Twist of fate update Wednesday 30 June 2021

Twist of fate 30 June 2021: Pragya walking towards the door to open it. Allah wariyan plays…Abhi is waiting outside for the door to open. Pragya opens the door and looks on. Aaliya tries to close the car door and thinks why it is not opening. Sarita behen thinks the order shall be liked by the 5 star hotel management. She feels dizzy and thinks where is her medicines? Pragya sees Vikram. Vikram asks her to come inside. Beeji asks where is your friend? Vikram says he is coming. Meera says Prachi’s mum wants to meet him. Pragya says she is waiting to meet him. Vikram says he went to check the car door. Aaliya thinks the door is jammed. Abhi comes there and asks what happened? Aaliya says door is not closing. Abhi says this car listens to me only and closes the door, but the car decky opens.

He tries to close it. Pragya opens the album, but just then she gets Sarita behen’s call asking her about her medicines. Pragya asks her not to worry and says I will be coming there. She tells Beeji that she has to leave and tell Mr. Mehra that she will meet him later. She comes outside, but doesn’t see Abhi and Aaliya. They also don’t see her. Abhi senses her presence and looks at her, as she leaves in taxi.

Sarita behen calls Pallavi. Pallavi says Pragya left and didn’t meet Mr. Mehra also. Sarita behen says she would have met Mr. Mehra atleast. Abhi comes inside and asks where is Prachi’s mother. Pallavi says she left and gives call to Sarita behen. Sarita behen talks to Abhi and tells that she called her for medicines, but Prachi’s mother felt she is unwell and that’s why rushed out from there. Abhi asks her to be fine for him and they will go on a date.

Sarita behen asks him to fix date and tells that she will send Prachi’s mum on a date with him. She asks about his favorite color? Abhi says red. Sarita behen says love color is red and blesses him. Prachi tells that my mother gets worried if something happens to Sarita behen. Abhi says Sarita behen is fine and planning to send your mum and me on date.

Just then Maya comes there with Dushyant, Mr. Chaubey and his wife. Dushyant asks them not to punish Maya for their misdeeds. Mr. Chaubey says my brother is apologizing to you. Dushyant asks them not to separate Maya and Ranbir. Mrs. Chaubey says our Maya loves Ranbir, if this marriage doesn’t happen then her heart will break. Dushyant says whatever she did was on our sayings. She didn’t care for us and stood by Ranbir. Pallavi says this marriage can’t happen. Mrs. Chaubey says Maya will take care of Ranbir and you all. Pallavi says this marriage can’t happen.

Mrs. Chaubey tells that they have no choice as Dushyant’s men is staying outside with fire torches and will set their house on fire. She says Police will think their death as an accident and will close the case. She threatens Pallavi and asks her not to tell anyone. Vikram asks them to go. Pallavi tells that this marriage will happen. Vikram says marriage will not happen. Pallavi argues with him and tells that she is his mother and will decide. Ranbir asks what is she saying? Maya thanks Pallavi. Mr. Chaubey says Maya’s shopping is over, but Ranbir’s shopping is left. They ask her to come to shopping mall with them. Mrs. Chaubey asks Pallavi to come with her. Pallavi asks Beeji, Prachi and Ranbir to come with them. They come to the shopping mall.

Mrs. Chaubey asks her to buy whatever she likes. She goes to check Dushyant and Mr. Chaubey. Ranbir asks what did you do? I don’t want to marry. Beeji asks her to say. Prachi says you don’t want this marriage to happen, then why did you do this? Pallavi says I did this to save you all. She says Maya loves Ranbir so much and that’s why she has convinced her family for marriage, they came to apologize to her for her. Prachi asks what they would have done to us? Pallavi says Mrs. Chaubey told her that Dushyant’s men was standing outside with fire torches and was about to burn our house. Beeji blames Ranbir for her looks. Prachi says she doesn’t love Ranbir truly and says she was having (an affair)…Ranbir says Maya’s family will not be quiet until she herself calls it quits. Pallavi asks Beeji to shop whatever she wants, until they return.

Prachi tells Ranbir that Maya loves Rahul, says they will act to love each other until Maya gets jealous and leaves from his life. Ranbir says I thought we will continue our love even after Maya leaves. Mr. Chaubey says Maya did this drama as she thought Prachi loves Ranbir. Maya says she don’t want to hear this and goes to talk to Ranbir. Mr. Chaubey spots the salesgirl in the mall and thinks this is the same salesgirl who had fought with Maya. He asks his guards to kill the girl. They go behind the salesgirl to kill her.

