Unfortunate love update Friday 26 May 2023

Unfortunate love 26 May 2023: Rishi moves forward asking if this is her doing since she is the one who turned off the water, she asks if he thinks he is the only one who can do something as he even tried to irritate because Rishi replies that he did it while keeping in the limit and not like her who doesnot have any limits, when she says she caught him and knew that he loosened it, Rishi questions how did she do it, she asks him to look in the corner as the box has everything, Rishi gets tensed so asks how does she know it when she replies that she lives in this room. The water starts running from the shower when she smiles explaining it came after five minutes, he questions who is in her team but she doesnot reply when the lizard falls on him so he start panicking and falls, Lakshmi falls over him in an effort to help him.

Malishka enters the room, she is angered seeing them both so questions if she will stand, Lakshmi and Rishi both stand when he tries to leave but she holds his hand advising him to at least take the shower.Malishka bumps in the boxing bag, she asks Lakshmi what the hell is this so she replies that his name is Sumo, Malishka says that this is just a punching bag, Lakshmi questions what does she want, she says she just came here to see what is going on and where did she sleep last night. Malishka warns her to not come close to her Rishi but Lakshmi mentions he is her husband and she must not try to interfere, Lakshmi explains the court has given them three months but till that time she must not think of interfering in her life anymore, if she wants to meet her boss then should go to wait downstairs in the hall, Malishka says she is wrong but Lakshmi replies she was wrong to think that people understand what is wrong after a while but she knows that these people here only care about their own benefits.

Lakshmi asks her to go downstairs when she will send Rishi, Malishka threatens her asking if she wants a fight, Lakshmi replies she is just going to teach her the truth about her identity and place, Malishka explains she is crossing her limits.Lakshmi mentions that she crossed all the limits when she came to the house, threatening that Lakshmi sign the divorce papers and even threatened to get buy the entire chawl, she had crossed all the limits that day and now she is also going to show her what it actually means, she never should talk about her husband like this, Malishka warns Lakshmi to wait.

Neelam and Dadi both are shocked to see Malishka, she asks if they are not recognizing her when Dadi mentions they are stunned to see her so early, Neelam assures everything is fine when Malishka tries to explains she saw them both, Dadi also says she saw they both were sleeping on the same bed and Rishi had placed her hand under his head.

Rishi comes out of the bathroom, he asks sumo to stop her since he wants to talk with her, he questions why did she change the place of sumo since there was no need, Lakshmi replies she did not do it but it was the employee of his company, since he is her boss because he owns the company, Rishi going to sumo mentions he did the right thing because that employee would be an idiot and without any sense, he once again questions her when she explains it is wrong to talk like this about someone, Rishi replies he will only say what she doesnot like as the employee doesnot have any sense and thinking ability, she reveals Malishka came into the room, Rishi gets frustrated asking why did she not tell him this before, she asks if he lets her speak at all, Rishi leaves the room in frustration when Lakshmi thinks that it will take time to learn the good things as they still have three months, she realizes that she got late for her first day in the kitchen.

Neelam questions Dadi how can it happen since she knows Rishi is not like this, Rishi doesnot want any relation with Lakshmi, Dadi asks why are they the only people to see it when the judge doesnot see it, Neelam asks if she is trying to make fun of her, but Dadi replies she would not make the fun of anyone, Neelam asks if she is seeing how tensed Malishka is as Rishi first never liked Lakshmi but now he himself likes her, Neelam realizes she made a mistake so turns to explain she might be thinking wrong because she was never so tensed when Rishi got married as she was sure they would not be together but then they both got close to each other so her tensions grew, then one day she got so angry that she fell unconscious so they had to call the doctor, Dadi gets shocked asking if she really got unconscious, Malishka tries to refuse but is forced to accept, she asks why is Neelam saying all these things, she mentions she was sure that nothing can happen between them both but now the judge also saw what Malishka was saying and so she got tensed, Dadi explains they can never stop what was about to happen when Malishka leaves explaining they are just causing her more tension.

