Twist of fate update Wednesday 18 January 2023

Twist of fate 18 January 2023: Dr. Preeti coming there. Prachi tells that she requested Dr. Preeti to come there and tell about Rhea’s report. She tells that the report got lost and tells that the report result shall be declared infront of all.

Pallavi asks Dr. Preeti if Rhea’s baby DNA matches with Ranbir or not. Vikram says you might be hesitant to read the report, but we are ready. Pallavi asks her to tell. Dr. Preeti tells that it is matched, her baby’s DNA perfectly matches with Ranbir, that means this baby is of Ranbir. Rhea smiles. Prachi is shocked. Aaliya asks Rhea if she gave money to get the report made. Rhea says it is truthful. Aaliya asks why did you make me run and asked me to get the report. Rhea says I was not sure if the test is done of the same sample.

She tells that she had taken sample from Prachi, she made her smell chloroform and took her sample. She says then she went to the clinic and switched the sample with her sample. Aaliya says you have done unbelievable thing. Rhea says Prachi’s accusation was unbearable. Prachi tells that DNA can’t match. Rhea says you are saying as if you made the report. Aaliya says you tried and couldn’t bear that Rhea is pregnant with Ranbir’s child and you are not pregnant with his child. She says you have challenged her.

Rhea says test is done and result have come, so don’t raise fingers on my pregnancy. Prachi says you are not pregnant with Ranbir or anyone’s baby. She is not pregnant and tells that she has compromised with the report. Pallavi says enough is enough and says test is yours, the doctor is yours and asks her to apologize to Rhea for raising doubt on her and her baby. Prachi says Rhea is lying and I am saying truth, and I will not apologize for saying truth. She walks away from there. Ranbir goes behind Prachi.

Sid goes behind them. Rhea says I will leave from this house with Ranbir’s baby in my womb, if Prachi don’t apologize to me. Prachi thinks of Pallavi’s words. Ranbir comes behind Prachi and asks if she is doubting him, and thinking she shouldn’t have challenged Rhea. He asks if he is ashamed of him. Prachi says all things can’t be about you. She says I am not ashamed of you. He says there is something else in DNA test. Prachi says that baby is not yours, why you want to make it yours. Ranbir says I don’t want to make it mine. Prachi asks him to give her sometime. He says you knows where I will be, when you want to talk. He goes.

Rhea thinks now everyone will come behind me. Aaliya comes behind Rhea and appreciates her plan. Rhea says Mom haven’t come. I thought she will plead infront of me, not to leave the house. Aaliya asks why did you hide about this? Rhea says I wanted to prove my pregnancy. She says she recollected that Prachi was signing the nurse, when she had gone for test. She tells that the report would have come that she is not pregnant. She says that’s why she had gone to Prachi and stolen her sample from her. She says I didn’t tell fearing it will fail, and tells that she has won.

She tells that she was afraid that the report is real or manipulated and that’s why sent her to get the report. She sees Pallavi and pretends to cry hugging Aaliya. Aaliya says I am yours. Rhea says nobody is mine, else Mom and Dad would have asked Prachi to apologize to me. She says she just can’t stay here anymore and will leave this house. Pallavi says you will not go anywhere as your respect is ours too, and it will not compromised.

She says Prachi will apologize to you else she wil lose me for forever, she regards me as her mother, she will lose me forever. Rhea hugs her. Sid hears Pallavi promising Rhea to make Prachi apologize to her. Sid comes to Prachi and asks her to say sorry to Rhea. He says you have to do this, Rhea is doing drama and telling that she is insulted. Prachi asks why? She tells that she knows that Rhea is not pregnant. She says I am angry as I couldn’t prove it. She asks what she did that she changed the report. She says Dr. Preeti is trust worthy and tells that what she has done.

Sid asks her to apologize to Rhea now, else situation will go from their hands. Prachi says I am saying truth and the truth will come out. Sid says you have to fight the game with everyone’s support, and says Rhea is provocating Pallavi Chachi against you. He asks her to let Rhea do a mistake, then she will get a chance to turn the tables.

Pallavi says you are my grand child’s mother, you are my first and last choice, you are Ranbir’s wife and his baby’s mother. She says she will take care of her well that no mother in law had taken care of her bahu. Aaliya asks Rhea to clear all her doubts. Pallavi tells that she will make Prachi apologize to her. Sid comes to Pallavi and tells that Prachi is searching you.

Sid asks Rhea to tell where is Mihika? Rhea threatens to accused him of molesting her. Sid is shocked. Rhea comes to Prachi. Prachi says I want to say. Ranbir says this is private conversation, he has sent guests to have food. Rhea asks what is he saying? Prachi asks her not to be innocent as she knows what she wants to say. Rhea asks her to tell. Prachi says before sangeet started. Pallavi asks her to say straight. Prachi says I hurt you. Aaliya says you have done wrong with your sister, everyone is congratulating Rhea and you asked her to get pregnancy test. She says now we know whose doubt was right and whose doubt was fake. She says Rhea is pregnant with Ranbir’s baby and you…don’t know you are pregnant with whose baby.

