I do update Wednesday 23 March 2022


I do 23 March 2022: Razia is shocked to find badi bi behind her and wonders who’s the other burqa clad woman. Badi bi asks who is she talking to alone and one sided. she turns back to see the person, but finds no one and is shocked.

razia retaliates her by asking what was she doing in her room and roaming at this time in the night. Badi bi says that she was searching for a servant to fix the heater in her room, but didnt find him anywhere. she asks razia whats the matter. She is frustrated and goes inside. Badi bi thinks that she has gone mad.

Someone comes in humaira’s room and sleeps by her side. she thinks that its nuzrat and tells her to go to sleep. as she senses something unusual about her hair, she wakes up with a startling scream. She is thoroughly tensed, as the person lights up the lighter and reveals his face in its light. She throws away her sheet, and runs outside scared that its a thief whio entered the room. She asks them to call the police. meanwhile, all are tensed as that person walks out from the room, and makes his entry in the drawing room. He identifies himself as haider to mamujaan, while all are tensed, and especially waves at Humaira, who is disgusted and disturbed at his mere sight.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
As zoya is waiting anxiously, zoya opens the dor and greets him. Asad too hugs her tightly. She says that even his phone wasnt getting throug, and she was concerned for him, and was waiting. Zoya asks if he should get her coffee. She is shocked, while asad asks her where’s dilshad, and when she doesnt find an answer, he asks if she has gone out. Zoya tels him that she has gone to his father.

he is shocked and distraught too. Asad reminds about his condition, and is shocked that dilshad chose her husband over her son, making him win over asad once again, and that man ruined everything, hie life, his childhood, and today took away his mother too. Zoya tries to make her understand that rashid isnt a bad person, and he is good at heart, and it was their choice to live together after all. Asad asks her to stop siding him, as she knows what kind of a person he is.

He asks why didnt she stop her. Zoya says that she couldnt as it was dilshad’s descision. asad says that this was an emotional descision, which she took out of being in false promises by her husband. he says that he just wants to know why didnt she stop dilshad. Zoya says that she didnt because she didnt want to. He is tensed and pins her against the wall, while she continues pleading. He asks her if he heard right. he starts banging his hand against the wall, and then breaks into tears, scaring a trapped zoya. zoya says that she just wanted to support dilshad, as she really had taken the descision of wanting to go there. Asad leaves.

Asad wakes up in the night, to find ayan standing in the balcony. he hugs him tightly. Ayan asks why is this happening. asad says that he knows what he is going throug, and asks where is he going with the bags. Ayan says that he has taken a descision. asads insists on knowing it. just then, he wakes up and realises that he had beenm dreaming all along. He puts on the net, and finds a video mail from ayan, saying that he knows that he should have met him, before taking this descision, but he was too ternsed to do it. He says that rashid completely broke his faith, and hence he has decided to go far away, from home, from him and from even himself. He says that asad knows when he was leaving the house, he didnt even look back, as had he looked back, he would have seen humaira, and he wouldnt have been able to go. he asks asad not to worry for him, as he would be safe and secure. he says that he wants to forget things for some time. he says that he just wants to say, that he would always talk to him come what may, and bids his final goodbye. asad thinks that everything is breaking, first dilshad left him and now ayan. He thinks that they dont have any reason to stay here now.

The next morning, Asad is packing his bags, which makes zoya ask if he’s going somewhere, as he just retruned last night. He says that he is, but not alone, she too is going with him. she asks where. He answers that they are moving to New York forever. zoya is shocked to hear this.

Location: Asad’s and ayan’s residence

Asad tells her that they would be with her did and jiju while they stay there and get married there too. zoya asks that he doesnt sound very happy. He says that he isnt as all happiness went away with his mother, and now ayan to. Zoya tells him that she knew. aasd asks how and when told, he asks why didnt she tell him. Zoya asks why would she hide anything from him. She was going to talk. Asad says that he doesnt want to argue, as they got last minute tickets and he doesnt want to miss the flight. zoya asks if dilshad knows this. Asad is speechless.

Later, zoya eyes her dollpiece, and asad sees her from a distance, tensed and distraught himself. Asad comes in asking for her passport. She composes herself, and provides him, by searching for it. Asad awkwardly takes her hand and apologises as he isnt angry at her, but at himself, because he couldnt stop his mother, and took this descision of uprroting without consulting with her. He says that given her reason to find her father, he still cant bear to live in a place where everything reminds him of his mother, and he cant go outside without her.(MITWA) She says that she would always be with him, wherever he is, as she to cant stay without him.(MITWA) She says that she regrets not being able to find her father, but is more sad, that he’s going away from his family. She pleads him to talk to his mother once.

