Twist of fate update Friday 25 March 2022

Twist of fate 25 March 2022: Ranbir says while acting to love her, I really loved her. He says you asked me, why did I choose her? He says when I went close to her, I didn’t see any other good girl like her in the world. He says I chose her as she is not like you, like the way you are. She is opposite of you, she doesn’t know manipulation, don’t people with people mind, don’t do schemes, and she just knows one thing ie, to give love. He asks Rhea to understand this. He tells Prachi that he is really sorry, he should have told her about this. He says I don’t care about Rhea’s hatred, I just care about you and your love. Prachi says you used to hate me so much that you used Ranbir to take revenge from me, and now after 2 years of marriage, you are blaming me still.

She says don’t know why you hate me so much, I was mad to think that you are changed, but you are same. Rhea says yes, I am same as before, I have one sister who snatched my love and my one mom snatched my Dad. She says Dad can never be happy with Mom. Prachi says you don’t know what Maa is doing for Dad, she brought him home so that she wants him to get rid of his drinking habit, wants to save his life, wants to give him new life.

Rhea says I know her reality, she made Dad as her Servant and now wants to end his life. Prachi shouts enough and says if you say a word against my Maa, then I will forget that you are my real sister, I swear. Rhea asks her to shut up. Prachi says now you will listen and I will hear. She says I didn’t snatch Ranbir from you, you have separated yourself from him as you don’t have that heart which can love someone truly, and says if you had known the meaning of true love, then Ranbir would have been with you. She says you just knows to hate others, and made them as their enemies. She says you are enemy of yourself and will get burn one day.

She says you didn’t manipulate Ranbir against me, but you have manipulated me also. She says you asked me to sacrifice my love and do something so that he hates me and marries you. She says you played with his emotions as if he is a toy, as if he is heartless. She says you wanted to use me to break his heart. She says I was silent, as you kept a big condition infront of me. Rhea asks her to stop it. Prachi says you said that Maa don’t want to see Dad happy, and says actually you can’t see him happy. She says you kept condition infront of me that you want to separate them and says you can’t see your parents together.

She says then also I forgave you, as I thought you are immature and will mend your ways, but people like you can’t change your intention, just change colors. She says you can’t be loyal to anyone, who is not loyal to her own parents. She says God shall not give such child to anyone, and says now itself I break all my relations from you. She says I am breaking my relation with you, as you spoke badly about Maa. She says if I hear about the word Maa from you, then nobody will be bad than me.

She then turns to Ranbir and says sorry, I didn’t tell you about this deal, as Maa and Papa’s love was more important to me than my own love, I was going away from you for them. Ranbir asks her not to say sorry and asks Rhea if she understood now, why he chose Prachi. He says Prachi lives for her loves ones, and you live for yourself. He says Prachi has sacrificed her love for her mom and dad, can you do this. He says I don’t think that you are a daughter of the same parents.

He says I hate you and asks her not to show her face to him again. He asks Prachi to come. Rhea asks Ranbir not to leave her, and says if you don’t love me then don’t hate me. Ranbir says I hate you very much. All this drama turns out to be Rhea’s IMAGINATION.

Rhea asks them to stop. Prachi comes to her and asks what happened? Rhea says I was thinking something, and asks did I say something. Pallavi says you asked someone to stop. Rhea says I will come back. She goes to her room.

She asks herself why is she imagining this, if Ranbir and Prachi had left, then who is left at home, butcher Dida, strict Mother in law and diplomatic father in law and boring husband. She says she has no idea that she was about to do a big mistake. She says thank god, I didn’t do anything and asks what is wrong with me. She says I shall become good infront of Ranbir and shall get closer to him, not far.

She thinks she can’t bear her anger. She thinks to speak to Aaliya. She calls Aaliya and says I am getting very angry, that I might burn myself. Aaliya asks her to tell the reason of her anger. Rhea says she can’t forget the incident that Dad was driving the car as Mom’s driver. She asks her to do something.

Aaliya says I shouldn’t have told you, but should have hid this from you. She says until when you will get angry and asks her to grow it and make it big to use it at the right place. Rhea asks where to use it. Aaliya says on Pragya, get along with us, against Pragya. She says if you can win over Pragya then will win over this anger. She says Pragya needs to be broken and asks her to attack her weakness, Prachi. She says if Prachi gets hurt, then Pragya will be hurt, separate Prachi from Ranbir and Pragya will break herself. Rhea says I am successful and very soon you will see Ranbir with me.

Rhea telling Aaliya that very soon she will see Ranbir with hr and not with Prachi. Aaliya says you are already walking on the way, chosen for you. Rhea says I got half peace by talking to you and asks her to hold her hands always, and says nobody can stop me from reaching my aim. She says you was right, mom will get hurt when her dear daughter will get hurt.

