Twist of fate update Wednesday 15 November 2023

Twist of fate 15 November 2023:  Ranbir telling Prachi that he will do it. He climbs on the ladder and fixes the bulb. He gets hurt. Prachi gets concerned and blows on his hand, and says you always hurt yourself. They look at each other and recall their moments.

Prachi says you shall take care. Ranbir says I didn’t expect it to be hot. Prachi says the wire got loose. Ranbir says your boss’ son had come here and fixed the wrong wire, and that’s why the light went off. Prachi says yes, Akshay had come. Ranbir asks her for her favorite color. She says red. He says so yellow wire shall be connected. He connects the rights wires and the light comes back. Suddenly Prachi and Ranbir holds her. They look at each other. Akshay comes there and thanks Prachi for fixing the lights.

He says Dad was upset with me, and thanks her for help. Ranbir says its mine. Akshay asks what? Ranbir says Prachi. I mean for what you are thanking Prachi. Prachi says Ranbir helped. Akshay thanks Ranbir for the help. Prachi goes from there and cries. She thinks why you said that I am yours, and recalls Ranbir accusing her for losing Panchi. She says when he comes infront of me, I start feeling sympathy, love and care for him. She thinks she has to stop thinking about him. She collides with Kaya, and recalls her words.

Kaya says sorry, and tells that she said sorry for over reacting in mall. She says she couldn’t understand what is happening to herself, she is feeling strange to herself. Prachi says many people go through this phase many times, but the realization of the mistake is important. Kaya tells that she likes her and such people are less in this world. Prachi says I can say the same thing for you, and says good and clean hearted people are less. Kaya asks if you have 10 mins, and then says her problem is not big. She says they shall have coffee and talk.

Akshay asks Ranbir if Kaya likes you. Ranbir says no, she doesn’t like me, she is not like normal girls. Akshay says Kaya has never called Dad to recommend someone. Ranbir says she trusts me for the project. Akshay asks for the project details. Ranbir tells him that his cabin is classy and made with carefully. He says it is elegant and classy. Akshay tells Ranbir that there is a potential in his project and tells that he has to fund it as Kaya recommended. Ranbir asks him to fund the project only if he wants. Akshay says if someone else would have been on your place, then would have jumped from the seat and thanked me.

Ranbir says I trust this project. Akshay says I don’t keep any favors, and that’s why I will fund all your problem. He says there are three reasons, your project is genuinely good and I believe in profits, I like you as person as you are confident. He says I don’t keep anyone favors, as you have done so much for me in lock up. He says lets lock the deal. Ranbir thanks him.

Prachi asks Kaya to tell her problem. Kaya says lets drink coffee first. She says it is not big thing. Prachi says don’t be formal, we are friends and you can share with me. Kaya tells that her friend has a problem. Prachi says I am your friend and will understand. Kaya says my friend has feelings for a guy and don’t know how to tell him.

She says my friend is like me, and tells that the guy cares for her, he is truthful and don’t try to impress any girl, he respects woman and is unique. Prachi asks what is the problem? Kaya says my friend likes him, but can’t tell him. Prachi asks her friend not to be scared and say it fearlessly. Kaya says but she shall know what is in his heart.

She asks how to find out, what is in his heart. Prachi says when a guy loves the girl, then the girl becomes his world, he doesn’t think about himself or others, but will do everything for her, he will never let her insult and will shield her, and will never make her feel alone, and will handle her always, and his aim will be, she shall not get tears in her eyes. She says if the guy does this then think that he loves you. Kaya asks if you also felt the same and says sorry for reminding about that guy.

Prachi asks her to ask her friend to go and express her feelings. She says she has so much work and goes. Kaya thinks what did she do, she has shared her feelings with Prachi. She thinks she has to find out what is in his heart. Prachi comes back and calls Kaya, as she has given her phone to her.

