This is Fate Update Wednesday 15 September 2021

This is Fate 15 Sept 2021: Sarla mentions that there is no problem if they are not giving a reception but she should make something for the family as the relations would get better after some time, Rakhi calls Sarla and she says that she has to go because Janki might have done something wrong.

Sarla is about to end the call but Shrishti takes the phone from her mentioning that she ahs to talk to her sister, Shrishti asks if she missed her but Preeta says that she was just teasing her and missed her a lot, Preeta explains that she was not able to sleep the whole night and could not sleep, she starts talking and Shrishti asks if she was able to control Karan Preeta explains that she did not have to as he slept on the balcony and got ill, karan takes the phone mentioning that he is the tiger and Preeta could never control him as a cat cannot control a tiger, Preeta takes the phone explaining that he has gotten ill as he has been acting weird since last night,

Sarla takes the phone but is shocked to see Karan, she mentions that whatever the situations be amongst their family members he is still the member of their family so he should fulfil the ritual of coming into their house with Preeta, karan agrees and Preeta ends the call before leaving. Karan tries to lift her bag and is amazed to see how heavy it is.

Preeta enters the kitchen but is shocked to see Maira and Sherlin standing there, Sherlin explains that she has taken care of the dish which she left and Maira is also cooking the same dish but Preeta explains that she has no problem until Maira doesnot do anything that hurts the Luthra family. Maira requests Sherlin to help her then dishes out the dish for them all.

Shrishti starts putting the ointment on Janki asking her why did she hurt herself as she has been working in the kitchen for a long time, they see Sarla who is worried, Shrishti asks the reason as she has just now talked with Preeta who is alright, Sarla answers that they both were not able to see what she has seen as Preeta always tries to hide her pain and face everything by herself but she cannot win a fight when her husband is not with her.

Shrishti explains that she should not worry as her sister has the ability to make everyone feel good for her because of her attitude and abilities, also by how well she cooks, she quotes the famous writing “the path to someone’s heart is through the stomach” she answers that it is not just for males but the law of the world, Sarla teases her by saying that she is not as dumb as everyone thinks, then slaps her out of love, they both hug each other.

Maira brings the dish for everyone while they are at the dining table, Karina apologizes for being late, she asks about Ramona, Maira answers that she was not able to sleep all night because of what happened the previous night and she has also been getting a lot of calls from the relatives who are congratulating her as they are not aware of what has happened.
Preeta comes out of the kitchen and greets everyone, Dadi asks her what she has made. Preeta responds that she made a sweet dish because her mother said that it is her first day and she should make something sweet as it soothes the relation,

Maira also says that she has made the same dish but Preeta is not worried and explains that she should be the first one to serve her dish. Then Preeta dishes out and tries to serve it to Dadi but both Karina and Dadi refuse to take it explaining that they have refused to eat sweet, however Rishab mentions that he will eat it along with Sameer, Rakhi also says to eat it just for the sake of tasting it.

Preeta first serves it to Rakhi then when Rishab takes it he explains that it is looking really nice so it would taste really well, Maira thinks that if everyone doesnot eat it they would not be able to decide, she asks everyone to eat it as otherwise Preeta might call the police, Preeta responds that she did not call the police even the first time, Maira answers that she was the one to call the Ngo. Rakhi stops her saying that she should not take the matter further, then everyone starts eating it and they are not able to believe what it was but Rishab says that it was made just right and tasted excellent, however no one judges it the way they both wanted and even Karan mentions that he liked it however it was not as sweet as he hoped it to be.

Rakhi exclaims that after the first cooking the mother gives a gift to the daughter in law and so gives her a gift as she has fulfilled her duty after cooking for their family, Dadi also gives her a gift before sitting back to eat, Maira is not able to believe it and leaves the hall to her room.
Maira asks Sherlin if she understood anything as she had mixed spices in her dish so how can everyone like her dish, Preeta comes into the room and explains that they both are wondering how could everyone like her dish when they filled it with spices.

