Twist of fate update Tuesday 21 November 2023

Twist of fate 21 November 2023: Prachi talking to Priya. She turns and sees Akshay. She asks why you are sitting downstairs. Akshay says my phone had fallen down, and says it was Dad’s call. Priya smiles.

Prachi asks why you are smiling and asks her to check email and focus. Ashok asks what happened, you didn’t give the good news. Akshay says I was about to propose Prachi, emotions and speech was ready, and also ring, but you called me. Ashok says you should have ended the call, and says you was nervous and blaming me. He asks him to bring his bahu today and asks him to propose him. Akshay says I will tell you, you shall not come here. He ends the call and looks at prachi. Priya comes to him and says cheques have come. Akshay says good. Priya smiles looking at him.

Akshay asks what happened to you. Dida asks Pallavi if she saw Khushi carefully. Pallavi says yes. Vikram says Khushi’s eyes and hair look like Ranbir, and her smile also. Dida says you want to say that she looks like men. Vikram says I mean to say that I see Ranbir’s reflection in her.Pallavi says you both want Khushi to be here, so that our house’s loneliness ends, and you want Khushi to become Ranbir’s daughter, and will call her Panchi in sometime. Servant comes there and says everyone is called outside.

Akshay tells Media that they are giving cheque to Ranbir Kohli for his competency and project, it is advance for the project. He jokes that when payment matter comes, then it get late. He says jokes apart, this is 50000 advance cheque so that his project starts, and our partnership gets legalized. He says Prachi will present this cheque to Ranbir, as luckily she is with us. He says Ranbir and Prachi are same for me, in hardwork, honesty and competency. He asks Prachi if she will handover cheque to Ranbir.

Prachi says sure and she handovers cheque to him. She gets emotional. Pallavi hugs him. Prachi congratulates Ranbir and says you deserve it and I am very proud of you. Akshay says I knew it that you are very happy, I made you proud. Ranbir thinks don’t tell him, he will be hurt, I understood.

He says every person wants someone to feel proud of him. He says we both have understood. Prachi and Ranbir look at each other.

Akshay meets with someone. Dida asks Pallavi what is happening and asks her to do something to stop it. She says you didn’t let Prachi come here till now, and today she came with the guy with whom Ranbir is doing business. She asks her to stop Prachi. Pallavi says you are saying this. Dida says I was not like this, and asks did you forget what happened that day.

Pallavi says Rhea had saved my life. A fb is shown, Rhea saves Pallavi’s life by jumping in the fire, she pushes Pallavi, but gets stuck in fire. Fb ends. Pallavi says Rhea risked her life to save me. Dida says that day Rhea saved you, and you are here because of her. She says if Rhea had not saved you then what would have happened.

Prachi says I don’t have care about you. Ranbir asks why did you say that you are proud of me. Prachi says I just said it generally. Ranbir asks if it was generally what your eyes said. He asks how are you? Prachi says you are asking you. Ranbir says I didn’t get a chance before. She says she thought to complain to him and fight a lot. He says I never thought that I will meet you. She says I don’t want to meet you. He says but I want to meet you, talk to you, touch you, but didn’t know that the prachi will be changed fully, and will be unknown. Prachi says she is not the same prachi anymore, but is different. She says previously Prachi used to think from heart, but this Prachi hears her mind. Ranbir says may be I do the same, may be. Vikram comes there and asks what is happening? Dida says Prachi and Ranbir are talking.

She says what could be the result of it and asks Pallavi not to forget that Rhea had saved her. Pallavi says it happened infront of me. A fb is shown, Pallavi tells Ranbir that Rhea jumped in fire to save her, and tells him that she is angry on herself. Rhea is burnt to some extent and is in the hospital. Pallavi regrets not to give her love and says she left her Buji for us, and have lost her parents. Badi Dida says everything will be fine. Pallavi says Doctor said that she can die. Ranbir says I promise that nothing will happen to her. Pallavi says her dreams will be incomplete, marriage is everyone’s dreams and asks him to marry Rhea.

Ranbir asks Mom, what you are saying? Pallavi asks what wrong I am saying. She says I can give this big happiness to you. She asks him to promise that he will marry her and will fill her life with happiness. She says Prachi will be in your heart always, but this marriage will bring a big happiness for Rhea. She forces him to promise to marry Rhea. Ranbir says I am your son, and will return the debt of your life, and will keep Rhea happy. Rhea opens her eyes and hears him. Pallavi asks him to swear on her. Ranbir swears on Pallavi, that he will marry her and will keep her happy always. He asks her to handle herself. Pallavi asks if will marry her? Ranbir says yes. FB ends.

Pallavi says I remember everything. Dida says why you are letting them come infront of each other. Pallavi says that time I was not aware that Prachi was alive. Dida says so what? Pallavi says when everything is new, then shall start everything afresh, when we have forgotten the past, why to remember it. Vikram says Pallavi is right. Dida says Ranbir’s life has ended with Prachi and new will start with Rhea, there is nobody in his life other than Rhea.

