Twist of fate update Tuesday 15 November 2022


Twist of fate 15 November 2022: Ranbir ask sleepy Prachi to get fine for him and the baby, and says once you get fine, I will give you so much love, will make every day as the happiest day of your life, and will give you all the happiness, get well soon.

He kisses on her forehead. Song plays jo meri manzilon ko jaati hai….He lies down beside her on the ward. He keeps hand on her hand and then on her tummy, asking why did she hide this from him. Vikram comes home and recalls Pallavi slapping Prachi. He gets upset with Pallavi and says I want to tell you something and I will stand by my words. He says Prachi’s parents are not in her life, and has no guardian or elder who support her, or say that they are there for her. Pallavi says if you are feeling pity and love on her. Vikram says I love my son and he loves Prachi, and she will not live such a life in this life, and that’s why I have decided that I am not only Ranbir’s Papa, but also Prachi’s Papa.

Pallavi asks what are you saying? Vikram says I am talking emotional, which you don’t have inside you and that’s why you slapped her in hospital, what wrong did she do, she had given consent for Ranbir’s treatment. She says you got angry, ok, but when Doctor clarified, you didn’t apologize to her, I understood that it was your ego. He says Prachi met with an accident, but you didn’t have any feelings or sympathy for her. He says I am telling you this, as you shall not get shock when I become her father, and asks her to clear the things here else if he says anything outside the room, then she may get more shock.

Ranbir thinks shahana might know and that’s whjy she roams protective with you. He says my child has shown me everything, I know you have faced and bear so much in life. He says I promised to love you all life and even if I haven’t promised, then also I have loved you only as I have no reason to live than loving you. He says until my breath is with me, I will never leave you and will not let you go away from me and will not go away from you. He says though we have fights, but I will make sure that we don’t go separate ways, and tells that there is a reason for our union, our child. He says Rhea will not come between us.

Rhea comes to his ward and thinks he might be in Prachi’s room. Ranbir says people say that whatever happens is for good, and says when I was far from you, that was the bad phase of my life. He says there was nothing good in that, I doubted you and couldn’t trust you whom I loved so much. He says my life was ruined that day, wishes to change that day if God gives him a chance. He says you have hidden the truth from me, as I haven’t trusted you. You kept me away from our child, as it is my punishment, I deserve it. He says I loved you, but haven’t trusted you, I deserve this and kisses her hand. He says I hurt you so much, I am so sorry.

He says when you gain consciousness, then I will tell you that I know about your pregnancy, and then thinks to prove that he can be a good husband. He thinks to make a fresh start with her and their child. He says you have fulfilled my dream, thanks her and says I want to hug everyone. Rhea comes there. Ranbir hugs her. Prachi opens her eyes and sees Ranbir hugging Rhea. She gets shocked and recalls Rhea’s words that she will snatch Ranbir from her. Rhea also hugs him and asks him to tell the reason for his happiness. Ranbir says Prachi will tell you the reason. Nurse comes there. Prachi gets angry and tells Nurse that she wants to go home now itself. Ranbir asks her to rest. Prachi insists.

Shahana comes there. Ranbir says I will complete the formalities and asks Shahana to bring Prachi to the parking lot. Ranbir and Rhea go. Shahana asks Prachi why is she angry? Prachi asks if I can’t get angry. Rhea is happy thinking about Ranbir hugging her. Ranbir brings the car. Rhea thinks about the hug still. Ranbir asks about Prachi and says I will see. Rhea holds his hand and pretends to sleep, and holds him. Prachi comes there and gets more upset. Ranbir sees Prachi and Shahana and asks them to come.

Prachi tells Rhea that she will remember whatever she said in hospital room. Rhea says I will not let you forget whatever I said. Ranbir opens the car door and thinks did I do something, why is she upset. Prachi sits in the back seat. Ranbir thinks she is angry always. Rhea tells Ranbir that seat belt is not tying. Ranbir gives her instructions. Prachi asks him to help her and taunts him. Ranbir starts driving the car and looks at Prachi, thinks she is very angry. He thinks I made her angry and I will calm her down. He thinks to tell her that he will make her very happy.

Prachi thinks he is not talking to me now. Shahana asks if something happened. Prachi says I will tell you at home.Prachi opens the window. Rhea asks her to close the door. Prachi says she likes to have air. Ranbir smiles and recalls Prachi enjoying the fresh air standing on the window. A fb is shown, Prachi asks about his interview. He says ok. Prachi asks him to take a deep breath and feel the air. Ranbir tries and says this air is telling that Prachi likes it. Prachi says whenever she has tension in office, she comes home and feels the air. Ranbir says it is wonderful that you find happiness in small things. Prachi says there is so much happening in life, I have just your love and this rented house.

She says she feels sad thinking that she has to leave the house one day. Ranbir says if I say that you can keep it for forever. Prachi says then she will think that her sweet dream has fulfilled. Ranbir promises that one day he will buy this house for her and asks for a kiss in return. Fb ends. He thinks he will fulfill Prachi’s dream of the house.

Jai comes to the office and sees someone sitting. He asks did Ranbir call you? The guy says yes. Ranbir asks can I talk to someone. He picks the call. Jai asks did you call Stanley Johnson. Ranbir says yes and asks him to ask Johnson to come tomorrow. Prachi says Ranbir is unwell and needs rest. Rhea thinks thank god, I didn’t refuse to go else he would have taken his anger on me. They reach home. Rhea and Shahana get down first. Prachi gets down and her pallu gets stuck to his watch. He says I didn’t hold it, it is stuck in my watch. Prachi asks him to concentrate on the work which he is doing.


