Twist of Fate update Friday 19 January 2024

Twist of fate 19 January 2024: Prachi argues with Ranbir. Ranbir asks Akshay to stand beside Prachi and says she will like it. Shahana comes and asks Ashok what happened? Ashok says Prachi, Akshay, and everyone are in the mall. Prachi sees Shera in disguise in the line. Prachi asks the inspector to arrest Shera and the others saying they are involved with the thieves.

Shera seeing this takes Prachi hostage. Shera threatens the cops asking the cops to allow them to leave. The cops move aside seeing this. Shera asks his men to open the door. Ranbir sees Gun beside Akshay and asks Akshay to pick it up. Akshay doesn’t pick up the gun as he is scared. Ranbir rolls towards the Gun and asks Prachi to duck. Prachi ducks. Ranbir shoots Shera. Shera gets shot in his shoulder. The cops take the thieves into custody. Akshay’s family helps Prachi get up. Mihika helps Ranbir get up.The cops exit with the thieves. Manpreet asks the cops where are the kids? Manpreet sees her kids and goes towards them. Prachi asks Shahana what is she doing here? Ranbir asks Shahana why is she crying? Ranbir says everyone is fine. Mihika sees that Ranbir is injured and asks Ranbir about it. Ranbir says it is just a small one.

Prachi later says to Shahana that Ranbir and Mihika are together and they are going to be engaged. Shahana gets surprised hearing this.Daljeet sees Ranbir and takes Pallavi away from there making up a reason.Ashok says to the kids that they should go home. Shahana asks Ashok’s family if she can take Prachi with her. Ranbir says she can take Prachi with her. Manpreet also agrees. Shahana takes Prachi away from there.

Shahana brings Prachi home. Prachi recalls what happened and says Ranbir understands what this Mangalsutra means to her and says Akshay only thinks this Mangalsutra is only an expensive jewelry.Tandon’s family praises Ranbir as he saved Prachi from the thieves. Akshay says he also was about to save Prachi but he got cramps in his leg so he couldn’t move forward. Ashok asks the kids to go and take a rest. Ranbir says to Akshay that he was there and says he saw that Akshay was fine and says he was scared to pick up the gun. Ranbir asks Akshay why is he being double faced? Akshay leaves from there.

Akshay comes to Mihika and asks Mihika to keep Ranbir away from his wife. Akshay says to Mihika that he is noticing that Ranbir is always around Prachi. Akshay also reminds Mihika that Ranbir saved Prachi with his life on the line. Mihika says to Akshay that Ranbir saved Prachi because Akshay didn’t have the guts to do it. Mihika says to Akshay that Ranbir saved Prachi because she begged him with signals and says Ranbir saved Prachi only because she asked him to do it. Akshay hearing this says to Mihika that he is going to prove that Ranbir loves Prachi. Akshay says to Mihika that he is going to hurt Ranbir a lot after that. Mihika says she doesn’t care as he will not be able to prove anything.

Prachi says it’s wrong. Shahana asks Prachi what’s wrong? Prachi says she doesn’t know what’s wrong but it’s wrong and says Ranbir remembers everything. Shahana asks Prachi what happened? Prachi says Ranbir questioned her about Akshay.Prachi showing her mangalsutra to Shahana and telling her that he remembers this even now. She tells that Akshay was asking me about Ranbir. She says he is doubtful on Ranbir. She says Ranbir always troubles me, don’t know why he is taking revenge from me. She says I regarded Ranbir’s mother as my mother, but she never accepted or love me and hate me always.

She says other side is Akshay’s mother who accepted me, loves and respects me a lot. She says I lost my daughter because of Ranbir and got her due to Akshay. She says don’t know why Ranbir is doing this. Shahana says you told that Ranbir is with Mihika and Pallavi aunty has accepted her.

Pallavi is waiting for Ranbir and asks Dida why you didn’t make me talk to Ranbir, when he asked us to be safe. Dida says he had ended the call, your know your son well, don’t fight with her due to him. Pallavi asks her to see her condition. Dida says he asked me to go home and told that he is going to Bangalore with evening flight and will not call or meet us.

Akshay asks Mihika if she is mad and blind, if she understands emotions or feelings. Mihika repeats the same thing so that he understand for whom he is saying. She says I am not blind or mad, and have chosen Ranbir after many break ups. She says he is good and helps the person on the road. She praises him and says he is kindhearted, clean intentions guy. She says he knows Prachi and that’s why went to save her.