Dushyant comes to meet Aaliya and says he forgot to talk to her yesterday. He says matter is something urgent. Aaliya says there is nobody at home. Dushyant says it is good then. He gets inside and asks her to close the door. Aaliya asks him to get out and asks him to talk to her infront of all family members. She says I am not Pallavi or Kohli family member. She asks him to leave, else she will give such a reaction then he can’t react. Ranbir asks Prachi to see that Maya is coming. Prachi tells Ranbir that Maya is mad to think that they don’t love each other, but we love each other. Ranbir says yes we do. Maya comes there and asks Ranbir to come with her.

Beeji calls Sarita behen and says they have thought to give them wings. She tells that Ranbir and Prachi are in the same mall as us and we came to know that they love each other. Sarita behen says even you know this.

Beeji asks who knows about it. Sarita behen says we knew a bit, but now it is confirmed. Beeji says we thought to talk about her alliance with Ranbir. Sarita behen says we have to talk to Prachi’s mother. Pallavi says when the girl and guy are ready, then what others will do. Beeji says I am talking being elder and understanding. She says we will talk to Prachi’s mother, but the matter is love, where we don’t need to take permission, just have to inform her. She says Ranbir and Prachi love each other and they are hiding being shy, but it is our responsibility to unite us being elders.

Mr. Chaubey hears them. Beeji says Ranbir loves our Prachi as he is very good and your Prachi loves our Ranbir, seems like it happened recently. The call gets disconnected. Pallavi asks if we are doing right, says Ranbir is getting married to maya and asks what we will do. Beeji says Ranbir and Maya will not get married. Sarita behen calls Beeji. Beeji says she will buy a saree from the mall and give her shagun. Sarita behen and Shahana gets happy. Sarita behen asks her to tell Pragya. Shahana reminds Sarita behen that they had tossed the coin, that doesn’t mean that love haven’t happened, but will happen soon. Sarita behen says love happened as we had tossed the coin 2 hours back. Mr. Chaubey comes to his wife.

Mrs. Chaubey asks him to leave the salesgirl. Mr. Chaubey says how dare she to attack my daughter and says what my bodyguards will say and what my party will say that I left a girl who attacked my daughter. He says we are here because of party. He says he asked his men to send the salesgirl to the mental asylum, but he will send Prachi to jail. He asks her to go and talk to Prachi. He says Prachi loves Ranbir and asks her to scare her and tell what he had done with his own sister. He says he will kill her and her family. He will suffocate them with his hands. He asks her to go and make her understand. He asks her to talk to her and end the shopping.

Ranbir thinks Prachi is about to blast in sometime, thinks to say her sorry and leave. He holds his ears and turns to Maya. Maya says I want to tell you something. Ranbir asks her to go ahead. He says I know you are very upset, and asks her to do whatever she wants, asks her to slap him. He says I will come to your house daily and will bear the punishment. He asks her to tell what to do. Prachi thinks this guy is mad. Beeji and Pallavi see Prachi hearing Ranbir and Maya secretly. Pallavi says Prachi is jealous. Beeji says Prachi is thinking Ranbir and Maya wrong.

They think to buy saree for Prachi. Ranbir asks maya to tell. Maya says I came to know that you both love each other before you met me. Ranbir says yes, I loved her when I first saw her. Prachi says good. Maya says who said good and says it was a ladies voice. Ranbir acts to talk in woman’s tone. Maya says you said that you have seen her since you saw her, but I am glad that you didn’t love her after I came in your life, she is your past and I shall not feel bad and we shall plan our future. Ranbir is shocked. Maya says even I couldn’t forget that you love Prachi, but if we have to be happy then we have to forget this. She says you are loyal and don’t want to hide anything from me.

Ranbir says I am not loyal, Prachi is my first love, but I get crush on every girl. He says I party and drink with girls, I am a bad boy. Maya says you are not a bad guy and telling this with honesty, it is not easy. She says you don’t want some third person to tell me this and that’s why saying this. Ranbir says I am really a bad guy and used to quarrel a lot. Maya asks him to tell this to Papa and says Papa wants his damad/son in law to be soft from outside and gunda from inside.

