Broken Bonds update Wednesday 18 January 2023

Broken Bonds 18 January 2023: Kuldeep comes home. He’s drunk. Shubra says are you drunk? He says I have to tell you everything.. Shubra takes him to the room. Kuldeep says I have to tell you something important. Shubra says think about the kids at laest. She asks them to go home. Shubra says let me get you coffee. First get in senses then we can talk. Kids try to listen in.

Shubra says let me get you coffee. The kids come to Kuldeep and ask where do Shubra’s parents live? He says that man has a big ego and big house. I ran your mom from there. Roli says you’re like a fairytale prince. HE says yes. Roli says but where did you flee her from? He says from her dad’s place. Roli says where does he live? Kuldeep says where Aa ji lives. Roli says you’re so brave. Rishi says what’s the street name? Kuldeep tells street name. Rishi asks bunglow number? He says 3. It’s a huge bunglow. The kids run out.

Shubra brings coffee. She says you can’t even sit. He says I.. That day. On our anniversary what happened.. He starts crying. Shurba says what happened? He says that day.. Hotel. Shubra says what?

He passes out. Shubra lays him on bed. He says I suffocate in my job Samaira is giving me such a good offer. I will go to Mumbai. Shubra is shocked.

Scene 2
Kuldeep wakes up. He says good morning. Shubra says afternoon. He says my boss would be super mad. Shubra says few days only and then you will be doing to Mumbai? He is shocked. HE says who told you? Shubra says your job isn’t that bad. He says I was drunk. I am done with this job. I didn’t get a promotion. What should I do? Shubra says so you have decided that you will go to Mumbai with Samaira? He says it wasn’t easy for me to decide. Shubra says you can find a job in Pune. Why go there? Please sit here. We can find a new job together, that deserves you. He looks the other way.

Sanjana says this is too much. That Samaira is so clever. Shubra says Kuldeep is to be blamed. Sanjana says do something and stop him. Shubra says what should I do to stop him? Bell rings. Sanjana opens the door. It’s Aa ji.

Scene 3
Kuldeep comes to office. Samaira says what did you think of my offer? He says I have decided. She says trust me everything will be fine. I will be here in Mumbai. I will help you settle down. He says I have decided that I am not coming to Mumbai. Samaira says what? He says I can’t accept this offer.

Aa ji says to Sanjana you provoked my daughter to leave us. What else do you want? You helped her flee. You married with your family’s choice. If you didn’t help her flee, she would have been married to a well off and nice man and she would be happy. Shubra says it was my decision. Don’t blame her it was my mistake. Enough. Aa ji says so you accepted. Aa ji says so you accepted it’s a mistake? 4 days of happiness and you’re suffering every day. He changes job every other month. He has no money. Aa ji leaves lunch on the table. Aa ji says parents aren’t enemies, the one you married what happiness did he give you? She leaves crying. Shurba cries as well.

Kuldeep says we should stay away from each other to forget. Samaira says tell me honestly, have I made no place in your heart yet? Kuldeep says I can’t talk. He hangs up. Kuldeep’s friend asks what happened? He says Samaira offered me a job. I said no. He says I know what else happened. I wish she offered me as well and we had fun too. Kuldeep slaps him. Kuldeep says sorry. I couldn’t control listening this about her. He says are you in love with Samaira? Samaira is on call listening all this. Kuldeep looks at his family photo.

Scene 4
Rishi says Roli get off the stool. Amul says let’s go Rishi. But is here. Roli says but I am hungry. Please stay. She winks at Rishi as they plan to go to Aa ji’s house. I want to eat. Rishi are Roli hide in the school. The bus leaves. The watchman says all kids are gone. Roli and Rishi are in the school. Roli says this gate is always open. What do we do now? Roli says idea. They climb the grill. Roli says we will go in bus. I know which bus goes there.

Roli and Rishi sit in the bus. A woman asks are you two alone? Roli says driver’s car broke and mama’s phone is out of reach as well. Rishi imagines Shubra punishing them. Roli aks a man where is this stop? The woman says it was left behind. They get off the bus and start walking. They ask for the address. Rishi says such a big house. They see the fountain and play in it. Aa ji’s husband comes and says who are you? Asking for funds? Roli says no, you. Rishi says we are your grandchildren. Roli says and you’re our nanu.

Roli says we are your grandchildren and you’re our nanu. He’s shocked. Roli says let’s go inside and talk. It’s so hot here. She says kaka bring our bags. They go inside.

Shurba waits for the kids. The teacher calls Shubra and says we are waiting for Roli and Rishi in the bus. Did you come to pick them? Shubra says no. I was waiting for them. Where are they? The teacher says we don’t know, they are not in school. Shubra says where did they go?

