thinks if Rishi sees her. Balwinder comes to Lakshmi. Malishka thinks Lakshmi deserves Balwinder only. Balwinder starts insulting the ladies and tells that Lakshmi is staying in her chachi’s house. He says the person will be lucky who gets Lakshmi. The lady says they didn’t know that Lakshmi is bad. Balwinder tells that he loves her and asks her to come with him. Lakshmi asks him to leave her hand. Balwinder says you shall marry me and then shall beat me day and night, I will bear it silently. Lakshmi pushes him. Rishi is running and coming there. Malishka is running behind him and tries to stop him. Balwinder sees Rishi and tells Lakshmi that he will come to take her.

Rishi comes to Lakshmi and asks if the guy was Balwinder. He holds her hand and asks Lakshmi to come to their house. Lakshmi says it is not my house now. Rishi says I can’t let you be alone. Lakshmi says nothing will happen to me. She says Balwinder had come in that house too. Rishi says I was with you. He says we shall stay in different rooms, come with me. Lakshmi is about to go. Malishka asks Rishi why is he stopping Lakshmi and tells that people will think that you want to patch up with her. Rishi says everything will be good with Lakshmi. Malishka thinks she did right by making him feel guilty.

Karishma talks to Sonal about Malishka and Rishi. Sonal says everything will be sorted once they get married. Malishka and Rishi come home. Malishka tells karishma that Lakshmi humiliated Rishi on the road to show that he is bad and she is good. She tells that he was praising Lakshmi all day. Karishma goes. Sonal asks Lakshmi? Malishka says yes, until Lakshmi goes, Malishka will not come. Sonal says until Malishka will come, Lakshmi will not go. Neelam comes to Kiran’s house. She says she don’t regard Lakshmi as her bahu and says thankfully she is gone. Kiran says I wish I could tell you that Lakshmi is innocent. Neelam says she is inauspicious and bad things had happened in our house due to her. She says I wanted their divorce to be done and finally they are separated.

Sonal says once Rishi tells everything about that night, then your work will be done. malishka says Rishi will feel bad if we vomit poison against Lakshmi. He will feel guilty and will tell everything about that night. Sonal says now you will marry Rishi due to that Lakshmi.Neelam telling Kiran that Lakshmi had become Rishi’s habit and that’s why he is sad, but she being his mother shall take care of his happiness. She tells Kiran that she wants to correct her mistake and wants to get Rishi and Malishka married. Rishi comes home worried and says he will not leave Balwinder. Karishma comes there and asks what happened? Rishi says he is worried for lakshmi.

Karishma says she has created so many problems, when she doesn’t think about you, then why you think about her. Malishka asks why you are spoiling your mood. She says don’t think such dirty things. Sonal says she had trapped Rishi. malishka says she was controlling everyone. Sonal says if she had stayed here then would have named everything on her name. Rishi says Lakshmi is not bad, but I am bad. Neelam asks Kiran why she is not looking happy. Kiran thinks why she is not happy and thinks shall I tell her that Lakshmi was never bad and never inauspicious, it was all done by Malishka. Neelam gets a call and goes to attend it.

Rishi says everyone thinks her wrong, you and Mom. He says Mom calls her inauspicious and says that she is not suitable for me, but truth is that I am not suitable for her. Karishma gets angry and asks what are you saying, she doesn’t deserve you.Neelam asks Kiran why she is not happy. Sonal says Rishi is good to feel sympathy on beggar too. Rishi says nobody knows Lakshmi than me, and says she is good, and I betrayed her. Malishka is about to go near him, but Sonal stops her and says he will tell what he has done with you. Rishi says I have hurt Lakshmi and did wrong with her.

Neelam asks Kiran if she is not happy. Kiran says I am very happy, my daughter’s dream is going to be fulfilled and I was pleasantly shocked as you told. She says we shall get them married as soon as possible. Neelam says thank god and says she will convince Rishi for his happiness. She says his marriage with Lakshmi was bad dream. Kiran says nothing wrong will happen once Rishi marries Malishka and gives her consent. Neelam hugs her.Lakshmi tells Shalu that Balwinder had come here. She says Rishi also came and asked me to come home with him. Shalu says Jiju is right, you will be safe with him. Lakshmi says I will not go back. Shalu asks why you don’t want to go. Lakshmi says Mummy ji regards me wrong, divorce is right.

Rano comes there and says Balwinder is behind you, and says she shall do something to handle him. Balwinder touches his hand and tells that Lakshmi’s smell is coming from his hand. He says I will become yours and you will be mine, marriage and wedding night. He thinks he will not let Lakshmi go this time and will use Saam daam dand bhed.. Karishma says you can’t betray Lakshmi as you are so good. She says I know that you married Lakshmi due to helplessly else you wouldn’t have betrayed Malishka. She says you haven’t betrayed anyone. She says I understand and asks him to tell. Rishi says you can’t and even Lakshmi is not understanding. Sonal says Rishi wouldn’t have done anything else he would have shared with malishka or me.

Karishma asks Malishka if Rishi told what betrayal did Rishi give to Lakshmi. Malishka says yes, Rishi has betrayed lakshmi. Mohan comes there and says Neelam is calling you all. Karishma and Rishi go. Sonal tells Malishka that stupid servant came at wrong time. She says Rishi is feeling guilty for Lakshmi and you.Dadi asks what is the good news, after Lakshmi went. Neelam says it is a big good news than Lakshmi’s exit. Virender says Lakshmi’s exit was not good news for us. Neelam says whatever and tells that good news is that Kiran and she has decided to get Rishi and Malishka’s marriage done at the earliest.

Malishka thanks and hugs her. Virender tells Neelam that she would have discussed with them. Neelam says you would have refused. She says Malishka was always the choice, she was decided for him. Virender says Lakshmi had saved Rishi aways. Neelam says she don’t want to argue and asks them not to argue with her. Virender and Dadi go to their rooms. Ayush tries to say. Karishma asks him to keep his mouth closed. Neelam hugs Malishka and asks if she is happy. Malishka says she is happy, but Rishi didn’t say yes till now. Neelam asks her to begin shopping for marriage. Malishka tells Sonal that Rishi shall be convinced for marriage with her.

Ayush thinks he never thought this will happen. He says Rishi bhai’s life will be spoiled, how they can get his marriage done with planner and plotter (conspirator) Malishka. He calls Shalu and informs her about the family planning Rishi and Malishka’s marriage. Shalu says this is wrong. She says how to tell Lakshmi. Ayush asks her to tell and says they might unite again. Rishi looks at Lakshmi’s pic and says I will never leave you as promised. Malishka comes there and asks if you will marry me or not.

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