Unfortunate love update Saturday 27 May 2023


Unfortunate love 27 May 2023: Neelam also picks the Pinni, she eats them in front of Lakshmi and turning to Dadi asks if she is liking the taste of these Pinni but she did not like them, Neelam looks to her in anger explaining that the tongue got bitter, Karishma also goes to the table taking a bite asking if she is happy, mentioning she doesnot like the sweets, Aayush feels they are really good but exclaims they are not like how they used to be before, Devika and Aahana also eat them mentioning that they are not so sweet, Lakshmi stops Malishka from eating them when she asks if she is trying to make fun of her, when Rishi also stops her saying that they are not that good, Rishi however has eaten it all when Lakshmi starts smiling, he in anger asks her to not smile when he turns to leave, Lakshmi asks what would he like to have in the lunch, he replies that they are the owners of a hotel chain and have a lot of restaurants so they can make good food for him, Lakshmi replies that she is going to tell them when they go to meet after fourteen days how he is not even trying to take any steps to make their marriage a success, Rishi questions who do they have to meet, when she explains they need to meet the judge mam but he is shocked, he replies that if she doesnot come to the office at exactly 1:30 pm, he will tell the judge that she is the one not working to keep the relationship, he asks her to be on time when she agrees, he leaves saying there is no need to smile.

Lakshmi rushes into the kitchen explaining she has gotten late as there is not enough time to make the lunch for her husband.Lakshmi is cooking when she thinks that this is just an excuse to be with Rishi all the time, she recalls that Bau jee is really angry with her, she thinks fi he was just frustrated the she could have apologized with him and even requested his forgiveness but he is really angry with her, and the relationship has ended so now it is going to take a lot of time to be the same as it was before. She gets a call from Shalu so explains that she needs to tell her that Rab has given her a Vardhan, it is her sister since she knows even if everyone leaves her even then they both would be with her, Shalu explains that she is the one who is important for them because she is not only their sister but also a friend, Lakshmi asks her to wipe off the tears when Shalu replies if she makes her emotional then she is going to come to her house, Lakshmi replies this is what she desires but Shalu doesnot believe her however then she gets in an auto.

Lakshmi once again starts thinking about Bau jee, Malishka comes blaming that this is the technique which girls like her employ as this is what they are taught in their homes, she is using them to trap Rishi. Lakshmi in anger asks her to not speak another word as this means she is pointing to her parents as then she will not care about anyone, Lakshmi asks her to praise them since it is because of their teachings she is still standing in her house, Lakshmi mentions she was taught to put other people before her but she even then did not do anything to her, she could have very easily filed a case of fraud against her, Lakshmi mentions she is interfering in her relation with Rishi, knowing they both are husband and wife, she thought Malishka was bound by her feelings however she is just not a good person, she very well knows that she came to her house forcing her to sign those papers otherwise she will throw her family when Malishka asks her to stop this drama in front of her, asking if she did not hear what Virender said that no condition was not enough to force her from signing those papers.

Malishka explains even her Aunt accepted that she came here for the sake of money but she knows Lakshmi desired to control this house because this is why she came back, Lakshmi replies there is a saying in their village, Malishka can think whatever she feels like and she will go to Rishi by herself. Malishka in anger exclaims that Rishi ate the sweets because she threatened her with the court and she leaves, Lakshmi asks if she is telling the truth so questions why did she come here if she is sure that Rishi has no interest in her, saying Malishka herself said that he doesnot care for her now but this implies he cared for her before, even then she came in between them both, Malishka is impressed with her over confidence, Lakshmi explains even she is seeing something but is known as foolishness. She questions why bis Malishka forcing her to go and say in the court that she is interfering in her relationship otherwise everything is fine, she explains Malishka knows that the court would dismiss the divorce case, she is so educated so knows the court only allows the divorce when they do not want to stay together but if this is not the case, law removes the third person. Malishka asks if she is threatening her, Lakshmi replies she can feel whatever she desires.

