Twist of fate update Tuesday 14 September 2021

Twist of fate 14 September 2021: Pragya traveling in a taxi to go to Mehra Mansion. She thinks of her moments with Abhi. She thinks Aaliya warning Dadi not to say anything. She stops the taxi far away from the gate and thinks she will meet him.

The killer comes to Digvijay’s car. Digvijay asks him to kill Abhi and tells him that he will get happy hearing his death news and will give the news. He then asks him to have Elaichi as his mouth is stinking. He then asks him to return back to the car after doing the work, and sit on the driver’s seat and drives off. Killer says ok. He comes to Abhi’s house and runs seeing the tight security.

The Security finds someone’s presence there and starts searching who is there? Killer manages to open a car and gets out from the other door of the car. The lady guard sees the killer and catches him, but the Killer runs away. Pragya sees the killer running away and runs behind him. Aaliya, Pallavi and Mitali come out of the house. The guard tells that there might be a thief, as it was a man. Aaliya says it was bad news. Digvijay thinks the work is done, seeing Killer coming back. Killer sits on the driver’s seat and tells that he couldn’t do the work. Pragya comes to the car and finds the mask inside.

She holds Digvijay’s neck and asks him to get down the car. She asks him to say who is he? Aaliya tells Mitali that Pragya came back and the guy wanted to divert the security. Pragya tries to see Digvijay’s face and says I will not leave you for attempting to kill him. Digvijay runs towards the car. Killer gets the car keys and brings the car near Digvijay. Digvijay sits in the car and escapes. Pragya thinks Abhi’s life is in danger.

Aaliya asks the security guard to stop Pragya from entering here. Pragya hears them and thinks neither Aaliya nor her security can stop her. She thinks to go from backside. Mitali tells Aaliya that she is feeling scared and cold, tells that they shall go back. Pragya goes back and thinks to climb up using the stairs, which were used for the decoration. She gets inside the hall. Mitali hears the sound, thinks she shall not take the risk, shall call Aaliya.

Aaliya asks what is it? Mitali thinks this house has become a ghost house. Pragya crawls and hides. Mitali asks Aaliya to call the security inside and shouts calling them. Aaliya says nobody will dare to come…and says Pragya. She comes down and checks. Mitali calls Security guards and asks them to check. They begin searching. Pragya hides standing on the window. She then manages to go upstairs. Aaliya calls the police station and asks Inspector to come to Mehra Mansion. Pragya tries to open the door. Aaliya asks her not to open the door. Pragya opens the door. Aaliya pushes her down. Pragya opens the door and pushes her down. She gets inside the room and finds it messy and Abhi not there. Aaliya takes her down. Police come there. Aaliya asks Inspector to arrest and take her.

Pragya pleads in front of everyone to tell what happened with her husband and asks why everyone is silent. She asks Inspector to ask them what they are hiding? Aaliya asks the lady inspector to take her from there. Inspector asks her to come. Pragya says I will not go and tells that they are hiding something from us. She says my husband is not fine, they are doing something wrong with him. Inspector says come with us. Pragya says I will not go, I have more right on this house than them. Aaliya says she loves her husband’s property and assets, rather than her husband. Pragya says if I had interest then wouldn’t have stayed in a rented house.

Aaliya tells that they are more worried for Abhi. Pragya says she saw a killer outside who wants to kill him. Tai ji asks her to go and says Abhi doesn’t want to meet you. Pragya says I didn’t show my rights until now, but now I will show my rights. Lady Inspector says I think she is right and tells her that you can’t stop her from meeting her husband. Aaliya says you had brought NGO workers and I showed them divorce papers.

Pragya says you didn’t want our relation, but it couldn’t break since 25 years. She says you have taken my signs on the divorce papers so that I don’t show my rights on his property. Aaliya says why a teacher will sign without reading it. Pragya says she had kidnapped my daughter and made me sign on the papers. She says the papers don’t matter anything, as we are married just 3 days back. She says everyone has seen our marriage but has promised to lie.

Aaliya asks if there is any witness here and asks Inspector to take her. Pragya says I can prove and tells that she has an eye witness, Meera who was there during her marriage and in fact had given her chunari for the marriage. She calls Meera. Aaliya says Meera is not here, she has gone as the contract is over.

Pragya calling Meera. Aaliya says she is not here, her contract got over and that’s why she left. She asks do you have any more witness to your marriage. Pragya tells the lady Inspector that there is an eye witness to their marriage, and tells about the Pandit who had conducted their marriage.

