Twist of fate update Thursday 24 March 2022

Twist of fate 24 March 2022: Ranbir playing cards with Dida and says he is the winner. Dida shows the card and says she has won 4th time. She asks him to call her destiny/Prachi. Prachi comes there. Dida asks Prachi to give him some mantra to win. Prachi says all the best.

Ranbir says I will come back in sometime. Prachi tries to stop him, but he tells Dida that the ant bit him, who doesn’t love him. Ranbir goes and stands outside. Dida asks Prachi what happened? Prachi says nothing. Dida says when I had married your Dada ji, I had to lie many times and this nothing thing used to go on…Prachi smiles. Dida says love and enmity don’t hide. Ranbir messages her to say I love you infront of everyone. Pallavi comes there and asks Ranbir what is happening here? Ranbir says I was messaging on phone.

He gets a call and goes. Prachi reads his message and coughs. Soni says I will bring water. Dida says there is something which you are hiding and it is coming out as cough. Pallavi asks what? Prachi says nothing. She says I will make tea for everyone and goes to kitchen. Ranbir comes to kitchen. She asks if he will have ginger tea. He says he came to drink water here. Prachi says you have become mischievous. Ranbir asks what are you saying? He gets a call and pretends to talk to a girl. Sid says I am on call and asks what are you saying. Ranbir says you are sweet girl and identified you hearing your voice. He says don’t talk sweet, I will forget that I am married. He says I am clean chit, committed and married. He says if I was not married, then would have thought. He comes out and asks Sid to hear what is she saying? He says we will meet tomorrow and asks what is she saying, he is feeling shy. He ends the call. Prachi asks him with whom he was talking to. Ranbir says he will go. Prachi says I l love you. He asks her to tell infront of everyone.

Abhi says you are refraining me from drinking as you hate my happiness and not because you love money. He says you don’t like me to do, what you don’t like. Pragya asks what is it? Abhi says my drinks. He says since I came here, I like to drink wine more. He says either the wine is good, or anger on your face is good. He says I love it. Pragya says you will not get wine here. He says today along with anger, I will get to see disappointed on your face. He shows the wine bottle. Pragya calls Tanu and asks who gave him wine.

Tanu says I didn’t give him. Pragya says then who gave him wine, Aaliya? Dadi says I gave him money to buy a small quantity of wine. I couldn’t see his condition. Pragya says you knows how much he drinks. Dadi says he has promised me that he will drink little. Pragya asks can you see his condition after drinking and says it is poison for him. Dadi says I gave him as a medicine so that he gets peace. Pragya says he needs us and not the wine. Abhi says what are you talking to Dadi and says she cares for me more than you, and says he don’t want her lecture.

Pragya says this is my house and nobody will drink wine here. Aaliya asks her not to make the house as hotel and asks if you will treat us this way. Tanu says you can’t order us. Pragya says whatever you want to think, you can think, but nobody can give him wine. Abhi says I will drink as much as I want and if you try to stop me, then I will drink infront of you. He goes.

Dadi tells Pragya that he is very stubborn and if you get stubborn, then he will drink more. Pragya asks do you want him to drink wine. Dadi says I don’t want to see him yearning for wine. Pragya says whatever is wrong is wrong and asks her not to do this again. Dadi says I can apologize to you, but can’t promise. She goes. Pragya asks Tanu why did you people let him drink? Pragya says he drinks due to you, to set off the fire lighted by you. Pragya says wine burns the people in fire.

Abhi says let me burn, but I will not lose a chance to make you jealous. He drinks. Pragya walks out of her house in anger. Aaliya says where did she go? Tanu says she has left the house. Aaliya says she will not go and says she went to find ways to stop him, even she is stubborn.

Abhi hears knocking sound and thinks he is getting sound from the bottle, opens the nozzle and drinks. He hears window knocking sound and thinks wind is knocking at the window. He opens the window and finds Pragya there. He asks why did you come here as a thief and says I will help you, to jump in. Pragya says I can make you understand and tells that she has said that wine will not be drink here. She says either this wine or I will stay here. Abhi says this is a critical situation. He says sorry, if you think that I will ask you not to leave house and I will leave wine, then it will not happen. He says there will be no filmy scene. Tanu hears them and smiles. Abhi says you are here. Tanu says I heard you and tells that Pragya’s tactics will not work on Abhi now. Abhi asks her not to become translator as he understands English and Hindi both.

Pragya says he is asking you to go. Abhi asks Tanu to go and closes the door. Tanu goes. Abhi comes back and asks Pragya why did she hold the bottle? Pragya says nothing and says it was about to fall, I kept it properly. Abhi says stealing is bad, asks if Sushma aunty didn’t teach you. Pragya asks him not to bring Sushma ji between them. He says we have everyone except what was there before. He asks her to come inside. Pragya says I will not come inside. He says it is good that you are not wearing white saree, else people will think ghost came..

