Twist of fate update Monday 2 November 2020

Twist of fate 2 November 2020: Pragya cries thinking about Abhi’s words asking her to distribute his property and money among his family member so that no one fight for money in future. She cries.

Abhi thinks about Pragya’s words that Tanu will break his dream of a happy family if he doesn’t have money. She feels helpless and thinks Abhi is going far from her. She asks God not to separate them. Abhi thinks Tanu is not after my money and I will prove this. Purab tells Dadi that Sarla will get happy knowing Pragya’s truth, and says it can lower her pain of losing Bulbul. Dadi says I am doubtful if this is right time or not. Dadi says Sarla’s hatred is seen on her face, and if she knows the truth then she will not be able to hide her love for her. She leaves

the decision on Pragya. Pragya comes. Purab tells her that he told Dadi about Sarla, and she left the decision on her. Dadi says you have paid a heavy price, and asks her to take a decision. She asks her to expose Abhi’s enemies also. She asks her to think and take a decision.

Tanu is on bed and thinks she is feeling weak. She thinks she haven’t visited spa and skin quality is getting bad. She thinks once you gets married, then you will get luxury, name, fame, money and everything. She sees greeting card given by Nikhil and wonders from where it came on bed. Abhi comes to her room and sits on bed recalling Pragya’s words. He happens to see the greeting card. Tanu comes. Abhi asks who gave you this, hugs, kisses are written in it. Tanu says I wish that someone would have given me this, and says it was actually for Aaliya as someone proposed her.

Abhi believes on her story and asks if she want to have lunch with her. Tanu agrees and goes to get ready. Rachna tells that she has made food for everyone. Taya ji says Rachna is so good and asks Tai ji to accept her. Tai ji says yes, she is good. She asks Mitali to learn from her. Mitali says I told her about everyone’s preferences, and taught her cooking. Rachna confirms.

Ronnie and Mitali talk silently. Ronnie says he has done all the arrangement to catch the third person. Abhi and Tanu comes down. Dadi asks Abhi to have lunch and says Rachna made good food. Abhi says he is going to have lunch outside. Dadi thinks if Pragya knows this. Purab comes and asks Dadi about Abhi. Dadi says he has gone on lunch with Tanu. Purab says he will spoil his date and will call him.

Pragya asks him not to call him, and says Abhi is so good that he can’t differentiate between right and wrong. She says we have to bring Tanu’s secret infront of him. Purab says we shall have some idea. Pragya says we shall do same thing with Tanu. She says blackmail. She says Tanu should know that someone else knows her truth and she will get tensed. She says they should tell the truth to Sarla, but they have to catch enemies also. She says we will decide later. Abhi and Tanu gets down the auto. Tanu looks here and there.

Abhi asks where we will have food? Abhi says we will have food at the stall. He says one thali for 50 Rs, I used to have food here in my childhood. Tanu says you took me here in auto and now insisting to have food here. Abhi recalls Pragya asking him to have tea on a road side stall. Tanu says we shall go to nearby restaurant and have food. I have some money. Abhi asks if she is interested to have food with him or want to have food in luxurious restaurant. He asks her to decide what she wants, money or him.

Abhi asks her to reply. Tanu says she was thinking about his reputation. Abhi says he doesn’t care about his reputation and asks her to tell someone that she doesn’t care about money. Tanu says I just love you. If I really cared about high profile life then I would not have left my career.

She says she would have get her abortion and continue her career, but she thought about Dadi’s happiness and sacrificed her career. Abhi asks why she is refusing to have food at stall. Tanu says I have refused to have food here, as it is unhygienic and unsafe for our baby. She acts and traps him in her cunning words. She says I have understood that I have to proof my love every day. She asks him to come. Abhi says you don’t need to prove, but just have to tell this infront of someone.

Nikhil coming to Abhi’s house. Dadi says you have come after many days. Nikhil says he was going from there and thought to visit home. He says he heard about Aaliya and felt bad. Dadi says she is punished for her sins. Mitali asks him about his girl friend. Nikhil asks about Abhi. Mitali says he went with Tanu for lunch. Nikhil thinks Tanu didn’t bother to reply to his message, but went with Abhi for lunch. Abhi happens to see Sarla and asks how are you? Sarla says I am fine? Abhi says you are looking ill.

Sarla says I don’t have anyone with me now. Abhi says Purab and I are with you always. Sarla says my daughter had left me, and I wish I would have a son like you. Abhi says I am your son. Sarla feels bad as Pragya has done bad with him. Abhi says I need your

permission and need your blessings. He says I want to marry Tanu. I have done bad with her, and she is bearing my child. How can I do injustice with my baby? I need your blessings. Sarla says my blessings are with you. Why you are asking my permission? Pragya is dead for me and I am very happy for you. Abhi hugs her. Sarla blesses him and asks him to be happy always. Abhi asks her to take care. He gets emotional too.