Ranbir says I gamble also. Maya asks him not to say more and tells that she will fall in love with him again. Pallavi asks where is my bahu? Maya says I am coming. Pallavi says she…Maya looks at her and gets shocked. She sees someone (Rahul) behind Pallavi in the mall. Ranbir comes to Pallavi and tells that everything is messed up. Beeji asks what happened? Maya comes to Rahul. Rahul turns and looks at her. He gets happy seeing her and calls her name. Maya calls him Rahul. Prachi hears them. Rahul says what a pleasant surprise. Prachi thinks this is Maya’s ex boyfriend and asks Aryan to follow Rahul when he goes from there. Aryan asks what is the story? Prachi asks him to go for now and says you will know it yourself. Aryan says ok.

Aryan ask Prachi to follow Rahul. Aryan says he is not going out, how to follow him. Prachi says when he goes out, you shall follow him. Prachi says it is a love story and asks him to go and get answers for his questions. Maya asks Rahul what is he doing here? Rahul says I came here for shopping. Maya says I am sorry for my stupid question. Rahul says I am sorry for my sarcasm, I came to meet you here.

He asks why she came here. Maya says I…Rahul says I understood, we were destined to meet here. He asks her to come with him to the coffee shop. Maya says ok. She gets Mr. Chaubey’s call and rejects his call. Rahul asks her to pick it and tells that he also got an important call and excuses himself. Prachi asks Beeji and Pallavi, what happened?

They tell that they are sad that the girl couldn’t become her bahu. Prachi asks if they are talking about Maya. Beeji says we heard Ranbir talking to Maya and thought he loves Prachi. She asks if he lied to her and tells that they thought to buy saree for Prachi also. She says now they will buy saree for themselves. They go to buy sarees for them. Prachi looks at Ranbir. Ranbir tells that he has cleared their misunderstanding. Prachi asks Ranbir to see the guy and the girl, Rahul and Maya. Ranbir says it seems that they love each other very much. He looks at her and recalls her words, tujhe kitna chahne lage hum plays….

Ranbir sees Maya’s face and asks if she was talking about them. Prachi says yes and asks if he was talking about someone else. Ranbir says no. Prachi says it is clear that Maya loves the guy and tells that she is very nervous and her heart beat must be increasing. She says even the guy is doing the same and asks him to see. Ranbir stares at her. Tujhme khoya rahun main plays….He recalls their moments. Ranbir says you explain well. Prachi says yes, as I am a teacher’s daughter. She tells that Maya and Rahul love each other a lot even now. Ranbir says she asked me to move on and forgot the past.

Prachi says it happens in love. Ranbir says it seems like you are already in love. She gives him example and says if we ask someone to have some medicine or kada, that doesn’t mean that we are doctor. She asks him to focus and look at them. She asks him to follow her. He follows her. Mr. Chaubey tells Ranbir that he called him for shopping and says you are looking busy. He tells that he was looking someone else who was busy.

Beeji and Pallavi come there and asks Chaubey to pay their shopping bills. Mr. Chaubey says I told that I will pay Ranbir’s shopping bill. Beeji says you had said that you will pay the bill and says they are groom’s family. Mr. Chaubey asks if they want the dowry from them. She says it is a crime and says I will fill FIR form on your name. Pallavi says you are making issue and asks when did we ask dowry. Mrs. Chaubey comes there and asks what happened? Mr. Chaubey says they are asking him to pay their shopping bills and says he doesn’t favour dowry. He wants the place to be dowry free and says whoever asks for drowsy, I will not agree. The people there appreciates him and chants slogans. Mr. Chaubey gets happy and tells that he will file FIR against them, will send them to jail. Pallavi and Beeji tell that they didn’t ask for dowry. Prachi tells Mr. Chaubey that they didn’t ask for dowry. Mr. Chaubey says so you will say now. Prachi says you are blaming them fakely so that you can win the election. She says they didn’t take the name of dowry, like you are saying.. Maya comes and asks her to mind her language.

Prachi asking Mr. Chaubey to prove first if they took the name of dowry. She says you are doing this to win elections and just as you are saying, they didn’t tell anything. Maya asks her to mind her language and says you can’t talk to my Papa like that. Prachi says if your Papa can talk to ladies in any manner and says one is a senior citizen. A guy comes and says that girl’s name is Roshni and is admitted to the mental asylum.

