Twist of fate update Monday 28 November 2022

Twist of fate 28 November 2022:  Pallavi ask Ranbir to go to Rhea. Ranbir goes. Pallavi says we have to make him understand. Vikram says you shall not scold him. Pallavi says she will scold him until he becomes a father.

Prachi says it is very difficult for her to stay back, and says my breath becomes heavy and I don’t know what to do. Dida says I love you more than I love Ranbir and you are staying here for me. She says I loved Ranbir a lot, but I am upset after whatever he did with you. She apologizes to Prachi and says if you stay here then I will get some forgiveness. Prachi asks why are you apologizing, it is not your mistake. Dida says elders shall get responsibility of their children. She apologizes for Ranbir’s betrayal, cheat and everything. Shahana comes and hears them. Prachi hugs Dida.

Shahana says hugging shall be banned and asks Prachi not to cry, but to vent out her anger on Ranbir. Dida says I told her not to cry for her baby, it is not good. Shahana is surprised. Dida says she knows about her pregnancy. Shahana says Maasi and Dida are there for baby. She asks Prachi to live life happily and don’t be sad. Dida says Shahana said right. Prachi says I try, but old memories remind me. Shahana asks her to bring new stress to keep herself away from Ranbir. Prachi says I will try.

Vikram talks to someone and tells that he wants all the old employees. He says he couldn’t handle his happiness, as his years long happiness is going to be fulfilled. Pallavi asks Ranbir what is happening? Ranbir says I didn’t know. Vikram tells Ranbir and Pallavi that his village project is going to start. He thinks to make a village in Delhi, which will have Punjab like feeling.

He says he got the permission and all his old employees are joining him. Ranbir congrats and hugs him. Vikram says it is venture for everyone, but it is my dream for me. Stanley comes there. Ranbir asks him to come with him to the study room. Pallavi tries to stop him.

Prachi tells Dida and Shahana that she has decided to show two emotions, either happy or will show. She says I have a good breakfast and will digest. Shahana says I made the food, from Dida’s online recipe. Prachi thanks them. Dida says I want to make so much for you, but everyone will ask for whom I am making and for what? Prachi says you are doing so much with me. She says she thought to play dhol, but her blessings are enough. Prachi says celebration happened due to Rhea’s pregnancy. Shahana says we are not happy. Dida says even she don’t like her. Prachi says she is pregnant, we shall not make her fun. Dida says she will make laddoo for her, and will not tell about her pregnancy to anyone. She says she will say that she is making it for Rhea, but Prachi will eat. She goes. Shahana tells Prachi that elders’ support is very needed. Prachi says she has called party decorators, and they must have come.

Stanley gives file to Ranbir. Ranbir asks do you remember? Stanley says I remember whatever you say. He asks if all good and asks about Prachi and Rhea. Ranbir says nothing is good and says whatever I thought about Prachi, couldn’t do. I was about to tell Prachi about my feelings, when Rhea fell down. Stanley says I know and was in the hospital too. Ranbir says real storm came when Doctor said about Rhea’s pregnancy. He says Prachi was sad and left from hospital.

Then Mummy kept puja for Rhea and said bad things to Prachi, and she left home. He says he searched her and found her in the rented house. He says I have decided there, I will not leave her and will be with her. Stanley says your love story is complicated. Ranbir says it was always complicated. He says I want to make it simple and wants to leave with Prachi. He says Prachi will leave the house soon, when she will leave, I shall stand out to hold her hand. Stanley asks for what he is waiting? Ranbir says I am thinking to do something that I get kicked out of house. He says I will make Papa’s dream project have a big loss, and it will break his heart. He says I will convince him later. He says he can bear the loss if Prachi is with him. He gives credit to Stanley.

Aaliya asks why didn’t you come for breakfast. Rhea tells Aaliya that Pallavi has turned psycho, she will feed me like feeding a kid, if I am sleeping, then making a baby sleep, and says anything in excess is too much. She says she couldn’t digest so much love and says it is annoying. Aaliya says you had said that you need sasural love. Rhea says I just want Ranbir, and nobody else. Aaliya says I also wanted only Purab. Rhea says I am a step further and I got Ranbir. Aaliya says you are best. Rhea says Prachi didn’t go from home. Aaliya says it is a big decision and she will go. Rhea says if she changes her plan. Aaliya says she will definitely go and asks her to have faith in her. Rhea says I trust you completely. Aaliya says I will not disappoint you.

Ranbir and Stanley come out of the study room. Ranbir says you have come and I got a good idea and says he wants to kiss him. Stanley says you shouldn’t kiss me even if I am a girl, as you are married. Ranbir swirls in happiness and falls. Prachi holds his hand. He says you have saved me without karwachauth fast. He asks her not to leave his hand. She bites his hand and taunts him, saying she knows to cut the hand so that the person sleeping wakes up. She taunts him and says you have conveniently forget all the promises made to me. He smiles and thinks she should have scolded him more. Shahana smiles. Stanley says you should have united them. Shahana says you are on the wrong train and says she will take him to Hoshiarpur.

