Twist of fate update Wednesday 16 November 2022


Twist of fate 16 November 2022: Rhea smiling and happy in her own world, thinking about Ranbir hugging her. Shahana collides with her. Rhea scolds her and asks why are you here in the house.

Shahana recalls promising Prachi that she will forgive her 3 mistakes, but not the 4th mistake. She gives example of God Krishma forgiving Shishupal 100 mistakes, but beheading him for his 101 mistake. She says let me go, else my promise will break. Rhea asks what promise? Shahana says you will know when it breaks and goes. Rhea asks herself to calm down and thinks she has to surprise Ranbir tonight and he is going to love it. She comes to the kitchen. Ranbir tells that he is making sheera. Rhea says she wants to ask something. Ranbir says today he is very happy. Rhea says I want to ask you, why did you hug me in the hospital?

She says you said that you are happy and was about to tell me something then Nurse came. Ranbir recalls knowing about Prachi’s pregnancy. He says the matter was related to Prachi. Rhea asks what? Ranbir says I am sorry, Prachi will herself tell you. Rhea asks him to give her clue. Ranbir says let Prachi say, as she will say it nicely and if she says it then our relation will become stronger. Rhea thinks he is talking about their relation. She says she will ask Prachi. Ranbir says don’t ask and tells that Prachi wanted to buy the apartment, where she used to stay before.

And I am happy for her. Rhea thinks Prachi is leaving and asks Ranbir to give the house to her. Ranbir says I am thinking to buy it and give it to her. Rhea says Ranbir’s surprise will be shocking for Prachi, he is making arrangements to throw her out.
Ranbir comes to Prachi’s room and asks her to let him come inside. He thinks love and its sweetness is growing. Prachi asks what is it? He says sheera and says today I got to know about some good news, and I want to make you have sweets for that. Prachi asks why you want to share with me. Ranbir says my dream about my start up is flying high and that’s why I want to make you have sweets, you are lucky for me. Prachi thinks we have seen the dreams together, but couldn’t celebrate it.

Ranbir thinks his start up started long back, and earning money. He says he wants to fulfill his dream in the house which she likes the most. He makes her have the sweets. Prachi asks him to eat it too. Ranbir hugs her. Prachi says congratulation Ranbir. He congrats her and says he wanted to share his happiness with her, as he saw the dream with her. He asks himself to control his emotions and asks her to rest. Song plays….Prachi lies down on the bed. He covers blanket on her and asks her to close her eyes. Prachi asks him to go as she can’t see if someone is in her room. He thinks your habit will soon change and says good night. Rhea hears them and thinks to find out what is happening between them.

Aaliya asks Pallavi what is she doing? Pallavi says she is setting the dining table for breakfast. Aaliya asks where is Mahua? Pallavi says she has sent her for some work and says she likes to set the dining table for her family. Aaliya says I will help you. She tells Pallavi that Ranbir and Rhea are coming close, suddenly he realized that if anything had happened to him during accident then Rhea would have been alone, so he hugged her and Rhea felt that he is feeling love for her. Pallavi gets happy and tells that she was worried that Prachi and Ranbir will cut their anniversary cake today, but now you came and told me this. She says Ranbir will not throw the party. Aaliya says Ranbir will do such things for Rhea. Pallavi says finally they will have a family.

Prachi tells Shahana that today is their anniversary and she is upset with Ranbir and will not give him answer if he wishes her. Ranbir comes there and makes Shahana moves away from Prachi. He looks at Prachi. Rhea comes there. Prachi asks him to talk to others if he is done staring at her. Ranbir smiles.

Vikram says breakfast is served. Ranbir says we will do breakfast later, first we will have sweets. Pallavi says you want to have sweets. Ranbir says today is my life’s biggest day and makes Vikram have sweets. He asks Pallavi to open her mouth. Pallavi refuses as she is on diet. Ranbir insists. She have the sweets. Ranbir then makes everyone have the sweets. He then makes Prachi have the sweets and then distracts others, and eats the other half of the sweet. Prachi says happy…Ranbir says today they will have a jashn/party at home today. Pallavi says she will organize. Aaliya thinks he might want to propose Rhea.

Ranbir says he is getting mad with happiness and tells that the deal is going good and it is love venture. He says they will plan destination wedding for the couple and will make it memorable. He says I want party to be grand and amazing. He says he has to go and leaves, after looking at Prachi, and wishing her happy wedding anniversary in his heart. She also wishes him in her heart.

Ranbir reaches office and asks someone to come to his cabin. Stanley Johnson comes to meet him and says he is his fan. Ranbir asks him to sit. Stanley says he doesn’t leave his article and follow him on social media. He says he knows everything about him. Ranbir says impressive, you are hired. He says he needs energetic and hard working employees. Peon comes there and Ramnik Bhai came here. Ranbir asks him to get the coffee for them. He asks Stanley if he is from delhi, if he can do his work without any goof up. Stanley says yes.

Ramnik Bhai comes there. Ranbir gives address to Stanley. Ramnik Bhai shows the rings. Ranbir selects the ring for Prachi and returns the ring tray to him. Ramnik Bhai says he needs to go and leaves. Ranbir tells Stanley not to take his words seriously and tells that today is his anniversary. Stanley says you had married Rhea on 5th. Ranbir says this address in your hand is of divorce lawyer, I will divorce Rhea and will stay with my real wife.