Mitali tells Tai ji that they shall throw party for Akash and Rachna. Tai ji says there is no reason for party and says we will celebrate when any festival comes. Abhi and Tanu comes home. Dadi asks if Tanu has done something. Abhi says people can be wrong too. He says he has decided to marry Tanu. Tanu is happy. He says if anyone thinks that Tanu is not suitable for me, then I want to say that Tanu is the right girl for me. Dadi says we have never said that she is not right for you, and says what he wants to proof or say.

Abhi says my ex wife and owner of this house think that Tanu is after my money and will leave me if I don’t have anything. Tanu says so you have filled his ears. She says you think that I don’t love him and is with him for his money. She says you are shameless and thinks that Abhi will think like you. You have betrayed Abhi and have snatched everything from him. She asks her to have pity on her baby and says if we don’t marry then what will happen to our baby. Abhi asks her to calm down. Tanu says she has spoiled our lives, but I won’t let her spoil my baby’s life. She says I think whatever Aaliya has done is because of her. She says Pragya has cooked up a story and is lying.

Purab and Nikhil comes out. Tanu doesn’t see him. She says I don’t know what you will get by making me bad infront of Abhi. You will never be able to proof that I love him for money, as my love is real. I will marry him and will stay with him. I will bring his confidence back and can do work for living also. She says I will not do whatever you have done. Abhi asks her to take care of herself. Tanu says I love you Abhi…..Nikhil is angry. Tanu thinks I wish all my days are like this.

Nikhil comes and holds her hand. He takes her inside the room. He says what was going on there? He says you said that you will stay with Abhi even if he is poor. Tanu says what should I say then that I am with you for money. She says I have to lie, and says you would have appreciated me. Nikhil says I gave you permission to marry him for money, but it seems you won’t leave him. Tanu says it was just acting and asks him to stop doubting her. Nikhil asks her to stop playing game with her and says you don’t know damm it. Mitali and Ronnie try to hear them. Tanu and Nikhil are shocked.

Mitali asks why you was threatening him? And what game she is playing with you? She asks Tanu about her relation with him. Nikhil says I will tell you…and says I have hid this truth as she don’t want it. He says I have same relation with her as she has with Abhi. He says Tanu is not doing assignment with me and says he can recover his money. He says he was making her understand this. Tanu is relieved and requests them not to tell anyone else Abhi will get angry on her. Ronnie asks Mitali if you think that they have said right. Mitali thinks their story was fake. Ronnie says Nikhil’s acting was bad and says he might be the same person who have helped Aaliya. Mitali says Nikhil has no connection with our family member and says he will not help Aaliya. He says we shall concentrate on main villian now. Ronnie says don’t know from where to start? Mitali says I will think all night and will find the way.

Pragya comes to her room and thinks about Tanu’s drama. She gets sad. Abhi comes and asks what happened? He says are you pressurizing your mind thinking what to do? Pragya says your life’s biggest truth will be revealed infront of you. Abhi asks her to tell. Pragya says I feel pity on you, and says what is the use of this goodness. She says what do you think that Tanu will say that she loves money and not you.

Abhi says I told Tanu to say all that, and says I have taken her test. I took her to have road side food, but she refused and said that she can’t have food as she is having baby in her womb. Pragya says you can marry whoever you want to marry with. It was my duty to make you understand and leaves decision on him. Abhi holds her hand and says Ok, I accept that Tanu loves my money, but I will marry her as she is carrying my baby. I will not do wrong with baby and asks her not to create misunderstanding in his mind. He asks her to stay away from his new family which he is going to start. Pragya is sad.

Pragya talks to Purab. She says she needs someone who can blackmail Tanu, and Tanu shouldn’t know about their plan. Purab says okay. Abhi thinks God is playing with his life and enjoy while sitting up.

He says you shouldn’t have made me, you gave me talent, and everything, but made me stupid with a heart. He says the relations which he has given is hurting him, and says all these complications are set by God. He talks to God and says you have given us life, but give liberty to live life on our own terms. He says I will tell you about my decision, and says I will walk on the right path. He says I will prove that there is no love in this world, as you don’t want everyone to get their love, and if they get love, why will they pray to you. He says may be one day someone

might make him sit in temple and he look at people like God silently.
Tanu thinks about Nikhil’s words and is tensed. She thinks she has to do something to Nikhil, else he will create problems in her life. She thinks to hire Vijay to kill Nikhil, and then thinks about Aaliya getting jailed. She wonders what to do? She thinks about Pragya’s words that she is not yet divorced. She thinks to instigate Abhi against Pragya and asks him to demand divorce from her. Pragya thinks whom to hire to blackmail Tanu. She thinks of Ronnie, but then thinks he is very innocent for this work. She sees Tanu and thinks she is so carefree. Tanu asks if Abhi kicked her out of room. Pragya says she is owner of the house and decide where to stand. Tanu says it is good that you have decided to stay out of his room and asks her to get out from Abhi’s room. Pragya asks her to go and says I will kick you both out after marriage. She says I want to see if you stay with him even then. Tanu laughs and says Abhi will earn crores of rupees in a concert. Pragya says Abhi’s name is also under her. She says she will file case against him and then you will have people standing outside home for getting their money. Tanu says she will talk to Abhi and asks her to stop her from talking to Abhi if she really has power.

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