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Twist of fate 15 October 2020: Nikhil tells Abhi that he loves Sonali and can’t marry Aaliya because of the promise made to her. Abhi says it is okay and appreciates his thinking. Nikhil signs Tanu and Aaliya. Dadi asks Pragya, why did you doubt on Nikhil? Pragya says Nikhil always comes and roams around Tanu. Dadi says we are back from where we started.

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She says we have to search for the person. Bulbul calls Pragya and says they will be reaching soon. Pragya tells her that Nikhil loves someone else. Bulbul wonders who is that guy who had impregnated Tanu. Pragya says we will meet today in the evening. Aaliya tells that Nikhil has smartly handled the situation well. Tanu says I was like I will faint and couldn’t breathe. Aaliya says Nikhil is very clever like us and that’s why we have to be careful. She asks Tanu to meet him and convince Nikhil that she will marry him after divorcing Abhi. Tanu says I don’t want to marry him. Aaliya says just for saying and asks her to take him into confidence. Pragya talks to God and thinks why did she doubted on Nikhil. Abhi takes her video.

Pragya thinks what to do to solve Tanu’s mystery. Abhi tells the poetry and says anyone can read your face. He says you have fallen in love with me very strongly. Pragya asks him to use new tricks to trouble her. Abhi says I know that you will say this and says I have a proof too. He shows the video and lipreads her words. Pragya gets shocked. Abhi asks what you were asking from God. Pragya says I was cursing someone. Abhi says when someone is in love, then they do strange things. Pragya asks why he is troubling her. Abhi says he asks her to tell three words. Pragya goes. She talks to Payal and she complains to Pragya about Ronnie. Pragya calls Ronnie and scolds him. Abhi comes and says you will get your service. He gives her juice. Ronnie thinks Abhi is after his job and thinks to do something.

Payal smiles and looks at them. Abhi asks her to go. Pragya asks to drink juice and says you have gone mad. Later Abhi thinks where is mogambo and thinks to bring her back to room. Tanu tells that she wants to talk to him. She holds his hand and takes him inside. Abhi says if Pragya saw us together then she will think that I am double timing with her. Tanu says I am not smart as you and shows the papers asking him to take Pragya’s signatures. Abhi says he can’t take the papers now and asks her to keep it with herself. He says Pragya is curved like jalebi and asks her to go so that he can think of a plan. They see Pragya coming and asks her to hide.

Sarla says what is wrong if Nikhil wants to marry someone else. Bulbul says he has ruined our plan. Sarla asks what is your plan? Purab says we wanted to see Aaliya’s reaction, and says if she marries then our way would have been cleared. Sarla asks him to find a good guy for Aaliya. She goes to bring laddos for them.

Pragya comes to room and sees Abhi signing towards the wall. She says you are talking to wall and asks if you have gone mad. She says you need to go to doctor. Abhi says this doctor is not treating me and ignoring my pain, love etc. Pragya thinks he has started again and thinks to change her room. Abhi asks her to give a hug and says he will be fine with her touch therapy. Pragya says she can treat with thorns and not love. Abhi asks her to give hug. Tanu gets jealous and tries to divert them. Pragya hears some voice as the papers fall from her hand. Tanu gets worried.

Abhi asks why she is not understanding his feelings and says he is trying to make her realize his feelings. He hugs her forcibly so that Tanu can escape from the room. Pragya asks have you gone mad? I would have died? She says you can hug me without my permission. I will not forgive you. Abhi thinks don’t know until when he have to act.

Tanu tells Aaliya that she went to give papers to Abhi and then Pragya came. Aaliya asks why did you give papers to him and says pragya might know that he is acting. She sees papers with her and asks her. Tanu says Abhi asked me to keep papers with myself and said he will take it when he wins Pragya’s trust. Raj comes and asks about the papers. Tanu says Abhi asked for it and he wants to take Pragya’s sign. Aaliya says we didn’t tell you as we don’t want to give false hope to you. Raj asks them to keep the file safely. Aaliya asks her to get ready.


Dadi, Bulbul and Purab comes to meet Pragya. Pragya says Abhi is troubling her and says she will go to mental asylum. She says Abhi is flirting with her openly and said that he loves her. Bulbul says what? Dadi asks her to change the room. Bulbul asks why she is getting tensed when she is getting his love. Pragya says Abhi is acting well, and I do forget something that I am acting. Purab says Abhi is a good actor when he gets to know something. Dadi asks her not to change room else Abhi will think that she is scared of him. She says if Abhi does something then message me. I will come there and scold him badly. Pragya says if he don’t understand then….Dadi says Abhi can’t go against her. Purab asks Bulbul to share her idea. Bulbul says Abhi is torturing her as she is letting him to torture her, and says Pragya should also flirt with him and torture him. Purab likes the idea. Bulbul asks him to take her for having coffee. Pragya comes to room and thinks to face Abhi strongly. She recalls seeing some papers on floor and thinks Abhi hugged her forcibly to stop her from seeing those papers. She searches for those papers.

Tanu comes to meet Nikhil and thinks where did Aaliya go after making me sit here. Nikhil asks what happened? Tanu praises him for handling the situation well. Nikhil says he is not only handsome, but intelligent too. He says he has planned many surprises for her and says you can’t even think of it. Tanu thinks she isn’t interested in him, and if he irritates her more then she will give him a surprise. Nikhil holds her hand. Tanu gets worried thinking someone might see them together. Nikhil says I understand that and says he is helpless. Tanu thinks I can’t tolerate him.

Purab and Bulbul come to the same restaurant. Bulbul tries to order coffee. Purab teases her. She says she will leave and gets up. They see Nikhil and Tanu together and get shocked. Tanu and Nikhil are also shocked. Pragya thinks to find out those papers and says it might be in Tanu or Aaliya’s room. Abhi comes to her and says he wants to apologize to her for forcibly hugging her. Pragya thinks he has started all over it again. She says it is okay, I am not angry. Abhi hugs her again.

Pragya thinks to call Dadi. Abhi says let me hug and feel you. Dadi comes. Pragya says Dadi came. Abhi says it is old trick. Dadi picks the scale and beats him. Abhi asks her not to beat him with scale and says she has a misunderstanding. He says Pragya was hugging him forcibly. Dadi scolds and beats him with scale. Abhi runs from there. Pragya says you should have beaten him slightly. Dadi says nothing can happen to them.

Nikhil asks Purab how are you? What a surprise? Bulbul says why? Can’t we come here? Nikhil says smart fiance. Bulbul says Tanu is sweating even with AC on and says it is strange. Nikhil tries to clarify. Purab says Bulbul is concerned for Abhi and Tanu. Tanu asks them not to take her tension and says she came to meet her friend. Purab says you didn’t tell that Nikhil is your friend, and says you both seems to be close friends. Nikhil says it is a casual meet. Purab says you don’t meet anyone casually. Bulbul says you might have come on a coffee date just like us. They are shocked. Purab asks if you have taken permission from Dadi and Abhi. Bulbul says she would have asked them. Aaliya comes and says Sonali insisted to meet Tanu and her, and that’s why she came. Bulbul says permission is required. Aaliya insults her and asks Nikhil to tell Sonali to meet somewhere else.

Pragya comes to Tanu’s room to check those papers and checks almari. She finally gets it on the bed and reads that it is Power of Attorney papers, thinks if I signs on this papers then Abhi will get his property. She thinks Abhi is supporting Aaliya and Tanu, and trying to fool me and take my signatures. She thinks he is acting to love me and then thinks Abhi might not know anything. She thinks I have to be silent and let him continue his plan.

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