Lakshmi requests her to stop this for the one year after which she can let Rishi decide, Malishka explains he loves her but Lakshmi says that she saw how he came to ask her if she signed the divorce papers, Malishka in anger breaks the glass but Lakshmi says that if she does it then would herself bring it from the market. Malishka leaves exclaiming she will see what happens.Aayush questions Rishi why did he challenge Lakshmi because he has never had the lunch at one thirty, Rishi says today he is going to have it but if she gets late even a single minute then he will not eat her lunch, Aayush questions what will ha ppen because of it, he says the judge would see that she is such a careless woman when he mentions that no one is happy because of this relation especially Malishka.

Malishka is in the room with Karishma explaining that she is really worried since Lakshmi is challenging her, she is now sure that Lakshmi has come here for the sake of money and would not leave Rishi so easily, Karishma questions what is she here for as she must challenge Lakshmi.Rishi is in the office, Aayush enters the office, he questions why is Rishi signaling because he will not stop. Aayush explains they have got the email from Hills resort, Rishi asks if he gave a lot of time, when Aayush questions what is he talking about since they just got the mail, Rishi replies he is talking about Lakshmi because if she comes on time then he would have to eat it, Aayush asks what is he saying when Rishi replies that he is really worried since Lakshmi teases him a lot and he should say he has the lunch at 11:30, Aayush says the time is already 11:45.

Lakshmi is cooking when Shalu signals her, she asks when did Shalu come who replies she is already in her heat. Shalu asks how is everyone else, Lakshmi mentions they all are really angry but she is just worried about Malishka who will do anything to interfere in her relationship, they both know that the next week starting from tomorrow would be really hard for Rishi. Malishka vows to do anything she can since she knows Lakshmi has just come here for the sake of money and Karishma doesnot know Rishi, he changes with Lakshmi, she is already cooking but Karishma suggests her to change the dish however Malishka replies she is keeping a close eye on it, however she is going to make sure Lakshmi doesnot reach on time as then even Rishi would have a valid point to present in front of the judge.

Karishma asks what is she planning, Malishka reveals that when Lakshmi is going to come she will see her with Rishi, Lakshmi is also certain that she is going to have lunch with him so that she gets ample time to spend with Rishi, he can stay with one of them and she knows Malishka also wants to spend time with him, Malishka in the room is adamant to drive Lakshmi away from Rishi since she loves him so would be the one to stay, Lakshmi exclaims she wants the life of Rishi so she will be the one to stay with him.


Malishka calls her mother asking lunch can be prepared in thirty minutes when she replies that It can be made, she says she is going to call Shankar and asks if even Rishi is coming with her, but she replies she is going to take the lunch to his office, Kiran replies he is the owner of five star hotels but Malishka replies she cannot say anything as she cannot answer it just now, then she ends the call. Malishka questions Karishma if she is ready as Lakshmi would have also prepared the lunch since she has been cooking since long, Karishma assures she is always ready to remove Lakshmi from the life of Rishi and make her come close to him, she will do anything so they both leave.

Lakshmi is with Shalu who explains that the food is smelling really delicious when Lakshmi says she can have it but Shalu replies she can eat it all but then Lakshmi says it is not that bad since she will surely take it, when Shalu replies that it is smelling just like how Maa used to make but Lakshmi replies she can never make such good food, when Shalu leaves replying she will come back after a while. Karishma also enters the kitchen praising the smell, Lakshmi asks if she wants anything when she replies she will just have water and then even picks the pot but drops it acting as if it happened by mistake however she smiles looking at Malishka, then leaves assuring she is fine. Karishma goes to stand with Malishka explaining that she has done her part and now it is upto Malishka.

When Malishka now she cannot even reach his heart through the stomach since the potato have been mixed in the vegetable, Malishka explains she is going to go to his office otherwise who knows Lakshmi might even feed him the noodles, Karishma replies she would not even let her make them.Lakshmi is cleaning the kitchen when Shalu entering explains that this is the doing of Karishma aunti who mixed both the dishes, she mentions that she heard Malishka talking with Karishma and they mentioned how it was done on purpose, Lakshmi asks if she is angry because of it, Shalu mentions that she had made a lot of effort to make it, Lakshmi informs that she knows the reason she came back is t be with Rishi because from tomorrow it is going to be really difficult for him and she needs to be with him, she knew he would not stay in the house so she decided to go and be with him in his office, but now doesnot know what to do as there are not any potatoes left in the house, Shalu informs she must not accept defeat and fulfill her purpose.