Neelam asks Dadi why does she talk like this when Rishi comes asking Dadi if she found the glasses, Neelam is not able to understand when Dadi mentions she never came to his room for the glasses but was actually keeping an eye on him, he doesnot understand anything so tries to ask but Neelam leaves warning that if what she is saying is the truth then she will never talk with him, Dadi says he should not ask her anything but Rishi replies he will surely ask her so questions what did she mean, he gets a call so leaves.

Rishi going into the room of Aayush asks if he sent the mail, he is sure he sent it but then seeing it apologizes, Rishi gets mad at him ordering that he hurry up, Aayush apologizes that he got a little late but Rishi explains he is three hours late, he assures if they got the email then explains from now on he will give the job to someone more responsible, he ends the call mentioning himself is going to check everything regarding this project, Aayush gets mad asking why is he doing this when this all happened because of him, since he called him to bring the tools because of which he forgot to send the email, he questions if Rishi was successful in his mission to scare Lakshmi Bhabhi, Rishi questions if he is the one helping her and cut the water line of his room, Aayush realizes what would have happened explaining that she also irritated him, when he wonders how would be helping her.

Lakshmi is preparing food in the kitchen when Sanjay comes asking if the water came back when he opened them, she assures the water indeed came back but he replies that nothing in that bathroom broke, she replies that Rishi managed to fix it, he asks if they can even make something sour but she says that since yesterday she performed the rituals of GrehPerwash and so today had to make the sweets. Malishka calls her an illiterate person before leaving.

Rishi is with Aayush when he questions who would be helping her, Aayush explains that there are a lot of people in this house beside her, Rishi says that he was her favorite when he replies even Rishi was her love, he apologizes realizing the mistake. Rishi explains he realized he cannot do such things when Aayush says h doesnot have the mind to do it, Rishi replies he has the intelligence to run such a big company but they both need to leave since they are ready late, he needs to first talk with Malishka and clear something so that she doesnot have any problem with Lakshmi living with him, Aayush wonders what problem would she have with Rishi bhai living with Lakshmi and it is not like that they were hugging each other.

Malishka in forms Sonia that Lakshmi is making the sweets just as the last time when she came into this house because everyone started favoring her but she would not be able to do anything this time since she is go ing to make sure that everyone only tastes the sourness in the dishes prepared by Lakshmi, Sonia assures she is going to help her in each and everything.Lakshmi is in the kitchen when Sanjay explains they are smelling delicious when Lakshmi explains she has made them so everyone is able to eat them, he asks they are a lot but she reveals she even made them for him and everyone else, Sanjay asks if they would also get to eat them, Lakshmi explains they are also like her family, she asks about the other gastral and so is about to pick it, Malishka secretly tries to put the salt but Lakshmi warns her to never think, she coming down explains that Malishka is a modern girl so these things do not suit her at all, she must try to act according to her standards.

Lakshmi turns to Sonia asking if she is actually trying to go against her sister-in-law, Malishka says she must talk to her, but Lakshmi replies Sonia is the sister of Rishi, she advises her to go and wait at the breakfast table when Sonia tries to warn Lakshmi calling her by her name, Lakshmi gets angry replying she can only call her as Bhabhi.Lakshmi replies Sonia calls by her first name rather then Bhabhi which she likes since she desires to be her friend, but whatever she stands with then any wrong which happens to her in this house will be presented in the court after three months because then she would be responsible for any wrong that happens, Lakshmi mentions even she is not liking any of it but needs to inform her, Malishka questions what will she do after it, Lakshmi replies that the wiser understand the signs while this for her is an advice which if she follows would be better for her, she sends Sonia to get ready for the breakfast, Malishka follows her.

Lakshmi stands up on the stool but she stumbles, Rishi manages to protect her, they both start staring each other in the eyes when she asks what is he doing here, he replies that this is his house and he lives in it, she says he came within a second when Rishi explains that even people tend to change within seconds so he doesnot know anything, she asks him to not change when Rishi asks her to not smile but she apologizes. He asks her to stand as his hand is hurting when Rishi questions who is her secret friend who helped her but Lakshmi says this is his house so he must do whatever he can to find out the truth, he once again gets frustrated asking her to not smile, Lakshmi replies he says that she looks perfect when smiling, he asks if she is sprinkling salt, Lakshmi explains she made the sweet dish but he can find out by himself, he leaves in frustration.