Asad complies and calls up dilshad, who picks up happily and asks how is he. He just says that he’s leaving with zoya for new york tomorrow, and he cant come where she is, and if she wants to meet them, they can meet somewhere outside. As she gets distraught and turns around, she finds rashid and blabbers about asad. Rashid asks asad what does he want. asad asks to give the phone to dilshad. Dilshad tells about asad. Rashid pleads him not to do this, while asad is adamant not to talk to him. He tells that ayan has gone. Asad says that he too is going due to him only.

rashid asks whats his fault after all, as he only wanted to see all of his family together for once. He says that he wants to hug him just once before he dies. Asad says that he would never come to meet him, as he took his father and now he has taken his mother away too. Aasad says that he wont come ever even if he dies, as he would stay alone in life as well as death. rashid is shocked. Asad breaks the phone. Zoya is shocked. Dilshad tries to get him to speak, as he is turned to stone hearing that. Dilshad finds shirin’s hand on him, and refrains her own, while shirin takes rashid and walks away. Dilshad is distraught.

Razia is talking to mamujaan, asking him to take meds, while arranging stuff, when suddenly she notices the same hooded person, standing before her, with a shining knife in his hand. As she approaches him, he leaves, displaying a message on the glass, saying that her end is near. she is tensed and runs out to find who is she. she collides into badi bi and tells her about the message. When she takes badi bi inside, razia is shocked that the glass is completely clean. razia says what she saw, but badi bi doesnt believe her. Badi bi tells her that this was to happen, after all the conspiracies. Razia is tensed.

In his room, rashid, remembering ayan’s statements, is guilty of seperating asad from dilshad, and decides that he would unie the mother and son.

Meanwhile, humaira in her frustration and distraught emotions, tears all of ayan’s pics, constantly saying that seh hates ayan, as he had not right to break her heart, and in turn cuts her finger. As she steps inside the bathroom, she realises that the new guest is bathing there. He too is embarassed, and copvers himself up. he begins to teasingly tell his reason to have come here. Humaira composes herself, and demands to know. He says that there was not water in his bathroom, and since she wasnt here, he decided to take a quick shower.

Humaira not wanting to start a conversation, asks him to leave, threatening to leave otherwise. He moves out, but again comes back for the pretext of getting his soap. after he leaves, humaira finds bloodstains in the wash basin. She is shocked and perplexed too.

Dilshad realises that she cant let her son go away from her. she decides to do something about it. She finds that her hands are stained with blood. She screams so loud, that the entire family gets to see her distraught. As shirin asks her where did she find the blood from, they are all shocked, as they cast their eyes on a dead body lying on the floor, while razia is shocked out of her wits.

Zoya asks asad to think again, as he’s doing wrong. She says that he’s doing this to go away from his mother, and he can, but he cant run away from himself, as the pain is within his heart and where would he escape from that. She asks him to change his descision. asad says that he doesnt care if he is right or wqrong Zoya says that his eyes speak otherwise, and asks him to go and meet his mother. Asad says that he doesnt want to see his father. Zoya asks whta if something happens to rashid. Asad says that its all a farce. zoya asks what if this is true, and he needs a son to this time. she says that he should be lucky that he has a father even if by name, unlike her. Asad says that he understands this, as his father died in childhood. Zoya asks why’s he talking like this, as even enemies behave better. She says that they love each other.

Asad Zoya says that she thought that he isnt what he looks like, and maybe he’s soft from his heart. But actually she is stone hearted inside and out, and isnt the asad that she loves. Asad angrily tels him that its good that she found this before marriage. Asad asks zoya if she is ready to go. zoya says that she wont go. Zoya says that he may be able to leave his ailing father and sad mother, but she cant, as relations arent meant to be broken, but to be maintained, as she realises importance more than others. she explains what relations mean to a person, and how incomplete and alone he is without them.

(Sad Mitwa) she apologises for not going, and says that if he still feels like going, he can go alone. Asad is distraught. Asad bids farewell to her. Zoya is shocked. He retreats away from her and moves out of the house, while she stands stunned and speechless. After he’s gone, zoya eyes the watch that he gifted her, and is emotional, and remembering dilshad’s words to take care of asad, she wonders what happened, and thinks that when asad doesnt understand anythin g, and do what he wants, how can he be taken care of. Then all of a sudden, she wonders whats she doing, and realises that she cant let him go. she eyes the watch and thinks that she would have to stop him.

