Twist of fate update Thursday 1 July 2021

Twist of fate 1 July 2021: Vikram thinks he has a good bonding with his sons and thinks if Abhi knows something which I don’t know. Prachi and Shahana come back home and tell that they have brought groom for Maya and convinced Rahul. Prachi says it is good. Prachi tells that they shall give the gift so that their visit shall look genuine.

Sarita behen asks her to buy from the mall. Pragya says ok, she will go and bring. Vikram tells Dushyant that Abhi had gone to the mall. Dushyant sees Prachi and Shahana coming there and recalls her words. Dushyant asks Mr. Chaubey if he saw her and tells that because of her mom, they went to police station and he feels that Maya’s marriage can be cancelled because of her.

Pragya coming to the mall. She sees the doll in the mall and asks the salesgirl to show it. She reminisces Kiara asking her to buy the doll. She recalls their happy moments with Abhi. A fb is shown, Pragya reminisces Abhi. Her friend sees Pragya and says I thought you are in Hoshiarpur still. She asks did you shift here? Pragya smiles. Her friend tells that she is very happy to see her. Pragya tells that she came for Prachi and Shahana as they had come for their studies. Her friend says it is good. Abhi comes there. Kammo sees him and tells that she is ready to jump off from 10th floor, for an autograph. Pragya says my autograph. Kammo says no, his photograph and asks her to see.

Just then someone comes infront of Abhi and Pragya couldn’t see him. Kammo comes to Abhi and asks  for his autograph. She then asks him to take selfie with her friend who is a big fan of him and sings his song which he never sang too. Abhi asks how did she know, when I didn’t sing those songs? Kammo asks him to question her and takes him to toy shop. Abhi looks at the doll and reminisces Kiara, asking him to return his Cookie. Kammo goes to search Pragya. Abhi looks at Pragya and calls her. He goes behind her.

Dushyant asks Mr. Chaubey if maya is a burden for them. Mr. Chaubey says she is our only child and we are living for her. Dushyant says Prachi doesn’t want Ranbir and Maya to get married and trying to woo him. Mrs. Chaubey asks how we can stop her, she is Ranbir’s friend. Dushyant asks her to explain to Prachi that her closeness with Ranbir will be bad for her health. Mrs Chaubey says she will make her understand. Ranbir sees Prachi and asks him to handle him, the crying baby infront of her. Shahana says it seems two things are going on in his heart. One is Mata’s tension and something which he can’t tell, but it is in his heart. Ranbir says everything will be easy when Prachi is here. Shahana says I will complain to Ranbir about you. She says just as we entered his house, it was all dark and everything was messed up. She says Rahul came out of bathroom and picked the knife, he would have killed us. Prachi says nothing happened, Rahul thought we came to kill him, and got scared and picked the knife. She says he is coming here. Ranbir asks when? Mrs. Chaubey calls Prachi and asks her to come to talk to her. Prachi goes. Shahana says she is not getting the good feeling.

Pragya comes inside the lift. Abhi stops the lift door with his foot and gets inside. Pragya gets surprised seeing him. Abhi hugs her and kisses her. They get emotional seeing each other and sheds happy tears. Allah Wariyan plays…..The lift stops. A couple see them hugging. Abhi coughs. They go. Lift starts again. Abhi hugs Pragya again.

Mrs. Chaubey asks Prachi, how did she know Ranbir and his family. Prachi says she met them through someone else, but she studies with Ranbir in the same college. Mrs. Chaubey asks why she wanted to break Ranbir and Maya’s marriage. Prachi says it is not like that. She says Maya is marrying Ranbir for you and tells that nobody will be happy in this marriage. Mrs. Chaubey says you didn’t know about Maya’s father who is very dangerous. She says we don’t want your closeness with Ranbir and asks her to maintain distance with him. She says I will tell your mother also and asks her to fix her meeting with her mother. Prachi asks what you will tell her.

Pragya asks Abhi to tell. Abhi says ladies first. Pragya says I am very angry with you and once I start, I will not stop. She says phone….I called you many times, but you didn’t pick my calls. She reminds him when he called her to cafeteria, but he didn’t come. Abhi says he was very busy that day. He says I also called you many times, but you didn’t pick my call. Pragya says you are lying. Abhi asks why will I lie? If I am scared. He says I am scared, but I didn’t lie. Pragya says I don’t know why you are angry with me and tells that she don’t want to talk to him. Abhi says there is a good moment here and there are no cameras. Pragya says she wants to go. Abhi asks her to kiss him. Pragya finds the lift stuck and tells Abhi.

Mrs. Chaubey tells Prachi that she is an ordinary girl, but maya is Dasharath Chaubey’s daughter and she is from the political family, you don’t know about our power. She says that mall girl Roshini was sent off to mental asylum as Maya’s father sent her. prachi says if you wanted to convey to me that your husband is a bad guy, then don’t tell me as I know this already. He doesn’t have a heart and don’t have love for anybody. She says if you want to make me understand then I will not do and will not explain anything. She says I will keep my family away from you and you shall keep your family away from us. Mrs. Chaubey says they can finish her off and tells that Maya and Maya’s Papa can do anything to break your relation with this family. She says I want your mother to make you understand to get separated from Ranbir. Prachi looks at her.

Mrs. Chaubey asks if your mother doesn’t want you to get separated from Ranbir. She says Maya’s papa and Dushyant don’t like Ranbir and your relation, you are trouble for them. Prachi says she can’t break her relation for their stubbornness, and asks her to ask them to leave their stubbornness. She says if you leave your stubbornness, then I will vote in the next election. Mrs. Chaubey says you are taking it lighting and threatens her to end her relation with Ranbir. She says go and talk to your family, they will explain to you. Prachi says my mother taught me that we shall never throw the stone in the pit and if it comes in the house or neighborbood, we shall clean it.

