Twist of fate update Tuesday 3 November 2020

Twist of fate 3 November 2020: Pragya wonders what to do? She thinks everyone will know that they are divorced and thinks to stop her. She thinks she has to call Tanu rather than taking other’s help. She calls Tanu and says hello madam. Tanu asks who is this?

Pragya says I am your flat’s watchman, and asks her to give 10 Lakhs. Tanu asks if he is mad and asks her to cut the call. She says your enemy will give me 20 Lakhs. Tanu asks why? Pragya says I will tell your secret to your enemies and says your baby is not of Abhi. Tanu is shocked. Pragya asks him to wipe her sweat, and drink water. Tanu asks about proof? Pragya says I will show you proof?

Tanu sees Pragya talking on phone and asks if you called me? Pragya says I haven’t called you and asks what you were talking about? Tanu thinks she has to hide her secret from her. Pragya says I have to find out who is the person who called you, and says I need to find out. She asks her to give phone and says she will call back on that number. Tanu asks her to leave her phone. Abhi comes and asks what happened? Tanu says Pragya is troubling me? Pragya says she said I have called her, but I haven’t called her. Tanu says I thought Pragya called me and tells about the mysterious caller. Abhi asks Tanu to ignore Pragya’s sayings. He sees her lost and says I will call that caller. Tanu says no. Abhi asks why you are reacting this way? Tanu says mood swings, and says she was thinking about her routine check up. She asks him to take her to hospital. Abhi agrees and asks her not to take stress. Tanu says okay, and says bye and love you. Pragya thinks Tanu can’t sleep all night, and thinks what to do as dadi and purab will be angry with her as she called Tanu in a hurry. Tanu thinks who have done this? She thinks Aaliya can’t do this? She thinks if Nikhil joked with her and tries calling him, but the call remains unanswered. She thinks to sleep for now.

Purab and Dadi coming to meet Pragya. Pragya asks them to promise that they will not scold her. Purab asks what did you do? Pragya says I have called Tanu as a blackmailer. Dadi scolds her. Pragya says circumstances forced me to take this step. Dadi asks did Abhi tell that he will marry Tanu today? Pragya says no and tells that Tanu will not talk to Abhi about divorce now. She says Tanu is shaken now and her truth will be exposed now.

Tanu comes to Abhi and says she will take him to have dinner. Abhi says I was thinking something. I have decided to marry you today itself in court. Tanu is shocked and asks today in court, court marriage. Abhi asks why she is surprised? Tanu asks if you have taken Dadi’s permission and asks if he has witness. Abhi says I have

witness and asks Pragya to come. He says she will be witness. Tanu says she doesn’t want our marriage to happen. Abhi says why she will not let us marry? She had forced me to accept you? Tanu says she doesn’t want us to marry? Abhi shows her photos with Nikhil and says you have betrayed me big. He slaps her. Tanu says I doesn’t know anything. Abhi asks what is your relation with him. Tanu says we are just friends? Abhi says you are carrying Nikhil’s baby. Tanu says someone must have filled your ears. Abhi says Pragya doesn’t know anything. your building watchman called and told me everything.

I met Nikhil and he told me everything. He says you are a fraud woman and accuses her for playing with him. He says you said that you are having my baby, but it was a lie. He says I can’t stay with you for a min. Tanu calls Dadi, and says I was not in my senses. Abhi says I will not leave you. He ends his relation with her and throws her out. Tanu wakes up and thinks it was a horrible dream. She thinks if this dream comes true then…..she thinks her truth will come infront of Abhi, and she can’t let this happen.

She gets blackmailer call again. She says what do you need? Pragya as blackmailer asks for 10 Lakh rupees today. Tanu says she don’t have any money, but then says she will manage. blackmailer Pragya says she will message her and asks her to bring money somewhere. Tanu calls Nikhil and asks if he was joking with her. Nikhil says no and says he can take his baby’s promise. She tells everything. Nikhil says someone might be joking with you. Tanu says he has threatened to expose me infront of abhi, and asks him to give 10 Lakhs rupees. Nikhil asks are you sure that he have the proofs. Tanu says what I will do if he tells anything to Abhi, and asks him to meet her with money outside godown. Mitali and Ronnie hears her. they plan to catch her.