Prachi is upset with Ranbir. Shahana says he might have forgotten as he is busy in party. Prachi asks if he has given you swear that you shall take his side. She says he married me, but don’t remember the date. Shahana asks her to chill. Prachi says how can he forget the anniversary, today he didn’t only marry me, but also promised me. She says today he just remember his Rhea and his business, why did he marry me then? Rhea hears her and smiles.


Ranbir visits their old rented house and reminisces the time spent with Prachi. Song plays…main toh tere naal hi…He recalls landlord lady asking him to work. Landlord lady’s daughter in law comes there with Stanley. She says she is glad to see him and tells Stanley that they were here before. Ranbir says we have stayed here and tells that he wants to buy the house for his wife. He invites her to the party. The lady says she got her mother in law’s call and goes.

Stanley says you can buy house in Posh area, as you are giving much money for this. Ranbir says he is giving the price for the house and not for area. Prachi has made this house with her hand and says they have so many memories related to this house, and it is very close to his heart.

Stanley asks why you didn’t buy it before, as you had much money even before starting your start up. Ranbir says he wanted to buy house with his money. He calls designer and asks her to send red color saree for Prachi as today is their anniversary. Designer says ok. Ranbir says he will not wish her now. Stanley says she must be angry now. Ranbir says he will wish her in the party after 12 am. The lady comes and says her mother in law will reach by evening. Ranbir says ok and goes with Stanley.

Rhea tells Aaliya that yesterday she saw Ranbir making Prachi have food with his hand, and I was angry. She says I misunderstood and tells that Ranbir was just making her have food as she was paining pain. She says if Ranbir had loved Prachi, then he would have keep the party for Prachi, but he has kept the party for his start up venture. She says he didn’t wish Prachi till now. Aaliya asks how do you know? Rhea says she heard Prachi and Shahana talking. She says she has a feeling that he will propose her today.

Prachi gets a phone call and opens the door. The delivery guy gives her the bag. Prachi asks who has sent? The guy says Ranbir sir. Prachi takes it and goes. Aaliya says Prachi went without saying. Rhea says Prachi is angry that Ranbir haven’t wished her, and he wants to move on with me and wants to leave Prachi. She says she wants him to officially divorce Prachi. Aaliya says she don’t want Prachi to take any NGO help, when there is no relation then it shall end.

Ranbir gets a call from designer that the saree is sent to Prachi. Prachi comes to the room and gets angry. Ranbir calls her and asks if she liked the saree. Prachi asks why did you send it? Ranbir asks did you forget that today is the party. She ends the call. He enjoys teasing her and says I know our anniversary matters to you a lot. Prachi says now it will not matter to me.

Party begins, Vikram greets the guests. The guest asks Vikram about Ranbir agreeing Mr. Khanna. Vikram says Mr. Khanna can answer this. Mr. Khanna says he has refused Vikram, but collaborated with Ranbir seeing his love, and goes on praising him that he understands love and marriage. Shahana hears him and tells Dida that it is strange that Ranbir understands love and marriage but. Dida tells that tomorrow is the day. Prachi thinks Ranbir might want to wish her later, he remembers their anniversary. Dida says Ranbir said that he will take Prachi to their rented house. Shahana smiles. Prachi gets upset. Ranbir comes home and hugs Pallavi. Pallavi asks him to get ready. Dida asks Ranbir to come with her.

Rhea introduces herself as Ranbir’s wife to Mr. Kapoor. Vikram looks on. Mr. Kapoor says so you are his wife, and says everyone will get the answer now, Ranbir loves you so much and his thinking and understanding about marriage and love is different. He says he didn’t want to merge with any company, but seeing the way Ranbir convinced him, he said qubool hai. He asks if Ranbir is romantic. Rhea says we are like normal couple. Mr. kapoor says he was different yesterday. Mr. Kapoor tells Vikram that he wanted merger party to be kept after 2 days, but Ranbir insisted to keep it today.

Dida takes Ranbir to side and tells him that she was about to tell Shahana, but then told that you are taking Prachi to Mrs. Verma’s house. Ranbir thanks her for saving the surprise. He goes to get ready. Shahana asks Prachi if she wants something. Prachi says she is fine, and asks her not to enquire if he remembers anniversary. She says she felt bad at first, but not anymore. Ranbir looks at Prachi and admires her, as she talks to Shahana. Prachi looks at him. Sona sona plays….Prachi says she has forgotten her phone and goes. Ranbir goes behind her.

Aaliya tells Pallavi that everyone is talking about Ranbir, he is the hero of the business world. Rhea comes there. Aaliya says nobody can defeat Rhea in her dress. Pallavi compliments her. Aaliya says she is glowing. Rhea tells that she introduced herself to Mr. Kapoor and he said that she has a big hand behind Ranbir’s success, and when he speaks about love and marriage, it is like poetry. She says I told that we are like normal husband and wife. She says I thought if he is speaking about Prachi, but came to know that Ranbir told him this yesterday. Pallavi tells Rhea that Aaliya told her about Ranbir and her.

Ranbir stops Prachi. Prachi asks him to move from her way. He says I will not leave your way, hand or support. She says you are hurdle in my way. he says I will stand with you and asks her to praise him. She says you are looking nice. He says when I change my clothes, I will look dashing. She says you asked me to praise you, I did and says she can’t do more. He says you praised me falsely and says he wanted to give her compliment. He says you are looking very beautiful Mrs. Kohli. Prachi asks him not to say, and says whoever say that he is saying truth are big liars. Ranbir looks on.

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