Akshay says he risked his life to save Prachi. Mihika says when I was coming to your marriage, he had saved me from goons. She says he saved my life twice, else I wouldn’t have been alive. She says you shall be thankful as even Prachi is alive because of him. Akshay asks when he saved you for the second time. Mihika says I don’t want to discuss and asks him to go.

Prachi tells that she don’t think that there is something between them, and tells that her life was going well, when he came to disturb her. Shahana says as far as I know, you don’t love Akshay. Prachi says love is foolishness, wise people shall not fall in love. She tells that life becomes bad and ugly because of love, and it brings pain. Shahana says love’s other name is sacrifice. Prachi says I can’t tell what dirty games he has played, and says when I think of going away from me, he comes infront of me with Mihika. Shahana asks if you feel jealous? Prachi signs yes and cries. She says this is wrong, I shall not feel, as he is of Mihika. Shahana says he is yours and that’s why you are feeling pain and jealous.

Prachi says my jealousy is wrong. Shahana says it happens when we hold the place and importance in the opposite person and Ranbir gave you that place.

Divya asks Ranbir to come and says there is a surprise for you. Ranbir asks what is the surprise? Akshay says your surprise is here. Pallavi gets up from sofa shocking Ranbir. She hugs him. Akshay thinks Ranbir is not happy to meet his mom, infact got worried. He thinks surely there is something. Ranbir smiles and asks how did you come here? Pallavi asks how are you? Ranbir says I am fine. Akshay asks if he felt good meeting her. Pallavi says you didn’t tell me that you are here. Ranbir says I will talk to Mummy alone, and takes Pallavi from there. Manpreet says what he wants to talk to her. Ashok says lets see. Manpreet says let them talk. Abhay asks Akshay what is he planning. Akshay says something very big. Pallavi asks Ranbir if he is fine. Ranbir says yes, fit and fine. Pallavi says they searched him and then came to know that he is going to Bangalore, and then came to know that he is here. She says I was upset knowing you lied to Dida, and then after coming here, I came to know that you are here since many days. She says Vikram and Dida were not at home, so I came alone, else would have come with them. Ranbir asks her to listen and says nobody knows about his past, and is about to tell her that they don’t know about Prachi, when Manpreet comes and asks Pallavi to meet Mihika’s Bua who wants to meet her. Ranbir insists to talk to Pallavi, but Manpreet asks him to talk to her later and takes Pallavi with her. Ranbir gets tensed.

Shahana asks Prachi to drink haldi milk. Prachi refuses. Shahana asks her to drink fast. Prachi refuses and asks her to drink. Shahana makes her drink milk and says I have learnt from you, how to take care of others. Prachi says I did wrong. Shahana hugs her and says she is meeting her after a long time. Prachi says we are in the same city. Shahana says if Dadi would have been here, then she wouldn’t have let us talk and is becoming a girl with aging. Prachi says she is talking like Dadi. Shahana says you are talking like Ranbir and says sorry. Prachi says my mood changes hearing his name, so I will try that this don’t happens. Shahana says you are connected with him even now. Prachi says you have to separate from him.

Mihika tells Ranbir what is happening here? Ranbir says don’t know why Mummy came here, and says before I can tell her about our truth, your Mummy came. Mihika asks him to relax and says they can tackle any situation. He says he don’t want mummy to say anything wrong about Prachi, everyone loves her here and he don’t want them to see her from his Mummy’s perception.

Prachi asks if Ranbir asked you to say this. She says you always take his side, though he has done wrong with him. Shahana says ok break the connection with him, prove me wrong. She says you both will be freed from each other’s thoughts and I will be relieved too. Prachi says everything will be over, once he marries Mihika. She says she has to go home and has so much work. Shahana asks what I will do here, Dadi is not here. She says she will stay in her home for few days.Ranbir says Mummy shouldn’t have come here, I should have been careful. Akshay comes and says you said right, you should have been careful.