Malishka entering the office asks the receptionist to not allow anyone to enter the office of Rishi and she can even call the guards, Rishi and Aayush are enjoying the lunch when Malishka comes to stand beside him, he questions what happened asking if she brought the dishes cooked by Lakshmi, she asks Vinod to go and wait for him in the car, she questions if Lakshmi did not come when Rishi replies this is why he gave the challenge so that Lakshmi doesnot have any chance to prove herself in the court, as she claims he is always frustrated, he even questions Aayush who replies that Rishi is really sweet and must focus on eating, Malishka mentions he is also really sweet with Lakshmi when Rishi replies that he did not have anything to do with it and is even really frustrated these days, Rishi replies how they must always eat here when he even offers Malishka who sits down also praises the lunch. Lakshmi enters when Rishi replies that she finally came and Lakshmi replies that he asked her to come but Rishi says that she was supposed to come on 1:30 and now it is 1:45, so he has eaten it, Rishi asks Malishka to also praise the food since the chefs here are really good, Malishka mentions people can claim to come on time but Rishi says he wants to meet the chef who made it, he doesnot hear Lakshmi ordering them to call the chef, Lakshmi once again tries to explain, Rishi even questions Malishka about the food, she also praises it saying that the food is delicious, Rishi also eats the ladoo which were made for him. Malishka advises him to kiss the hands of the chef who made it.

The chef enters when Aayush exclaims they would have cut his hands if the food was the Taj Mahal when Rishi explains that his wife always says the food is delicious but he told her that the chefs in the hotel tend to make a lot good food, when the chef says he can kiss the hand of Mam since she is the cook here, Rishi doesnot understand when he replies that she called asking if there were potatoes and she cooked everything here but just the ladoo were brought from the house, Rishi questions if she actually cooked the food when she says he can check the CCTV camera and she explains that the food which was cooked in the kitchen was ruined so she came to the kitchen of the hotel and made it, Lakshmi explains that she has to finish some work and the laptop is faulty so can she use his laptop because she cooked such good food. Aayush also laves taking another ladoo mentioning the previous one melted in his mouth.

Malishka goes to Rishi questioning what is he doing when he replies that she is the one who was eating it and then asked him to kiss her hand, she in frustration replies that she never said he can dance with her, she leaves when he sits down mentioning the only thing good that happened in the past two days is this food.Lakshmi reaches the office and sees the photo which they saw the first time they came to this office, she receives a call from Shalu who questions if everything went okay, Lakshmi replies that she is in his office where Shalu said that he is really handsome, Shalu questions if she is saying he is handsome when she also agrees, Shalu questions if she is calling him as handsome hero, Lakshmi tries to lie about it but Shalu doesnot believe her asking if he came, Lakshmi mentions she is alone but would start working when he comes and go back with him, she says everything is fine but she is feeling tensed that something wrong might happen so she is trying to find excuses to stay with him, Shalu mentions that everything will be sorted as he is just angry from her so Lakshmi must not worry, Lakshmi thanks her when she replies if Lakshmi thanks her again, she is going to ask her to throw it.

Lakshmi turning is shocked to see Rishi standing there, he asks that she is trying to find ways to come close to rishi, Lakshmi replies he might be mistaken but he says he heard everything, Lakshmi replies she meant they are going to stay together for the next three months, he asks her to turn questioning how close does she want to come with him, from the couch to bed he kneels she rushes away mentioning she meant just like a friend, she doesnot get that kind of feelings from him. Rishi replies even the Miss India wanted his number, she replies she will not get those feeling if he tells them, he says she doesnot get those feelings because he also did not see her when she replies she doesnot get them, Rishi slowly walks close to her standing in front of her but she refuses saying nothing happened, he says he knows because they are in the office so she would feel when they are in the house, Lakshmi starts laughing but he keeps on asking her to stop laughing however she doesnot stop, she then stumbles and is about to fall so he catches her, Malishka gets mad seeing them both when he reveals he stopped her from falling, she says buyt he let her fall and did not save her. Lakshmi is nervous while Rishi looks at her in frustration.

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