Twist of fate update Sunday 6 March 2022

Twist of fate 6 March 2022:  Gaurav ask Media if they saw how she reacted, started breaking the things, is so aggressive, though she looks simple and innocent. He says I am a small businessman who came to do business, but I didn’t know that my partner will do this.

The reporter asks if he knew that Pragya was married. Gaurav says I don’t want to talk about her personal matter. Other reporter asks what will be his plan of action. He says he has filed the FIR and trust the law, that they will support truth. He says we, the men are taught to respect women, and likewise women shall also respect men, their respect is also equally important. Aaliya and Tanu smiles.

He requests Media to support truth and says it is the fight of all the men who have faced molestation and asks for their support. Aaliya and Tanu smirk and sign him.

Dida asks Rageshwari Devi, how was her Vaishno Devi visit? She asks if she goes often. Rageshwari ji says she goes whenever Mata comes. Rhea and Prachi comes there. Pallavi introduces Rhea as badi bahu and Prachi as choti bahu. Rhea says Namaste, while Prachi bends down and touches Rageshwari and Sharda ji. Rhea thinks Prachi has touched their feet, and increased her number. Rageshwari blesses them and says they are lakshmi. Rageshwari asks about their education. Rhea says I have done graduation. Sharda ji asks if they will study further. Teji says no, as all the time goes in house work. Prachi says I will bring tea for you. Rhea says I will bring snacks.

They both go from there. Rhea tells Prachi that she did this to impress them and to get the points. Prachi says she touches the elders’ feet, as we get their blessings, knowledge, experience and wisdom of them. Rhea says I don’t believe it. Prachi says when you touches anyone’s feet then you will know.

Sushma makes Pragya drink water and says you have faced so much and have won always. She says I am with you, don’t get weak as you have to win from Gaurav. Gaurav comes there and asks do you still think that you can win from me. Sushma and Pragya gets up. Gaurav says you and your daughter can’t harm me altogether. Sushma raises her hand to slap him. Gaurav holds her hand. Sushma gets angry. Gaurav asks what are you doing, you are doing the same thing after whatever I have done. He says I respect elders once. Pragya says why did you lie, we gave you a chance to change for better. He says I wanted to attack you at the place, where you will be very hurt, tells that he knows that woman’s respect is like glass, once broken can’t be repaired. Sushma asks him to leave. Gaurav says I will leave, and haven’t come here to become your damad.

He says she wanted to snatch my everything, but now she will not get anything, and will leave leaving her everything. He says I will not only take back my property, company and shares, but will also snatch your everything. He says I will get you banned here, then you take your remaining respect and leave from here. He says your bodyguard had raised hand on my brother and beaten me too. He says you hired him intentionally and got us beaten by a low class man, so that our confidence breaks. He says we are partners, but you treated us as Servants. He says Papa made my brother go out of office, and raised hand on me. He says start the reverse countdown, your company shares are going down, and asks what she will save you, her respect or company shares. He says if you lose your Indian business, but you will do it anywhere, but you will lost your respect.

He says people will say that a character woman ruined a family and the women will try to save their husbands from you. He says I will do such a thing with you that you can’t see your face in the mirror. He says you did a big mistake by thinking me as a small arrow, and says a small arrow hurts big. Pragya hears silently. Gaurav goes.

Rageshwari ji tells that she has brought bangles from Vaishno Devi for your bahus too. She sends Sharda to go and tells that she wants to stay in the temple, but has to return for the foundation. She says I wanted to retire from this foundation and asks Pallavi to handle the work of the foundation. He says we both have done the work foundation and tells that her bahus and Dida can handle home. Pallavi says it is a big responsibility. Rageshwari ji says you can handle the responsibility. Prachi and Rhea bring tea and snacks. Prachi gives tea to Rageshwari ji and says your driver must be outside, I will give him tea.