She says bye. Aaliya thinks Bhai is not the same as you think and Prachi can’t live the life, as you wants. She says if I can sit on the time machine and see the future, then would have seen Prachi suffering and crying for Ranbir and how Bhai overseeing your tears.

Abhi is driving the car. Pragya asks him to slow the car. He says there is a limit of 180. Pragya says you are drunk and that’s why I am asking you to drive slow. Abhi says Dadi came after you went and was regretting not to give me money. Pragya says you came to pick me on her insistence. Abhi says Dadi doesn’t know that you was not at home. He says after Dadi went, I….He stops the car. Pragya says she didn’t ask him to stop. He says I didn’t stop and asks car why did it stop? Pragya says I got it repaired just now.

Abhi gets down to check. He thinks everything seems to be fine, let me check. He checks and says diesel is over in it. Pragya asks how? He says it works on diesel and finished. Pragya says you said that you are my driver and should have checked whether diesel was there or not. Abhi says did you see the time, when you came out of house, and see the environment.

Pragya says you should have been careful that girl is going out in night, but you was busy drinking. He says I will continue drinking, I am not superman to reach you anywhere and says your stubbornness and foolishness will take you somewhere, and says you don’t care for others, but someone cares for you. Pragya asks for whom? She says who will get effected if something happens to me.

Abhi says me, and then says Sushma aunty. It starts raining. He says Sushma aunty. He sees car coming and asks driver if he can help him with the diesel. Driver gives him diesel. Abhi thanks the driver and says your owner has the big heart. Pragya smiles looking at Abhi. He pours the diesel in the diesel tank. Benaam rishta ho bechain karta jo plays….

They sit in the car. Abhi drives off. Pragya looks at him and smiles. Rhea is going. Prachi comes to her and says what happened? Rhea says nothing. Prachi says I am your sister. Rhea says don’t be dramatic. Prachi says you was behaving strange. Rhea says Sid was behaving strangely. Prachi asks if I shall tell how to convince your husband and asks her not to take his hearts on her heart. She says Sid can’t fight for a glass of water, but husbands are like that, they trouble their wives. Rhea says Ranbir is sorted and not like you.

Prachi says he troubles me a lot and his latest demand is to tell him I love you infront of everyone including Mummy. She asks her to give her some idea to fulfill his demand. Rhea gets upset and asks her to ask him not to keep such demands. Prachi says I don’t have any option. Rhea says I will think something. Prachi says you are very smart and hugs her. They go to have dinner.

Tanu comes to Abhi’s room. Aaliya says he might have gone to chawl. Tanu says he might have gone to bar and find wine bottle there. She says it is half filled and says what can stop him from drinking. Aaliya says where is Bhai? Mitali says Abhi has gone to bring Pragya. Aaliya says impossible. Mitali says she saw them coming. Pragya comes there and asks what are they doing in her room, so late in night. She asks them to go.

Aaliya says we are not chawl people. Tanu says we didn’t come here to steal. Pragya says you are so overconfident and asks did you forget that you went to jail stealing my purse. Tanu asks Aaliya to meet Abhi and goes to her room. Mitali also goes. Pragya asks Aaliya what you want to talk to your brother? Aaliya says I will talk to him and goes. Pragya thinks I will not get sleep until I tell them.

At the dining table, Prachi serves him food and asks why is he not saying anything. Pallavi asks Rhea if Sid called. Rhea says yes, I had gone to talk to him. He was asking about everyone. Prachi reads Ranbir’s chit asking her to tell what he wants to hear. Vikram says Sid is working good and company is having profits. Ranbir says that is really good. Ranbir throws another chit near Prachi and signs her. Rhea pretends to pick up the spoon and reads his chit. She gives the chit to Prachi. Prachi reads Ranbir asking her to say I love you. Dida says it is raining and goes to see the rain. Ranbir goes behind Dida. Prachi asks Pallavi to call her. She says Dida becomes a child seeing rain.

Vikram says I will go and see. Prachi tells Rhea that she will tell Ranbir, what he wants to hear. Dida dances in the rain. Ranbir comes out holding umbrella and says you will get cold, it is first rain. Dida says it is fun to enjoy the rain. Ranbir says I don’t get drenched in rain, I will get cold and sneeze. They enjoy. Pallavi says come inside. Vikram says let them enjoy rain. Prachi comes out and tells that I love you Ranbir Kohli. Rhea hears them. Ranbir asks her to say again. Prachi says again and says only he can hear her. She sends Dida inside. Ranbir asks Prachi to come and enjoy the rain. They dance in the rain. Tujhme khoya rahun me plays…..Rhea sees their romance and gets upset.

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