My heart knows update Sunday 6 March 2022


My heart knows 6 March 2022: The Episode starts with Malhar asking Pawar why Pushkar (Driver) takes so many offs. Pawar says he is newly married. Just then a lady comes infront of his jeep and gets hit. She falls down. Malhar comes out of jeep and gives his hand to the lady. She holds his hand and gets up. Malhar says how you are running on the road and says you shall be careful. The lady calls her Dada and says she is under work stress, her Aai is unwell and her father is drunkard. Malhar says someone said Dada to me after a long time.

He asks Pawar to give his umbrella to her. The lady takes the umbrella and goes. Malhar says we should have given her some money. Pawar checks his wallet and says she stole his wallet. Malhar checks his wallet and says it is also stolen. They find her wallet on the ground. Pawar picks it and reads the chit that pocket maar tera muh kala. He finds the address chit in it. Pawar says this address is near.A guy comes out of his house, wears helmet and sits in cycle. He thinks he forgot to wear shoes and thinks he can’t go inside now. He acts and says he will bring Kusum today. His Aai throws shoes on him. She asks him to bring sweets and says what she will tell to groom’s family that Aahir is in love. Aahir says his name is Aahir and will bring Kusum also.

Malhar comes there with Pawar. Aahir sees Police and runs inside his house. Malhar and Pawar come there and see Baap ji’s wife. He says you are Baap ji guru’s wife. She says yes and tells that they were not involved with terrorist. Malhar says I know. He tells that his wallet is stolen and the girl’s wallet fall down. Baap ji’s wife tells that their daughter is Swara. Malhar is about to go, when the groom’s father comes there to see Swara and her pic falls down from his hand. Pawar picks the photo and recognizes her. Malhar tells that this is the same girl who has stolen his wallet. The groom’s father leaves refusing for the alliance. Malhar apologizes to Baap ji’s wife. Baap ji’s wife tells him that their daughter is habituated to stealing/theft and it has become her habit even though they don’t have any financial issues. Malhar asks her not to worry.

They leave. Aahir says Police came due to Tai today and says where is baba?Aao Saheb and his family come to the award function and see Atul pic kept there with garland for his bravery. Anupriya reminds Kalyani of her promise and says whenever you remember him, then you shall be happy.Kalyani says she is happy. She asks Aao Saheb to sit. Baap ji comes there. Kalyani goes to him. Sarthak tells Anupriya that he is worried about Malhar’s reaction on seeing his father. Kalyani asks Baap ji to come for Malhar ji and requests him to sit in the back seat and says if he sees you first then my surprise will be ruined. She says she wants to surprise him and makes him sit in the back seats. She comes to Anupriya and says may be Papa told Ganapati Bappa and he gave me Malhar’s dad. Malhar tells Pawar that 6000 rs was deducted by the sweets shop.

Kalyani comes there and says Malhar ji don’t let me even touch his credit card and asks to whom he gave his wallet to. She asks who is that girl? Pawar goes seeing her arguments. Malhar says I don’t want to clarify. Kalyani asks if he liked her acting. Malhar looks at her. Kalyani says I am not an idiot to believe that such miser man. Malhar says miser. Kalyani says no, money saver man and says you can’t give your wallet to anyone. She says may be the girl might have got your wallet and purchasing. The lady Swara distributes sweets to the children and asks them to pray for her brother. Kalyani asks Malhar not to mourn about the 5000 Rs. Malhar says 6000 Rs. Kalyani asks him to come inside. They come inside. Commissioner appreciates Malhar for the bravery.

He gives the speech that Atul sacrificed his life to save the nation and requests Anupriya to come and honour Atul’s memorial. He asks her to receive 5 lakhs reward from MLA. Anupriya stands up and asks Commissioner to give this honour to Atul’s mother Ahilya Deshmukh. Kalyani reminds Aao Saheb of the promise made to Papa and says we shall remember him with happy faces. She says Papa will feel bad if his memorial is honoured by you. Aao Saheb goes to stage and receives the reward. Commissioner asks them to maintain silence in Atul’s memory. Everyone maintains silence, but Kalyani laughs surprising everyone.