Mr. Chaubey says she deserved to be there, our principal is not to raise hand on girls, but it is not written that they shall not be punished. He says he has sent the girl to a mental asylum as the girl misbehaved with his daughter. He says now you must understand what can I do. He asks his wife to do his work. Mrs. Chaubey recalls his words to warn Prachi not to have an affair with their son in law. Pallavi tells Mrs.

Chaubey that they didn’t tell him anything. Mrs. Chaubey says you said right that you didn’t say, you are from a good family. She says he is angry and will realize his mistake soon. Beeji says he is threatening to kill us. Mrs. Chaubey asks them to leave the matter. Beeji says thumps up to Prachi. Mrs. Chaubey says Prachi is doing wrong. Pallavi and Beeji go to play bills. Prachi tells Ranbir that she will tell something to Maya. Maya says she will not listen against her Papa. Prachi says Ranbir said that you talked about your past. She says you and Saloni got saved from Rahul and talks bad about him. Maya gets angry and tells that she will not hear anything against Rahul. Mrs. Chaubey comes and takes Maya from there.

Prachi tells Ranbir that Maya cares for Rahul. She tells him that when she started talking about her father. She said that she can’t hear anything against her Papa. She asks what she said when I talked about Rahul. Ranbir says she said that she can’t hear anything against Rahul. Prachi says it means that she loves him. Mrs. Chaubey comes to Pallavi. Pallavi asks did you make Mr. Chaubey understand. Mrs. Chaubey says yes and says we are friends now. Pallavi says when did we become friends? Mrs. Chaubey says just now.

Pallavi says I hate your daughter while cracking a joke. Maya comes there. Pallavi says you can’t bear the joke. She tells Maya that this dress is not suiting her. She says I am not joking and have become like my saas. She says I am a bad saas, but you become like a good bahu. Mrs. Chaubey says even your mood seems to be bad like Maya’s Papa. Maya says she wants to get her billing done. Pallavi says she will get the billing. Mrs. Chaubey says Maya will do herself. Ranbir and Prachi come to Maya. Prachi asks Maya to give her bags to Ranbir as the ladies queue is long. Maya gives the bag to him. Prachi asks Ranbir to come fast and hear secretly. Prachi tells that Rahul and you were the perfect couple and look good. Maya says did you see us?

Prachi says Saloni had shown their pic. Maya tells that people used to tell that we shall marry and we were about to marry but. Prachi asks then why did he leave you? Maya says he didn’t leave me and was serious about me. We wanted to marry, but suddenly he went somewhere. Prachi asks her to tell about him. She then asks random questions and asks who loves whom? Maya says I love him. She asks why can’t you ask directly. Ranbir hears her and comes there. He says Maya loves Rahul. Prachi says even Rahul loves her, I have sent Aryan behind him to get his address. Aryan follows Rahul. Rahul senses coming following him and comes to Aryan. He pats on his shoulder and asks do I know you? Aryan says no, and asks if he is an actor. Rahul says no. Aryan asks for a selfie with him and says I like to get the pics clicked with famous people. Rahul asks him to show his pics with famous personalities. Aryan shows some pics.

Rahul says you seem to be mad and get inside some house. Aryan thinks it is good that he didn’t think him as a stalker and calls Prachi to inform about his house. Prachi tells Aryan that they will go to Rahul’s house along with Shahana. Ranbir says three people shall not go.

Twist of fate 2 July 2021: Pragya ask Prachi if she has any problem? Prachi says yes. Pragya asks her to come to her and says I can help you. Prachi says Maya doesn’t love Ranbir and is marrying him due to her stubbornness, she wants to move on from her past life, her ex boyfriend had left her, and she don’t want Ranbir to leave him.

Pragya asks her not to worry. Prachi says I am afraid that if I couldn’t do and Ranbir gets trapped in any problem then what I will do. Pragya asks did you see spider making web. She says her house breaks and she makes it again and again, until her house becomes fully ready. She says you have to keep trying until you succeed. Prachi says you have explained so well and thanks her. She hugs her and says you are best mother of this world. She says she will be back. Pragya asks her to take care. Prachi gets a message from Ranbir and asking them to come out.