Pallavi asks Mahua, why she didn’t make juice for Rhea. Mahua says she was doing her work. Pallavi asks her not to do her work, and do just Rhea’s work. Mahua goes out of kitchen. Pallavi asks Dida to choose a good saree as designer is coming home today. Dida says ok and asks why are you smiling. Pallavi says Rhea wished me first this year. Dida says your birthday is tomorrow. Pallavi says she has put the efforts. Dida laughs. Pallavi says Rhea will definitely plan surprise for me, and is lovely, everyone starts loving her seeing her loving side. She goes. Dida thinks she is blinded by Rhea, not to see Prachi’s goodness. Prachi meets the decorators and asks him to decorate all in the house. Pallavi looks at her. Dida says I thought Rhea is getting the decoration done, and asks her to open her eyes. She thinks it is good that she stopped Prachi, and thinks until when Pallavi will ignore her goodness.

Aaliya telling Rhea that they shall wear same color dress. Rhea asks if you want to look my sister. Aaliya says we shall wear same color clothes. Rhea says we shall see the options brought by designer. Rhea sees Stanley and asks what is he doing here? Stanley says Ranbir sir called me here. Rhea says she didn’t get positive vibes from him. Stanley says he is B positive. She goes on blaming him to be a bad guy. Stanley asks what shall I do, if I answer you then you blame me again.

Aaliya asks him to shut up and says Rhea is your boss’ wife. Ranbir comes there and says Stanley is his PA and is important. He says if you are insulting him then it is like insulting me. He asks Stanley to come with him. Rhea says Ranbir shall do what she likes, and says she is his wife and he left me and took employee’s side. Aaliya says he took his side, as employees leave the job. She asks her to use the pregnancy to gain Ranbir’s attention.

Stanley asks Ranbir to keep Prachi away from Shahana. Ranbir says she is her sister and is my good friend. Stanley says I am not your brother, but a good person. Ranbir says ofcourse you are a good person and good friend too, and I get positive vibes from you. Shahana says Ranbir befriends anybody and smiling. Prachi looks at him. Rhea looks at them and gets upset. Prachi asks who kept these lamps here. Ranbir says I will help.

She says I don’t need your help. Ranbir says some people don’t ask for help like you. Prachi asks him to do. Stanley helps Ranbir. Prachi comes to Ranbir and asks him not to stare at her. He says I am admiring you. Prachi asks him to go as she is preparing for Mummy’s birthday. Stanley asks Ranbir, how did you woo her? Ranbir says it is like catching the wind, keeping the flower smell in myself, it was difficult but was needed to live.

Vikram asks Pallavi if she is thinking about Ranbir and Rhea? Pallavi says no and says this thing didn’t come to my mind and says Prachi is not that bad like I thought. She says Prachi knows that she has to leave from this house after my birthday, there is no chance that she can stay here, but she is trying to make my birthday special which Rhea would have done. She says nothing is going to change. Rhea hears them and thinks she is doing as I am letting her do, and I am not doing as I am not a maid. Vikram says Prachi has stopped expecting from us and says such people stays happy. He asks if this is the reason that you think that she is a good person. He says if she wanted then she can send us to jail, knowing Rhea is pregnant, but she is silent and regards this family as her home and sasural, and has done all her duties.

Rhea thinks that’s why I don’t want her to stay here even for a day. She gets upset with Aaliya for her idea to plead infront of Prachi. Aaliya sees Rhea going. Vikram says Pallavi, atleast you saw some goodness in Prachi. Pallavi says if you ask me, who is good between Rhea and Prachi, then my answer will be Rhea. Vikram gets upset.

Rhea asks Aaliya to go and guide Prachi, rather than guiding her. She says all your predictions are wrong, and says you was absolutely wrong and she planned to stay here. She says she is trying to please Pallavi and she is happy with her. She says Pallavi shall be happy with me. She says I shouldn’t have bend down infront of Prachi, I shouldn’t have done this. She says Prachi might have thought that I have failed. She tells Aaliya, you are an absolute failure and really pathetic. She says I will handle Prachi and don’t need your advice. Aaliya says enough and asks her to be silent and hear her, else she has to see more bad days than this. Rhea says I heard you and fell in my sight. Aaliya thinks how can my calculation be wrong. She thinks Dida must have stopped her. She says she will do something that Dida will ask Prachi to go from here, during Pallavi’s birthday party.

Prachi and Ranbir collide with each other. Prachi turns to go and falls. Ranbir saves her and asks her to walk carefully, says I will not be there to protect you always. Prachi says you was never there for me as you have to take care of your pregnant wife. Stanley admires them. Ranbir tells Prachi that he is tired of hearing everyone’s threat, and asks her not to tell him again the same thing. He asks Stanley to show the quotations.

Aaliya says Rhea is my only family, but when my family talks badly with me, then how will I bear. She says I asked Rhea to do that to handle Prachi, my plan backfired and Rhea and my relation is getting effected too. She says I will make such a place, that Dida could never think of. She says I will not get Rhea fail and I myself will not fail. She calls someone for the birthday celebrations and laughs.

Prachi comes to Ranbir and asks if you don’t understand. He asks her to say. Prachi asks him not to look at her. Ranbir asks if this is high court decision. She says supreme court. Ranbir asks Stanley if it is crime to see the wife. Stanley says it is love. Prachi goes. Ranbir asks Stanley if it was written on the net. He says no and says the way you look at Prachi is love. Ranbir says if you was a girl then I would have kissed you. He laughs. Prachi looks at him and sees dida colliding with a pillar and stops her. Dida is watching DID supermom. Prachi says it is my favorite program and promotes it. Ranbir says she is lovely. Rhea fumes with anger. Aaliya thinks Rhea is not wrong, they are not letting her live peacefully.

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