Twist of fate update Wednesday 22 November 2023

Twist of fate 22 November 2023:  Dadi comes to Shahana’s room. Shahana asks what happened, didn’t you get sleep? Dadi says she is not getting sleep, her heart is worried, as she feels tears in her eyes. Shahana asks what is this telepathy? Dadi asks her to call Prachi. Prachi cries and smiles, thinking about her emotional meet with Rhea. She picks the call and says Dadi. Dadi asks why you are crying?

Prachi says I am at my home, and then says at Ranbir’s house. Shahana asks if Pallavi aunty said something. Prachi says no and tells that she met Rhea here. She says she felt good meeting Rhea, as her twin sister was infront of her, when she hugged me, I felt like Maa is hugging me. She says I met her. Shahana says it is good, but why you are crying. Dadi says I can understand how you are feeling, it seems like you got your identity. Shahana says if you cry then we will also cry. Prachi says her incompleteness is gone, she is feeling peaceful. Dadi and Shahana ask her to come home. Dadi tells Shahana that the tears were happy tears. Shahana says she is happy for her.

Akshay asks Ranbir if he will make him meet his chikchiki. Ranbir says love doesn’t come alone, but problems also come. He says my heart and mind were helpless infront of situation and that that thing happened which shouldn’t have happened. He says matter is about your proposal. Akshay says I can’t use words properly. He has watched English movies in abroad.

Ranbir says I knew it and says I was preparing for you, and says we will get poetry written on the projector. Akshay says the poetry is not my type. Ranbir says I told this to my chikchiki and she agreed. He asks him to record the poetry in his voice, and he writes it for him. He asks him to say the girl’s name in the end. Akshay says I think I will get her because of you. Ranbir asks him to record it and says DJ will be there, you ask him to add music, we will play it before cake cutting.

Badi Dadi tells Dida that they shall make Prachi realize that things have changed now. Dida says Pallavi will get upset. Badi Dadi says we shall tell her. Prachi comes to Badi Dadi and greets her. Badi Dadi asks do you remember me? Prachi says you are Dida’s elder sister. Badi Dadi says you have forgotten your family, what they have done that you were against them. She says they scolded you for Panchi, then you also scolded Ranbir. She says why you want to get more sympathy. Dida says whatever has happened, happened for good, and says we thought you are not alive and asks what was the big reason that you didn’t return.

She says we got a call that your body is found, and we all accepted that you are not alive and then we moved on. She says Rhea came here and she did so much for this house. She says once she saved Pallavi risking her life for her. Badi Dida says Rhea came as angel for me. Dida says she is angel of everyone. Prachi asks if my Rhea has done this, and says nobody talked like this, I felt good and tells that if Maa was alive, then would have got happy hearing this. She says Rhea was arrogant and rude, but she did this, and tells that she is very happy. She says Rhea has proved that she regards this family as hers and thanks them for telling her about this.

Ranbir asks Akshay to read it and say. Akshay asks him to go out and says I will record. Ranbir says I can help you. Akshay says I will do recording and then will come out. Ranbir asks him to give pendrive to DJ. Akshay says ok and asks him to go out. Ranbir says if I stay here, then I will correct you. Akshay says fine, then I will not propose. Ranbir says ok, I will go out and says all the best for recording, as you are nervous. Akshay says I will do it. Ranbir comes out and calls Khushi.

He asks the guests. Pallavi asks Ranbir to come and cut the cake. Ranbir asks if you saw Khushi. Pallavi says Khushi left with her Maayi, as they were getting late. Ranbir says I am feeling incomplete and tells that he will call her. He calls her. Khushi picks the call and says sorry for leaving without informing him. Ranbir says he wanted to celebrate his birthday with her. Pallavi asks him to take cake tomorrow to cut with her. Laali takes the call and says we are busy tomorrow. Ranbir asks Laali to give call to Khushi. He then tells Khushi that he will celebrate his birthday with her tomorrow. He ends the call. Pallavi asks did you make Rhea meet Khushi? Ranbir says yes.

Prachi calls Rhea and tells that she didn’t tell her that she is looking very beautiful. She asks her to put black tika. Rhea says I can’t look beautiful like you. Badi Dida says it is not like that. Rhea says my sister is the most beautiful girl in the world. Akshay comes there. Prachi introduces him to Rhea as her boss’s son and her colleague. He says you are insulting me. Prachi says he regards himself as my friend which is not true. Akshay asks her to come with him. Prachi asks where and asks Rhea to come. Akshay takes Prachi to dance with her. Prachi dances with him. Dida and Badi Dida make Rhea dance with Ranbir. Song plays….Prachi and Ranbir look at each other.