Rishi says such a big house. Roli says come here. They sit on the sofa. Shubra’s dad comes in. Roli says Aaju baa please turn on the fan. It’s so hot. Roshi says water too. He turns on the fan. They stand in front of the fan. They fith with cushions. He tries to stop them but he can’t. Aaju says what are you doing? Get off the sofa. Go stand there. Ge says Vithal. Roli says Aaju ba we are thirsty. Give us water, juice would work too.

Roli says elephant teeth. They play in it. Aaju says it tiwll break. He asks Vitthal to bring them seats. He gives them water. Roli says is there nothing to eat? Very hungry. I saw a restaurant outside. Will we have chicken jelfrezi there. He says Maas machi (meat, fish) doesn’t come here. Roli says I said chicken not meat, fish. He asks Vithaal to bring vaghar vali. Roli says I don’t like it. Rishi says we ate chicken already.

Eat it now. Rishi picks a butterfly. Papers fall down. He says didn’t your mother teach you not to touch things in other people’s house? Roli says other people? You are our granddad. Just chill, papa says anger makes your mind go in the wrong direction. He says, useless man. Roli says don’t call my papa useless.

Scene 2
Shubra and Kuldeep are looking for kids. Watchman says they were going out of the backdoor. Samaira calls Kuldep. He says stop calling. My kids are missing. He hangs up. Samaira says don’t try to avoid me.

Aaju says your aai didn’t teach you any manners. Rishi says your parents didn’t teach you to patch up after fighting? Vitthal says they are young kids. Roli says Rishi and I fight but we patch up. You also patch up with mama, please. Rishi says yes, please. It’s not okay to break up. Say sorry and hug. They hug him. He says move away. move. Aaji comes in. She is shocked. The kids run and hug her. They say aaji. Aaji is shocked that they know her already. He says you know each other? Roli says yes, Aaji comes to our place. We just don’t know you. Rishi says that’s why we came. We have grandparents day at school, you also have to come. Roli says Rishi will dance. They dance on jhing jhing. Aaji says did you tell aai you’re coming here?

Shubra and Kuldeep are looking everywhere. They see a desk with the gate. Kuldeep says they might have jumped and ran from here. Shubra says where could they go? Kuldeep says they must be nearby. Aaji calls Shubra. Shubra says I will call you later. Aaji says they are here, at our place. Shubra hears them singing. Shubra says they are at Aai’s place. Kuldeep says thank God. Shubra says I am coming to take them. Aaji says I am sending them with the driver. Shubra says I hope baba doesn’t get mad at the kids.

Roli says I will sit in front seat. Aaji says no, kids sit at the back seat. She gives them lunch. Rishi says please come on grandparents’ day and bring Aaju ba as well. She says good keep you both happy. They sit in the car. Aaji says take care. The kids leave.

Aaji comes back in. Aaju says you meet them without telling me? You know we have no relation with her. She says you get angry. He says why won’t get angry? We have been married for 35 years and today I know that you have no respect for my word. She says I do all your ask. But I am a mother as well, my heart wants to meet her. HE says even after what she did? She ran from this house and I wasn’t able to show my face to anyone. I was president of this society, I had to resign. She ran from the house and broke all the rules. All my relatives made fun of me. Did she even think? Her sister’s engagement broke, don’t you care about her? But you didn’t stop meeting Shubra and her kids? Aaji cries.

Aaj cries. She looks at Vitthal picking their food. Aaji says this was the only missing thing in my house. This house has become a home today. Someone came and messed things today. Let things be the way they are. Don’t fix them.

Scene 3
Samaira keeps calling Kuldeep. He calls her back. Samaira says hello. He says I am really sorry, I know I was rude but.. I hope you understand. I am really sorry. She says could you find the kids? Kuldeep says they were at Shubra’s parents. They are on their way. She says I was praying they come back home safe. I know you care about them a lot. He says it feels good that you care about me and my family. I was under the impression you were mad at me, I rejected your offer and didn’t talk to you. Once again, I am sorry. She says I agree we haven’t met, but we are together again. A lot closer. So I care about you. He says kids are back, I will talk to you later. She says how long will you make excuses to run away from me? After hearing everything on the phone.

Shubra is mad at the kids. She asks why did you do this? We were so worried. Tell me. Kuldeep says why did you have to go to that place? Do I ever go there? No right? He sees a pendant in their necks and says what is this? Shubra says aai must have given this. Kuldeep says say something? Rishi says sorry papa. Sorry aai. We.. Roli says you leave it. She says it’s grandparents’ day. We had to invite them, mama will be so happy if they come. Kuldeep says where did you get the address from? Roli says you gave it along with permission last night. Kuldeep says when? Roli says you were in your room and you were smelling. But you were in a good mood. Shubra says in this condition, people don’t remember what they do. He says I remember everythihng. Rishi says will we go for a picnic tomorrow? Shubra says yes. The kids go back to their room.

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