Rageshwari praises Prachi and tells that you got a good bahu, who doesn’t differentiate between people. Prachi comes there. Rageshwari tells that she wants traditional bahus, and tells that Prachi didn’t follow my feet, but also fulfilled the tradition. She says she touched my feet and won my heart. Teji says even Rhea does the same thing, today she is having pain in her legs. Rhea says excuse me and goes. Prachi asks Rageshwari ji to sit and gives her tea. She goes to call sharda. Pallavi gets impressed with her. Dida thinks Prachi will win Pallavi’s heart.

Rhea goes to kitchen and says if Prachi is so good then why don’t they do her aarti. Teji comes there and asks her to continue. Rhea says she is tired of hearing Prachi’s praising. She says she will not do middle class work and will not give tea to driver. She says she can’t touch anyone’s feet and asks who is Rageshwari devi, she understands sanskari bahu. She says I belong to a rich family and can’t bend down infront of anyone. Teji says I have understood seeing you that you are horn with silver spoon and tells that cook is the one who gives tadka to the saag, and the person who does the last work is remembered.

She says Pallavi is the president of the house and she will decide who shall get the keys. She says let everyone praise Prachi, you can win even now and asks her to add tadka. She asks what to do, to get keys. She asks what is remaining? Teji says if you can’t run, then make the runner fall down, then you can win the race by walking only. She asks her to make Prachi fall down and says I know what she has done with you, she didn’t let you become Ranbir’s wife, don’t let her become sanskari bahu, she has snatched your love from you, so you shall snatch bahu no 1 title from her. She asks her not to think and says everything is fair in love and war. She says you shall learn to snatch the things, if you want to live happily. Rhea goes out from there. Teji smiles. Rhea thinks of Teji’s words.

Gaurav, Aaliya and Tanu drink and he tells that Pragya couldn’t speak. He asks if they said right whatever they told in conference. Aaliya says she don’t want to make her important. Tanu says she doesn’t hook up with anyone. He says she is my type and says I thought. Aaliya asks him to ruin Pragya else he himself will be ruined and shall work on his plan of action. He says there is news of me on every news channel, I will get sympathy and Pragya will get bad reputation and taunts.

Gaurav telling Aaliya that everywhere on the news channels, his news is showing, he is getting sympathy and Pragya is getting bad words and it will be difficult for her to come out of house, she will be ruined and her share prices are getting low. Aaliya says we shall not leave her, we shall surround her from all 4 sides. She says we shall not leave her in court too and get her humiliated. Gaurav says I am impressed with you Aaliya and says to do such a clever thing, needs corrupt soul too with clever mind. He says small arrow makes a big hole. Aaliya and Tanu smirks. Sushma calls Media to cover Pragya’s side of story. She tells Pragya that they will do the press conference with good and educated journalist, not such journalists who were asking irrelevant questions.

She says I wish Abhi wouldn’t have beaten the two brothers. Pragya asks why she is taking Abhi’s name. Sushma says Thapars have an eye on our business and thought we will never come to India. She says they always showed loss and not profit as it goes to their account. Pragya says Abhi is not wrong, as he did the right thing.

Abhi looks at Pragya’s pic and thinks she doesn’t like him. He then thinks she liked when I helped her and said thank you too. He thinks she likes to come near me and likes to be near me. Pragya says he was helping me. Sushma says fight is not the solution of every problem. She says you was in office, and should have shouted for help. She says all the office employees would have come to rescue including Abhi, but he had beaten Gaurav so much and took the matter personally and ruined the case. Pragya says he was just….Just then Lawyer Deshmukh comes there and tells Sushma that he read Gaurav’s FIR and tells that he wants to influence all the society against Madam, so that court verdict is also against her. Sushma tells Pragya that she will be back. Pragya recalls Sarla’s words asking her to fight back and not to bear and cry.