Maya asks Mrs. Chaubey if she remembers Rahul. Mrs. Chaubey says how can you take that guy’s name and says he is drunkard and womanizer. She says it is good that he had left from your life, else don’t know what your Papa had done with him. She says did you remember what your Papa had said, and says if you want to marry him then forget us and does our last rites. She asks her to forget him. Aryan takes Ranbir, Prachi and Shahana to Rahul’s locality. He tells that the lane is wrong. Ranbir gets upset. Aryan says he was joking and the lane was right. Aryan thinks and signs at the house.

Ranbir asks Aryan to keep the car on and tells that if something goes wrong then we will come back to car running and will leave. Prachi and Ranbir get down. She says if Rahul is serious about Maya even now then web will be made. Ranbir asks web and says Rani lakshmi bai. Shahana asks Aryan to off the car. Aryan refuses and asks if she didn’t hear what Ranbir said. Shahana argues with him and gets down from the car. She sits on the driver’s seat and closes the door.

Ranbir and Prachi come to Rahul’s house. Rahul opens the door and asks who is he? Ranbir looks at the glass in his hand and tells that they are Maya’s friend. Rahul calls them inside. Ranbir asks if he met Maya? Rahul says yes and no. He says when he met Maya, he had to leave from there by making an excuse. He says when we were having an affair, Mr. Chaubey came to know about our love, he had come to our house and threatened to ruined me and my family, but I ignored his threats.

Maya doesn’t know about it and we keep on meeting each other. But one day, my Papa was arrested by the Police from his office. He says he was so proud of his dad and knows that his dad can’t do anything. He says since then, he left his house and staying in his friend’s house. Ranbir and Prachi are shocked. Rahul asks did you really think that Maya’s father had done this. Rahul says just as I said, Mr. Chaubey called me after my father’s arrest and threatened to put me in jail. He says that day I came to know that loving and getting love are two different things.

He says he loves his family and Maya equally, but she didn’t listen to him and that’s why he left her. Ranbir asks what did you like in her? Rahul says her madness. Ranbir says yes, you said right that she is mad. Prachi says Maya is getting married. Rahul says congratulations. Prachi asks him to go and tell Maya about his love. He says if you tell her even now then she will break her marriage and will come back to you. Rahul asks what are you saying? I will not do anything like that and asks them to leave. They leave.

Prachi and Rahul come out. Subhan Allah jo horaha hai…plays…..He looks at Prachi. One of her earring falls down. Ranbir picks it up. They ask Shahana and Aryan what are they doing? Aryan says Shahana didn’t let him enter the car. Shahana asks did Rahul agree? Ranbir says Rahul was drunk and couldn’t understand what they asked him to do.

Ranbir talks to his family members and tells that he is sure that Maya will refuse for marriage during sangeet. Prachi talks to Pragya. Pragya says there is a big risk, I don’t think that Maya will refuse. Beeji says she is on your kundali like a naagin. Pragya tells that you will get the kumkum of the person’s name who is in your destiny. She says jodis are made in heaven. Shahana says may be Maya is Ranbir’s Jodi. Pragya says when someone is in love, you go behind that person and you get the feeling. She says I love you and proposals are just formality.

She says Maya wants to marry Ranbir just for her stubbornness and that’s why she will not back off. Sarita behen says they shall try and not give Ranbir’s life in Maya’s hands. Pragya thinks even Tanu tried to snatch her kumkum, but she couldn’t succeed. She thinks if Rahul and Prachi’s love is true then Maya can’t snatch him. Pallavi tells that he is getting angry on Maya very much. Vikram asks Pallavi to listen and calls her Pallu. Pallavi says you are pulling my leg. Ranbir says if you had told me before that you are getting married to him, then I would have stopped you. Vikram says you was born in her mayka and came with her. Ranbir asks her to show the guy’s pic before marrying second time. Beeji also supports him.

Vikram asks Pallavi to tell what she said in night. Pallavi throws the pillow on him and says she will throw vase on his head. Vikram tells that he gets stressed. Beeji says I have kept my hands off my ears. Pallavi says I didn’t slap Maya as her father is politician and can ruin you. She hopes Rahul comes to the sangeet ceremony and Maya refuses to marry Ranbir. Beeji asks Pallavi to take rest and says your BP will be high with anger. Ranbir wishes his marriage with Maya shall not happen, and his marriage shall happen with Prachi. He recalls her words that she will not let her fall and will be with him like a boat. He thinks he has to make Prachi fall in love with him truly.