Aaliya says she is lying and will run away from here. Pragya says why will I run from here, who is get inside. Inspector says she will send her team to bring the Pandit. Sarita behen thinks to go out and worries for Pragya. She then thinks what if Prachi and Shahana ask her, thinks it is 2 am and Pragya didn’t come. She tells that she couldn’t stop her from going to meet her husband. She tells that she feels connection with her and prays to God to support Pragya and handle her.

Constable brings Pandit to the house. Pragya asks Pandit ji that Inspector called him to witness their marriage. Pandit ji says yes, I have solemnized your marriage and I got Dakshina from you both. He says he will give his statement. Mitali asks Pallavi if it is right to give wrong statement after witnessing their marriage. Pallavi says she will save Abhi’s family from Pragya’s bad sight and will do whatever Aaliya asks her to do.

Mitali says what if Pragya proves that she is Abhi’s wife, she will return with all the proofs. Tai ji asks what if Pragya prove that marriage had happened then what will happen? Aaliya says either we will lose from Pragya or she will lose her everything today. Pragya comes there with Pandit and says you had said that if I prove that I am his wife, then nobody can stop me from meeting my husband. Inspector says law says this, not me. She questions Pandit ji if he got Pragya’s marriage done in the temple, 3 days back.

Pandit ji says he had done the marriage with all the rituals and mantras. Aaliya is shocked. Mitali asks if havan kund was there. Pandit ji says yes, that marriage happened. Pragya says the marriage happened 3 days back and the divorce which Aaliya is talking about is 15 years back. She says my marriage is valid and there is no importance of the papers. Aaliya asks if the divorce papers are not valued. Pragya says I am his wife and didn’t divorce him.

She says don’t know what happened to these family members and says she sits in someone’s mandap or gets someone kidnapped from the mandap etc. Aaliya shouts at her. Pragya asks her not to shout and says if I want then I can call your husband here, and he will prove. She says I am bahu of this house, your dewrani and tells that this is proved that I am Abhishek Mehra’s wife and you people can’t stop me from meeting my husband. She tells Aaliya that she will get her arrested.

Pandit ji says forgive me, but I can’t do this. Pragya asks what happened? Pandit ji says whatever you said and lies to Inspector that he can’t do a big sin. He says he can’t support her lie. Pragya is shocked. Pallavi and Aaliya looks on. Pandit ji tells that Pragya asked me to tell that he had solemnized their marriage, but he didn’t do. Pragya says why are you lying? Aaliya smiles and recalls telling Pandit ji that he has to lie, as Pragya married him for money, and tried to kill him.

She emotionally blackmails him and asks him to talk to the hospital. Pandit ji says it is sin to lie. Aaliya asks him to say lie for saving her brother. She says I will touch your feet. Pandit ji says I will lie to protect your brother. Aaliya thanks him and gives the money. Pandit ji refuses. Aaliya says this money is for the temple. Pandit ji refuses. Fb ends. Aaliya thinks Pandit ji’s acting is good.

Pragya asks Pandit ji to say the truth. He says he can’t lie anymore. Aaliya says enough. Pragya says you have given money to him and tells Pandit ji that her life will be ruined due to his statement. Aaliya asks Inspector to take her and imprisoned her for life else she will complain to commissioner against her (Inspector). Inspector says I did a big mistake. Pragya says they all are are lying. Aaliya smiles as Inspector and Constable drag Pragya out.

Prachi gets a call and gets shocked. Prachi says they got Maa arrested and says why are they doing this? Shahana asks her not to cry. Prachi says they think my mother as inauspicious and don’t talk to her well and doing this. Shahana says we have to think how to bail her out. Prachi says we don’t know any lawyer, what we can do. Shahana says who can help us. Prachi says only Ranbir can help us. She calls him and asks for his help. She says Police has arrested my mother.

The lady Constable asks the Inspector what shall they do, as the ghunghat clad woman is not removing her veil. Inspector goes to the lock up. Pragya tries to talk to Inspector. Inspector refuses to believe her and asks the veiled woman to remove her veil, so that they can take her pic. The veiled woman refuses to lift her veil.

Inspector asks her to click selfie and give her. Pragya asks Inspector to listen to her. Inspector refuses. Prachi, Shahana and Ranbir come there. Ranbir asks Inspector to see the bail papers. Pragya asks how did you get the money for the bail and lawyer. Prachi says she has mortgage her birthday ring which she had given her. Constable takes her out.