Ranbir telling Prachi that he wants to tell her something. Prachi says I don’t want to hear anything. Ranbir says do you know already? Prachi says I don’t know what it is, I don’t want to hear, and don’t want to interfere. She turns to go, but Ranbir holds her hand. Everyone looks at them. Tenu kitni mohabbat plays….Ranbir says you shall know what I am going to say. He sees Rhea and takes her name. Rhea comes there with Badi Dida. Prachi and Rhea see each other. They recall all their happy moments. Prachi and Rhea run to each other. Prachi kisses Rhea’s hand and hugs her. Pallavi, Vikram and Dida go to meet Badi Dida. Akshay is surprised to see Rhea and Prachi having a hug. Badi Dida asks if she is Prachi? Vikram says yes, she is our Prachi.

Badi Dida says if she was alive, then why she didn’t tell. Akshay asks Ranbir who is she? Ranbir says she is Prachi’s sister Rhea. Pallavi says Ranbir and Rhea are going to be get married soon. Akshay says that’s why Prachi helps you, as you are like a family to her. Rhea says I can’t believe that I am seeing you, my Prachi is alive.

Prachi says it is a big story, I will tell you later. Rhea says I couldn’t sleep, you will not believe me. She takes her to room and says I am really mad, as…She takes out her photo frame and says I missed you so much. She says I used to curse God, saying he should have called me and not you. Prachi nods no.

Rhea says my heart used to say that nothing can happen to you, and says she went to every temple and prayed that her sister shall be back. She says I cursed myself for doing wrong with you, and says when I was crying then I saw your photo and hugged it, and says you won’t believe that I slept and got peaceful sleep. She says since then this Prachi was with me, and says Badi Dadi laughed at me and said that children sleep like this, holding their mother’s photo. She says you was Mom, dad and everything to me. She says why you didn’t return, atleast you would have come to me. Prachi says you are my everything, my blood and family. She says I wanted to come, but I couldn’t come, and says I am sorry for making you cry a lot. Rhea hugs her and says don’t say sorry, but hug me for some more time, so that I can feel that my sister is back.

Badi Dida tells that she likes Rhea a lot and she has become dear to her. Dida says even I love her a lot after whatever she has done for us. Badi Dida tells that everything was wrong here, and Panchi died. She says Rhea saved me from the accident.

Dida says without knowing that you are my elder brother. Badi dida says she is an angel. Dida praises her good heart. Badi Dida calls Vikram and asks him to strengthen his heart and says don’t try to bring Prachi back, and asks him not to let this house’s peace break. Pallavi comes there and says even now you are talking the same. Vikram says she is worried for us. Pallavi says we shall leave everything on destiny and asks if all our dreams are fulfilled.

She says she always saw Rhea as her bahu, and says Ranbir fell in love with Prachi, then we threw them out. She says then they came here, and finally I accepted her as Ranbir’s wife and then Prachi left the house. She says we shall leave everything on destiny. Badi Dida asks Dida what happened to Pallavi. Dida says she is watching more channels. Vikram says life has made her like this. Khushi asks Servant about Ranbir. Servant says he must be inside.

Ranbir looks at Rhea and Prachi. Prachi says Mom had given your responsibility to me and I couldn’t take care of you. Rhea says you was not wrong. She says I will not let my sister go anywhere. Prachi says I will stay with you and will compensate for the years when I was not there. Rhea says I want so much love from you. Prachi says whatever you need, you will get. Ranbir comes inside and asks Rhea why you didn’t wish me happy birthday, as you wish me first every year. Rhea says I couldn’t wish as Badi Dida was unwell. She tells that she will wish him double next year. Prachi excuses herself. Rhea says this year is special and says I will go and be with my sister.

Khushi comes there. Ranbir tells Rhea that she is Khushi and she sells flowers with her mother. He says he has a special bond with her. Rhea says I wish I have a lovely daughter like Khushi. Ranbir says I will come in sometime and says welcome back.

Akshay comes to a room and tells himself that he is smart and handsome, and appreciates his personality and says perfect marriage material. He thinks Prachi rejects me always, but I don’t accept her rejection, never. He asks himself not to accept defeat and asks himself to propose his love once again. He recalls Ranbir’s words and asks himself to be confident, says you can do it. He says I love you and wants to marry you, and asks will you marry me. Ranbir comes there and says yes, I will marry you. He says I came when you was practicing. Akshay says he is very nervous.

Ranbir tells Akshay that he had dated two girls in his life. He says he had proposed hot and happening girl Rhea, but it was infatuation. He says she had refused. He says when he proposed simple, beautiful and sweet girl, his chikchiki…she said yes. Akshay asks if first girl refuses. Ranbir says no, when a girl sees true feelings then she says yes. Akshay asks if that beautiful and simple girl Chikchiki is here, and says if she is here then I want to meet her.

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