He says I am doing it, which is good for me. Rhea gets upset seeing them sharing a moment while trying to free the pallu. She tears the saree to free the watch. Ranbir asks what did you do? Rhea says I will get a new saree for her. She says she will talk to her sweet sister. Ranbir goes. Rhea warns Prachi to stay away from Ranbir, else she will have the same thing like this pallu. Prachi says what did you say that you will throw me out in 7 days, and says tomorrow those 7 days are completing and gives her best wishes. Rhea smiles thinking about Ranbir hugging her and tells that Prachi is unaware what her story is going to take turn.

Prachi coming inside the house and seeing Ranbir waiting for her holding the aarti plate in his hand. `Rhea asks what is all this? Prachi says even I don’t know. Ranbir asks Prachi to stop and says I want to do your aarti, but match stick is not lighting. He calls Mahua for the match sticks and asks Rhea and Shahana to come inside, says he just wants to do Prachi’s aarti. Pallavi asks why are you doing the aarti? Ranbir thinks when she has become a mother, why aarti shall not be done.

Dida asks what is the reason? Ranbir says Prachi deserves all the nice welcome. Vikram smiles. Rhea and Shahana come inside. Ranbir asks Prachi to stand there. Dida says either Pallavi or I shall do the aarti. Ranbir says he wants to do the aarti and wants to make welcome promises to Prachi.

He says he don’t know what to be said while doing the aarti, applies her tilak and says everyone wants to welcome you, you have 7 births relation with me, so some extra love from me. He says welcome and says it is my duty to support you. He asks for her hand. She gives her hand in his hand and is surprised seeing his sweet gesture. Sona sona plays…..She looks at him surprised. Ranbir smiles. They walk inside. Prachi takes back her hand. Ranbir asks Prachi if she has any cravings for food, and says as you was in hospital, you might want some spicy food. He asks her to tell Mahua. Prachi says I will tell when I wanted. Ranbir asks Mahua to ask Prachi. Rhea asks what is happening? Ranbir says I will talk to you later. Pallavi asks Dida if she asked Ranbir to do the aarti. Dida says I myself are surprised.

Vikram says may be this is his way to thank Prachi for saving his life. Rhea reminisces Ranbir hugging her and smiles. Aaliya thinks why Rhea is smiling, it is strange. Pallavi says aarti is done for grah pravesh and says this thing is really strange. Aaliya goes to the room. Rhea calls her and dances happily with her. Menu Ishq tere le duba plays…..Aaliya says Ranbir is doing Prachi’s aarti and you are happy.

Rhea says Ranbir has finally valuing my love and says Mom had sent her to hospital being scared of Ranbir and Prachi’s closeness. Aaliya asks what did you see? Rhea says I felt and says he is developing feelings for me and it was like why he didn’t love me before. Aaliya asks if he said this. Rhea says no, she felt it and says he can’t be happy as Prachi met with an accident, and says he hugged me like this. She hugs Aaliya and says he has understood that his happiness is with her. Aaliya asks really, I am happy for you. Rhea hugs her.

Shahana asks Prachi what happened? You was about to tell him everything. Prachi says I have changed as I didn’t see someone changing like this. She says I was about to give him good news that he was becoming father, and says whatever happens is for good, it is good that I met with an accident. She says she had slept after heavy medicines and when she woke up, she saw Ranbir happily hugging Rhea. Shahana asks if he was happy?

Ranbir thanks God for bringing Prachi in his life and for writing her name in his life, and for thanking her as Kumkum Bhagya. He says you have done it, and we didn’t get separate even after many incidents. He says he has brought agarbatti to thank him. He says I can’t tell anyone about Prachi’s pregnancy as she has not told me or anyone. He says today he held her hand and felt as if he is holding his daughter’s hand. He wishes to have a daughter and tells that he will never leave Prachi.

Prachi tells that how can he get happy when she met with an accident. She says she never saw him so much happy. Ranbir tells that he wishes that his daughter will be like Prachi, tells that his 3rd anniversary is coming and he wants to gift her something. Prachi says it is good that she didn’t tell him, and says whenever she tells him, she will go away from him. She says he might feel the same pain as her, and says he had hugged Rhea. Ranbir thanks God for saving Prachi and for making him Bau ji. He asks God to make Prachi feel his love, through the cold wind around her.

Mahua comes to Prachi’s room and says she has brought food for Prachi. She asks Shahana to come downstairs to have food. Prachi asks Shahana to go down and have food. Shahana tells baby that his/her mother is blackmailing her. Shahana goes from there and is upset with Ranbir. Ranbir looks at her and thinks both of them have fooled him. He asks how is the baby, Maasi. Shahana is shocked. Ranbir says Maa si, you are the baby’s mother and asks her to be there, until baby is born, so that his Mama can name him/her. Shahana says ok and goes.

Ranbir comes to Prachi’s room and sees her sitting without having food. He takes the food in hi s hand and asks her to eat. She asks him not to treat her like a baby. He asks shall I treat you like a mummy and asks her to eat food. Prachi eats the food with his hand. She is again surprised. Suna hain teri song plays…..He then wipes her mouth with the towel. He then takes the food tray from there.

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