These Streets Update Tuesday 14 September 2021

These Streets 14 Sept 2021: Asmita comes running to Nevi’s room. She is crying with Aru’s photo. Nevi says you.. Asmita says I have some work. Nevi says go to your room and rest. I will talk to you.Nevu says I loved Aru so much.Asmita says she changes so fast. Ridoy comes to the room. He says Asmita I trust you. Asmita says better not talk about trust. I saw it today. She leaves. Ridoy says I hurt you asmita. I am so sorry. I don’t wanna lose you. I am really sorry.

Aditya asks asmita come out. He says its urgent. Asmita comes out. Aditya meets her at porch. He says there is a huge news that I had to tell you. She says tell me. He says let me show you. He shows a picture of Nevi and Shan together. Asmita says how is this possible? He says it is of the same place where aru was found. Asmita says nothing is more important than duty. If shan has done this he has to arrested even if he is my husband.

Shan wakes up next morning. Paro brings him breakfast. Paro says are you good? You weren’t well last night so you slept here. Shan dosn’t recall anything. He says please go from here. She says I am your wife I can’t leave you alone. He says go from here. He locks her outside. Shan says did I meet asmita last night? What happened last night? Only Asmita can tell. Where are you Puchki.Khurana says Asmita police has started the work. They check the photo if it is photo shopped. The expert says this isn’t edited.

It is a real photo. Aditya says this is a proof against shan we cant ignore it. Asmita is dazed. Khurana says you are a police cop before his wife.Beauty slaps Paro and says you can’t do anything. Paro says doctor said I am pregnant. Beauty says kill this child. You can’t afford this. Paro says but my child.. Beauty says then I have to do something.Aditya says this is guy we caught. He also thought shan might be invovled. Asmit says I still don’t have proof. Khurana says if you are not comfortable I can ask you to leave the case.

Asmita says if shan is culprit I will convict him myself. This is my promise. She leaves. Khurana says she is on a strong test. Asmita says I know where to begin test from.Asmita is in tears. Ridoy sees her upseto. Ridoy says I know I have hurt you. I am sorry. Asmita says don’t talk about it. He says you are right. I am really bad and useless. Please forgive me. Give me punishment. He sits in her feet. Asmita says stop it. He starts hitting himself. Asmita says what are you doing.

He says this is what I deserve. Asmita says enough. She takes the rod from him. Ridoy says how will I live like this. Asmita says sit there. Asmita says what was that? Why were you punishing yourself? You wanna die? Don’t you think about your family that loves you so much. Nevi and Shan? He says do you care about me dying? Asmita is silent. He says when you care about me I will think about myself. I donn’t know how to reduce this distance between us. i don’t know how to make you love me. Asmita says love isn’t forced.

He says just once say that you will give this relationship a chance from your heart? Say it. She says I will try. Asmita says in heart when he finds the reality he would be broken.Shan is doing push ups. Asmita comes t him. He says I know why are you here. I have answer.. I know you are angry what happened to me. I think I said something I shouldn’t have. She says you did what you shouldn’t have. HE says what? She says nothing. Asmita says I wish you could read my eyes.

He says what will I answer to people? Asmita says is this ring yours? He says why are you asking that? She says I need ring sample. Can you wear this ring? He says okay. Asmita makes him wear the ring and its his size. He says the size is good. Asmita is dazed. It was the same ring she stole from that man. Shan says why are you in a sudden shock? Asmita runs out. He says this is my ring. I think I lost is somewhere. Asmita is shocked. He says where did you find it? She says in your room. I took you to your room.

He says mama gave me this ring. Asmita takes in and runs. He says why is she behaving so weird?Asmita stops Shan. She says I want to talk to you. Asmita sees Shan talking to nevi. SHe says just end this. It should only remain between us. This shouldn’t go out. He says dont worry I will do as you ask.Asmita calls police and asks them to keep an eye on Shan.

Shan is going somewhere. Paro says where are you going? He says for some work. She says drink this milk at least. Shan drinks it and faints. Paro takes him to bed. She calls Beauty and says its done. Beauty says prepare for it.

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