Scene 3:

Location: On the road

Zoya, while hailing for a cab, thinks that she has to stop asad. Asad and zoya both get into their vehicles, asad in his own car, and zoya in a cab. However, as asad gives a lift to sanjay. They introduce themselves, and ask about their destination. Asad is furious remembering dilshad and zoya’s descisons. Zoya too has to share a taxi with shruti, as coincidence would have it. As they travel together, zoya tels shruti about asad, who she’s going to stop. shruti says that they cant hold people, and sometimes its painful to let go, but its more painful to stay back. zoya says that she respects her opinions, but they have to take life in all its strides, and cant hide and run away from the pain or sadness, and cant break any promiuse made to their near and dear ones for that.

Sanjay too asks that it feels that asad doesnt want to go. Asad says that he has to, as situation doesnt leave him any choice. Sanjay says that sometimes to better to stop people to rectify things and med them. meanwhile, they get stuck in the traffic jam, side by side, but each oblivious of the other. they ask the driver if there’s a way around, and he replies that its a long router. zoya says that by then, asad would have gone. shruti says that she did what he could, and now should leave the rest on the lord. Asad remembers dilshad telling him that he would find every answer at the mazaar. sanjay says that the jam may be taken as a sign. zoya is told by shruti to pay a heed and visit to the Mazaar, so that she may find solace and maybe some answers too, and maybe it stops the person who has to gosanjay and shruti cant see each other, due to a motorcycle coming in between. shruti says that she needs his blessings for starting over afresh in her life, and asks that they should go and pay a visit to the Mazaar.

Zoya finds it funny that she got all her answers the last time, at this mazaar only, and now again life has placed her here, when she’s trying to stop asad. Shruti says that maybe she too find some answers here. They enter the mazaar. Meanwhile, asad and sanjay too arrive at the same place, and he wonders why his feet stopped here all of a sudden and that there must be a reason for it.

Scene 1:

Location: At the mazaar

Asad, seeing the mazaar, remembers first seeing zoya there. He, along with Sanjay, goes inside. While they are paying a visit to the mazaar, and praying,Asad eyes the wishing wall, and excuses himself to go there, while zoya prayus that the lord takes away the idea of leaving from Asad’s mind. Asad remembers zoya’s harsh words said to him. asad ties a thread, and while praying, a pair of hands clasp his from the other end. Zoya and asad’s eyes meet, while their hands are held. she comes over to his side. Zoya asks how is he here. Asad says that he was going to the airport but somehow landed here. Zoya asks if he still needs any more sign. Zoya says that had it been in his destiny to go, he would have gone long back.

She asks if he would leave her and his family. Asad says that she denied coming with him. Asad asks her to let go, as its time for his flight. Zoya asks him not to go, as she needs him, and she wont be able to live without him, and dilshad needs him too, and even if he believes it or not, his father needs him too. Asad insists on leaving.As she holds his hand, pleading him to stop. Asad stares into zoya’s eyes, with overwhelming emotions, while she has pleading in her eyes.

Scene 2:

Location: Ayan’s residence and at the mazaar

Rashid is tended by nurses, while the family stands tensed. Shirin asks the doctor what happened, and why isnt he gaining conscious. The doctor says that there is no internal injury but not much can be told till he comes to his senses. Dilshad asks if he’s going to be okay. The doctor says that rashid is not responding to any treatment, even though he’s alive, and thats its very important for him to wake up. He says that anything may happen, and regretfully he mightnt be able to live. Shirin and others are shocked. shirirn asks him not to talk like this. He says that they have no other option other than waiting and leaves. shirin is distraught as she sits by rashid’s bedside. dilshad too is stunned into silence.

Scene 3:

Location: At the mazaar and Ayan’s residence

Meanwhile, he gets Dilshad’s call, telling him about Rashid’s condition, and his vulnerability. He is shocked while zoya is tensed seeing his expressions. She pleads him not to leave her alone like this. Asad asks her to stop crying as he isnt going after all. dilshad and zoya, both are relieved. he cancels the phone and eyes zoya.

Nuzrat sits by Raahid’s bedside, tensed for him, holding his hand. Dilshad prays that if she has always been a good devotee, and been a noble mother and wife, then for that the lord should give rashid his life back. shirin too prays that if her love for rashid is pure, then the Lord would have to get him healthy again. She says that she may havent got his love, but she wont hesitate to sacrifice for him. The screen freezes on the faces of both the praying ladies.



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