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Twist of fate 4 November 2020:  Pragya seeing Raj and asks if he is the one who have helped Aaliya in her wrong doings. Mitali says Raj can’t do anything as he is innocent and humble. She says I came here to catch the person who was about to give 10 lakh rupees to Tanu.

Twist of fate 3 November 2020

She asks Raj to clear the misunderstanding of Pragya. Pragya says his silence is speaking all. She says I couldn’t think even in my dreams that you have helped Aaliya in all her wrong doings. From ruining Abhi till the conspiracy to kill me. Abhi takes Raj from there. Mitali says you can’t do this. Dadi wonders what is happening there. She thinks to call Pragya and then thinks she shall wait. She prays to God to protect Pragya. Abhi brings Raj home and asks Dadi to ask Raj. Abhi says he has done his duty well of an elder brother. Dadi

asks what he has done? Abhi says you will decide about his punishment. Mitali says Raj is a honest man and will not do anything. She says he will never help Aaliya in her wrong doings. Dadi doubts on Raj. Mitali asks how can you doubt on him. She says Raj couldn’t do anything with his family, Abhi has a misunderstanding.
Purab says there is no misunderstanding and says he has checked Raj’s cabin and got papers in which he has signed Abhi’s fake signatures. He says he has got all the proofs against him. He says Raj even tried to kill Pragya along with Aaliya. Mitali says Raj is very honest and says he can’t do this. She asks Raj to say anything. She says when he was in govt job, I used to ask him to earn some money by fraud, but he never agreed. She asks Raj to prove them wrong. Raj says they are saying truth. He says I tried to ruin Abhi along with Aaliya.

Dadi slaps him and calls him snake under the sleeve. She says you tried to ruin Abhi. Raj says yes, and says I will never repent. Dadi asks what he has done? Raj says he has done enmity with me and I accepted his enmity. Abhi is clueless. Raj says I told that I haven’t done any crime, but he sent me to jail and never came to meet me. He says you people have never came to meet me in jail, and says only Mitali came to meet me who was worried about me. I thought you think me wrong as I don’t have money. I thought money magic works only. I had decided to earn money through any means. He says I am sad that I couldn’t ruin Abhi completely and blames Pragya for this.

Taya ji comes home. Tanu also comes. Tai ji says Abhi took Raj upstairs. Akash asks if you are waiting for someone. Tanu thinks if Abhi came to know about Raj’s truth. She tries to go and check. Rachna stops her. Tanu asks who are you? Akash says she is bahu and my wife. Tanu says I am also bahu. Rachna says not yet and says Abhi asked no one should come there. Tanu says okay. Raj says he was caught because of Mitali’s foolishness. He says I hate Abhi very much and will take revenge from him all his life. He says I will ruin you from front and this hatredness will never go from my heart. He says this wouldn’t have happened if you have supported me. He says I have trusted you very much, but you have betrayed me. I am in this position because of your mistake.

Pragya says you remember his decision. She says Abhi has supported the truth as all the proofs were against you. Raj says if I couldn’t prove that I am innocent, then am I guilty. He blames Abhi. Pragya says you should also blame yourself as you couldn’t see your loved ones’ truth. Raj asks what? Pragya says you trust Mitali very much and that’s why couldn’t see her truth. Raj asks what do you want to say? Pragya says those signatures were taken by Mitali from you, and that’s why you went to jail. Mitali cries. Pragya says you have left humanity and couldn’t see the truth. Raj tells Mitali, you have betrayed me and took my signatures.

Mitali apologizes and says I was greedy about money, but I have changed now. You went to jail, but I was punished. I have changed and haven’t betrayed you. She asks Pragya and Dadi to say. Mitali says I did a mistake. I don’t need anything except you. She apologizes repeatedly and cries. Raj is shattered. He asks Abhi to fulfill his last wish and says I don’t want to stay with them. He asks Abhi to kill him. Abhi says Raj Bhaiyya. Raj says I am not related to anyone and says I am a murderer. Mitali says you aren’t murderer. Raj says I am and goes.

Raj going to his room in shock. Everyone wonder why Raj is behaving this way. Pragya blames herself and thinks she shouldn’t have told Raj about Mitali’s truth. Purab says my life is ruined because of me, and asks her not to blame herself. Pragya feels bad about Raj’s kids and thinks she haven’t done right. Dadi says Pragya is right and says we should end Tanu’s chapter fast. She says Raj was caught easily, but it was hard to catch Tanu. Pragya says I don’t know why Tanu haven’t come there. Purab says she was taking you lightly and asks her to make her believe that she knows her truth. Pragya says what to do. Purab says proof will reach Tanu now. Dadi asks what? Purab says I got few things in Tanu’s car, and says she have to show it to Tanu making her belief that she knows her truth.

Abhi is in his room and thinks about Raj’s accusations and hatredness. Pragya comes there and asks him to sit. She asks him to share his feelings with him. Abhi asks why his family think about him wrongly and asks am I really bad? Pragya says you are so good, and this family can never get a good son or brother like you. She asks him to see that Dadi and others love him. Abhi says you can call police and get Raj arrested. Pragya says it is not needed as Raj is being punished. She says truth will also comes out.