Akshay asks someone to get the pen. He asks Ranbir if he wants to ask him something. He says he wants clarity between them. Ranbir asks if he is married. Akshay tells that he loves someone, but that girl couldn’t forget her past, and tells that don’t know if she likes me or not. Ranbir asks what is in you that she will like you.

Akshay telling Ranbir that he don’t understand if she likes him or not. Ranbir asks what is in you that she will like you. Akshay asks what? Ranbir says I want to say that what you don’t have that the girl will not like you. Akshay asks why I am feeling that you want to say something else. He asks him to help him.

Ranbir says no, if I propose her on your behalf then she will slap me. Akshay says she is very sorted, brave and confident, I get peace seeing her and I just want to see her. Ranbir asks what is her name? Akshay is about to say, but then says he will make him see her. He says then you have to help me. Ranbir says it is not good if I go and see her. He asks Akshay to go.

Akshay says I have never discussed my personal things with anyone till now, but today I felt that I shall share with you. Kaya and Prachi are in the cafeteria. Akshay calls Prachi and asks where is she? Prachi says she is in cafeteria. Akshay and Ranbir come there.

Akshay asks him to tell if she will like him or not. Ranbir says she will not like you 99 percent, and says the way you told me about her, she will reject you. Akshay asks why? Ranbir says you haven’t done anything on your own, as it is your Papa’s business. He says I brought you to motivate me, but you ended my confidence. Ranbir asks where is she? Akshay says she is sitting in the third row.

Priya brings file for Prachi. Akshay is also busy checking some file. Ranbir sees Priya and says she is so good, and tells that she is made for him. He asks him to go and propose her, and tells that she will like you because you are a good person. Akshay says he will propose her later. Akshay and Ranbir leave. Kaya sees Ranbir and thinks he is one in the thousands, everyone likes you. Prachi looks at Kaya. Kaya comes to her and says I was not telling you about myself. Prachi says you can share with me. Kaya goes. Priya asks Prachi to stay away from Kaya and tells that she is not normal.

Prachi says she is good. Priya says you are good and that’s why think others as good. She asks her to stay away from her. Prachi asks her not to watch crime shows and focus on good things.

Akshay tells Ranbir that sign done and finance done. He says he has sanctioned funds for his project. Ashok comes there. Akshay tells him that they met due to Kaya, but he has financed the project seeing the potential of the project. He praises Ranbir. Ashok says my son is very impressed with you. Ranbir says your son has handled well, he is a good man. Ashok says he is my son and asks him to bring sweets. Akshay asks him to bring sweets tomorrow and says all the best. Ranbir goes. Akshay says he can be a big man, don’t know why he is working for Kaya.

Ashok says he was a big man and Kohli Industries were there, but some Aaliya backstabbed them. Kaya waits for Ranbir and asks herself to wait. She tells herself that she shall keep her personal and professional life separate, but can’t recommend him again and again, else all the office will know that Kaya likes manager. She thinks she is losing her mind, in love and thinks she is getting mad in his thoughts. She thinks he is not of her type, then why? Ranbir knocks on the door. Kaya says come in. She is walking towards him, when some files fall down. Ranbir says the corner will hit you, and asks her to get up, says he will pick the files.

Kaya looks at him recalling Prachi’s words. Ranbir asks why you are looking at me, as I cared for you. Kaya says yes. Ranbir tells that he wants to give her good news and tells that finally he is the doing the project. He is about to hug her, but stops. He asks Kaya if she is happy. Kaya says I am happy for you. Ranbir thanks kaya for the project and also for the finance. Kaya congrats him. Ranbir says all the best to me and goes. Kaya says your love became the truth of my life and I am talking to myself again, and thinks I am wasting my mind in love. She smiles.

Akshay is happy and dances…pehli baar plays….He recalls Ranbir’s words and thinks of Prachi. He sees Prachi coming downstairs with Priya and comes infront of her. It turns out to be dream, as he sees Prachi coming with Priya.

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