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Twist of fate 14 November 2022: Ranbir comes to Prachi’s ward. She opens her eyes and looks at him. Song plays…..rabba khair kare….He holds her hand and shows her mangalsutra. Prachi sits on the bed. Ranbir makes her wear mangalsutra. Prachi gets teary eyes and emotional.

Doctor comes there and asks Ranbir, what is he doing here, and asks him to go home and rest, as he got discharged. Prachi asks him to go home and rest. Ranbir says what shall I do there, my family is here. Prachi says go home. Ranbir says you…Prachi says take care. Ranbir goes. Doctor asks him to go home. Ranbir says he wants to stay here for 2 more days and asks Doctor to tell his family for him. He gives him swear to say. Everyone comes there. Ranbir says doctor wants to talk to you.

Doctor tells that he needs to be under observation for further tests. Vikram says ok. Ranbir says my family members can’t stay here as he is normal and not critical. Doctor asks them to go. Aaliya asks Ranbir to go to his room and not to roam here and there. They are about to leave for home. Ranbir says he will go to his room. Vikram tells that they shall meet Prachi before going home.

Vikram comes to Prachi’s room. Prachi says dad. Vikram asks her to lie down and asks how is she? He asks if she is feeling pain. Prachi says she was in pain, but all her pain is gone. She tells that she is fine as everyone is with her, and most importantly Rhea. Rhea thinks don’t know what happened to me that I hit axe on my own feet, and saved you. Pallavi says it is good that you agreed that Rhea is a good girl. Vikram asks what are you saying? Pallavi says Prachi was telling sometime back, that Rhea is not her sister.

Prachi recalls Rhea telling that she will not let anything happen to her. Aaliya tells Prachi that they will come to see her when they come to meet Ranbir tomorrow. Prachi asks if he didn’t get discharged? Aaliya says thanks to you. Vikram asks her to think good. Rhea says everyone can’t be big hearted like you, and says your son came out of death due to someone, and we shall think good about that person. Vikram says you are all talking strange. Pallavi says Aaliya cares for Ranbir more than you, as she knows who is responsible for Ranbir’s condition.

Vikram says you are telling a father that I don’t love Ranbir. He tells Prachi that he had come to meet her, but it has become war zone. He says he will come to meet her tomorrow. Prachi calls Rhea. Rhea says before calling me sister, remember that Ranbir is between us even now. Prachi looks on.

Ranbir goes to the reception and asks if she can shift to room no 6, which is connecting room. Receptionist refuses to shift him to room no 6 as his wife is in room no 5. Ranbir says you didn’t understand. Rhea tells that they shall not have relation of a sister. Prachi says you have saved me today. Rhea says it was not sister’s love, but a human basic instinct for other human. She asks her not to have any misunderstanding.

Ranbir tells receptionist that he loves his wife a lot and if he stays away from him, then I get mad. He says my injury is being treated here, but not my mental health. He asks her to shift him to room no 6. He says it is injustice to him if he stays away from his wife, tells that he will not do any romance, will be just with her to stay alive. Receptionist says ok. Ranbir asks her to change her profession and says if you stay here, everyone will call you sister, then how will you fall in love. He gives a rose to her and takes another for Prachi.

Prachi says your condition was bad seeing my condition. Rhea says it was a weak moment, as they have the same parents, and says she remembered mom’s saying that they shall take care of each other. She says she did a mistake by saving her, and says I was cursing myself and wished that you shall die. She says yes, I wanted your death and says because of you, I have lost so much. She says it would have been good, if you had died. Prachi asks what are you saying? Rhea says she is not lying and says she has not just wished. She says I have sent Nick to kill you and says even today infact, I was about to hit you, but some other car hit you. She says my mind was not working for 5 mins and I saved your life, I did a big mistake and even now repenting.

She says if I get chance in future then I will kill you else will pray for your death. She says until I am alive, I will pray for your death. Prachi is shocked. Rhea says Ranbir is just mine and I will snatch him from you at any cost, remember this. She walks out of the ward. Prachi cries. Shahana comes to the hospital and thinks to make Ranbir have mangoes.

Rhea asks Shahana, where was she? She says you should be with Prachi. Shahana asks what happened? Rhea says Prachi was about to die, and says if you would have been with her, then I wouldn’t have done what I did today. Shahana asks where is Prachi? Rhea says that day. She thinks both are same. She walks out of the hospital. Pallavi is in the hospital still and thinks Vikram reacted strangely. Dida calls Pallavi. Pallavi picks the call. Dida asks where is Prachi and asks her to make her talk to her. She says she came to know from Vikram. Pallavi says Vikram is not here, and ends the call, making excuse.

She sees Ranbir going and asks Doctor where is Ranbir going? Doctor says he is going to lab. Pallavi asks him not to hide anything from him, and asks him to tell why did you stop him. Doctor says Ranbir requested me to shift him to the room near Prachi’s room and says he is very happy with her and he don’t need any medicine. Pallavi is angry.