Raj comes to his room. Mitali asks him to sit and talk to her. She accepts to have done a big mistake and apologizes to him. She says your silence is taking my life and asks him to speak up and take out his anger on her. She says you know that I love you…..Raj says who am I? I am a murderer. Mitali hugs him cryingly and says I am responsible for all this. I am bad. You haven’t done anything wrong. She cries. Tai ji, Taya ji and others knock on the door. Tanu hears silently. She wonders what is happening? Mitali thinks what to do now? She thinks if they come to know that, then don’t know what they will do with me.


Leela (of Tashan E Ishq) is praying in the Gurudwara. Sarla asks why she is crying and asks her to speak her heart out. Leela says her life’s closed chapters is opened again. She tells about her problem. Sarla tells about her two daughters. She says one is dead and other one is dead for her. She asks her to call her daughter Twinkle and talk to her. Leela says Twinkle is angry and will not talk to me. Sarla insists and says one mum will get her daughter atleast. Leela thanks her for her valuable advice.

Mitali asks Raj not to worry and says she will take care. She opens the door. Taya ji and Tai ji question her. Mitali says Raj is tired and have slept. She asks Tai ji not to disturb him. Dasi says we were worried for him. Mitali says Abhi didn’t say him anything. Tai ji says she want to see Raj. Mitali angrily stops her. Tai ji says there is something wrong. Mitali folds her hands and asks them to leave. Dasi says you are hiding something from us. Pragya comes and says there were some misunderstanding between Abhi and Raj which is cleared now. Tai ji says Mitali have made an issue out of nothing and raised her BP. Mitali takes a sigh of relief. Tanu wonders why Pragya is lying.

Abhi comes to Dadi and says he couldn’t sleep. Dadi asks him to sit and offers to massage his head. Abhi asks Dadi if he has done wrong for not believing on Raj before. Dadi says you have not done any mistake. Abhi says my family is narrowing and every one is becoming my enemy. He rests his head on her lap. He says Raj said right that I am at fault. Dadi says you haven’t done any mistake and asks him not to feel sad thinking about others. She says you have always walked on the right path and asks him to keep walking on it.

Abhi says I have to marry Tanu soon. I have already talked to Sarla and got her blessings. He says he will marry Tanu in 2 days. Dadi gets tensed. He says he want to bring happiness in the house. He says he will marry Tanu in court secretly and then everyone will accept his marriage including Pragya. Dadi is shocked. Abhi asks her to sing lori which she used to sing in his childhood. Dadi says okay. She sings lori…..

Pragya telling Mitali that she is feeling sorry and can understand. Mitali blames her for telling her truth to Raj and shocking him. Tanu hears her and thinks how did his truth came out. Mitali says I thought to live happily with him, but you have ruined our happiness. Pragya says whatever I told was intentionally. Mitali says I wanted to become like you, but now I hate you. She says Raj is not only her husband, but her love. She can stay without money, but not without Raj. She curses her and says she will ruin her. Tanu hears her and thinks she will instigate Mitali against Pragya. She wonders how did Raj get caught? Purab tells Sarla about Raj. Sarla says how can this happen? How can he betray Abhi? Purab says there is nothing like trust now. We can’t change it.

Sarla says it is clear that Abhi is betrayed by his close relatives, first Pragya, then Aaliya and now Raj. She asks Purab to get Abhi married to Tanu at the earliest. Purab asks what you are saying? Sarla says Abhi should marry Tanu. She says he is very alone and needs a partner. Purab says if Abhi marries Tanu, then won’t you feel bad. Sarla says Abhi took her permission and she agreed. Purab says Abhi loves Pragya. Sarla says Pragya doesn’t love Abhi, but loves only his money. Sarla says if Abhi marries Tanu then she will get a good life partner. She asks him to get Abhi married to Tanu soon for the sake of friendship.

Abhi is in his room. Pragya comes. Abhi asks what you have decided? Pragya says I don’t know what you are saying? Abhi says you said when you will get that man, you will return all my money and will become fuggi. He asks her to return his money. Pragya says if he will accept her back. Mere Pass Tu Rehna plays while they have an eye lock. Abhi asks her not to question him as this is not possible. He says he is going to marry Tanu and his decision can’t change. Pragya asks him to wait some more time and says her last motive is still remaining. Abhi asks what is it? Pragya says my motive is still not fulfilled and says she can’t tell him anything.

Later Pragya gives a parcel to Ronnie and asks him to give it to Tanu. She says Tanu shouldn’t know who has given it. Ronnie says okay and goes to Tanu. Tanu asks him not to waste her time. Ronnie says your truth is revealed now and asks with whom you was meeting yesterday? Tanu asks him not to say nonsense. Ronnie gives her parcel. Tanu warns him and says she will get him arrested. Ronnie asks him to open the parcel in her room, and says may be it can contain bomb. Pragya says it will blast on Tanu. Tanu wonders who have sent it.

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