Twist of fate update Monday 7 March 2022


Twist of fate 7 March 2022:  Rajeshwari ji praising Rhea and tells that she is badi bahu in every means. She tells Prachi that it seems she doesn’t know to wear saree. Dida says it is not like that. Rageshwari ji again thanks Rhea for saving her meeting and praises her again.

She says she didn’t want to go with wrong impression from here. Teji says if Rhea had not helped then Pallavi had to feel ashamed. Rageshwari ji says no problem and tells Rhea that she will always remember her, and says God blesses you. She then blesses Prachi and leaves with Sharda. Pallavi comes to Prachi and asks how she can do such carelessness when I told you clearly that nothing wrong shall happen. She asks her to answer.

Mitali tells Abhi that she heard Aaliya talking to a guy and asking for money, and telling that if they haven’t helped him then he would be in jail. Aaliya says I had not said this. Mitali says my ears are very sharp. Tanu says Bhabhi says anything, Aaliya didn’t mean that. Abhi asks Mitali to say. Mitali tells that Aaliya told that she wants to get money for saving him and he told that he is the gold laying hen for them. Abhi asks Mitali what was the guy’s name? He asks her not to get afraid. And tells that they have already in debt of 1 lakhs Rs. He reminds Tanu that he freed her from jail with much difficulty when she was arrested. Mitali tells that she didn’t hear his name, as they might not have taken his name. Tanu tells that Aaliya was talking to Bansi as she saved him from Police, when he came to arrest him. Mitali asks if he said that you are gold laying eggs.

Tanu says he promised to give us money when he gets it. Abhi asks if really this is the matter, and says they shall not take money for helping anyone. He asks where is Dadi? They tell that Dadi went to buy vegetables. Abhi asks why did you send her to buy vegetables in this age. Aaliya says she has some work with Babita and goes. Tanu says even she has some work and she also goes. Mitali asks Abhi if he would like to drink tea. Abhi says no.

Pallavi asks Prachi to answer her. Dida says Prachi tried from his side, treated Rageshwari’s foot too. Pallavi says this is the problem of today’s generation, and tells that she was flying high. Rhea smiles. Teji tells that she is not complaining about her and tells that she does all the work good, but does mistake and ruin things. Dida says outsiders take out the mistake and the family shall praise to make the person better. Teji asks Pallavi to make Dida understand. Pallavi says Prachi shall understand and says Rageshwari ji had come here, if I got free from home after I got two bahus. She says she wanted to see that if my bahus are handling home or not, so that I can get free time and I can handle NGO after her.

She says she wanted me to hold committee lunch, so that the committee members get impressed with me and she wanted to announce my name. She scolds Prachi for disrespecting her. Prachi says sorry. Teji taunts Prachi for slipping on the wrong way and getting married. Dida shouts and says when we have forgotten then why can’t you. Teji says if Prachi has learnt from her mistake then this wouldn’t have happen. She asks why don’t you all forgive her. Prachi apologizes to Pallavi. Rhea asks Pallavi to forgive her. Pallavi asks will you take guarantee for her, that this will not happen again. tells that they all were effected with whatever happened two years back. Rhea stands silently.

Pallavi says I got my answer. Dida asks Pallavi to forgive her and end the matter. Pallavi says it is good that Rhea saved acted on time and saved the situation, so that Rageshwari ji attended the meeting, else I wouldn’t have shown my face to her. She says she would have never recommended my name. She says if she doesn’t become chairperson that people will say that I couldn’t become it due to my bahu, although I was deserving and would have got stained on my name. She says people will say that the bahu wouldn’t handle home, and her saas couldn’t handle NGO. Prachi asks her not to forgive her, but believe her. Pallavi says you have become Ranbir’s wife, but will never become the part of Kohli family.

Pragya watches the news in which she is humiliated by Aaliya, Tanu, Gaurav and the media. Tanu and Aaliya come to Babita’s house to watch the news. Babita says the girl is so beautiful, why she will molest the guy. Tanu says she can do it. Babita asks why are they taunting the girl hiding their faces. Tanu says they have hidden their face, so that they can blacken someone’s face, it is a fashion/trend.

Sushma comes to Pragya and asks her to come and have food. Pragya refuses and tells that everyone must have known by now. She says people will talk about it and she will feel so humiliated. Sushma asks Pragya to fight for her respect, so that she don’t feel humiliation. She says I always saw you fighting and winning, so how can you accept defeat this time. She says we both know that the accusation is wrong and you have to fight with it. She convinces her to have food. Pragya eats the food and hugs Sushma.

Aaliya tells Tanu that they have been defeated from Pragya, but not this time, as she didn’t know from where she is attacked. Tanu says we hit at her from so far that the arrow hit on her forehead. Aaliya says she has no answer for our questions. Tanu says she was crying a lot and wishes to see her crying face. Aaliya asks shall we go to her home and see her face. She says we would have celebrated if we got money from Gaurav.

Tanu asks if we can get defeated. Aaliya says we used to target her married life and love, but now we have targeted her respect, she couldn’t fight back, she is finished. She smiles. Tanu also smiles.

Pallavi asks Prachi not to make her feel bad and says if bahu cries then saas looks bad. Prachi says I will not cry, it was my mistake, learn it from my mistakes and will tries to rectify it. Teji asks her not to do mistakes so that Pallavi has to bear. Dida asks Teji to stop and asks Pallavi to think about the lunch for the committee members. Teji says I guarantee that there will be no problem in the lunch, I will make them do the work properly and asks Pallavi to give one key atleast. She asks when is the lunch? Pallavi says tomorrow. She asks Rhea and Prachi to make chole batura differently, as the guests are Punjabi. Dida asks why to make the food separately.