Sharda brings prasad for the bahus. Rageshwari gets up and is about to fall. Pallavi says she will call the doctor. Prachi asks Rageshwari to give her foot to her. Rageshwari says leave it. Rhea ask Prachi to leave her, and obey her jethani. Prachi twists Rageshwari ji’s foot and makes it fine. Rageshwari ji says my pain is gone. Pallavi asks Rageshwari to sit. Rageshwari asks where did you learn this? Prachi says she learnt from Maa. Rageshwari praises Prachi and tells that she is going to the meeting, and asks them to come to her house. Rhea thinks she has to act and do something. Rageshwari ji asks Rhea to distribute prasad to everyone and asks Prachi to keep the suhaag staff in the inhouse temple. Rhea gives prasad and gives to Prachi. Prachi asks did you give prasad to Soni. Rhea says Servants..Prachi says I will give and goes to give prasad to Soni. Rhea gets angry and recalls Pallavi’s words. She thinks if she can’t win the race then shall make the runner fall down.

Tanu asks Aaliya what does Pragya have? Aaliya says mind. Tanu says money and even if Gaurav has. She says we are helping Gaurav against Pragya and he will get everything of Pragya when he wins the case, but what we will get. Aaliya says revenge. Tanu asks what is the market rate of revenge? She says we will make achaar with it. Aaliya asks her to tell clearly. Tanu says we are helping Gaurav and we shall get something in return. Aaliya says he will give our share when he gets the money. Tanu asks where is the papers? Aaliya says he will give when the right time comes and asks her not to be greedy. Tanu says he said that his soul is corrupted and tells that she is not getting greedy. Aaliya calls Gaurav and asks when will he give money? Gaurav says we didn’t talk about it. Aaliya says we have saved you from big problem and saved you from going to jail. He says you have saved me, but I never told you that I will give you money. He asks her not to forget that he is gold laying eggs for her. Aaliya asks for the money still. Gaurav gets angry and then thinks he shall befriend her until all the plan comes to an end. He says I don’t have cash, I didn’t talk to Dad about it, so I can’t take money from him. He says he will arrange the money and ends the call. Mitali overhears them. Abhi comes home and asks who will not give the money. Mitali says the cheap guy, who will not give them money. She tells whatever she heard to Abhi. Abhi asks Mitali to say.

Rageshwari tells Pallavi that she is very impressed with both bahus, especially with Prachi. Pallavi says I am happy. Rhea goes to side and throws her phone on the floor intentionally. She then says sorry, sits down and spills the oil on the floor. Teji and Rhea smiles. Prachi comes there and steps on the oil and falls down on the table. All the tea cups and water glasses fall on Rageshwari ji and Sharda ji. She gets up and says sorry. Rageshwari gets up. Teji says she will clean her saree. Rhea says I will do it and apologizes to Rageshwari ji on Prachi’s behalf. Rageshwari ji says its ok. Rhea asks how will you go to the meeting now? Pallavi asks Prachi to answer. Dida says she didn’t do it intentionally. Teji says she should have been careful. Prachi asks Rageshwari ji to change her saree. Teji says it will take time. Prachi says don’t know how I fall and says sorry. Pallavi asks if her saree will become fine. Rhea calls Soni and asks her to bring hair dryer and talcum powder. Pallavi apologizes to Rageshwari ji. Teji says Prachi spoils 4 things, if she does 2 good things. She says I called her, but she didn’t listen. Prachi says I didn’t hear her. Rageshwari ji asks her not to scold Prachi. Teji says Prachi has to learn so much here and calls Soni. Soni brings talcum powder and hair dryer. Rhea cleans the stain using powder and hair dryer. Teji praises Rhea. Rageshwari thanks Rhea. Sharda ji says it is a good idea. Rhea says few things have to be learnt ourselves. Teji asks Prachi to learn this, if she wants to make something fall on someone. Rhea says Chachi is joking and asks Prachi to smile. Teji says even we have learnt good thing from badi bahu.

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