Kalyani laughing and asks everyone not to keep maun vrat for her Papa and tells that he was very fun loving and used to make everyone laugh. She says he gave his responsibility to me that I make everyone laugh and don’t let anyone cry in his memory. She tells about her childhood incident and says it was raining when they were in Pune, Papa took me to side and fell himself in gutter to save me. She asks everyone to just remember him and sit down. Aao Saheb thanks everyone for respecting her son Atul. Anupriya asks Aao Saheb to sit. Commissioner says now I want to call that competent officer who caught the terrorists and calls Malhar on stage. Everyone claps. Malhar gives his speech and says someone else is also deserves this respect who has always complains with me and says that person is his wife Kalyani Malhar Rane. Kalyani is surprised….Zinda hun main sirf tere liye plays….He comes to her and gives his hand. Kalyani holds his hand and gets up.

He takes her to stage. Kalyani smiles happily. Malhar says Kalyani is live hearted like her baba and has complains with me that I don’t speak much like her. kalyani says don’t watch films. Malhar says she complains that I don’t praise her and tells that he wants to say today that if Kalyani wouldn’t have been there then this mission wouldn’t have been completed. He says everyone shall be a good citizen like Kalyani. Kalyani says she wants to give assurance to the people that until Malhar ji is in the Police team, nobody need to fear, says he is awesome and Aurangabad Singham. We are very proud of you, especially me. She says she wants this medal which is so special, to be given by him by a special person who is none other than Malhar ji’s father baap ji guru ji Madhav Rane.

Malhar is shocked and teary eyes. He closes his eyes. Madhav Rane gets up from his seat. Malhar walks down the stage and goes to Madhav. Kalyani smiles with tears in her eyes.Malhar hugs his father and cries. Madhav also cries. Everyone claps. Malhar says Baba you? Madhav says it is my mistake to hide from you that your baba is alive. He asks Malhar if he can forgive him. Malhar asks what are you saying? Kalyani says nobody can snatch your baba from you and says right now your baba is eager to tie medal to your uniform. Madhav says she is small, but honest. Malhar hugs Kalyani. Madhav blesses Kalyani. Kalyani calls him Mama ji and says Aai taught me to call father in law as Mama ji in Marathi. Malhar smiles. Madhav ties medal to Malhar’s uniform.

Everyone claps. Madhav salutes Malhar. Malhar also salutes him and hugs him crying. Madhav then gives him certificate. Malhar touches his feet. Kalyani smiles. Malhar comes to Aao Saheb and touches her feet. Aao Saheb blesses her. Malhar gives certificate in Sarthak’s hand and touches his feet. He then hugs him and takes Anupriya’s feet. Malhar asks Sarthak why he didn’t tell me? Sarthak says Dada will tell you everything, we shall talk in your cabin.Madhav tells Malhar that he had only thought that their lives will be better with his life insurance money and that’s why he thought to staged his death.

He says Swara came behind me so I took her with me. Kalyani says Swara? Madhav says as I am a musician, I kept my children names keeping music in mind, Swara, Malhar and Aahir. Malhar asks about Aahir. Madhav says he got remarried for Swara. Malhar hugs him and says you shouldn’t have left us and tells that they got insurance money, but they lived with much difficulty.Swara comes to the temple holding blade in her fingers. She rings the temple bells and lies down on the floor with her face upside down. She looks at the blade while the other devotees are busy in prayers. She cuts a lady’s purse and steals some money. She is about to go, when she collides with Aao Saheb and the latter’s purse falls down.

Swara sees necklace coming out of the purse. Malhar tells madhav that Swara’s last location is of the temple. He asks if you are hiding something from me.

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