Pallavi says if Rhea’s food is good then I will appreciate her, and if Prachi makes good food then I will forgive her. Teji praises Rhea and says you are badi bahu and status is different. Rhea comes to Dida and asks her to talk to Prachi. Dida says you shall talk to her. Rhea says I don’t feel that and tells that she might be feeling that I am very happy, and talking to her, as everyone is impressed with me. She acts good and says she is not interested in the keys and just wants her family with her. She says so much miscommunication happened between us, I don’t want that to happen now. Dida goes. Rhea thinks everyone talks sweet, but talks bitter at the back. She says even I backstabbed, tells that Dida wanted Prachi to get the keys. She says I will get the keys as I am the badi bahu of the kohlis, and that’s my guarantee that I will get it.

Dida coming to Prachi’s room and sees her crying holding her mother’s photoframe. Dida asks if she is missing her. Prachi says I miss her daily, but feeling like crying too. Dida asks if she is feeling bad to get scolded. Prachi says no, Mummy is elder than me and can scold me, and tells that she did such work to get scolding. She says she showed trust in me, but I fell down and fell down in everyone’s sight. She says I have ruined the image of the house, it is good that Rhea handled. Dida asks Prachi to rectify her mistake and so such work that Pallavi appreciates her. Prachi says if I do something wrong again. Dida says you are saying this holding your mother’s pic.

Prachi goes to the window and says you said right, my mother has taught me to fight with all problems and never give up. Dida says she is feeling that Pragya is standing infront of her. She asks if she knows to make chole. Prachi says yes, but not like market. Dida says it will be tasty. Prachi thanks her for her support. Dida says she will always support her until she is alive. Prachi hugs her. Rhea looks at them and thinks she will get the keys. Ranbir comes home and hugs Dida. He asks about the guests. Dida says everyone went. She asks him to go and meet Prachi. She asks him to keep her happy. Ranbir says how to keep her happy? Dida says shall I teach you. Ranbir says he gets happy when Prachi is happy. Dida says this house is happy when you are happy.

He asks Soni, where is Prachi? Soni says in the kitchen. Ranbir says she must be making tea for me. Soni says she is checking the bulb. Ranbir asks if she is electrician. Dida says she is sarvagun sampan. Ranbir goes to kitchen and holds Rhea, thinking her to be Prachi. He then says I missed you and asks why she didn’t call. He says it seems like he didn’t meet her since years. Prachi comes there and gets shocked seeing Ranbir hugging Rhea. Rhea says Ranbir, its me. She moves back. Ranbir is shocked and says sorry Rhea, I thought….Rhea goes. Prachi looks upset and goes from there, while Ranbir tries to clarify. Rhea comes to her room and feels his touch. She gets restless and goes to bathroom, stands under the shower. She sits down and cries.

Ranbir comes to room and clarifies that when he came home, he asked Soni about her. He says Soni said that you are in kitchen and that’s why I thought to surprise you. He says I see your face in every girl. Prachi says since when this is going on and that’s why you hugged Rhea. She asks him not to do this infront of her. Ranbir says where there is love, there shall not be doubt. She says I know that you love me so much that you call me many times and keep me in your heart and thoughts. Ranbir says how can you think that I can hug Rhea.

Prachi says when did I say this? She says when I was coming out of kitchen, you was only clarifying. He asks if you are not upset with me. Prachi says why will I be? Ranbir asks if she is not doubting him. Prachi reminds him of his own words. He asks then why did she react? Prachi says she was teasing him. She says when you love then think of trusting me and tells that she can never think that Rhea will do something, as she is changed. She knows that her love was now her sister’s husband. She says she doesn’t want this Ranbir and she helped me today, I am telling that she is changed. Ranbir says I am happy that you got both mayka and sasural, and also happy that you are happy with Rhea. He says after Sid’s marriage, he is nowhere seen between us. Prachi says he wants to marry girl like me. Ranbir says Rhea is not like old girl, who was after me, now she is your jethani.

Rhea is resting on the bed and gets restless thinking about Ranbir. Sid comes there and asks if she is sleeping. She pretends to be sleeping. Sid covers blanket on her and rests beside her. Rhea removes the blanket from her. Sid thinks room is chilled and she don’t want to cover herself.

Ranbir wakes up in night and finds Prachi missing from bed. He comes to her and finds her learning to make chole batura. Prachi tells him that Mummy assigned them to make chole batura, for the special guests in tomorrow’s lunch. He says you didn’t put any effort for me before. Prachi says I know that you will not get upset with me, and will also love me and that’s why I don’t need to do any extra efforts. Ranbir says my love is taken for granted. Prachi says it is not like that, and says husband and wife’s relation are such, whatever happens, bitterness doesn’t come, but in other relations, she has to put all the efforts. She says Mummy has accepted us and regarded me as her bahu. She tells that she wants to do extra effort to cheer her up. Ranbir says my mother’s anger is like hot oil which remains hot for longer time. Prachi says all mothers are same, I know she is upset with me, and tomorrow she will be happy. Ranbir says we shall sleep. They lie down on the bed. Rhea gets up thinking about Ranbir’s words and his words echoes in her ears.

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