Pragya says lift is stuck. Abhi says you have pressed many buttons altogether. Pragya says I was angry. She says what to do now. Abhi says we shall fight and says this is happening because of me. Pragya says I called you, but you said that I didn’t call you and vice versa. Abhi asks her to use her mind.

Pragya knocking on the lift door and asks for help. Abhi says don’t take us out. A salesguy hears them and asks who is inside? Pragya says we are inside. Abhi asks him to call someone to open the lift. The salesguy asks them not to panic and says he will call someone. Abhi asks him to take his time. Pragya says it is good that he heard my voice. Abhi says he heard my voice. He asks why do we fight? Pragya says I don’t want to talk to you. Abhi says you shall make a call to make good memories. He shows her call list and tells that he had called her many times. Pragya says number might not be mine. His phone drops. Pragya checks and says this is not my number. Abhi asks what do you mean? Pragya says this is not my number. Ranbir asks Prachi what did Maya’s mother say?

Prachi says she threatened me that if I don’t break my relation with you and your family then they will kill me and my family. Mrs. Chaubey comes there. Ranbir asks what did you say? Mrs. Chaubey says Prachi told me. Ranbir says you know that she is my good friend and I…Mrs. Chaubey says I know you loves her.

She says you are going to married to Maya and you shall not have any relation with Prachi after marrying Maya. She says Mr. Chaubey will not like it. Ranbir turns to Maya and asks if she wants to break her relation with him. Prachi recalls their moments and Ranbir’s support for her. She nods no. Ranbir tells that even he doesn’t want to break his relation with Prachi. Mrs. Chaubey says I am alerting you about what is going to happen. She goes. Ranbir says she is threatening us. Prachi says her answer is Rahul, she says if Maya gets convinced to marry Rahul then everything will be fine.

Pallavi asks Beeji what she will do to break the marriage. Beeji says she has to make such ambience before, and tells that she was praising Maya and her family before breaking the alliance. She says Maya told me so much about her childhood, says now she will talk to her mother. Pallavi gets happy. Beeji asks her to fight with her loudly when she signs her.

Meera gives instructions to waiter and collides with Ranbir and Prachi. She tells Ranbir that Dushyant is searching him. Ranbir gets angry at Dushyant. Prachi asks Ranbir to calm down and asks him to breathe in and out. She says Maya will scold dushyant and will do our work. Ranbir calms down and smiles. Meera notices this and asks Prachi what is going on between them? Prachi tells that they have a plan to break the marriage and is about to tell her plan, but Meera stops her and tells that they shall not tell the plan else it will fail. She says Maya and her family will remember this sangeet and it will be a lesson to them. Prachi says my mother says the same.

Abhi asks Pragya why did she give wrong number to Purab. Pragya says I talked to you on Purab’s phone last time. She says when I called you many times, someone disconnected the calls after a ring and then I thought you don’t want to talk to me. Abhi says why I will do this, I never rejected your calls. Pragya says that calls was going somewhere else. Abhi says if I had got your calls then why I would have been upset with you for not calling me.

He asks for her number. Just then electricity goes off. Abhi gets stressed and says he is getting bad feeling that they will fall down. Pragya asks him to calm down. Abhi says who made this lift and tells that everyone would have been perfect by using stairs. He says lifts shall have necessities, TV, fridge etc. Pragya says it shall have gym and other things. He asks if she is joking. Pragya says I am trying to divert your attention. She tries to give him some air and moves her pallu. He asks her to use all her saree. Pragya says you gets anxious and panic when I made tea, then Dadi taught me to make coffee. Abhi says then I liked your coffee. Pragya says yes.

She reminds him if he remember that when he was stuck while writing songs then she helped him finish the song, and he said that she is his inspiration. Abhi asks did you remember about the concert, when you brought coffee and then the concert rocked. She says you had said that coffee and rockstar Jodi are hit. Abhi says Dadi was wonderful and used to make me have coffee. Pragya says coffee fell down and then the manager thought that I am making you hear the song. She laughs getting nostalgic about their past. Abhi asks why did you go from my life?

Vikram asks Aryan to attend the sangeet. Aryan says he doesn’t like them. Vikram says I am planning something so that they will feel bad in sangeet. Aryan says I will handle them. Vikram asks him to go to them and excuse himself. He asks him to tell them that Vikram uncle is busy with caterers. Aryan says ok. The salesguy tries to talk to manager, but he is busy on call. The salesguy tells that someone is stuck in lifts. Manager says you would have told me before. He says he will call technician. Aryan comes to Dushyant and Mr. Chaubey and says greet them. He says Ranbir is like his brother. Dushyant says he is good from among the family members and tells that he has a good alliance for him in his village. Aryan thinks he will get trapped and tells that he has a girl friend and is set with Shahana, signs at her. Shahana hears him and gets upset. Aryan says she got upset and goes. He follows her and tells her that he took her name as they wanted to fix him with village girl. Shahana gets upset. Aryan tells her about his idea of a girlfriend.

Mrs. Chaubey comes to Dushyant and Mr. Chaubey and tells that she don’t think that Prachi will break her relationship with Ranbir. Ranbir hears them. Beeji comes and calls her. Ranbir thinks Prachi refused to break her relationship with her and thinks love is in the air.

Abhi tells Pragya that if she would have been with her then everything would have been fine. Pragya says she was angry and took the wrong decision. Abhi says I took wrong decision in anger and asks why you didn’t show maturity? Pragya says that day a mother got angry and tells that she misses Kiara. Abhi says he misses her too. Pragya reminisces her and says she used to call you superman, she used to think that you have solution for all the problems. Abhi says she was clever and used to called me doll chor. Pragya says doll chor became her hero afterwards.

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