Curse of the sands update Wednesday 30 June 2021


Curse of the sands 30 June 2021: Mohini brutally trashes DK. DK plead to spare her while Ghagra paltan team encourages Mohini to not spare DK.

Mallika asks Vivian if he thinks this bubbleless bubblegum DK can harm Rana. Vivian says she cannot. DK says Vivian is right. Mohini spares DK. On the other side, Vanraj asks Siya how did she get DK’s ring. Siya reminisces taking it when Mohini held her hand. Rana says she should win over Mohini as he needs her back, then says whole Behramgarh needs her.

Mohini sits beside Rana taking care of him. Rana dreams of Siya stabbing him repeatedly and wakes up shouting. Mohini asks if DK attacked him. He says no and warns her to stay away from him. She walks away. Rana thinks he needs to search that girl soon and find out who she is and why she attacked him. Mohini hears that.

Vanraj starts Siya’s training after a length dialogue and ties Raj jyotishji’s given protective taweez on her hand. Vivian ties Behramgarh men and women brutually lashes them. Mohini shouts to tell who attacked Rana. They all plead to spare them. Raj jyotishji and Bindu watch them from a distance.

Vanraj starts Siya’s training and sensing Jhumri spying on them catches her red handed. Jhumri alleges him that he is touching Siya sensuously in lieu of training her. Vanraj asks her to go home, else. Jhumri asks if he will hit her and excitedly shows her cheek. Vanraj turns into lion and frightens her, and she runs away afraid.

Siya gets training from Vanraj, and Vanraj injures her hand wile training her sword fight and then once she is asleep at night applies medicine on her injury. Rana gets heavily inebriated and imagines Siya all around. Aaj Phatte chak lainde…song..plays in the background. Mohini questions villagers to tell where is that girl and beheads them. Bindu, Jhumri, and Raj jyotishiji watch hiding. Siya continues her training and defeats Vanraj.

Next morning, Mohini takes breakfast for Rana, but he shuts door on her face. Vanraj tells Siya that she needs to train more hard as her fight is with chudail. Raj jyotishji with Bindu and others meet Siya. Mohini asks Rana to forget girl as she is untraceable still. He says he does not want to forget her. Mohini pleads to open door. Rana opens door and making her fall down asks to stay away from him as he hates her and she is not even equal to that girl’s shoes, she is a 500-year-old chudail who drinks young girls’ blood to keep herself young, she is and will always be a chudail and is nothing in front of that girl/Siya. He walks away. Mohini fumes reminiscing Rana’s words.

Bindu alleges Siya that because of her, whole Behramgarh is burning and describes how Mohini beheaded innocent people. Siya cries. Vanraj holds her tears and says she does not have right to insult people who sacrificed their life for her. She is under pressure of guilt. Vanraj asks her not to, just get up and fight. Siya says she will go to haveli. Jhumri says Rana is craving for her. Mohini in palace thinks she is beautiful and not that girl. Siya thinks Rana considers her beautiful and is behind her, she will spoil her face and gets into fire. Vanraj tries to rush towards her, but Bindu and Kajri stops him. Vanraj shouts at Siya to come out of fire. Bindu asks Kajri tolet him cry today, Siya will be his after Siya burns herself.


Mohini looks into black magical mirror and says asks to show that girl/Siya’s face. She sees fire and then her face, laughs that even now she is world’s most beautiful woman. DK thinks why did not sautan’s face merge. Siya gets out of fire black like Kalimaa with her clothes and body intact.

Siya gets out of fire black as kalimaa. Vanraj asks how is she back alive from fire. Raj Jyotish ji says with protective thread tied on Siya’s hand which had 8 knots and now after protecting Siya only 6 knots left. He asks Vanraj if he knows why Siya became black like kalimaa. Vanraj says nobody will identify Siya now. Siya says now she can enter Mohini’s palace, but why would Mohini let an unknown person stay in her palace.

Vanraj says she can enter as nazar bhattu; Mohini is a 500-year-old chudail and needs a young girl’s blood plus dry tree in palace lawn which is nazar bhattu to keep herself young, so if dry tree flourishes and gets back green again, Mohini cannot use it as nazar bhattu and she will be forced to use Siya as nazar bhattu. Siya says she will water that old tree and relive it. Raj Jyotish ji says it needs special water from a lake in jungle which is surround by evil spirits and nobody returned back after going there. Vanraj says he will guide Siya. Raj Jyotish ji says she should go there without anyone noticing her footsteps or even breath.

Mohini looks herself into mirror and says she is the most beautiful woman int he world. DK helplessly nods yes. Mohini says she will go to Rana and lure him. Once she leaves, DK yells this chudail considers herself as beautiful, already he taught her a lesson and now he will kick her out. Mohini walks into Rana’s room and hugs him. He pushes her away. She then dances sensuously on a romantic song tries to lure him, but he puhess her away.

Raj Jyotish ji warns Vanraj not to accompany Siya, else he will turn into lion completely and cannot become human again. He tells Siya that Vanraj will drop her outside jungle and then she has to go herself in and get water. Vanraj guides Siya into jungle and lets her go in further. She walks near dry well and then finally near lake and fetches water.

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