 Akshay telling Ranbir that he should have been careful. Ranbir asks what you want to say. Akshay says leave it. Ranbir asks what you was saying. Akshay asks if I need your permission to say something, in my house. Ranbir says you was saying something. Akshay says I thought to tease you and asks him to say, how was the surprise? Ranbir asks if it was your surprise, to call my mother here. Akshay asks if anyone knows your family than me, and tells that when I met your Mom in mall, she was in shock that her son stays here, and she was in double shock when I told her about mihika and you. He says somewhere she was happy too, and says it seems your mother didn’t like your ex wife. Ranbir asks why I have a feeling that you have jealousy or anger in yourself. Akshay asks what are you saying and says I called your Mummy here. Ranbir asks why? Akshay asks if you got happy seeing your mother.

Ranbir says ofcourse, I am happy. Akshay says we shall go and talk to her. Pallavi tells that she is really happy, it seems this is Ranbir’s house and family. Vishaka says he has mingled with us well and he is good. Divya says I always ask Mihika if he has a brother. Pallavi says she feels that she would have another son, but she has only one son. Vishaka says I have been keeping my eye sight on Mihika and Ranbir, to know if they have any relation or not. Pallavi asks why?

Akshay and Ranbir come there. Akshay says your son is such, do you know from which world he is from. He says Ranbir didn’t tell me about Mihika, though we were friends. Mihika says I told you that Ranbir was not aware that you was my friend, and says I told you that I don’t tell my boyfriends about my family, so that they don’t run behind my name, fame and money. Pallavi gets surprised hearing boyfriends. Ashok asks Mihika what is she saying? Manpreet says we shall get them engaged. Akshay asks why there is a silence. Ranbir says I can’t marry Mihika. Mihika thinks now he will make everyone hate him, but now I like him. Akshay asks why you can’t marry her. Ranbir says Mihika can answer too. Akshay asks Mihika to say. Mihika is silent.

Ranbir tells Vishaka that she was doubtful that there is nothing between Mihika and me, and says your doubt was right, there is nothing between us, and says we are not girlfriend and boyfriend and that’s why my mother was not aware, as I am not suitable for Mihika, as I love someone else even now. He says Akshay and your doubt was right, I thought to hide from you, but I respect them and don’t want to betray them, and that’s why saying that there is nothing between Mihika and me. Ashok keeps hand on his chest. Ranbir recalls Mihika’s words that Dad’s heart is weak. He asks Ashok to sit for sometime and asks if you want to drink water. He asks Akshay, if you was expecting that I will say this, I know that your minds are doubtful on me. Ashok finds pin in his pocket. Ranbir tells Akshay and Vishaka that Mihika and I love each other a lot, so remove your doubts from your minds, we are made for each other and are going to marry each other. Mihika smiles. Pallavi gets happy. Akshay gets sad. Vishaka smiles. Ranbir asks if your doubt is cleared or not. Vishaka hugs Pallavi. Ranbir asks Ashok if he is fine. Ashok says yes. Pallavi says when my son is so happy, then we shall get them engaged tomorrow. Ashok says we shall get their engagement in our other house. Pallavi says ok. She asks Ranbir if he will come home.

Ranbir says no, I have to talk to Mihika. Abhay and Divya tease her. Manpreet says your arrival here is so auspicious, I didn’t know. Pallavi leaves. Shahana and Prachi come home. Prachi says you have a misunderstanding. Shahana says let me figure out what is right and what is wrong. Prachi says you will again spy on me and will find out if I will care with Ranbir’s presence. Shahana asks driver to open the decky. Pallavi and Manpreet are going from there. Prachi asks how can Ranbir punish his mother and don’t talk to him. He used to do this with me. Pallavi tells Manpreet that Ranbir’s past, that girl took him away from her, and Mihika brought him closer to her. She goes. Manpreet sees Shahana and Prachi and says there is a good news.

Shahana asks if I can stay here for few days. Manpreet says ofcourse, Prachi’s house is your house too. They come inside. Vishaka says there is a good news. Prachi and Shahana ask what is the good news. Akshay asks Mihika to bring sweets and then they will tell her good news. Mihika brings sweets and tries to make Ranbir eat. Ranbir refuses and thanks her. Akshay says just now your engagement is fixed, and that’s why make Prachi and Shahana have the sweets. Vishaka asks Ranbir to take the plate from Mihika’s hand and make them have sweets. Ranbir goes to Prachi and Shahana, and gives them sweets. Shahana says congratulations. Prachi makes Ranbir have sweets and says congratulations.

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