Ranbir and Prachi looking at each other, while dancing with Rhea and Akshay respectively. Ashok comes there. Akshay goes to Ashok. Ashok asks did you propose Prachi. Akshay says no, I couldn’t propose, didn’t have the courage. Ashok says how you became my son. Ranbir comes there. Ashok asks where is your wife? Ranbir asks my wife. Ashok asks you are not married and asks him to go and propose that girl. Ranbir turns and sees Prachi, Rhea and Priya standing. He asks what you are saying? Ashok says you will not get such a good girl, God has stopped making such girls. Ranbir asks him to relax and tells that Akshay will propose. Akshay takes the ring. Ranbir says I will help him propose her. He assures him. Akshay says I will propose her, I remember your words that someone else will take her. Ranbir asks him to go home and rest.

Ashok leaves. Vikram calls everyone for cake cutting. Prachi recalls asking Ranbir to make a wish. Ranbir is about to cut the cake. Dida and Badi Dida ask him to make a wish. Ranbir prays to God to give her Khushi. Prachi is standing near him. He is about to make Badi Dida have the cake piece, but she pushes him near Rhea. Prachi is standing close to Rhea. Ranbir looks at Prachi. Prachi thinks I remember our promises and says I even remember that you will make me have the cake first piece.

He goes to Rhea and makes her have the cake piece. Rhea takes it and makes Ranbir have it too. Everyone smiles. Prachi doesn’t show her sadness on her face. Ranbir cuts his finger while cutting the cake. Rhea runs to him and takes him from there to bandage his finger. She gets worried. Akshay tells Prachi that Ranbir and Rhea love each other a lot. Prachi thinks this is life, and she is happy for Rhea.

Ranbir tells Rhea that his injury is not big. Rhea tells him that if he is hurt, then his family will be hurt. She says this family is because of you. Ranbir tells that if he tells anyone about her then nobody will believe. Rhea asks if she was bad. Ranbir says no. Rhea tells that she was not much bad then and not much good now. Badi Dida comes there and starts praising Rhea. She says daily she talks to Vikram, Pallavi and Dida. Rhea says she used to pray for her family and says my sister came back, my mannat is fulfilled. She says I thought that I am missing Prachi, as she used to believe in God much. She says now I got Prachi, I don’t want anything else. Ranbir thanks her for bandaid and care.

Akshay eats the cake and says amazing. Vikram says Rhea brings the cake every year without fail. Vikram asks Akshay why he didn’t come? Akshay says my wife is not there. Vikram asks what happened to her. Akshay says I am unmarried. Vikram says you are single. Akshay says I am single and ready to mingle. Vikram calls Pallavi and asks her to get Naina marry Akshay. Akshay coughs. Dida gives him water. Vikram says you only coughed, it could be more serious. Akshay says I was shocked hearing about marriage, and coughed. He says I don’t want to marry Naina, as I am not single, as I found my love. He says I am going to propose her today, infact your son Ranbir is helping me.

Dida asks if we know her. Akshay says may be yes, or no. He says I will show you, and signs at Prachi. He says she is standing with baby pink saree, and says Prachi. Pallavi, Vikram and Dida are shocked. Akshay tells that when I showed her to Ranbir, he said that I couldn’t get a better girl than her, and he saw love in her eyes for me, which I couldn’t see, as I get nervous. He says I am going to propose Prachi tonight and Ranbir is helping me to propose her. He asks why you all are shocked. Vikram says we are not shocked, we are reacting as Ranbir didn’t tell us. Akshay says everyone will hear my proposal along with Prachi. He goes to keep the bowl, and breaks it. Prachi runs to him worriedly, and scolds him for being careless. She takes him to bandaid his injury. Vikram says it seems everyone has moved on in life.

Dida tells Badi Dida what Akshay said. Badi Dida says this is big news and hugs Rhea. Rhea says Ranbir is fine. Badi Dida hugs her. Pallavi asks what happened, why she is showering love on you. Dida asks Pallavi to say. Badi Dida says someone is going to propose Prachi. Rhea asks what? Pallavi says Akshay is going to propose Prachi. Rhea says Akshay loves Prachi. Dida says Ranbir is helping Akshay and will make him propose Prachi tonight. Rhea says it means Ranbir likes Akshay and asks if Prachi loves him. Pallavi says when you took Ranbir inside, Akshay was hurt. Ranbir hears Akshay got hurt and goes. Pallavi says when he was hurt, Prachi showed concern for him and was scolding him, I think she really cares about him. Rhea says she is thankful to God. Badi Dida says Ranbir doesn’t love her, like he used to love her before and says now you can see your future with him, and there will be no guilt. Dida says Mata Rani shall keep my children (Ranbir and Rhea) happy.


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