Aaliya telling Prachi that Rhea is pregnant with Ranbir’s baby and don’t know you are pregnant with whom? Dida says Prachi is getting hurt with your words. Pallavi says Prachi has brought herself to this turn and says she had challenged Rhea, what was the need to do this. She says you knew well that you have to apologize to her, and tells that at one point she was with Prachi and let her challenge Rhea, though she trusts Rhea fully. She says I convinced Rhea to accept this challenge as I don’t want you to have any doubt in your heart. Prachi says I am still not cleared, I am doubtful about the report. Rhea says she is still doubtful even after reading the report. Prachi says I don’t think that the report is right and asks her to get the test done again.

Rhea asks shall I get health Minister sign on the report or shall I give loyalty test or agni pariksha. Prachi says DNA test is needed. Rhea says I am ready to do it again. Aaliya thinks it is easy to get the test done, with Prachi’s sample. Rhea says you have lost first challenge and asks her to apologize to her, else she will leave the house now itself. She says you didn’t hear carefully and asks her to apologize. She then says I had enough, I am leaving this house. Pallavi asks Prachi to apologize to her. Aaliya says Rhea is your sister, say sorry.

Vikram says Rhea is mother of Ranbir’s baby, say sorry to her. Rhea brings her bag and starts leaving. Aaliya thinks if nobody stops her. Prachi says sorry. Rhea smiles victoriously and turns to Prachi. She asks did you say something? Prachi says I said sorry. Rhea asks her to say again loudly. Prachi says I apologized to you just now and said sorry. she shouts Sorry. Rhea smiles.

Rhea asks sorry for what? Prachi says sorry for hurting your feelings, may be your report was right and I was wrong. She says don’t leave this house for Mummy, she loves you and is found of you. She says everyone loves you and likes you. Pallavi asks Rhea if everything is fine now and hugs Rhea. Rhea smiles. Aaliya tells Ranbir that Rhea is having his baby and even Prachi has accepted this, so he shall be with Rhea. Pallavi says take care of Rhea. Vikram asks Dida not to worry as some drama always happens here. He says he will drop her to her room.

Sid comes to Prachi and tells that she did right by apologizing. Prachi says I don’t remember when did I say sorry without my mistake. She asks I have problem, why will I say sorry when I haven’t done any mistake. Shahana comes there and tells that they couldn’t do anything as Mihika was under supervision. She says now we know where is Mihika? Prachi asks her to take her to Mihika. Shahana asks what has happened here? Prachi says Rhea proved that the baby is of Ranbir.

She says DNA report came positive and she has proved that her baby is of Ranbir. She tells that she had to apologized to Rhea repeatedly, when she had not done anything wrong. Shahana says you have to expose Rhea and Aaliya, and also have to take revenge. Prachi says today will be kayamat night for Rhea, and I will wipe out the darkness in which she kept us. She asks Shahana to come. Shahana asks Prachi what they will answer Pallavi. Prachi says we shall go from back door.

Pallavi hears and asks where are they going? She says I heard them talking when Shahana tries to answer. Prachi says we were going somewhere. Sid tells that he has to go and meet his clients to Hotel Star Sheraton, and they want to meet my would be wife. Pallavi says ok, go and meet our international clients and asks Prachi not to do anything wrong, so that she has to apologize to them. Rhea and Aaliya see them leaving. Aaliya asks Pallavi about them. Pallavi says Sid has gone to meet International clients, and we can’t upset them.

The guest tells that they are leaving. Aaliya goes to Rhea and tells that Prachi shall fall down in Ranbir’s sight, and tells that she will break down completely. She tells that we have to do the same thing again and break the trust. Rhea says only this plan was successful. Aaliya says lover breaks down with betrayal. She says she fears that Ranbir sits with Prachi on the mandap so they have to give deep pain. She tells that Prachi has gone with Sid to hotel Sheraton.

Rhea comes to Ranbir. Ranbir asks where is Prachi? Rhea asks if you do this intentionally? She asks why you don;t behave normally. She says Prachi doesn’t care about you or your feelings and says may be face is the reason, as her behavior is not right. Ranbir tells that he didn’t love Prachi’s face, but loves her innerself. Rhea says Prachi wears the mask which she wears infront of you, you didn’t see her real face, you will not see it as you are blind in her love. She says I really care for you and I don’t want to hurt your heart or feelings. She says Prachi don’t love you.

Ranbir says Prachi loves me. Rhea says I saw her love, she loves you and keeping someone baby in her womb. She says Prachi is marrying Sid. Ranbir says Prachi will not marry Sid. Rhea asks if she said this. Ranbir says I am waiting for her and tells that nobody can separate Prachi and me. he says I don’t care whose baby she is carrying, I just love her. Rhea says you are blind in love and don’t know the truth. She tells that she will spend her life with Sid, and is acting to love you, so that she gets big share in business.

She says Prachi will ask you to give some money and you are fool to name everything on her name. Then she will not look at you. Rhea says you will see her disloyalty in hotel, and says they have gone to hotel, why to wait. Ranbir raises her hand to slap her. Rhea asks him to see them leaving to Star Sheraton hotel, and told Mom that they went to business meeting. She says manager confirmed that there is no meeting with any international clients. Ranbir leaves from there. Rhea says well done.

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