Pragya says she is looking apsara and if someone tease me. Abhi asks her to become teacher and give them lecture. Pragya says you mean that I shall go. Abhi says it is your wish, I will drink here as I want to show who am I? She asks what do you mean? Abhi says he is badshah of his thoughts and not her slave of love. Pragya says ok, I will go. Mitali hears them and goes to inform Aaliya and Tanu.

Tanu says Pragya was blackmailing Abhi, but he was not agreeing. She says now he is changed and will get happiness without her, but she is not understand and is foolish. Mitali comes there and says Pragya is foolish and left from there. Tai ji says Abhi doesn’t care about Pragya and will not bring her. Tanu says Abhi showed her value. Mitali says Abhi said I don’t dare and asks her not to interfere between him and wine. Tanu says he asked me to go to scold her more. Mitali says he told that he is the badshah of his wish and wine will win. She says she heard with her ears and enjoyed doing this. She says she couldn’t enjoy in chawl. Tanu asks did you understand, why I refused 6 crore and asked to stay here, so that when the wine breaks the fire, we can pour ghee in it. She smiles.

Pragya coming out of the house and seeing nobody on the road. She thinks this is the difference between Mumbai and Delhi, that people sleeps here early. She thinks if he will come here searching me. She thinks he will never come to take her. Abhi searches for his bottle and gets it. Just then someone knocks on the door. He says she has returned, her ego is gone. He opens the door and asks her to say sorry.

Dadi says sorry and asks where is Pragya? Abhi says she is not here. Dadi says I shouldn’t have given you money to have wine. Abhi says Pragya had done magic on Daljeet and made place in her heart with her sweet talks and then Dadi made place in my heart for her. He says then you also said that I love Pragya, but now all effect is gone. Dadi says it is love effect and

will never go. She asks where is Pragya? Abhi says she is taking bath. Dadi says who takes bath in night. Abhi says it is fair people’s tactics. Dadi says we didn’t do this before, and asks him to send Pragya to her room when she comes. Abhi asks Dadi to sleep and thinks 30 mins have passed, she should have come by now, she should have realized her mistake by now. He thinks she might come in the morning.
Tanu comes to Aaliya wearing the night gown and tells that she has bought everything costly. She says I want to make him realize that I was with him, in his good and bad phase. She says humans tell that they shall see the people’s good intention, but they look at the beauty, which I have. Aaliya asks if you love him even now. Tanu says even I don’t understand, but it is fear of loss, and I want him to be mine. Aaliya smiles and asks her to focus on her work. Tanu goes. Aaliya looks at the file.

Pragya is walking on the road and waiting for Abhi. The goons tease her and call her moon. Pragya asks them to go to their home and scolds him, telling that she knows how to handle such men. The goon says I want to marry you. Pragya asks him not to marry anyone, as marriage is a trouble etc and says you can’t keep your wife happy being a drunkard. Other goon aims gun at Pragya while the goon holds her hand. Pragya asks him to leave her hand. Abhi comes there and gets down from the car. He asks the goons to take the moonlight from his car’s flashlights. The goons ask him to leave and not to become hero. Abhi says he was hero before, now a Servant. Pragya asks Abhi to go and says she will handle the goons.

Abhi insults the goons and asks if they heard Chacha Chaudhary’s name. He then argues with Pragya for coming out in night. Pragya says she hates wine. Abhi says you are telling as if she is your sautan. Pragya says it is worse than sautan. Abhi argues with him. The goons say it seems they are husband and wife. Abhi and Pragya tell that they are husband and wife. The goon asks him to go and says he will marry her. Abhi says even now you want to marry her, is about to go. Pragya asks him to come. Abhi asks if she will thank him. Pragya says yes. He brings his wine bottle and asks them to drink and meet beauty queen in imagination. Abhi snatches their gun and aims at them. Pragya says he will shoot you. The goons tell that the gun is empty and they call other goons. Abhi tells that they were teasing her and makes the gun falls down. He asks Pragya to run. He fights with the goons.

Other goon holds Pragya’s hand. Abhi is about to come to her, when the goons hold his hand. The goon takes the belt and walks towards Abhi to beat him. Pragya beats and kicks the goon, then beats him with the same belt. She asks how dare you to touch him. Abhi is stunned seeing her fighting. He fights with the others and asks Pragya to stop beating the goon. The goon is about to run, but Abhi takes wine bottle from his hand and they sit in the car.