Malishka stops Sonia asking her to not think about Lakshmi when she replies that they cannot stay like this since she is a changed woman, Malishka exclaims it is enough as she is going to make sure Lakshmi falls on the ground, she bumps into Rishi falling when Lakshmi comes to help her stand not letting Rishi, she standing questions why did she dare touch her, Lakshmi replies that she must not fall if she doesnot want her when Lakshmi asks her to come and have breakfast with them all.

Lakshmi starts serving them the Pinni but they all start make excuses so they should not eat it all when Lakshmi questions who else considers sugar as poison, Lakshmi explains then it is great news since she has not made it with white sugar but used traditional sugar powder, Rishi stands explaining he avoids gluten when Lakshmi forces him to sit down since she knows what is wrong for him and will not make the mistakes that she made last time, Virender eats it in anger, standing questions why did she sign the papers if she considered her traditions as important, she ruined them all and is now claiming to be a respectable person. He turns to leave when she exclaims, she was helpless since Malishka had put a condition, Rishi gets suspicious so asks the reason, Virender however replies there is no need, she rushes to him when he starts explaining how he feels that something as vanished from inside him, he is feeling broken just because of what she has done.

Lakshmi tries to explain herself, he questions why did she not dare to ask him for any help when Malishka came demanding the signs, she never thought he would be able to help her, their relation is not because of Rishi but them both as he considers her to be a daughter and even she called him as Bau jee, he explains that she has already lost on of her father while is also going to lose the second one, he informs that parents are those who tend to hold the umbrella if their children fall into any sort of trouble, they are the fathers, whatever the condition was she should have told him as he would have done all he can to end them, he explains that even if this was the case she should tell him if this was the only reason, Lakshmi starts thinking the day when she was thrown out of the house and so starts thinking how she planned to come in this house with the help of the court because she needed to stay with Rishi, he asks if she has any answer then exclaims she cannot even answer because there is no other way, he mentions the relation that existed between them both is no longer present, Neelam starts thinking how she threw Lakshmi out of the house when she came that night. Virender explains he never challenged any decision that she made because he thought that she might come back, even when Neelam went to bring her back, he stayed quiet however that feeling has ended today.

Virender turns to leave, Lakshmi rushes to stop him explaining that he is still her Bau jee and this is his right so whatever he is saying is the truth, she should have thought about him because he is her father, he says that it has gotten very late when she says that he can say anything else he replies that he has said it all when Virender explains that he loved her more then any other girl who is present in this house, he explains that he would not be sorry or sad with any decision which they take after three months, he leaves when Lakshmi turns back and is shocked to see how they all are looking at her, Rishi questions why is she lying because Malishka did not put any condition in front of her but she just came for the sake of alimony, Karishma explains they all know that she just needed the money when Lakshmi replies that she doesnot know what they all think of her but Lakshmi thinks that she needed to find a way and that she would come back into this house because she trusted the teachings of her father so came to this house, Malishka in frustration explains now she is going to tell them everything because Lakshmi signed the papers by herself, she indeed put a condition but this was not worthy as she thought she will give her anything which she desired, she chose the divorce.

Malishka questions then why did she went to the court if she herself desired the divorce, but why did she not say anything to Rishi when he came to her house, Lakshmi replied because she thought it was the right thing to do, she accepts she wanted to go to the court, Malishka makes everyone believe that Lakshmi desired to sign them but who knows why did the judge changed her decision, and if it had happened, she would have left this house as the EX of Rishi.

Rishi in anger asks Aayush if they should leave for the office when Lakshmi stop them saying that no one would leave without eating the Pinni, Dadi also asks him to have it since they are really delicious, they all look to her when she explains that Lakshmi knows these are the favorite of her as she even used to make them in her childhood, Rishi refuses to eat them saying he is no interested, she replies he is still her husband even if it is just for three years, Neelam also asks him to eat them, Lakshmi starts smiling.


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