Preeta exclaims that they both are getting mad as it is visible from their faces, they are thinking of how the dish made by her was sweet as they both had added a lot of spices in it, they must not think a lot as they can never understand, Preeta answers that when she came back from talking to her mother and she went to get the bowls with Sherlin, Preeta came to realize what they had done so she also mixed salt in their dish and corrected her own bowl, she exclaims that how did she like what she has done to them, Maira asks then how was she able to do it as they had ruined her dish, Preeta answers that when they are people like her living in the house, there always has to be two ways from which they can fulfil the task.

Preeta mentions that now she is the wife of Karan Luthra and will not stay quiet by their attacks as she ahs come to understand their attentions, she explains that she made a separate batch of the dish which she had kept aside, she answers that the family members loved her dish and no one dared to eat her including Karina, she mentions that even Sherlin did not taste the dish. Preeta warns her to stop from her childish acts as otherwise she might have to leave the house. She also warns Sherlin to stop as she will surely get payback for any wrongdoings which she tries to perform, then mentions that she is like the person who would fight with them for the rights then also explains that they should eat the dish as she was the one to make it.

Everyone is sitting, Karina mentions that it is not a good idea as they should not do it, Dadi however agrees with Rakhi then Kartika mentions that she is going to stand with Karina as the situation is not right in their house so it should not be accepted, Karan also refuses saying that they all are old rituals and while leaving sneezes, he orders Ganesh to bring some cold drinks for him, when he is trying to leave Preeta stops him explaining that Karan is ill, Karina however asks her to stay in her limits as if Karan desires the drinks he should get them.

Dadi says that they are going to arrange her reception as Rakhi wanted it. Rakhi then says that they would hold both the functions the same day as it would prevent them from arranges the functions, Rakhi and Dadi leave to take care of the arrangements.

Rishab calls Sherlin explaining that she also wanted a sister in law but now she has got one so she should make sure that Preeta gets the respect which she deserves as this is what he expects from her before leaving, Preeta thinks that they both have gotten extremely angry even when she has not done anything till now.
Sherlin reaches the room where Maira is sitting, she starts yelling explaining that Preeta ahs challenged her saying that she will do something to her but that she has not done anything till now, Maira without refusing to listen to her says that Preeta is not Luthra but is an Aurora and she is adamant to do anything that she can to ruin the life of Preeta, then she refuses to listen to anything and yells at her after which she leaves.

Sameer calls Shrishti, she runs to her phone and answering it says that t is off Sameer, he explains that they have planned, Shrishti gets excited however Sameer says that he just wanted to inform them, Shrishti gets angry saying that they should have invited them as Preeta is her sister so she has the right, Sarla tries to calm her down mentioning that it is nothing to be angry about.

Kartika asks Dadi if she has gotten tired, Rishab comes mentioning that he was amazed because of what she did as he knows that his mother is of the religious end but she took her side, Dadi answers that she knows what Rakhi is capable off as she has done a lot for the family, Rishab asks if Kartika is calling Dadi old but she clarifies that she meant her old mentality and was not calling her old.

Karina also comes explaining that she could never have run the house like Rakhi as with her temperament it would have been impossible. Dadi calls Rakhi asking her to tell everyone what she would like to do on her birthday, then Dadi asks Karina to tell them what Rakhi would do on her birthday, they all joke mentioning that she would like to perform a Yatra.
Karan comes asking why did Ganesh not bring him the cold drink, he answers that Preeta ordered him however Kartika responds that he should stop listening to Preeta and follow their orders.

Ganesh mentions that Preeta was right as Karan had fever which is why he did not give him the cold drink, Karan says that he has taken the medicine, Rakhi explains that she is now ordering him to not drink the cold drink as he is not well.

Rakhi then asks Ganesh if he has checked that all the matrials have arrived for the reception but Karan says that they were only discussing and it was not confirmed, Rakhi says that some rituals have to be fulfilled as they all also went to a lot of peoples functions so now would have to fulfil the rituals as he has just gottten married.