Mitali says I will catch that person red handed and then everyone will welcome me with flowers and respects me a lot. Pragya will give me monetary prize and then mummy ji will roam around me. Raj comes and asks her to give wallet. He sees her lost in thinking and pinches her. Mitali says her dream will come true. Raj asks her to stop her imagination and give his wallet. Mitali says I will catch that person today who was helping Aaliya. Raj gets shocked and coughs. Mitali asks why he was shocked? Raj asks how you are going to catch him? Mitali says it is against spy rules and says she is going to spy on Tanu as she is taking 10 lakhs rupees from him. Raj asks her not to get in any trouble.

Pragya thanks God and says Tanu’s truth will be out now. Abhi looks for his file. They collide. Pragya calls on him. Abhi asks if she got pillow. Pragya says I thought I was dreaming. Abhi asks her to get up and scolds her. Pragya talks emotionally. Abhi thinks he will be trapped in emotions and stays quiet. Pragya thinks to bring Tanu’s truth out. She asks what he is doing in evening and says she will message him place and time, and asks him to reach there else he will repent all life. She says I know you love me and if you come there, then you will never go far from me.

Pragya and Abhi’s usual argument. Abhi says he will go to heaven and she will go to hell. Pragya says she will use her clever mind and reach heaven following him. She asks him to come to the place. Abhi asks her to promise and asks her to wait there until he comes. He says he will not come and goes. Mitali and Ronnie talk about spying on the person. Ronnie asks her to praise him infront of Pragya. Mitali says okay, and tells that they will have code names Tango and charlie. She makes a plan….and says we have to catch that third person who is coming to meet Tanu. She asks him to follow Tanu and inform her before reaching there, and says if I get caught in any trouble then inform my husband.

Pragya thinks to go to the place in fuggi’s avatar, and thinks Abhi will accept her after Tanu’s truth is out.She imagines Abhi calling fuggi. He sees fuggi….Tere bin plays………They proceed towards each other slowly while the song plays…………He asks where did you go? I was searching you everywhere and died daily without you. He asks why did you left me? Pragya apologizes? Abhi says you have done this for me, to protect me from the betrayal. I have done wrong with you, but you have been with me like a shelter and asks if you will leave me. Pragya says I will never leave you and will stay with you forever.

They have a hug….Allah Wariyan plays……………..Pragya thinks she have to wait until Tanu’s truth is out and then Abhi will come closer to her. She thinks if she will be able to handle this big happiness. She asks Dadi to give her blessings. Dadi blesses her and says I hope that Abhi will identify his fuggi. Pragya says she is hoping for the best. Rachna asks Pragya to take her with her. Pragya asks her to stay at home and take care of baby. She says Purab will be with me. Dadi says she is saying right and asks Pragya to come with Abhi. She prays to God to take care of her children.

Pragya thinks if Abhi will come to that place or not. Purab warns the employees and asks them to tell truth. The employees say that the papers are given by Raj and said that the papers are signed by Abhi. Purab asks about Raj’s cabin. Pragya calls Purab and asks him to bring Abhi with him. Purab searches in Raj’s cabin. Tanu thinks she shall not get late else Nikhil will get angry. Ronnie sees her and calls Mitali.He says Tanu left from there. Mitali says she has reached there and asks him to follow Tanu. Ronnie says okay. Mitali reaches the godown and is scared. She thinks it is a dangerous place, but she has to do the work. She thinks to inspect the place and find a hiding area to see that person’s face. Mitali hides.

Pragya comes there and thinks to hide. She thinks she will catch Tanu and that person. Mitali sits and hides. Pragya thinks if Tanu’s truth is out then her life will get better. Purab brings Abhi better. Abhi asks why did you bring me here and sees Pragya. Pragya asks him to keep quiet and hide until she asks him to come out. Mitali happens to see Pragya and thinks if she catches Pragya then her dreams will be shattered. She thinks she will not leave Ronnie. Raj comes there and asks why did you come here? With whom you are taking money? He says everyone will know that we were with Aaliya. Abhi and Purab wonder who is this man? Mitali comes out and puts blanket on his head. She says she has catched the person who have been helping Aaliya. Pragya says Raj Bhaiyya…you. Mitali is shocked.

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