Rhea comes back home, recalling Aaliya’s words. She thinks they were my family before, Dida used to call Dad as her elder son, Pallavi aunty used to call dad and used to say proudly that Abhi and Vikram are good friends. She thinks Vikram never made her miss Dad when he was alone, and thinks once Prachi came there, everything was ruined. She asks Prachi, why did you come in our life. Prachi asks what are you saying? Rhea says don’t you dare give me that fake smile, and I am tired of pretending that you are so good. Prachi asks if she is joking. Rhea says because of you, Mehra and Kohli family are separated, and their friendship broken. I lost my love due to you. She blames her. Prachi says why suddenly you got bitterness against me. Rhea says it was my helplessness, says I was happy when we were separated and destiny brought us together and made me your jethani.

She says I am so tired and can’t pretend that Prachi is good. Ranbir asks what happened and asks if everyone okay? Rhea says do you really want to know or will take your wife’s side. Ranbir asks what happened? Rhea asks what do you think that I will forget whatever you have done on me. Ranbir asks what did I do? Rhea says you cheated on me, betrayed me. Dida asks Rhea to stop it. Pallavi says this is not the way to talk. Vikram says you should have come to us with your problem. Rhea says everyone knows what is happening here and says you would have reasoned to be politically correct, or would have given diplomatic reply. She asks why Dad and you are not friends now? She asks why your friendship broken? Vikram says due to business. Rhea asks him to tell the truth. Vikram says due to Prachi. He says Ranbir and you were about to marry, but he got married to Prachi and her mom did support her. She says there was tension between us. Pallavi asks Rhea to ask her and says but you are right, and says nobody will tell you the truth. She says I will just tell you the truth, even if others don’t like it. She says we want to make you as our bahu, when your mom got Ranbir married to Prachi, we felt betrayed and humiliated. She says Ranbir might love Prachi, but we can’t get him married to any girl. She says love can happen with anyone, but marriage can happen with good family girl.

Pallavi telling Rhea that love can happen with anyone, but marriage can happen with good family girl. Dida asks Pallavi what is she saying and saying that it depends on the girl’s values, and not on her family. She says both are Pragya’s daughters, if Ranbir had married Rhea then she is of good family and when the marriage happened with Prachi, why she is not from good family. Pallavi says a mother can have many children, but only one child is dear, for that child, she sacrifices other children happiness. She says I have no complains with Pragya, but with Prachi. She says Prachi knew that Ranbir was about to marry Rhea, if she wanted she would have stopped her marriage, but she didn’t think about Rhea or this family and she thought about herself like her mother, and her

one selfish decision ruined all this family, Vikram and Abhi’s friendship was broken, and Aaliya added to it. She says all this has happened due to Prachi. Vikram says we can understand Ranbir once, but due to Prachi, he can marry anyone, but I lost my good friend due to her. He says now I believe that some people’s reflection is such that it ruins lives.
Dida says what are you both talking? Prachi is now the bahu of the house. Pallavi says Rhea is also bahu of the house and she shall get her rights. Ranbir says when the rights are talking about, even I have right in this house, I have right to support my wife. He says you people do good acting and tried to lower you. He says you have said that Prachi is bad and wrong, but you people have forgotten that we are together due to her. He says Prachi asked me many times to return here with her, but if I was on her place, then would have never returned here, where I don’t get love and respect, but she insisted me to return my house. She says when Prachi stepped here, you made her return. He says Prachi had hopes that you will accept her, but you cleared my doubt today. He says where there is no acceptance, there insult happens and I can’t bear your insult, we will leave this house right now. He asks Prachi to come. Prachi cries. He asks why are you crying, due to them, who didn’t value you. He asks her to look in his eyes to know her value and says we will not stay here anymore. Rhea is shocked. Ranbir holds Prachi’s hands and asks her to come. Rhea shouts asking Ranbir to stop. She says you scolded everyone, what about me? She says you didn’t listen to me or you told me. She says you have seen Prachi’s insult and pain, but what about me? I am yearning and dying for you every moment, can’t you see that. Ranbir and Prachi are shocked. Dida, Pallavi and Vikram are shocked too. Rhea says everyone knows here that I was about to marry you, as I love you a lot and this Prachi snatched my love from you. Ranbir says when everyone knows about it all, then why are you repeating it. He says you wants to lower her and says you had done it enough. Rhea says whatever was talked was about two families, now I will talk about myself, why I got separated from you. Prachi says Rhea. Rhea says I am questioning Ranbir, not you. She says Ranbir is equally responsible as you. She says my love was not one sided, and says you also loved me and even proposed me, but I kept the deal that you will first break Prachi’s heart and I will accept your proposal. She asks if the deal happened between us or not? Ranbir says I remember everything, and says I was a child and foolish. He says I agreed to your sayings and went close to Prachi so that I can impress her so that she falls in love with me, but my life’s biggest mistake became beautiful mistake of my life. He says while acting to love her, I really loved her.

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