Karan looks towards everyone, Dadi xpalins that she is the elder of their house and has no pressure yet she still agrees that they have to fulfil the functions as they are the norms of the society which have to be

fulfilled. Rishab, Kartika and even Ganesh agree that they should hold the function, He leaves while Rakhi is worried that he will not dress but Rishab assures her that he will come for the function.
Preeta is in the hall but is not able to find the suitcase, she finds it in the guestroom so decides to take it back into her room as she cannot let Karan throw her out of the house, she is taking it when Maira decides to harm her from behind however Sherlin tries to stop her but Maira pushesh her against the wall warning that she never come in her way again as she will not get what she deserves by siding with her, Sherlin thinks that she has gotten mad.

Karan is in her room wondering that even when his entire fgamily hates Preeta yet they are still arranging the reception for her, he excludes Rishab and Sameer as they both are really taking the side of her so he cannot count them. He remembers that she made the halwa and might have mixed something in it which is why everyone has started to take her side,

Preeta eneters the room so he makes her sit asking what had she mixed in the halwa, Preeta exclaims that she has mixed something and he is right, she mentions that she mixed love which ahs forced everyone to like her, she answers that she mixed love in it however Karan gets really angry with her. She takes her suitcase mentioning that she has to set her clothes in the wardrobe.

Karan yells at her mentioning that she cannot touch his wardrobe however she says that she also has some right over it and will place her clothes in it however he refuses to let her. Preeta then exclaims that she will bring a new wardrobe so has to take some of his things and set them in the store room, Karan doesnot agree with her, he then calls Rakhi explaining that Preeta has thrown all of his things out from the wardrobe, however Preeta exclaims that she only wats to put her clothes in the wardrobe because of which Karan is talking very rudely with her, Rakhi takes the side of Preeta saying that he should allow her to place her clothes in the wardrobe.

Sherlin reaches the kitchen and wonders what Maira would do as she is really frustrated, She thinks of calling Prithvi as he would be really tensed so she decides to call her, Prithvi is drunk and finally wakes up, he seeing he call wonders why she is calling him so when he answers the call he seeks for some time and pours a jug of water on his head then asks her what has happened, she explains the entire situation mentioning that Preeta has married Karan and come into their house as Preeta Karan Luthra, however Prithvi doesnot agree saying that she would only be his wife,

Sherlin mentions that she came with the people of NGO and when Karan called the police they also sided with her and she came into their house as a daughter in law. Prithvi gets frustrated with her saying that she cannot do even a single thing so is a useless woman which is why he calls her a princess, she in anger ends the call exclaiming that she only said those things because of Maira. She even exclaims that both of her partners are trying to run after Karan, one is his lover while the other is his enemy.

She is about to break the cup when Rakhi comes inquiring what the matter is she answers that she was trying to dry the cup, Rakhi explains that she is the elder daughter in law of the family so is responsible for performing all the rituals of Preeta, Sherlin tries to make an excuse however agrees mentioning that she would do whatever Rakhi asks her to do, Rakhi explains that no one in the family Is happy with the functions but they have to fulfil the norms of the society and even she would not have arranged the functions if she desired so.

Sarla calls Shrishti however Janki mentions that she is sitting angrily in her room so would not come out, Sarla mentions that she also knows how to call her as she ahs made her favourite dish, Sarla goes to the dining table then placing the bowl asks Janki to come and eat it as Shrishti would not come out of the room. Shrishti comes running exclaiming that she would eat the entire bowl as they all know that if something is prepared in their house which she likes then she is the one to eat it all.

Sarla says that she would not let her eat it until Shrishti gives her something which she likes but Shrishti explains that she has nothing that she can give her, Sarla says that she desires her smile and if she gives it to her then she would hand her the dish. Shrishti takes the bowl while crying explaining that she is the best.
Sarla gets a call from Rakhi who explains that they have all arranged a function for Preeta and they all must come. Sarla explains that Shrishti should stop crying as they have been invited so must go and select the dress which she would wear in the night.

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