Inspector warns Pragya and says if she is seen near Mehra Mansion then will be arrested again and this time, she will not get bailed. Pragya signs on the papers and goes. Aaliya comes to Rhea’s room and finds the tin can. She says I know Bhai is not with you and that’s why you took support of this. She says if Bhai would have been here then would have handled you. She says Pragya is troubling her, if she had gone to Bhai’s room then all the secret would have been out. Prachi, Ranbir and Shahana bring Pragya home. Sarita behen asks Pragya how is she? Pragya says I am in the room. Sarita behen thanks Ranbir and asks him to sit for tea. Ranbir refuses and says he didn’t tell at home, his mummy will scold him. He says bye. Prachi says bye. They look at each other.

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  1. i imagine a videoed wedding viewed by alia, serita, grand ma, purab, and others and this script writer still making viewers to believe that Alia can really prove she is not married and not a wife and her daughter Rhea not talking?.To what end?i have had enough

  2. I think this is the most stupid film writer I have ever seen. A criminal like Alliya is getting away with all her crimes and you expect people to keep watching the silly movie. The broadcast corporation should censor this film. It’s giving a wrong impression to the numerous fans that crime pays. Where is the doctrine that every day is for the thief but one day is for the owner of the house. How did Alliyia meet with the Priest. How can the Priest if God tell such a lie for money. Where is Purab. Where is their grand ma. Where is Meera. It sounds all crazy. I think I have had enough of this clowning

  3. this madness will then go on again for several months…una really dey carry person play…thats why so many people hate watching zee world…u make evil thrive and good deeds less attractive…to what end?

  4. Twist of fate is boring because they always twist the obvious things, in favour of Alliah. When is Pragiya and ABHI going to be happy. And this twisting of thing it’s hurting us, at least once they should let Pragiya expose Aliah the liar as she is, now I’m bored I will nolonger watch it.

  5. Does it mean that the writer is confuse or he isn’t tired of this twisting…
    Is really annoying watching one thing over and over again,, this is not how to write film for goodness sake..

    • The word Angry is an understatement bro: Unprofessionally disgusting would have been more appropriate. I stopped watching months back; but when I was told it was ending I decided to come on board and see how it ended. The script writer should take cues from producers of Zara’s Nikkah and currently aired Jodha and Akbar. Utter rubbish if you ask me!! If after it had ran for 3 seasons, and it stands like this, it means there are more seasons of it to come then? And this is termed Suspense? What utter nonsense!!

  6. What time is twist of fate being televised on Zee world, because I think it’s time slot has changed please I don’t have a television I watch it on my cell phone.

  7. This is so stupid why is history always repeating it self Abhi and pragya just got married and got kidnapped again they didn’t even enjoy one day in d house together but spend time running for their lives ,, just like in d pass when pragya and abhi were kidnapped and like always Aliyah took advantage and is winning
    A whole priest is lying d writer is making India priest as lier and idiots ,d writer should just allow d priest to say d truth ,, but no oo just when d only witness is about to say truth they change their statement and d police won’t say anything is it not a crime to lie about Ur statement in d first place
    India film maker are VERY STUPID

  8. This is so stupid why is history always repeating it self Abhi and pragya just got married and got kidnapped again they didn’t even enjoy one day in d house together but spend time running for their lives ,, just like in d pass when pragya and abhi were kidnapped and like always Aliyah took advantage and is winning
    A whole priest is lying d writer is making India priest as lier and idiots ,d writer should just allow d priest to say d truth ,, but no oo just when d only witness is about to say truth they change their statement like always ( even with Prachi when she was acussed of stealing money) and d police won’t say anything is it not a crime to lie about Ur statement in d first place
    India film maker are VERY STUPID

    • Honestly, it’s a really stupid story line, Aliyah always getting away with her crimes. They make it look like crime always thrive in India, in broad daylight!!!

  9. This is really boring. When will Pragya be happy. Everytime I thought something good will happen, but No just twist on and on. I’m quitting to watch this 😏

  10. This is really boring. Aliyah all the time! Sherlin in this is fate is also something else. It seems all Aurora family’s are always having bad luck. Preeta is another issue in this is fate. They will never believe her, sherlin and privthi always have there ways. You writer or director, do you think we don’t have better things to watch that we will sit in front of our TV for good six or 1 year to watch one unending story? Come to Africa watch our movies then you won’t be lying to us about stories that doesn’t Real. We no dey dull ourselves o. Our love story movies no dey be like this at all. That Aliyah or sherlin by the time you break vase or give am correct beating she no go put mouth for your matter again. If person get husband family like pragya Oh My God she go go mountain to dey pray O 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Omo wahala bi like…Haba! If na Nigeria Artist like Mide F Martins, Patience Uzorkwo, Sola sobowale, Iyabo Ojo etc dem for don show Aliyah her place o this one wey she dey win all the time mtchewwwww

  11. This is the most boring soap i have ever watched it is so long and the same things happen, does it mean Abi can never think for himself.


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