Shahana coming to Prachi’s ward. Nurse asks if she is happy seeing Prachi and says she was asking about her room. Prachi asks Shahana not to cry and says she is fine. Shahana says Rhea met outside and said that I shall be with you as I was not with you, she has done what she didn’t want to do. Prachi tells that she was hit by the car, and nobody helped her, then Rhea came and helped me. Shahana asks Rhea? Prachi says yes. She says after my treatment, Rhea came and said that she repent for saving me, and told that she don’t have any emotion for me, and wants me to die and will not leave any chances to kill me. She says she is very bad and said that we can’t be sisters, as Ranbir will be between us always. Shahana asks how did you hear so bad from her and tells that it is all her mistake to regard her as sister.


Prachi says she regards her as sister when alone with her, but when Ranbir is infront of them, she sees sautan in her. She says until she is alive, she will not let anyone come between Ranbir and her.

She asks Shahana to give mangoes to Ranbir and goes for check up. Ranbir feels that Prachi is coming near him and says I can feel you. Nurse is taking Prachi for check up. Ranbir sees Prachi and thinks I know that our connection is more stronger than our love. He smiles. Song plays…..
Prachi is made to lie down for the fetal well being scan. Ranbir walks towards the scan room.

Pallavi is restless and thinks about Doctor’s words. Rhea comes there and asks did you call me? She asks shall I call doctor or dad? Pallavi says no need and asks her to go to hospital and be with Ranbir. Rhea says I wanted to go, but Ranbir don’t want to see me, and just want to see Prachi as if she is a princess. She gets vomiting sensation. Pallavi asks if she is fine. Rhea says she couldn’t sleep last night and that’s why feeling unwell. She says tonight she will sleep. Pallavi asks her to go and stay with Ranbir, if she stays there then he will not cross his limits, else he will do anything. Rhea asks why didn’t you tell me this before and asks if there is something. Pallavi says no and asks her to do as she says. She then says sorry to her and says this is for your betterment, I don’t want them to get any chance or reason to get closer. She says infact you shall become the reason so that they get separate. She wishes that something shall happen between Ranbir and Prachi, that they shall get separate from each other.

The Scan doctor asks Prachi if she wants to hear her baby’s heart beat. Prachi smiles and says yes. Doctor makes Prachi hear the baby’s heart beat as she scans. Ranbir comes there and hears doctor. Prachi gets emotional hearing the heart beat and says my baby is fine. Ranbir gets surprised and shocked, and drops the flower down. He goes through a turmoil and recalls ther moments, a fb is shown…Ranbir tells Prachi that he has brought acchaar for her. Prachi asks if I will feed my stomach with acchaar. He says we are pregnant, and I don’t want my kid to say that he didn’t have achaar. Prachi says she is not pregnant and hits him. Ranbir says you will get pregnant, if not today then tomorrow.

She says when I get pregnant then I will tell you. Ranbir says it was good if I can keep the baby in my stomach and tastes different types of acchaar. He tastes it and says it is sour. Prachi says you can’t have it and wanting to keep the baby. Ranbir gets sad. Prachi kisses on his cheeks and says she might fall in love with him more. She says when she gets pregnant then he shall take care of her and she will take care of baby. Fb ends. Ranbir says why you didn’t tell me. He recalls telling her about his three dreams. He says I was waiting for this day since long, but you snatched my rights from me, even I have same right as you. He recalls telling her that if he comes to know that she is hiding something from him, then he don’t know what will be the consequences. He then feels great and tells that he is going to be Bau ji. He asks Peon to take money and buy sweets for everyone. He says my dream is going to be completed.

He then thinks to confront Prachi and asks her why did she hide the biggest happiness of life from him. He comes to the Doctor and asks where is Prachi? Doctor says she is resting in her room and needs rest. Ranbir says I need answer, and recalls hearing the heart beat. He comes to Prachi’s ward and says I will never forgive you for what you have done with me, I was asking you always and you refused. He says when I saw pregnancy medicines in your room, you said that Shahana is pregnant and not you. He says I have right on you and you have hidden this from me, though you know that how important it is for me He asks why you have been punishing me and why you were scared to inform me that I am going to be father.

Prachi is sleeping. Rhea comes to the hospital and thinks of Pallavi’s words. Peon distributes sweets to everyone and also gives to Rhea. Rhea takes it and goes. Ranbir says today he felt the good news and felt as if his baby told that Bau ji, I am coming. He then apologizes to Prachi for shouting at her and says he has a valid reason. He thanks her for making him Bau ji, for giving him the biggest happiness of his life etc. He asks her to fight with him later and talk to him. He calls her and gets worried when she don’t respond. He calls doctor. Nurse comes there and says baby is fine. Ranbir asks why she is not opening her eyes. Nurse says doctor has given her sleeping pills so that she can get peaceful sleep. Ranbir thanks her. He comes near Prachi and sits on her bed. He then holds her hand and kisses on it. Parvardigara song plays….

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