Imlie starlife update Wednesday 18 January 2023

Imlie 18 January 2023: Tripathis plan a surprise party to welcome Imlie as their daughter-in-law/bahu and discuss they shouldn’t let Adi know as he will spoil all the surprise. Imlie walks to them and questions. Harish acts as scolding her to concentrate on her work. Malini joins them and feels happy seeing that. Once Imlie leaves, Rupali tells Harish that it was a loud acting. He says he couldn’t think much when Imlie came suddenly. Pankaj says they shouldn’t hurt Imlie in lieu of giving her a surprise. Malini asks what surprise are they planning for Imlie. Aparna says she wants to correct her mistake, she never considered Imlie as her bahu but Imlie considered her as a mother, so if she doesn’t accept Imlie now, she can’t be a good maa or saas/MIL.

Adi hears that and asks if she wants to accept Imlie as bahu. Harish says gabbar came to spoil their surprise. Nishant informs about their surprise plan for Imlie. Aparna says she wants to perform Imlie’s graha pravesh and asks if she will forgive him. Adi emotionally hugs and thanks her. Malini gets jealous. Pankaj asks Adi not to spoil their surprise. Adi asks which surprise. Harish asks not to inform him as they don’t trust him. Adi says he will not have breakfast then. Pankaj gives his promise.

Aparna asks Malini if she is fine. Malini says yes. Rupali says Malini is excited as she is Imlie’s elder sister. Adi asks if she had morning medicine. Malini says she is having morning sickness and walks away. Malini returns to her room and angrily breaks things. She cries that Imlie is winning even after her efforts. She asks Adi’s photo why he fell in his love for 7 years and suddenly left her for Imlie, whole family is happy forgetting that she is Adi’s legally wedded wife and his baby’s mother, but she will not let Adi forget that only she has a place in his heart and will not let Imlie win. She burns Imlie’s photo saying there is no place for Imlie between her and Adi.

Imlie cries in her room. Adi gives her garba sticks and asks if she will not play garba with family. Imlie cries that his family didn’t accept her yet. He says even she didn’t forget him yet and is considering him a stranger. She says she considers him as her and hence angry on her. He says similarly elders are angry on her and asks to dance with him and prove that their relationship is still strong. She denies. He forcefully dances with her. She gives up and dances with him. Piya Tose Milne.. song plays in the background.

Next morning, Tripathis select their garba night clothes. Radha gifts garba dress to Sundar and he thanks her. Rupali asks what about a spare dress. Radha says tailor stitched extra and gives it to Imlie. Imlie walks away sadly. Adi says she will cry if they continue their acting. Malini asks if she can invite her parents for tonight’s function. Tripathis’ face changes. Adi says sorry, nobody would be comfortable with Anu’s presence after recent incidents, Anu always creates problems during functions. Malini says she understands but was missing her mom. Aparna says she can invite her mom then. Malini thanks her. Aparna says she herself will invite Anu and Meethi. Radha and Rupali like her idea while Meethi gets jeaolous hearing that.

Imlie while returning home sees a boy writhing in severe pain and calls for help. A biker walks to them. Imlie says she needs a doctor and not biker. Biker says he is Dr. Abhimanyu Birla, checks boy and comforts him. Boy relaxes. Abhimanyu says it was a panic attack. Imlie asks if someone stole his buffaloes. Boy says someone broke his heart and snatched everything from him. Imlie remembers Adi’s betrayal and says she knows how it feels when heart breaks and trust is broken. Abhimanyu says he doesn’t understand heart break, there is only end result of it, pain and only doctor can help anxiety attacks. Imlie says a person who will break his heart is very near him. He drives away. She thinks if all bikers are arrogant.

Anu gets Malini’s call and fumes hearing about Tripathis surprise plan for Imlie. She panics sees a rat. Meethi laughs seeing her situation. Anu yells to stop l aughing and take this rat out of her house. Meethi says she should speak to her with respect if she needs help. Anu requests. Meethi puts rat in a cage. Anu taunts that she knew Meethi can as woman like her easily trap animals or men in their grips in seconds. Dev walks to them and says Tripathis invited them for garba party tonight. Anu says she knows as Malini already informed her. Dev says he is speaking to Meethi and ignoring her tells Meethi that Aparna and Radha specially invited her. Meethi asks if Adi’s family accepted Imlie. Dev says they have.

She says she will prepare dishes and take it for them. Dev says he will buy her ingredients needed. Anu fumes seeing that and thinks let us see who will trap whom.Dev with Meethi and Anu visits Tripathis. Tripathis greet them ignoring Anu. Adi touches Meethi’s feet and walks away ignoring. Aparna apologizes Meethi for their misbehavior earlier. Meethi says she is happy that they accepted Meethi. Imlie walks in singing seeing her mother. Aparna asks her to finish ironing clothes. Meethi says she brought dishes for them, and Tripathis take her and Dev in acting as if Anu is invisible. Malini tells Anu that she cannot tolerate their happiness and celebration, what has she thought to ruin their happiness.

Anu says they will also plan a surprise for servant junior/Imlie. She leaves mouse from cage. Imlie keeps clothes for ironing and goes to bring iron. When she returns, she is shocked to see mouse biting clothes and realizing Anu must have brought it keeps it aside. Tripathis panic seeing rat and spoil decoration. Aparna asks what will happen to Imlie’s surprise. Imlie asks what? Aparna says she means what will happen to them. A lot more mice gather. Imlie says these are English mice. Anu taunts that Tripathis gathered village dirt in their house and hence rat menace is obvious. Dulari says her village mice are well cultured and taunts her. Aparna smirks hearing that.

Anu tries to hit a mouse. Imlie stops her and asks if she didn’t leave her hobby of hurting weak. Anu shouts to leave her hand. Imlie picks mouse and tells Tripathis that even mice are panicking seeing them panicking, they should consider it as Ganeshji’s vehicle mushak maharaj and thank who brought them, pointing at Anu. Nishant asks what will they do with mice now as they spoilt even pooja sweets. Imlie feeds sweets to mice and takes them away. Malini says Imlie fixed it again. Anu says mice spoilt whole decoration and surprise party. Rupali says mice even spoilt their clothes.

Harish says they spoilt food, clothes, and even decoration. Malini takes Anu to her room and praising her plan says she cannot see Tripathis accepting Imlie, her today’s plan worked and what about next. Anu asks not worry. Dev enters and asks Anu if she is not ashamed to spoil Imlie’s surprise party. Anu says she will not let servant junior in peace for snatching her daughter’s husband.Tripathis sit sadly after their surprise party plan is surprised. Adi asks them not to be sad and just inform Imlie that they have accepted her as bahu, she will be happy just with that. Anu and Malini walk to them. Harish angrily says they shouldn’t have planned a party at all.

Imlie enters and says they can perform garba just like that. Radha says how will they with torn clothes and spoilt decoration. Imlie says she will refix it everything, asks Sundar to prepare dishes, Nishant to redecorate house, and herself refixes garba clothes. Family rejoices seeing their clothes refixed like they weren’t torn at all. They get ready for garba and praise Imlie. Malini tells Anu that even this time Imlie set everything right, Tripathis will reveal her good news after garba. Anu says even she is not getting any idea. Malini smirks getting an idea.

Imlie sees her dupatta still torn after refixing it. Adi enters and starts stitching dupatta. She taunts he may become zero trying to become hero. He says he will fix it for sure. She watches him silently. He asks what is she looking at. She says she always saw girls fixing clothes, where did he learn it. He says his reporting work taught him everything. He then dorns dupatta on her and asks her to be careful. She thanks him and happily walks out.

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