Pallavi asking beeji about the guests who have come for Sangeet. Beeji says it is all Mrs. Chaubey’s guests. Pallavi says this marriage can be stopped if Maya refuses. She says she is feeling like a bride’s family. Beeji praises Ranbir. Pallavi tells that Mrs. Chaubey told her that Maya is lucky to have saas like her. She says she wants to show her acting of a real saas and project herself as a bad saas. Beeji says you are a bad actor and that’s why I will do the acting. Pallavi says ok. Beeji goes to rehearsal.

Pallavi thinks where is Prachi, if she had been here then would have handle everything. Prachi and Shahana come to Rahul’s bedroom. Rahul comes out of bathroom and asks who are they? Prachi asks if he didn’t identify her. Rahul asks are you Deepika Padukone.

Ranbir thinks of Prachi and smiles, Subhan Allah song plays. Maya comes to Ranbir. Ranbir asks what are you doing here? Maya says today is our sangeet. Ranbir asks did you meet Maa? Maya says no. He says I care for someone I love and recalls Pallavi telling that she will slap Maya. Maya says so sweet. Mr. Chaubey, his wife and Dushyant come there. Mrs. Chaubey greets Pallavi. Vikram comes there. Dushyant asks about Abhi. Pallavi takes maya to show the room. Dushyant says where is Ranbir? Ranbir thinks they will torture him now.

Prachi tells Rahul that she and her friend came last night. Rahul says yes and asks how did you come here. Shahana says you was drunk and must have left the door open. Rahul says he was drunk. He asks them about Maya. Prachi tells that they came to invite him for Maya’s sangeet. Rahul says I will not come. Prachi says if you don’t support her, then who will do it. She says this marriage is happening forcibly. She asks if you can see Maya going with someone else. Rahul says no.

Shahana repeats whatever Prachi said. Prachi tells him that Maya is in depression and can do anything wrong. She says Maya is getting married to Ranbir. She asks him to come there and take Maya from there, else run away with Maya, become Rahul of DDLJ. Shahana says it is overacting. Prachi says people die for love and asks if he can’t do this for Maya. Rahul says I can’t let Maya marry someone else and tells that he will come with them. He goes to get ready. Prachi and Shahana get happy. Prachi picks Ranbir’s call and tells that they are searching groom for Maya and will bring Rahul. Ranbir gets happy.

Sarita behen asks Pragya what she had hidden from her. Pragya says I told you everything. Sarita behen asks who was that man in Mehrouli house? She says she saw him closer to her. Pragya says he was Prachi’s father and tells that he was drunk and that’s why she brought him here. Sarita behen says she got upset as she thought Mr. Mehra and she is good pair. Pragya says Mr. Mehra will get good girl. Sarita behen says not good than you.

Abhi tells Vikram that he can’t stay here and see the ceremony, says don’t know what happened to Ranbir’s choice. Vikram says I have to stay here. Abhi says I don’t know why Ranbir is stopping me from doing anything. Vikram says you knows Ranbir well. Abhi says you are not a father, but butcher. He says there shall be good bonding with son. Vikram says he is more closer to you than me, and my love seems to be less than your love. He asks how do you know about him, much before he tells and you fulfills his wish. Abhi asks him not to act and get emotional. Vikram says now competition has increased, I have to proof my love for my son. Now there is three competitors, Pallavi, Abhi and me. Abhi asks him to become Ranbir’s friend and asks him to ignore his mistakes, so that he shares everything. Vikram says he shares with me so many things and asks what are the things which you know? Abhi recalls asking about love and tells that he will leave now. Vikram thinks he has a good bonding with his sons and thinks if Abhi knows something which I don’t know.

Prachi and Shahana come back home and tell that they have brought groom for Maya and convinced Rahul. Prachi says it is good. Prachi tells that they shall give the gift so that their visit shall look genuine. Sarita behen asks her to buy from the mall. Pragya says ok, she will go and bring. Vikram tells Dushyant that Abhi had gone to the mall. Dushyant sees Prachi and Shahana coming there and recalls her words. Dushyant asks Mr. Chaubey if he saw her and tells that because of her mom, they went to police station and he feels that Maya’s marriage can be cancelled because of her.

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